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How to Scissor: A Guide to Become the Perfect Scissor Sister

How to Scissor

Scissoring such a mystical act. Is it real? Is it fake? Well, like most sex positions, they’re very real. You just need to know how to scissor.

Ah yes, the ancient art of scissoring. Okay, it’s not an ancient art, I don’t know when it was invented, but it’s definitely not a myth. Understanding how to scissor a girl is essential to girl-on-girl sex know hows.

First, let’s narrow down the definition of scissoring, you know, so we’re all on the same page here. Scissoring is when two women rub their vulvas against each other. The position itself looks like two pairs of scissors stuck in each other. But though you may see it happen a lot in porn, it’s actually not as prevalent in reality as you think it is.

Part of that is because many women haven’t managed to get it right while other women don’t want to be associated with it since it’s used as the punchline to many jokes against the bisexual and lesbian communities. [Read: 20 clues to know if you’re a lesbian]

How to scissor a girl the right way, and enjoy it

Scissoring is possible. You just need coordination and concentration to get it done right. When you manage to hit the right spot, it’s an extremely intimate position to be in with another woman. You stare at each other, holding each other, and share the most sensitive part of your body with another person.

But if you get it wrong, it feels like nothing. It simply feels like you’re rubbing against a pole. And who wants to rub a pole when you have someone in front of you? No one. Scissoring is a thing, so learn how to scissor right.

#1 Get the porn scenes out of your head. You’re not going to scissor like you do in porn or in Blue is the Warmest Color.  Leave all those scenes you watched and have stuck in your head outside of the bedroom. Maybe you both will enjoy it, maybe you’ll both be sweaty by the end of it, maybe one of you will cry, or maybe not. Keep your expectations to a minimum. [Read: A straight girl’s views on the seduction of lesbian porn 

#2 Know that it’s an intimate position. You’re probably not noticing it right now, but this position, scissoring, is really intimate in comparison to others. It exposes your entire body to the other person. So, make sure you’re comfortable with the person you have sex with. Plus, you stare into each other’s eyes. Need I say more? [Read: 10 intimate sex positions to feel closer to your partner]

#3 You can scissor in different ways. Scissoring comes in a couple different shapes and forms. You can do the traditional scissoring position, but you can also try out some others. With your partner lying on her back, tilt her pelvis up while you straddle her, grinding your vulva against hers. Or, one of you straddle another, holding each other while you sit up.

#4 You can spice it up. You know that scissoring doesn’t refer to one exact position, and with any sex position, you  can spice things up. Grab the back of your partner’s neck, pull them in close and if possible, kiss them. Try out different pressure and speeds, until you find one which hits the spot. [Read: How to use sexy talk on your lover and make them melt with desire]

#5 Add in some sex toys. Now, you don’t have to, of course, but if you’re curious, why not? To use sex toys, you can take a vibrator and place it in between both of your clits while in a missionary-style position.

This way, you both grind on each other while also both feeling the vibration. Or try this out with a dildo as well. It gives you penetration on top of the scissoring.

#6 Make sure you’re stretched out before. I don’t want to tell you to take up an exercises class for this position, but you want to make sure you’re well-stretched out before scissoring. In reality, scissoring can be hard on your hips. So, make sure your body is warmed up. Why not stretch together, naked? That’s some extra foreplay action right there. [Read: Super hot, sexy yoga to do together]

#7 It’s gonna be awkward the first time. You’re probably going to burst out laughing at some point when you scissor for the first couple times, and that’s good! You should laugh and have fun while experimenting. But once you find the right spot, you won’t be laughing anymore. You’ll be in heaven.

#8 To lube or not to lube. You can use lube if you want, it’s totally cool, but you don’t have to. If you add lube it gives you more sensation, but some people like the friction you get without the lubricant. The safe bet is to start out with lube, but have some next to your bed, just in case.

#9 Watch your feet. It’s easy to accidentally kick your partner in the head, so make sure while scissoring you pay attention to what your feet do. With that being said, make sure your feet are clean, the last thing you want is her to smell your dirty feet. [Read: 10 awkward things that happen during sex]

#10 It won’t work with everyone. Sometimes scissoring doesn’t work. It’s not because of you or your partner, it’s just that your bodies aren’t compatible. To scissor, your clits need to line up properly if you both want to feel something. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry. Not every key fits in every lock.

[Read: The feeling of oral sex for women]

You’ve been given the tools you need to learn how to scissor, now all you need to do is use them! Start practicing your scissoring. It’ll take a couple tries but once you get it right, you’ll wanna do it again and again.

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