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How to Achieve a G-Spot Orgasm: A Couple’s Sexy Guide to Ecstasy

If you really want to have a g-spot orgasm, it’ll take effort on both parts. Here’s how a couple can work together to make this blissful ending happen.

G-spot Orgasm

Women want to have orgasms just as much as men do. However, there are way too many women who don’t get them quite that often. Usually, this is because women take longer to finish in general. But the fact that people aren’t sure to how achieve a g-spot orgasm is also a problem.

What’s the difference between a g-spot orgasm and others?

Women are lucky in the sense that we have multiple different ways we can orgasm but also unlucky because making us finish with any of these ways is difficult. That being said, the two main ways women orgasm are with clit stimulation and g-spot stimulation.

The g-spot, for those of you who don’t know, is located inside the vagina a few inches in on the front wall. The clit, on the other hand, is outside of the vagina. Not only are they in completely different places, they’re also very different in terms of sensation.

Women will describe an orgasm of their clit by being centralized to that region whereas a g-spot orgasm is more of a full-body feeling. And that’s why so many women want to have a g-spot orgasm. [Read: How to hit her g-spot on the first try]

A couple’s guide to achieving a g-spot orgasm

Women can’t always get there on their own. They’ll need some help and that’s where their partner comes into play. You’ll need to work for it. You can’t just expect to have a g-spot orgasm without even trying because it usually takes some effort.

However, if you’re doing everything right and you’re ready to go, it shouldn’t be overly difficult to achieve. Here’s how you can work together to make this type of orgasm happen.

#1 Get relaxed. You can’t have an orgasm if your body isn’t relaxed. That’s just how they work. The woman needs to be completely relaxed and at ease, if a g-spot orgasm is what you want.

The way the both of you can work together to make this happen is if the woman’s partner assists in some way. A bath, a hot oil massage, and regularly de-stressing are essential in order to have this kind of orgasm. [Read: How to free your mind and relax during sex for more pleasurable orgasms]

#2 Listen to what the woman wants. Guys don’t have g-spots. They don’t understand how they work and that makes it difficult for them to know what to do. Every woman’s g-spot is different, too. So even if he says he’s been able to make others girls finish, it won’t guarantee it’ll happen this time.

Listen to what the woman wants and needs. She knows her body. If something isn’t feeling good, then no matter if it’s worked before, it needs to be changed. Be willing to listen and take instruction.

#3 Communicate. Both of you need to be talking to each other. Silence during sex is not only boring, it won’t result in the highest level of pleasure for either of you. If you, as the woman, need it harder and deeper, say so!

If you, as the guy, need a break or aren’t sure what’s working, then speak up. You’ll both be on the same page and it’ll make it a LOT easier for a g-spot orgasm to be achieved this way. [Read: How to communicate and get better in bed]

#4 Experiment. If you’re not sure what feels best for you of what will stimulate the g-spot the most, just experiment. Try a bunch of different positions and angles and depths until you find that sweet spot. Believe me, you’ll know that spot when you feel it.

It’ll be very specific, very intense pleasure. And when the woman feels it, make a mental note of how she’s positioned and what’s happening specifically. Repeating those moments will come in handy for regular g-spot orgasms.

#5 Keep the other parts of your relationship happy and healthy. Men may not work like this, but women need to be fully satisfied in other parts of their relationships before being able to have a g-spot orgasm. It has to do with relaxation and trust.

Her mind needs to be just as stimulated as her genitals and that means you need to be keeping things happy. If she’s upset with you even a little bit, it’ll be harder for her to relax and allow you to make her finish. [Read: 25 must-follow rules for a happy relationship]

#6 Focus on stimulating the g-spot early. The g-spot needs to be fully stimulated early on if an orgasm is the end goal. Without stimulation, the g-spot is hard to find because it doesn’t feel much different than the other tissues surrounding it.

However, with some proper stimulation, it’ll become engorged and it’ll feel raised and rigged. Getting it stimulated will not only help you find it, but it’ll also ensure it’s ready to go and can actually achieve orgasm.

#7 Foreplay and focus on the g-spot. The biggest thing you need in order to have a g-spot orgasm is foreplay. You really can’t skip out on this if you want to be able to achieve this type of orgasm. Not being warmed up and ready to go will make it take a very, very long time otherwise.

So don’t forget the foreplay! The woman needs a lot more stimulation prior to having sex than a guy does. Make sure she gets the attention and to the right spots. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do for their ladies]

#8 Get in positions that are best g-spot stimulation. Yes, there are specific positions that help with g-spot stimulation more than others. Doggy style and missionary with a pillow under the girl’s butt are the most popular.

However, the size of the guy also has to be taken into consideration. If it’s on the smaller side, you’ll want positions that are more direct. With larger men, it’s easier to experiment and try different positions to see which work best.

As a general rule, any position where the man is hitting the front wall of the woman’s vagina is a great one for achieving a g-spot orgasm. [Read: How to hit her g-spot and make her squirm with pleasure]

#9 Use some toys. If you’re just not having luck with the guy alone, throw some toys in the mix! There are plenty of toys that are specifically made for g-spot stimulation. These toys are generally curved in order to hit it a lot easier.

Don’t be afraid of or intimidated by toys. If a g-spot orgasm is what you want to have, then toys might be necessary to make that happen. And that’s okay! Getting there with a toy is better than not getting there at all.

#10 Practice often! Practice really does make perfect, especially when it comes to g-spot orgasms. The more you try to have them, the easier stimulating the g-spot will be. Once you get the hang of what positions and angles work best, it’ll be a lot easier to have them more and more.

[Read: 15 secrets to mastering the art of making a woman orgasm]

Knowing how to achieve a g-spot orgasm is the first step. Since every person is different, you’ll really have to communicate and work together if you want this type of orgasm.

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