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10 Secret Pleasure Triggers to Arouse a Woman Instantly

Gentlemen, get ready to learn how and where to touch your girl to arouse her and drive her wild. Check out these 10 hot spots she wants you to touch.

Arouse a Woman

First things first: the most important thing when touching your woman is to be in the here and now—to be present. If you’re mindlessly touching her, she will notice you’re not in the moment, and the magic will be ruined. You must be focused on how her skin feels.

How to really touch her and arouse her

Make sure your moves are confident. Your girl is in tune with everything that happens in the bedroom, so she can easily sense what’s going on in your mind. Your confident moves will translate to greater pleasure for her, and she will lose herself in overwhelming sensations. [Read: How to touch a girl on a date and make her desire you]

Unlikely erogenous areas in females

Getting your girl tantalized with your touch is about to get a bit more complicated, because we’re here to share some secret erogenous zones that are often overlooked. Sure, mouth, lips, and nipples make her all hot and bothered, but there are a few more spots that make her go weak in the knees.

#1 Scalp. It’s obvious why we all love a head massage, right? The scalp is covered with nerve endings, which is why it’s an extremely sensitive area. It releases oxytocin—the trust hormone that brings couples closer together, increases blood flow, thus flooding her body with serotonin and dopamine, and provides a sense of relaxation while enhancing sexual pleasure.

Scalp massages are great when her hair is completely dry. That way, you can trace your fingernails over her skin. Move toward the base of her head, where it meets the neck. Then move your fingers to the part behind her ears with an upward, forward motion. This action is extremely sensual, pampering, soothing, and seductive. What’s great about massaging her scalp is that you can do it in public and prepare her for escapades to follow.

#2 Ears. Women love having their ears sucked, licked, and kissed. Having warm air blown into her ears is what she enjoys the most. Ears have over 120 acupressure points, so caressing her ears can be super stimulating. Gently touching this area sends sexual energy throughout her body. Not to mention whispering sexy, dirty things while you’re there—she will go crazy! [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl and whisper all the right things]

Licking her ears can powerfully stimulate your girl, but make sure you’re approaching them with care. Don’t start with the ears; first take good care of her lips and neck, and then start blowing warm air into her ears and telling her what you’re planning to do next.

#3 Shoulders. Another area that’s super-sensitive is her shoulders. The skin around the neck and shoulders is thin, making this whole area one super erogenous zone. Your girl loves the tingly sensation she gets when you touch her here. A soft nibble, a caring and sweeping touch, a kiss, or light tongue swirling is enough to get things going.

And don’t forget the collarbone area, as well as the area at the end of her jawline—give them a fly-by on the way down. [Read: 10 little things to keep in mind for a passionate and sexy kiss]

#4 Wrists. This might come as a surprise to you, but yes, women love having their wrists nibbled and nuzzled. The inside of the wrists is covered with a fine layer of skin that makes this area extremely sensitive.

Start by lightly grazing the inside of her wrists with your fingers and tongue, and then gently nibble on the inside. Women find this area pleasurable when showered with kisses and nibbles. You know what’s the best thing about this zone? Chances are, the guys she’s been with before didn’t bother with this erogenous spot, so she will wonder what good she has done to this world for finding a lover like you.

#5 Side of torso. Yes, it does sound like a ticklish scenario, but massaging her belly *especially the side of her torso* can be a passionate, erotic experience for her. The lower part of her stomach is extremely sensitive because it’s close to the genitals, but the side of her torso is also full of nerve endings—which is the reason most people are ticklish when touched here.

During foreplay, lightly stroke her sides, but don’t fully touch her yet. Focus on building sexual tension while slowly and firmly trailing your fingers and tongue along her side. Soft kissing and light touching work like a charm because these gentle, playful moves evoke the slow, sexy burn of arousal. [Read: The beginners guide to tantric massages and examples to make sex last for hours!]

#6 The back. Ahh, her sexy back. Start by kissing her neck, then move your lips down to her lower back. The back, though rich in nerve endings, is an often overlooked female erogenous zone.

Massaging her back will set the mood for a passionate night. While massaging, lick and kiss; she will love this. Run your tongue up and down her spine, and don’t forget to explore the lower back area.

#7 The mons pubis. You might be unfamiliar with this word, but you’re undoubtedly familiar with the area—though chances are you might ignore it during foreplay. The mons pubis is the area right above the genitals. It’s exactly where pubic hair grows. A lot of men go directly to the vagina since they don’t know that caressing the mons is extremely pleasurable and exciting.

Spend a few minutes playing with your fingers and tongue around this area and tease her by getting close to her favorite spot. She will start getting fidgety, and even though you will want to start eating her out so badly, don’t go near her vagina yet. Let her jump you, because the right amount of pressure on the mons will immediately be transmitted to her clitoris. [Read: 8 secret tips and tricks to give her oral like a pro]

#8 Buttocks. Yes, it’s true: women like it when you play with their behind, and many like it rough! They like squeezing and mild spanking. Wide hips and buttocks have been long considered signs of fertility in ancient cultures, so let’s show them some love, shall we?

Begin by fondling and caressing her buttocks and then start squeezing them. Since this area is denser, she will enjoy a heavier pressure here. Pat, grab, knead, or give a gentle smack and watch her writhe. Grab handfuls while you’re kissing her or spank her buttocks—even the “good” girls tend to love sensual punishment.

#9 Her hottest *and more obvious* spots. Although not so secret, I just can’t talk about erogenous zones without mentioning the hottest of all.

I’ll start with the clitoris or, you know, the place where the most magic happens. It’s at the top of the vulva, where the inner labia joins at the upper ends. Be gentle with her little friend; soft licks while rubbing circles around the clitoris with your thumb is more than enough to make her scream. [Read: How to finger a girl and make her squirt in no time]

The U spot is the term given to the opening of the urethra. This area is super sensitive, since it’s surrounded by erectile tissue that fills with blood once she’s sexually aroused. You can stimulate this spot with your finger, your tongue, or your member. Start by rubbing the area horizontally or vertically with your well-lubricated finger or tongue—but please, be gentle. Then rub the tip of your penis and tease her a bit before penetrating her.

The G spot is the most famous female spot. This mysterious spot is located 2-3 inches (5-8cm) inside her vagina on the upper wall and it feels a bit bumpier or spongier than the rest of the vagina. There are different sex toys designed specifically for massaging the G spot, as well as positions you can try that will hit her favorite spot almost every time, such as: legs over shoulders, doggy style, and cow girl. [Read: Magic fingers – How to finger a girl and find all the right spots]

Finally, we have the A spot, or the I’m-gonna-squirt spot. It’s an area filled with sensitive tissue located at the inner end of the vaginal tube. When stimulated just right, it causes a woman to squirt. Place both your index and middle finger in her vagina and try to reach the deepest point just above the cervix. Once you touch a spongy area, apply pressure and move the fingers in an in-and-out motion. This way, you’re stimulating both the G spot and A spot simultaneously.

#10 Her mind. That’s right, the mind is a powerful erogenous zone for every human being. It’s the area where sexual desire starts. And let’s not forget: the brain commands our orgasms. So, the best way to turn her on is via her brain. [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl – With examples]

Whisper your sexual fantasies to her in a soft, sexy tone, and she’ll be on top of you in no time. What style does she prefer, romantic or nasty? Tell her exactly what she wants to hear. When her mind gets excited, her body follows suit. Remember: seduction is an art form, and it’s usually practiced in the imagination.

[Read: Foreplay done right – The art of really turning her on]

Now you know her favorite erogenous triggers that, when stimulated, will send her over the edge. Using the guidelines above, your lady will be well on her way to mind-blowing pleasure.

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