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The Nooner: What It Is, How It Works & 22 Tips to Enjoy a Sexy Siesta

A nooner is the perfect way to interrupt your run-of-the-mill day with a little spice. Take note of our quick tips to perfect the art of afternoon sex!

what is a nooner

Sex is fun. Getting intimate with our partners and having a great time together is something we all look forward to. One way to have that same sort of fun while simultaneously making a dreary day a lot brighter is to have a nooner.

What is a nooner?

It might be an odd name, but a nooner is really just a quick romp with your significant other in the middle of the day.

Whether you’re at work or at home, you should definitely take any opportunity to spend a little extra special time with your significant other, and there’s just something hotter about breaking up the monotony of just another day to prioritize your sexual needs.

You could absolutely use your lunch hour to actually eat or run a few quick errands, but we think that a toss with your partner is the most superior way to get through the midday slump. [Read: Top 50 kinky things to try for a sexy relationship]

Why sex breaks are great for stress relief

Sex seems to have a literal ton of benefits.

Not only does it feel great and bring you and your partner closer together, but it also has significant stress-relieving capabilities.

Sex boosts endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, which are all chemicals and hormones that play a huge role in your mentality. Having sex also reduces your levels of adrenaline and cortisol, which are aptly referred to as the stress hormones. [Read: Big health benefits of sex that’ll help you live longer!]

How to make your nooner worth the trip home

If you don’t know how to do it right, this type of sex act in the middle of the day can be a little bit of trouble, especially if you’re heading home during your lunch break to do it.

Knowing what makes a great midday romp and how to get it done the right way can certainly help you both have a happy ending before the end of the day.

1. Plan for it

A nooner can be spontaneous and fun, but in order to make it the most effective and result in both people finishing, plan for it. Tell your significant other you want to get one in on your lunch break, and make sure they’re down for it.

Even the smallest amount of planning ahead can help to keep your nooner feeling just the right amount of naughty. Since at least one of you will be rushing home, take as many preparative steps as possible to guarantee maximum pleasure. [Read: How to prepare for sex the right way]

If you get to work from home, let your partner know that you feel a nooner coming on when they’re leaving for the office. Have everything you need ready to get down to it when they walk through the doors.

2. Expect a quickie

The worst and best parts of nooners are that they can’t last that long. The spontaneity and excitement of it generally make up for its short commitment, but sometimes all good things seem to come to an end too quickly.

Since it happens in the middle of the day and both people usually have to head to work or do something equally as important, you should both expect to spend a small amount of time on it.

That means foreplay won’t be in the mix for very long. [Read: Spontaneous sex – 19 impulsive ways to do it, why to have it, & things to avoid]

You’ll have to get yourself in the mood and anticipate the sex beforehand in order to allow both of you to get off in the end. If you only have half of an hour to work with *outside of travel time,* you certainly don’t want to spend ten of those minutes wasting time doing anything but each other.

3. Get the foreplay started way ahead of time

As mentioned, getting yourself excited might have to be your own responsibility. But if you really want to spice it up and build anticipation big time, try a little sexting throughout the morning.

Just text your lover and get things moving. Turn them on as much as you can so that when you see each other, you just want to get to the main event. This helps ensure both parties are ready to get naughty and in the mood to get off. [Read: 16 tantalizing sexting tips to get the naughtiness started]

4. Use every minute you have

You don’t have that much time and that means you have to make every minute count. You can’t afford to waste time talking or figuring out which position you want to use first. Know those things ahead of time.

When you use every minute wisely, there’s more of a chance of both people being satisfied. Women tend to take much longer to finish than men. Since that’s the case, they need every spare minute they can get.

Get right to it when you see each other. Avoid spending time on pleasantries and start ripping each other’s clothes off right away. Hopefully, that steamy morning sexting helped.

5. Perfect your quickie

We’ve learned that nooners are obvious quickies. You won’t be spending an hour banging each other, and that means you have to perfect your quickie down to a science.

You can work together to get your quickie down before agreeing to have a nooner in the first place. Figure out which positions are best for getting you both off and what you both need to have a great time. [Read: 15 ways to have the best quickie every time]

6. Use the positions that work best for both of you

Since you won’t be switching into too many positions, pick one or two that are best for both of you and focus on them.

Given that women can take a tad longer to reach their peak, it’s a good practice to start with her favorite position and go at it until she reaches climax. At this point, the couple can move on to his favorite position. An efficient quickie is best in the case of a nooner, and every minute counts.

7. Use some lube

Lube will be your best friend for a nooner. Since you don’t have the time for foreplay that you normally have, you may need some help getting things ready to go down there. [Read: Perfectly good lube substitutes that are just as slippery as the real thing!]

Not only does it make it easier to get to the main event, but using a lube with some sort of stimulant can help both of you get off faster than you normally would. Have some ready to go wherever you decide to get it on, and then get to work.

8. Don’t take your clothes off

It takes far too much time to take both of your clothes off completely. Unless you both have to be naked in order to get off, opt to only take off what you need to.

This helps to save time before sex and after so that you can spend more time doing the deed than getting dressed.

Ladies, dresses or skirts are perfect for the nooner and leave so much more time for getting naughty. You can even skip the panties if you’re feeling really feisty. [Read: Reasons sex with socks on makes it so much better]

9. Use your hands to help out

This is specifically for the ladies. We all know that women take longer to finish, and many don’t even orgasm through penetration. Since a woman knows her body better than her partners does, she should give herself a hand.

Women can get themselves off in less than half the time that it takes a man to do the same thing. So, while you’re having sex, make sure you’re helping yourself out if you want to make the most of the nooner.

10. Have fun with it and relax

Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves. The entire point of a nooner is to brighten up an otherwise ordinary day. An orgasm is definitely a perk, but it isn’t a necessity.

There’s no need to be super strict about the nooner. Let go of your expectations and just have fun! Focus on the sexy time you’re getting to spend with your partner and enjoy the ride. [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 naughty ways]

Tips for having sex during lunch

Because there’s often an annoying time restraint on a nooner, it’s best to be as prepared as you can be without taking all the fun out of it. We’ve got a few tips to help you maximize whatever time you have to work with!

1. Check in with your partner

Timing is incredibly important when attempting to execute sex during lunch. Keeping in touch with your partner about when and where this is happening can truly save a lot of trouble, so try not to wait until you’re actually on your lunch break to text them with the idea.

Start setting the stage at least a couple of hours before so that you both at least know where to be at and at what time.

2. Playful flirting builds anticipation

Use the time prior to your nooner to take part in a little foreplay via text. Sexy texts will help build anticipation and get both of you more excited to see each other. [Read: 45 sexy ways to start sexting & 50 sext examples to get someone horny]

Send a few texts back and forth letting each other know how you can’t wait to get it on to increase the excitement! You can send a teasing photo or let your partner know all the things you’re going to do to them when you get to meet up.

3. Bang before eating

For one, it might not be the best idea to bang one out on a full stomach. Too much motion could definitely have some adverse side effects.

If you save the actual lunching for later, it’ll be far more enjoyable. You’re going to need something to replenish your energy after your sexual escapade, anyway. [Read: Sex in the office – pros & cons of banging in the workplace]

4. Leave time for the cleanup

Sex is one of the greatest things known to man, but it can be a little messy from time to time.

Make sure that you leave a couple of minutes to clean yourself up. Fix your hair, have some wipes or clean towels nearby, and just make sure that you get back to the office without looking like a total mess.

5. Don’t do it in the same area as the workspace

Whether you’re working from home or having a quick romp in a private area of your office, you definitely want to stay away from the work stuff. If it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, so you can focus all of your attention on your partner.

6. Close laptops and mute cell phones

Don’t allow your good time to be interrupted by work calls or e-mails! You only have a short amount of time to accomplish this, so make sure that you’ve got the smallest number of distractions possible.

Hearing a ping in the middle of your nooner could instantly take your mind back to work and kill the mood. Take a second to silence or shut down whatever devices you have to guarantee that you’re present for this awesome moment. [Read: 18 secrets to relax during sex, free your mind, & enjoy a blissful orgasm]

7. Prep and check yourself afterward

Especially if you’re heading back to work after your nooner, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re presentable. Going back to the office looking like you just spent your lunch hour having sex is probably not the best idea.

Check your hair and make sure you button your shirt right to avoid questions about your sensual lunchtime activities.

Best sex positions for a nooner

The best positions for a nooner are clearly going to be the positions that get things done. This is no time for tomfoolery. You have to be quick and efficient here! [Read: Easy sex positions that look expert-level sexy & feel real good]

Choose positions that promise a good time for all, and never worry about leaving feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled!

1. The Boss Lady

Think about this position like the missionary position but kind of reversed. The Boss Lady, as the name implies, puts the woman in control. The man lies on his back with his legs slightly spread apart, and the woman lies flat on top of him with her legs on the inside of his.

This position makes for a tight, intimate fit!

2. The Break Room

The Break Room is more orally centered for her, but it delivers a crazy quick release! [Read: 39 sexy cunnilingus techniques to give a girl oral sex & tongue her to bliss]

The girl simply needs to lean over a sofa, counter, sink, etc., while the guy gets on his knees behind her and licks away. This is a huge break from the norm and is super-hot when you’re pressed for time!

3. The Meeting Prep

The coolest thing about the Meeting Prep position is that after a lady gets hers during the Break Room, all that the guy has to do is stand up, insert, and go to town.

It’s virtually the exact same position for the girl, but bending one knee and lifting that leg up while keeping the other leg straight allows for both deeper penetration and a tighter fit.

4. The Urgent Sit-Down

The Urgent Sit-Down is an extremely intimate position that can be done practically anywhere from a chair to the floor.

The guy sits down, and the girl faces him and sits on top of him. This position allows either partner to take control and is the one that promotes the most closeness. You’re literally face to face, just inches away from each other. [Read: Kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

5. The Wall Banger

If the Urgent Sit-Down is the position of intimacy, the Wall Banger is its animalistic passion counterpart.

For this one, the guy pins the girl up against a wall. He holds one of her legs up, pins her arms over her head for good measure, and has at it. The Wall Banger definitely creates more of a sense of desperate urgency during sex, which makes it that much hotter.

A well-orchestrated nooner can really work wonders for a dull day. Whether you’re looking to increase your intimacy or just get your rocks off, follow these tips to maximize your midday pleasure!

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