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What is a Nooner? How to Perfect this Naughty Midday Activity

what is a nooner

After learning about what a nooner is, you’ll want to start heading home with your lover for your lunch break. Here’s how to get naughty midday.

Sex is fun. Getting intimate with your partner and having a great time together is something we all look forward to. And one way to have that same sort of fun while simultaneously making a dreary day a lot brighter is to have a nooner.

What is a nooner?

It might have an odd name but a nooner is really just a quick romp with your significant other in the middle of the day, hence the name “noon” in the word. You get together over your lunch break and have one out before returning to work.

But it doesn’t have to be a work day in order to be considered a nooner. Basically, any sex act in the middle of the day can be it. Since people typically have sex either in the morning or later in the evening, a special name was dedicated to the act when it happens midday. [Read: Top 40 kinky things to try for a sexy relationship]

How to make your nooner worth the trip home

If you don’t know how to do it right, this type of sex act in the middle of the day can be a little bit of trouble, especially if you’re heading home over your lunch break to do it. Knowing what makes a great midday romp and how to get it done the right way can certainly help you both have a happy ending before the end of the day.

#1 Plan for it. Sure, a nooner can be spontaneous and fun, but in order to make it the most effective and result in both people finishing, plan for it. Tell your significant other you want to get one in on your lunch break and make sure they’re down for it.

In order to make it fun, you should be ready for it at some extent simply because it doesn’t allow for a lot of time. The more ready and excited you are, the better. [Read: How to prepare for sex the right way]

#2 Expect a quickie. Once again, nooners aren’t very long. Since it happens in the middle of the day and both people usually have to head to work or do something equally as important, you should both expect not to spend a ton of time on it.

That means foreplay won’t be in the mix for very long. You’ll have to get yourself in the mood and anticipate the sex beforehand in order to allow both of you to get off in the end.

#3 Get the foreplay started way ahead of time. Like I mentioned above, foreplay might be your responsibility. However, you can also do foreplay via text if you need to get a head start.

Just text your lover and get things moving. Turn them on the most you can so when you see each other, you just want to get to the main event. This helps ensure both parties are ready to get naughty and in the mood to get off. [Read: 16 tantalizing sexting tips to get the naughtiness started]

#4 Use every minute you have. You don’t have that much time and that means you have to make every minute count. Don’t waste time talking or figuring out which position you want to use first. Know those things ahead of time.

When you use every minute, there’s more of a chance of both people being satisfied. Women tend to take much longer to finish than men and since that’s the case, they need every spare minute they can get.

So get right to it when you see each other. Avoid spending time on pleasantries and start ripping each other’s clothes off right away.

#5 Perfect your quickie. This isn’t a long sex session. You won’t be spending an hour banging each other and that means you have to perfect your quickie. Because essentially, a nooner is a quickie in the middle of the day, usually during your lunch hour from work.

You can work together to get your quickie down before agreeing to have a nooner in the first place. Figure out which positions are best for getting you both off and what you both need to have a great time. [Read: 15 ways to have the best quickie every time]

#6 Use the positions that work best for both of you. Since you won’t be switching into too many positions, pick one or two that are best for the both of you and focus on them.

Since men and women tend to enjoy different positions, start with the one the woman likes best so she can get off and then switch to the one the man prefers so he can finish.

#7 Use some lube. Lube will be your best friend for a nooner. Since you don’t have much time for foreplay, you may need some help getting things ready to go down there.

Not only does it make it easier to get to the main event, but using a lube with some sort of stimulant can help both of you get off faster than you normally would. Have some ready to go wherever you decide to get it on and then get to work.

#8 Don’t take your clothes off. It takes far too much time to take both of your clothes off completely. Unless you both have to be naked in order to get off, opt to only take off what you need to.

This helps save time before sex and even after so you can spend more time doing the deed instead of getting dressed. Ladies, dresses or skirts are perfect for this in particular and leave so much time for getting naughty. [Read: 12 reasons sex with socks on makes it so much better]

#9 Use your hands to help out. This is specifically for the ladies. We all know women take longer to finish and many don’t actually orgasm through penetration. And since women know their bodies better than their partners do, it’s best for them to give themselves a hand.

Women can get themselves off in less than half the time it takes a man to do the same thing. So while you’re having sex, make sure you’re helping yourself out if you want to make the most of the nooner.

#10 Have fun with it and relax. Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves. If one or both of you doesn’t finish, that’s fine. You still had fun and it still felt good. Just relax and enjoy your time with your partner.

There’s no need to be super strict about the nooner. Yes, the idea is for both of you to finish but in the event that it doesn’t, don’t get upset about it. You had fun and you got to spend time bonding in a sexy way.

[Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 naughty ways]

You’re one lucky person if you get to have a nooner. In order to make the most of it, follow these tips and you’ll be on cloud nine before the day is even halfway over.

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