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13 Extraordinary Sex Positions Saved for the Very Bendy

In addition to strength and endurance, flexibility is crucial to incredible sex. While sex is exercise, staying fit will make flexible sex easier.

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Although sex can help you stay fit *the act itself can burn at least 100 calories in 30 minutes*, you should also stay fit to have an enjoyable romp with your partner.

Being flexible opens you and your partner up to more sex positions that can result in better sex. Some advanced sex positions may require the flexibility of a gymnast or contortionist, while some are quite simple and fun to do.

If you can pull off some of these moves, they can be great ways to mix up your sex life. But if not, don’t worry! You and your partner can either just have a laugh, or end up with a broken bone *or boner!* So read up, be careful, and enjoy! [Read: Seven sexiest types of sex you can ever have!]

Foreplay de soleil

Tired of your usual oral repertoire? Although oral sex can be fun, you can add more excitement and thrill by trying some of these 13 extraordinary sex positions to find out if you’re as bendy as you think you are!

1. Top of the world

This foreplay position can definitely make any woman feel on top of the world as she stretches her legs out in a splits position. Place your hands on your partner’s shoulders for balance, while he supports you with his hands, holding each of your thighs.

Once you gain your balance, he can then go to town with his mouth and tongue in a delicate act of cunnilingus.

2. Blow job crab

There are many blow job positions, but there is nothing like this blow job crab to blow your man away. In this position, the woman may just have to be some sort of contortionist or yogi, because she has to plant her feet firmly on the ground next to her partner’s shoulders.

Then she has to bend over to reach her partner’s penis, supporting herself with her arms firmly on the ground on both sides of her partner’s hips. The result: if he doesn’t get off from your mouth skills, he will definitely be surprised by you literally bending over backward to please him. [Check out: How to master the art of the perfect blow job]

3. Hungry munchy

This doesn’t take much flexibility on your part, but you both need to be strong. If you can split all the way horizontally, then that is definitely a plus. In this position, the man will be holding your lower back tightly by wrapping his arms around it in a locked position.

By the way, the woman is upside down, so she will be supporting herself by locking her arms around the man’s hips as she splits his legs apart. In this position, the man has a full visual of her lady parts, and he only has to bow his head down a little to give her a pleasurable experience that will definitely leave her dizzy.

4. Pretzel lady

Now, this is one for the books—something that your partner will never forget. The woman just has to lie down and bring both her feet up to her head.

She maintains this position by putting each of her arms over each leg for support as the man enjoys full, unobstructed access to her jewels as he takes his fill.

Cowgirl *If she’s a gymnast*

Reverse cowgirl isn’t the only cowgirl deviation. Look at the following positions to find out what we’re talking about. [Try: 18 girl on top tips to make sex a lot sexier]

1. The Jean Claude Van Damme

True to the split master, the Jean Claude Van Damme puts your splitting skills to good use in the bedroom. A bendier version of the cowgirl position, this requires the woman to split on top of her man as she lowers herself to engulf him.

In this position, you won’t have much leg power to give yourself movement, so it is up to the man to do all the thrusting.

2. The reverse cowgirl: contorted edition

There’s a theory that this position evolved from a woman performing the reverse cowgirl, who was so clingy that she still wanted to be able to face her partner and kiss him.

So, she bent her head backward to her partner so she could give him a French kiss while she rocked forward and backward. In this position, the man can also gently thrust up and down for added sensation.

3. Praying mantis

You can definitely answer your partner’s prayers for the most memorable lay he could possibly ever have with the praying mantis position. This is actually not as hard or as complicated as it seems.

In this position, the woman will be lying face down on top of the man so they are facing each other. Then the man only needs to grab her legs to bend them backward towards her back as he penetrates.

The further back he bends her, the shallower his penetration will be. This position is perfect for those blessed with a little more length. [Check out: Does size matter to women, or is there more to it?]

4. Cheerleader cowgirl

If you have always wanted to be a cheerleader, then this could be the time. In this position, the woman will start with the reverse cowgirl position, but she then has to put one leg backward, on top of her partner’s leg, while the other is over her partner’s shoulder.

The result is a diagonal split across the man’s body, with her vagina flush against her partner’s penis. She can rock back and forth while he gently thrusts up. Pom poms are optional.

5. Arch of Constantine

So far, the positions mentioned require the woman to do all the work and be the flexible one. This time, in the arch of Constantine, the man has to stand up and bend his body over to create an arch, where his hands and feet are firmly on the ground to support his body.

Meanwhile, the woman will be straddling his hips as she very slowly and gently rocks back and forth or moves up and down to get the friction started. Before trying this out, make sure you are both nimble, because putting all your weight on your man’s boner can break it with just one wrong move.

Serious bedroom acrobatics and flexible sex

The following positions require both of you to be on your feet and very—and we mean very—careful and flexible. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

1. The pole breaker

As you can probably tell from the name itself, this position is very dangerous, not only because both of you can fall, but because you can definitely break your partner’s pole with this position. In the pole breaker, the man is standing up and should be carrying the woman as he penetrates her.

Then, the woman will slowly bend backward, toward the ground, as he supports her with his arms locked around her buttocks. The more she bends back, the tighter the grip on his penis will be. Any tighter, and it wouldn’t be much fun anymore.

2. Lemon squeezer

In this position, the woman will be standing with her arms on the floor as the man supports her with his arms on his thighs as he brings her hips closer to him for penetration.

Her legs must be in a V-position, stretching over her partner’s arms. This position is perfect for hitting the G-spot, but if you’re not careful, the only thing you might be hitting is the floor. [Try: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

3. Side splitter

Now, this is something that can be easily doable with a little warm-up. The side splitter is pretty self-explanatory: both partners will be standing up, while the woman raises one leg over the man’s shoulder as he penetrates her.

She supports herself with one leg, as he keeps steady by holding her arm, while she clutches his shoulders. Both can then rock in sync forward and backward.

4. Peekaboo

This isn’t quite as fun as it sounds, because you need to be able to bend to the floor so low that your head is able to almost reach the floor. An easy explanation: do you remember when you were a toddler and you bent over to play peekaboo between your legs? That’s it.

This grown-up version has the man thrusting inside you as you are bent over and reaching out to hold his calves for support. This gives you full penetration, which can give you the most pleasurable experience.

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Now that you have the low-down on some of the most interesting flexible sex positions for the bendy, you may want to use them with your partner. Try out some positions for more enjoyable foreplay, or surprise your partner with an exorcist-like twisty move. The important thing to remember when trying these out is to know your limits and always be safe. Enjoy!

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