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Blindfold Sex: 18 Sexy Tips & Positions to Mute One Sense and Explore Sex

Spicing up your time in the bedroom is far easier than you might think. Throw in some blindfold sex and things will be spicer than a hot curry!

blindfold sex

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen Fifty Shades of Grey, right? We know that a few toys here and there, a little sexy role play, and even blindfold sex can take your love life from “meh” to “wow” in an instant. But, how do you incorporate blindfolds in the bedroom without freaking out if you’re a beginner?

It’s good to try new things every so often and by adding in a few extra moves, you and your partner will be closer as a result. It’s normal for sex to become a little repetitive after a while – but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

You can switch it up in the bedroom by trying new things, moving out of your comfort zone a little, and experimenting with what you both like, versus what you’d rather give a miss.

So, are you curious about adding a blindfold into your sex play? [Read: Naughty sex games for couples to feel horny again]

Why is blindfold sex so sexy?

When you put a blindfold on, you’re effectively taking away one of your senses – sight. That means that the other senses are heightened.

You’ll feel things more intensely, smell things, hear things, and the anticipation of what’s going to come next is extreme. When you can’t see what’s going on, you’re left wondering.

Of course, it means that you have to put a huge amount of trust into your partner, which in itself brings you closer together.

Not knowing what your partner is going to do next is extremely sexy and you’re just left waiting and wondering. When something does happen, the sensations are often more intense and sometimes overwhelming because of your lack of vision at that moment.

You don’t need to go out and buy an actual blindfold if you don’t want to, any piece of clothing can be used to create a barrier to sight.

However, make sure you choose a material that’s smooth and soft. Satin or silk are sexy materials that feel great to the touch and aren’t going to irritate or stop you from concentrating on what’s happening around you. [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 sexy ways]

Do you need a safe word?

Blindfold sex isn’t as extreme as some other types of BDSM but if you want to feel more in control of the moment and more comfortable, choose a safe word with your partner beforehand.

If everything gets a little too much or you feel like you can’t take the onslaught of sensations, just say the word and everything stops.

The blindfold is removed and you have a moment to yourself to decide whether you want to carry on, or whether you want to wait it out a little.

Trying something new takes patience, so if you want to add in the use of a safe word to give you that sense of comfort, go for it. You’re not going to enjoy blindfold sex if you don’t feel comfortable and a safe word can give you that.

However, do bear in mind that for blindfold sex to be as amazing as it can be, you do effectively need to trust your partner completely and be able to hand control of the situation over to them. [Read: Meaning of safe words & how to use them when you’re playing rough]

How to try blindfold sex

You don’t have to be into hardcore BDSM in order to enjoy sex play with blindfolds. Blindfolds are sexy, simple, and fun. Below are some tips for using them during sex.

1. Experiment with power play

Blindfolds are a great way to shift the balance of power in a relationship from time to time. If you are not usually the dominant one when it comes to sex, blindfolding your partner might give you the confidence you need to take the reins once in a while. [Read: 15 ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]

2. Take advantage of your dominant streak

Blindfold your partner and ask them to do specific things to you. Instruct them to perform amazing oral sex or allow them to run their hands up and down your body. You’ll love watching them enjoy exploring your body as if it’s their first time.

3. Pleasure your blindfolded partner

While your partner is blindfolded, do things to them, too. Kiss, stroke, and lick them while they are deprived of sight.

Then, change pace or stop altogether to create waves of anticipation. Slow way down or don’t move until they beg you to touch them again.

4. Take inspiration from the movies

In the movie 9 ½ Weeks, Mickey Rourke blindfolded Kim Basinger in the kitchen and teased her with all kinds of different foods. It was super hot.

You can do the same thing by creating a smorgasbord of sexy, tasty foods to tempt and excite your blindfolded partner. Make sure to include plenty of lickable treats. [Read: Easy ways to get your partner to open up and talk about sex]

5. Remember, it’s all about sensation

Being blindfolded heightens the other senses. Run an ice cube over your partner’s body when they least expect it to really enhance those heightened senses.

6. Give an erotic massage

Start with a feather tickler and lightly run it over your blindfolded partner’s body. Once they’re excited, gently tease their skin with your fingers. Add massage oil or lube and just let your hands explore freely over your favorite parts of your lover’s body.

Alternate your touch between light circles on small areas and long, firm strokes on larger areas, like their limbs. The change in sensations will send them over the edge and leave them begging for more. [Read: How to give a sensual massage and work your magic]

7. Masturbate blindfolded for your partner

Many couples like the idea of mutual masturbation, but some people are too self-conscious to actually perform for their partner. One way to get past this is to try masturbating for your partner while wearing a blindfold.

When you can’t see your lover watching you, you’ll feel more at ease, be able to focus solely on your own pleasure, and your partner is sure to enjoy the show.

8. Add sex toys to the mix

Whether it’s your blindfolded partner’s first time, or they’ve had their eye on a new toy, adding sex toys while blindfolded really spices things up and gets everyone excited. Start slow when introducing a new toy so you don’t startle your partner.

9. Perhaps try earplugs, too

When you limit sight and sound, you enhance the sense of touch dramatically. Things like feathers, soft fabrics, and fur will create a pleasurable sensory overload. [Read: 20 really hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

10. Watch out for signs of stress

Although wearing a blindfold isn’t dangerous, there is a level of trust involved. Some people, especially those who are claustrophobic, find being blindfolded terrifying.

So, be on the lookout for signs of stress when your partner is blindfolded. Also, if you’re not totally comfortable with wearing a blindfold, don’t be afraid to speak up if your lover suggests it.

11. Tie the blindfold on the side

Tying a blindfold is as simple as tying a shoe. However, be mindful of how tight you’re tying it to avoid causing pain to your partner or damage to their eyes.

Also, tying a blindfold on the side of the head rather than in the back will ensure there is no discomfort when lying down. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

12. Remember, you don’t really need to spend money on blindfolds

Although there are a ton of cool blindfolds on the market, you don’t really need to spend any money at all in order to enjoy blindfolding each other during sex. Silk scarves, nylon tights, and other articles of clothing make fine blindfolds.

13. Make sure the room is safe

This probably sounds like common sense, but accidents do happen, and you don’t want to have to explain to an ER nurse how you received a gash on your leg that requires sutures if you don’t have to.

14. Build up the anticipation with your words

Before you even touch your blindfolded partner, tell them what you’re going to do. You might think it spoils the surprise, but it actually builds up the anticipation to the point of explosion!

If you’re a little self-conscious when it comes to dirty talk, the fact that your partner is blindfolded might help you. Give it a go! [Read: Dirty talking in bed with your partner]

15. A word of caution…

Men are visual creatures, so blindfolding your male partner might actually lessen his arousal. On the other hand, women tend to have the opposite reaction to being blindfolded. It releases their inhibitions so they feel more inclined to fantasize, which increases their arousal. [Read: Foreplay moves that work exceptionally well on men]

Blindfold sex positions to try

Blindfolded sex is definitely awesome, but performing the following positions while blindfolded can really give you the full sensory experience.

1. The private dancer

For this position, the man is blindfolded and sits on the edge of the bed or chair. The woman faces away from him and sits in his lap. On the upstroke, she leans into him. On the downstroke, she leans away from him for the deepest penetration.

This position places all the control in her hands. For someone who isn’t used to this role, it helps that her partner is blindfolded, so she can fully accept the exhibitionist role.

2. The rock ‘n’ roll

For this position, both lovers wear a blindfold. The man sits against the headboard with his legs straight out in front of him. The woman sits in his lap, facing him, with her feet placed on either side of him at his hips. He pulls her hips into his as she rocks back and forth.

This position is great for blindfolds because it requires minimal movement, yet includes the intimacy factor by being face-to-face. It also requires the participants to sense their partner’s rhythm in order to stay in sync. [Read: The 30 day sex challenge – 30 naughty positions for 30 days]

3. X marks the spot

Have one partner lay on the bed on their back, blindfolded. The other partner spends a few minutes licking and kissing their body.

When the blindfolded person is aroused, tie their hands and feet to the bed. Alternate between penetration and oral, and change things up periodically with props such as feather ticklers, sex toys, ice, and other sensation-inducing items.

The position produces a bevy of sensations that the blindfolded person would never have experienced had they been able to see.

Just be sure to watch your partner’s reaction to being tied up. Some people do not like the idea of being restrained, so proceed with caution.

If you haven’t tried using blindfolds during sex, you’re missing out. The sensory deprivation of your sight only enhances all the other senses to produce some of the most amazing sex you’ll ever have.

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If you’re curious, but a bit hesitant, talk with your partner about blindfold sex and see where they stand. With the preceding tips in mind, the two of you could embark on one of the hottest sexual adventures together.

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