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18 Naughty Ways to Make Time for Sex in a Busy Schedule

Having a hard time making time for sex in your schedule? Try these tips and you’ll see how effortlessly easy it can be to keep the sizzle alive, 24/7!

make time for sex

They say that time is gold, but when you’re busy with kids, housework, actual work, the daily commute, and everything else in between, time takes on a whole new level of value. And when it comes to that special time with your partner, sexy time can be as precious as air itself.

There is no question that when you’re in a romantic relationship, romance is paramount. When you’re first dating your partner, you may not be able to go a day without your hands—and your bodies—on each other. But when you’ve been together for years or have gotten married, sex gets taken for granted for one reason or the other.

17 ways to get busy with your partner even when you’re busy

The fact still stands though: couples should make time for sex—even if you’re the busiest people on the planet. If you think that this is impossible because you’re swamped and on a really, really tiring schedule as it is, then read the following tips on how to make time for sex even when you’re very busy.

#1 Keeping connected. One of the best ways to keep the sizzle alive even when you’re both busy is by keeping the spark alive. On a busy workday, take time to ask about each other even with just a text, phone call, or voicemail. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to stay connected and loved]

#2 Be NSFW. Despite the battery of deadlines and meetings, everyone needs a break. So send your partner a NSFW image via text, chat or email. Nothing like your own seductive photo or something that portrays what you want to do to your partner to make him or her rush home to you.

#3 Sexy substitutes. Instead of watching tv in bed, why not watch porn or a romantic movie? Instead of going out your separate ways during your free time, why not get a couple’s massage together? Find a sexier substitute to your most mundane activities and you’ll see how easy it is to turn on to sex in no time. [Read: 13 non-porn erotic movies that’ll keep you aroused the entire stretch]

#4 Flirt. Flirting is easy, simple, free, and would not take up a lot of your time. You can flirt with each other from the moment you wake up until you see each other again at the end of the day. It doesn’t really have to end in sex, but flirting with each other brings back that spice in your relationship as if you’re still going out instead of married with kids, jobs, and a mortgage.

#5 Be revealing. Wear something sexy in bed, or even when you’re out in public with each other. It doesn’t have to be full-on vulgar, but the trick is to look seductive for your partner, even if you’re just doing something very ordinary, like reading a book or cooking dinner. [Read: 10 effortless ways to look sexy without trying!]

#6 Sext it. Even when you’re away from each other, like in each other’s work places, you can still flirt, thanks to technology. Send each other some raunchy sexts, or send a provocative image now and then.

#7 Tell your partner how hot he/she is. The secret to still having sex even when you’re both busy is to keep feeling sexy about yourself and your partner. You can do this by regularly expressing how you find each other hot, from the way you touch each other to the way you talk on the phone. Simple as that.

#8 Find stolen moments. You may think you don’t have time for each other, but when you look at your routines you’ll see that you, in fact, have loads of time. Your kid’s out with granny for the evening? Play some Marvin Gaye and eat your dinner early so you can eat each other out for dessert. Or, if you both find yourself with a few extra minutes to spare before you head for work, have a shower quickie. When you have these stolen moments to actually be with each other, just enjoy and make the most of it. [Read: 13 untold sex secrets everyone’s got to know]

#9 Revisit your past. It’s nice to look back to when you first started dating and you can’t get enough of each other. Why do things have to change? Bring back that old stud/vamp in you and have sex with each other like you’ve just started going out. From the date to the way to the bedroom, reenact the first time you slept together and it can rejuvenate your whole sex life. [Read: 10 horny ways to make long term sex feel like a one night stand]

#10 Go with the flow. So out of the blue, while you’re washing the dishes, your partner starts to paw at you from behind. Instead of brushing off what could be some touchy feely times that could lead to sex, why don’t you just put the plate down, turn off the faucet, and enjoy the moment? Once an opportunity arises and your partner is throwing you the signs, throw your worries out the window and make sex happen already!

#11 Stick to a sex schedule. It may seem silly, but if you want your sex life to continue, you have to set a schedule for it. Sure, it’s not romantic, but since we set a schedule for everything else in our lives, why should sex be any different? After all, once you’ve set your calendar free on Thursday from 8pm to 10pm for a romantic dinner and sex with your partner, then you’re sure to work everything else around that slot. [Read: 12 easy ways to keep sexual intimacy alive and kicking]

#12 Have fun. Squeezing in sex into your busy lives doesn’t have to be too much pressure. Who needs more stress in their already stressful lives anyway? Make your time with each other the stress-free break that you need. Just remember to keep it light, natural, and fun.

#13 Commit to having sex. Seriously decide that you want some regular nookie and that you’re going to get it no matter what. Talk and decide on how much sex you want every week or month. Then, make it a team effort to stick to that decision. This talk makes it clear to both of you that despite everything else that is making your lives busy, you’re both making sex—and each other—an important priority.

#14 Get a weekly canoodling fix. Even if it’s not the full woohoo. Get the blood in your veins hot and pumping for each other by setting aside time away from what’s been keeping you busy. Make sure that you spend a few moments in your busy week to just be with each other and enjoy each other’s company—and get sex into the mix. [Read: 15 reasons why you’re getting bored with your relationship]

#15 Find time for romance. If you cannot have some you-and-me time on a daily basis, then just make it a weekly thing, like meet up for a romantic yet quick midweek lunch and play footsies—anything to keep the fire of romance shining and heating up your relationship, even if it really doesn’t involve sex itself.

#16 Make the most of your date night. Make sure that you make the most of your much-awaited date night. If you had an argument earlier that day, shelf it for now and just focus on each other. Don’t ruin the mood with talk about your problems with work or how the garage door needs fixing. Make the conversation light and positive, so that the overall experience will be so intimate that a nookie is just around the corner. [Read: 11 date night movies to get your partner in the mood]

#17 Make your bedroom enticing. Set the stage for all that raunchy and rowdy humping you want to have by adding extra touches to your bedroom. Instead of cotton or linen beddings, opt for red satin and pink. Invest in an overhead mirror, a fur rug on the floor, and some fabrics to put around your bed post. Make your bedroom a place where magic really does happen. [Read: How to arrange your bedroom for steamy sex]

#18 Embrace the art of a sneaky quickie. If you find that both of you aren’t having enough time to have sex the way you both used to in your younger, more carefree days, then you should know that it’s time to make adjustments. Having a quickie should be quick indeed, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t end up the way you imagined it to be. It doesn’t have to be like in the movies, but as long as you keep practicing with your partner, you can perfect it.

In a perfect world, you can have a career going, a clean and well-maintained house, enough time for your children, a great social life, and time for your partner to be all sexy and romantic as you bask in the glow of a rockin’ good sex life. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and there are a lot of compromises we have to make in order to get what we want from our relationship, and this includes sex.

Aside from setting the tone with well-worded sexts and well-placed furniture, you should also make a commitment to fulfilling each other’s needs in the carnal department.

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If you can make time for your salon appointment or a night out with the boys, you can definitely make time for sex, can’t you? After all, your relationship is so much more fun with sex in it than without it.

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