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Erotic Massage 101: How to Seduce a Woman with Your Fingers

An erotic massage is an intimate experience, both for the giver and receiver. If you haven’t given her this kind of massage, it’s going to be worth it!

Erotic Massage

Surely, no woman has ever said no when her boyfriend volunteers to give her a back rub. While he lacks the hand skills of a professional, he makes up for it with gentle, attentive hands that are perpetually curious about the female body. Because when a man gives a woman a massage, it’s more sensual and intimate compared to the one from the spa. But what if you gave an erotic massage as foreplay?

Guys know that a good 15-minute back rub easily gets a girl in the mood. And most likely, it’s not to send her to a relaxing sleep. However, massage is still an art. You can’t just go about randomly kneading her body. Learn these basics, and she might be in for a surprise tonight.

Preparing for the massage

Be it casual, erotic, or therapeutic, massages require several basic things for enjoyability. Without these, it would hardly be called a massage. Make sure you prepare beforehand for a more relaxed massage session.

#1 Prepare a relaxing venue. Always remember that the venue makes or breaks the massage. As a general rule for any massage session, the place should be clean, relaxing, and with privacy. [Read: Tantric sex: The beginner’s guide to awaken your sexuality]

The massage bed. If you don’t have a proper massage bed like most people, you could opt for a mattress you can set on the floor or just use your bed. Use clean sheets and cover the top with a large towel to soak the oil you’ll be using.

Turn down the air conditioning to comfortable levels. You and your girl will probably be half-naked during the session, so set the AC temperature just right.

Ambiance. If you’re really into it, you can add mood lighting candles and ambient music to make it a complete spa experience.

#2 Choosing the right massage oil. Oil is an essential item when giving a massage as it eases the movement of the hands over the skin. It also makes the touch more pleasurable because not everyone has soft hands. There are many types of massage oils to purchase at specialty shops. But the most commonly used are lavender, rose, or jasmine oil.

#3 Towel. Needless to say, massage gets messy. You don’t want rubbing oil all over the place once you’re done. Make sure you have fresh, clean towels lying around to pat her down with after you’re done.

#4 Hygiene. As the masseur, make sure you have clean hands and have your fingernails trimmed to avoid scratches on her skin. Ask her to shower before the massage to avoid the day’s dirt from spreading over her body during the massage. [Read: The massage virgin’s guide to massage etiquette]

The basics of erotic massage

Massage in general is about knowing the right hand movements and knowing where to apply such movements. Erotic massage aims to tease and arouse more than physical relaxation, so it is generally lighter than conventional massage.

Hand movements and massage techniques

#1 Friction or stroking. The easiest and lightest technique is friction-based rubbing. This kind of movement aims to stimulate the sense of touch of the skin. This is done by using the whole surface area of your hands in contact with your partner’s body. The touch should be full-contact with only light pressure. [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

#2 Compression. Compression is done by applying pressure over a specific area. This technique aims to reach the muscles and connective tissue below the skin and increase blood circulation over that specific area. Compression is usually done using the palm of both hands.

#3 Kneading. Kneading is similar to compression. However, it focuses on a smaller, more precise area and utilizes rhythmic, circular motion. This technique requires the most pressure and is used to target large muscles such as the buttocks, the thigh, and the belly.

Erotic massage target areas

Giving an erotic massage is like preparing a full-course meal. You serve light appetizers before going to larger courses. We recommend you start with light touching first to warm her up and then focus on specific target areas later on.

#1 Start with a head massage. Girls love head massages. Head massages do not require oil, and you can do simple strokes and kneading. Focus on kneading her scalp lightly with your fingers and stroking lines starting from her hairline towards her crown.

Alternate kneading and stroking and end it with a gentle rub at the back of her neck. [Read: How to give a sensual massage and work your magic]

#2 Oil up her whole body with light strokes. Start at the back, below her shoulders. Technically, you are just applying oil but at the same time you also give her a back rub. Use long strokes using the whole surface area of your hand to apply oil over her back starting at the shoulders down to the top of her buttocks. Once you’re done with her torso, apply oil over her arms first, then her legs and feet.

#3 Apply modest friction along the grain of the muscles. Do this to bring out optimal pleasure to your partner. Going against the muscle grain make your touches awkward and uncomfortable.

#4 Work your way from her center mass outwards towards the appendages. Meaning you start with kneading on the back to the sides and ending with moderate pressure of your fingers while working on her arms towards the hands. As mentioned, apply more pressure by kneading larger muscles such as the buttocks and legs.

#5 Working on erogenous zones. After you’ve passed through most of her body, time to go to the erotic part of the massage. By this time her circulation has improved, she’s more relaxed, and her nerves more sensitive, making her more responsive to stimulation of her erogenous zones. [Read: Top 10 erogenous zones that drive women wild]

The buttocks. Lightly stroke the edges of her gluteal cleft while increasing pressure to a knead as you go outwards. This will feel as if you’re gently groping her butt.

The thighs. Similar to the first, use your fingernails to lightly scratch her inner thigh and gradually run your hand on her whole thigh like you’re grasping a pole. [Read: 10 secret pleasure triggers to arouse a woman instantly]

Her belly. Rub her belly with moderate pressure using circular motions with both hands. Work your way from the center towards her sides.

Breasts and chest. If you’re touching her breasts, do so lightly as it is sensitive. Apply moderate pressure from the base of her breast and continue towards the nipples using light, circular touches. Work on one breast at a time. [Read: Massaging your partner to orgasms – 20 pivotal dos and don’ts]

The pubic areas. An erotic massage isn’t complete without focusing on her mound of Venus. Ask her to spread her legs a little and start by doing compressions on her pubic mound while running your hand on the base of her leg near her opening.

Make sure you use light touches if you’re near her vaginal opening to enhance the teasing effect. If she starts to move, flinch, or moan that’s fine. It means you’re doing a great job.

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Most would agree that getting an erotic massage from your special someone can be a better experience in many ways. First, you get it for free with an added affection bonus, and second, it can be a great bonding experience as a couple.

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