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11 Secrets to Give Good Head and Blow His Mind Every Time

how to give good head

Most men love women who get the job done excellently—and by job, we mean blowjob. Use these secrets to give good head, and blow his mind every time.

If there’s one job that shouldn’t be like a job, it’s the blowjob.

Nothing can turn off a man who’s getting head than a partner who knows how to give it, but just isn’t into it, or a partner who goes through the same motions like clockwork. That’s boring. Let’s admit, there are many women out there who are either not givers or gifted in the art of blowing.

Still, you have to do it at one point or another, whether to return the favor to your man, turn him on, or to just give him a treat.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

How to give a mind-blowing blowjob

A blowjob, done right, is a woman’s ultimate secret weapon in bed to make your man fall apart in your hands… or in this case, your mouth. You’ll even end up with a little pleasure too.

#1 Take control. Performing oral sex on your partner can be empowering, as you hold in your hands, mouth, or both, the power to please your partner in your own way and with your own timing. This can also amp up your own libido, making you more aroused as well.

Giving head to your partner is a great time for you to explore his body in very intimate ways, get to know its curves and crevices, and at the same time have fun. So take this opportunity to get to know him better physically and keep things playfully sexy. [Read: How to master the art of the perfect blowjob]

#2 Build it up. Often, when you’re in the heat of the moment, you may find yourself heading straight to your man’s fly. While this is fine *and a must for quickies*, it’s the buildup that gives you both the best orgasms. So instead of ripping his boxers off, take your time and linger on his other body parts.

Caress his arms, trace his chest, make your fingers lightly touch his abs as you make a trail towards his crotch. Taking your time like this and teasing him with your fingers and palms will help build anticipation, which can then potentially take your main event through the roof.

#3 Explore with your mouth. We can’t emphasize enough, don’t just head straight to the crotch when you give head. As you trail a path with your fingers from your lover’s chest down to his manhood, follow this up with your lips and tongue. Kiss him in various places as you go down his body.

If you are undressing him, kiss him downwards as you unbutton his shirt. This keeps his arousal up and stimulates him in all places at once with your hands and fingers, which is almost enough to take him over the edge, that is, until you finally take him into your mouth. [Read: 10 seductive bad girl sex tricks to try in bed tonight]

#4 Give it a hand. Or two. Just because you are using your mouth for the BJ doesn’t mean you should leave your hands idle on your sides. Massage, rub, caress, and stimulate him in different parts of his body, especially his member.

Use one hand around his base and move it up and down as you also bob up and down with your mouth, stimulating his whole penis. Also pay attention to his little jewels, his testicles. Rub and caress them, or give them a gentle squeeze from time to time. [Read: 12 sexy, smutty moves to give him the best handjob ever]

#5 Use your body. Anyone who is an expert at giving head knows how to give the full-body experience. After all, it’s not just your mouth, tongue, and hands that are sensual and can give pleasure. Your whole body can be a great tool too.

Rub your breasts against his thighs as you sit above him on the bed. Graze your hair over his stomach to give subtle sensations as you move down. Better yet, with good positioning and better coordination, you can guide his hand to your breasts, touch yourself, or have him touch you down there too. All of these add important wow factors to your whole performance. [Read: Erogenous zones for men – 8 secret zones to touch your guy]

#6 Lube it up. Making your BJ wet and moist is by far one of the best things you can do, whether you’re a blowjob newbie or an expert. Making his member wet makes the whole experience more sensual and luscious, taking the friction up enough without making it painful.

You can do this by producing enough saliva or by using a flavored lube. If you’re into some experimentation, you can also try whipped cream or flavored syrup, so you’ll enjoy licking those goodies off of him too.

#7 No jaws. It is highly important to avoid grazing your teeth on your man’s rob when you are giving him a blowjob. Even if you’re highly aroused and can’t get enough of his manhood, avoid clamping down with your jaws, as your man’s penis is highly sensitive, especially when he’s erect.

Even accidentally grazing his shaft with your teeth can be enough to make the moment fizzle. A great tip to avoid this is to wrap your lips over your teeth as you move up and down and all over him. This ensures that your munchers will have no contact with his pecker.

#8 Variety! Have you figured out a way to make your man come when you get down on him? Is this what you have kept doing because it works? You may have the techniques down pat, but if you keep doing the same routine over and over, it can get boring.

And as we all know, boredom and routine are two things that can kill a relationship, both in and out of the bedroom. Therefore, try out new things with your blowjob repertoire. Keep exploring and keep on looking for hot spots. Vary your tempo, pressure, and rhythm to keep the excitement going. [Read: 8 naughty little moves every guy wishes you’d do in bed]

#9 Get some rest. Sure, giving him a blowjob can get tiring, especially for your mouth and jaw muscles. But you know what? It’s okay to rest. All that rolling and bobbing can be painful for you, so allow yourself some active rest.

This is when you can try other things while you give your mouth a break. For example, brush or rub his penis against your lips, like you’re using his dick as a lipstick. Alternate with your hands to keep the sensation going.

#10 Make eye contact. Just because he can’t see you as you kneel or go down on him doesn’t mean you should disappear. Make your presence felt by maintaining connection with him through eye contact.

If he’s lying down and you’re sitting down with your head on his crotch, chances are, he might also be looking at you from time to time. These moments are the best times to lock eyes with him, and maybe give him a sexy wink and a smile as you resume pleasing him. [Read: 9 blowjob secrets to drive him wild with desire]

#11 Finish off with fireworks. Here’s a topic for debate: to swallow or not to swallow? The answer to this lies in your own preference. If swallowing cum is revolting to you, then don’t force yourself to swallow, giving him a disgusted face at the end.

Find out what he prefers, as there are men who like to come on your breasts, belly, or even your face, and there are those who like to come inside your mouth. If they belong in the latter category, what you can do is to let him come in your mouth but modestly spit it out onto a tissue afterwards.

If he likes you to swallow, though, and you don’t mind indulging him, there are tips on how you can make his cum taste better, even sweeter. [Read: 16 things a guy can do to make him cum taste better and make the experience more fun for you]

One of the best ways to be on top of your game when it comes to the bedroom is to master giving your man a mind-blowing, soul-altering blowjob. Or at least do it right.

[Read: Women confess about the taste of cum from different men]

Make it a full-body performance by putting your whole body to work and not just your mouth. This is also the perfect time to get creative as you get more intimately acquainted with your man’s anatomy. And of course, don’t forget to have fun.

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6 thoughts on “11 Secrets to Give Good Head and Blow His Mind Every Time”

  1. Homer Orfaeus says:

    To swallow or to spit out? First and foremost: Don’t waste that precious cosmetic that can rejuvenite your skin on your neck and face! Swallowing that essence of hormones is also good for woman’s health. If you are not entusiastic about that, you can swalow with the penis deep in your mouth, since your taste buds are located in front of the mouth. We men are pervert, and for some unknown reasons the scent of the semen on a woman’s breast, neck or in her breath, turns us on again in no time. Read more in “The Teachings of the White Tigress”.

  2. barly says:

    Recently I was seeing a girl, we met through mutual friends. One night my buddies and I before going out went for beers and they told me that this girl that would be there tonight was totally dtf. I said I didn’t know if I wanted to do anything with her because we had just started talking so I’d see how the night went first. First we went to my buddies condo to pre drink then we went over to the girls apartment, she was there with all her friends. After drinking several more beers I was hammered, we all grabbed cabs and headed to the bar. After drinking another beer and dancing for about 30 minutes she asked if I wanted to go back to her place. I told my friends and she and I left the bar. We hopped in a cab and went up to her apartment. We started making out and our clothes came off. From what my friends had told me about her she’s pretty new to hookups and sex, still getting used to the college thing. So, she started sucking my dick and good lord it felt like jaws had my dick between his mighty jaws. I wanted to tell her to stop, I was so uncomfortable. I bared through it as long as I could but before I could cum the room started spinning and I had to throw up. I told her i was feeling sick, she stopped and then I threw up in her toilet. The only time I’ve ever been glad that I got sick from drinking.

  3. feel out of control says:

    I’ve been told I give damn good head–but my last SO almost never came from it. I can count the number of times on one hand, even if I was missing a finger or two. So, a couple. But his case was particularly interesting; it wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy it, or that he masturbated too much (though, he did frequently enough). To him it was a mental issue, and he actually had to be distracted in order for it to work. The first time I recall most vividly; he was only able to achieve orgasm from me sucking his dick because he was also eating me out. It distracted him enough that he was able to let go. Apparently I was the first woman (as far as I know, only, but meh) to do it, though I’m pretty sure it was a combination of luck and skill. As for how I typically do it… pretty basic. No need for a lot of tricks. Use a firm grip (not tight; firm) with one hand, and suck with your mouth. Just go with what feels natural in the moment (or what he asks for, if he does); whatever makes you happiest and most enthusiastic is going to translate pretty well. I couldn’t say what my exact movements are. I just love sucking cock, so I go to town and enjoy the hell out of it. If I want his head to hit the back of my throat, I’ll make it happen. If I want to tease the tip, I will. So long as he doesn’t object, I just do what I want to. So, in short… ask him. Maybe he masturbates too much, maybe it’s a mental thing, maybe he just never really has been able to. Maybe you’re thinking too hard about it and not just enjoying the moment. Hard to say. But most importantly, enjoy doing it. Giving head isn’t just for him; it should be exciting for you as well.

  4. random says:

    I was visiting a girl I knew, not that well, but I’d cuddled with her before and was very attracted to her. I’d never visited her at her place before (she lived far away from me, I was on a road trip) and she said I could spend the night, so I was hoping for a hookup, but I really didn’t know and was going to be okay either way – no major expectations. I get there and figure out in passing that she’s planning to put me in her bed, because she has me put my stuff in her room and there’s only this one bed there to sleep in. I still don’t know if that means sex or cuddling, but either way, it makes me happy and I’m looking forward to it. She has some plans with her friends so we go hang out with them. I meet her roommate and a bunch of friends. Roommate is hot, and I find one of the friends really hot too, but I ignore that and do nothing about it because I already know I’m gonna spend the night with her and I’m happy with that. Even though at one point when several of us are in her roommate’s room and roommate, with her shirt off, gives me a backrub – that still doesn’t distract me. Eventually everyone else goes home, roommate goes to her room, and girl and I go to bed and yeah, she had also intended a hookup. She turns out to be one of the most fun people to give head to ever. Yay! So after we’re both (temporarily) done and resting, she gets up, says she’s going for a moment, I forget if it was to the bathroom or to get a drink or what, but I lie in bed happily and the minutes pass… and I start wondering why she’s not back, so I go out into the hallway and hear chatting from her roommates’ room. She’d gone in there to bum a cigarette from her roommate, and they were very close friends so they quickly fell into conversation and got distracted. They’re happy to welcome me into their conversation so I sit on the bed chatting with them. And then we’re all lying down on the bed talking, and my friend (I think we’ve gotten past “acquaintance” at this point) and I are cuddling and … I don’t remember exactly how it started, but eventually she’s sitting up with her legs around my head and I’m giving her head again. Getting really turned on by this… and then I feel her roommate’s mouth on me. I really was not expecting it. I ended up staying an extra day and another night, and getting swapped back and forth between the two of them for most of that day and night. I always leave some time leeway on my roadtrips so that I can go with the flow and spend more time somewhere if it turns out to be more fun than I expected 🙂

  5. pain says:

    Oh man, few things make me wetter than giving oral to a guy. Dunno that I can pinpoint any “favorite” thing about it, though. There’s just so much going on that it can be almost overwhelming. The musky scent, the taste of skin, the texture differences between shaft and head, the noises they make (especially the whimpering and pleading), the absolute control you have over them, the list goes on. And few things rub your ego quite like having someone stop you because they can’t speak otherwise to tell you that you’re the best they’ve ever had. Unf. I don’t even need sex a lot of the time if my guy is up for getting blown.

  6. Just another anti cunt female says:

    Funny how most comments in here are from ass fucked rotten cunts. Is it any wonder why you’re always degraded in live, because you’re nothing but submissive bitches whose nothing good but spending their rotten lives on knees. Way to go whores! – Oh same goes to the female baboon for “author”.

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