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Beyond Thirsty: 15 Excruciating Signs You’re Sexually Frustrated

signs you're sexually frustrated

Everyone experiences a dry patch in their sex lives. How do you know if the dry patch has evolved into signs you’re sexually frustrated?

We can all confidently say we’ve experienced periods where we didn’t see any action. I’ve gone through some dry spells as well. I’m talking desert dry. I just couldn’t seem to connect with anyone on a sexual level. What if you experience the signs you’re sexually frustrated, what can you do?

Usually, this period passes when we meet someone worth sleeping with. After that, you’re out of the dry spell and back into the wetlands. Although, there are times where the dry period lasts a little too long and sexual frustration comes into play.

You don’t know what’s changed in you, but you know you can’t stand seeing couples showing intimacy. If you see anything remotely shaped like a penis or vagina, you lose your mind. [Read: 13 signs it’s time to break the dry spell]

The signs you’re sexually frustrated

No one should get to that point. I’ve had girlfriends who have reached sexual frustration, and I wish it upon no one. I also found myself sexually frustrated at one point. It was a dark period for me. I was angry, bitter, and annoyed. What a fun person to hang around with, right?

So, I want you to have a healthy sex life. Before you go deeper down into a sexless hole of frustration, are you actually sexually frustrated? By recognizing the signs you’re sexually frustrated, work towards getting yourself out of this phase.

Sex is natural, so it’s time to get you back on your horse and riding into the sex-filled horizon. *I should have been a poet.* Well… are you ready to learn the signs you’re sexually frustrated?

#1 You gave up on getting laid. You’ve officially hit the moment where you’re like, “Screw it, I don’t need sex, I’m going to adopt 20 dogs and 8 cats.” Though I’m totally for you helping animals and adopting that dog, you can also do that while having sex. If you’ve given up on getting laid, it sounds to me like sexual frustration with a dash of hopeless. Nevertheless, have hope, you will get laid. [Read: The secrets to getting laid on your first date]

#2 You’re easily angered and annoyed. Your friends probably just love hanging around you right now. This is a common sign of sexual frustration. When sexually frustrated, your body reacts differently than when content. In other words, you’re more short-tempered and quick to anger.

#3 Food is now your pleasure. You used to enjoy sex but since you haven’t been having it lately, you focus your attention on food. I’m not judging, I love food, but emotional eating easily spirals out of control. If you find yourself filling the void with food, you’re probably sexually frustrated. [Read: This is what you need to do to take care of yourself emotionally]

#4 You can’t fall asleep. Well, you can, but it takes you hours to do so. You counted sheep, watched Wheel of Fortune on replay, yet you still can’t fall asleep. Sleep deprivation can be caused by sexual frustration. Your body is full of energy *it’s been storing it due to the lack of sex*, and it’s ready to release it, but it has nowhere to go.

#5 You’re very sensitive. People used to crack jokes with you or make comments about your work. Now, you don’t take things lightly. If someone made a joke, you laughed it off. However, your emotions are now heightened. Don’t worry, you have nothing to feel insecure about. This too shall pass.

#6 You don’t masturbate. In the beginning, even during the middle of your dry spell, you still masturbated. Everything was fine. Now, you’ve stopped. Though you may not think it’s a sign of sexual frustration, it is. If you’re no longer interested in masturbation, this is due to an accumulation of stress. Sex is a stress releaser which is why you’re tense. [Read: Are you sexually frustrated? Here’s how to calm the ants in the pants]

#7 You feel depressed. You think about sex as though it was a faint memory, wondering how intimacy feels. It’s a sad thought to have and one I’ve had myself. Plus, having a dry spell can also make you feel undesirable. So, there’s another blow to the ego. 

#8 You’re on the hunt for a partner. You want a partner. You want to be in a relationship. Maybe the sense of loneliness pushes you in this direction or the thought of consistent sex is also on your mind. If you’re suddenly interested in buckling down, make sure it’s not because you just want to get laid. Remember, there are apps for that. [Read: The 9 best hook up apps for the hot and horny]

#9 You pretend you have a sex life. It’s okay to admit you’re not having sex. Most of the people  trying too hard on social media in regards to sex are the ones not getting laid. If you post photos of your body in provocative poses and bragging about things, you want attention and not in the best way. [Read: Safe and natural ways to increase your libido]

#10 You’re actively going out. You take your weekends seriously, making sure you hit up every bar, club, and every library in town. You check off all the eligible places to meet a potential match. Hunting is fine, we all do it, but when you’re sexually frustrated, you literally look like you haven’t eaten in ten days.

#11 Skin-to-skin contact. Usually, when someone walks by you and brushes against your shoulder, you hardly pay attention to it. However, any skin-to-skin contact drives you silently insane. [Read: Skin hunger and the human need to touch someone]

#12 You live through other people’s sex lives. When it comes to sex, you’re deeply interested in the sex adventures of the people around you. You make sure your friends keep you updated on any sexual encounters because you live vicariously through them.

#13 You’re really jealous. You usually don’t care about other people’s relationships, but hugging or kissing couples make you jealous. You almost dislike them as people even though they’ve done nothing wrong to you. Just relax, this is only because you’re sexually deprived. 

#14 You have sex, but it’s meh. You finally had sex, but even then, it wasn’t anything special. This could be due to your connection or your partner or you. It will take some time to feel satisfied, but if you’re not aroused by your partner, find someone else. To get you out of this sexual frustration, your mind needs to be blown. [Read: How to have the best sex of your life]

#15 Everyone tells you. If your friends suddenly hook you up with blind dates, it’s because they’re trying to save themselves. They love you, but they also can’t stand this angry, stressed version of you. If your friends and even family make comments, then you probably are sexually frustrated unless you have other things going on.

[Read: How to get horny and beat your dry spell]

It can happens to the best of us. If you’re acting a little cranky or get horny seeing a banana, you could be exhibiting the signs you’re sexually frustrated.

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