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Benefits of Sleeping Naked: 30 Things You had No Idea About

There are benefits of sleeping naked that might have you changing your habits instead of your clothes. Hold off on those pajamas and consider the nude!

benefits of sleeping naked

When you head off to bed at night, what do you wear? That might sound like a ridiculous question, but think about it for a second.

Do you grab your unsexist pair of pajamas and get cozy? Do you reach for something a little sexier to impress your partner? Some of you might go for another option. Why? Because there are many benefits of sleeping naked you might be unaware of!

The idea of sleeping naked is foreign to many. After all, the pajama industry is and always has been booming. Pajamas must exist for a reason, right? Throwing them away seems ludicrous, but we could be better off without them. [Read: 20 things that are best done naked at home]

It’s both shocking and slightly understandable. Our ancestors started out sleeping naked way before the fig leaf came into vogue. Yet here we are, buying sleepwear worth hundreds of dollars because it’s what we were taught to do.

Why is there a new movement telling us to forego the flannel and whip out our breasts in the comfort of our bedrooms? We understand how empowering that might feel, but we might need a little convincing.

Judging from the advice of many professionals, sleeping naked is actually good for your whole body, not just your privates. [Read: 15 effortless ways to look really sexy when you’re naked]

Why sleeping naked is good for you

It seems bizarre that something as obscure as what you sleep in might be beneficial. After all, if you ditch your cotton pajamas to lay under a cotton blanket, aren’t you still sleeping in cotton? Let’s look at some of the benefits of sleeping naked and find out why it makes a difference.

1. Airing out your down under is healthier and cleaner

Jennifer Landa, MD, the author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, says that sleeping without panties on can promote a healthier environment for your vagina. A closed-off and excessively warm environment is the perfect setting for a yeast infection, so airing it out can prevent infection. Nobody likes thrush, right? [Read: Problems “down there” that you shouldn’t ignore]

2. The cooler you are, the better you sleep

Wearing sleepwear under a ton of blankets can be bad for your sleep cycle. Your body temperature is supposed to drop in order for you to get into an optimal state of sleep, which means that blankets and clothes might increase your temperature and disrupt your sleep.

That’s not good at all, considering that a lack of sleep is both unhealthy and makes for a very unpleasant morning. If one of the benefits of sleeping naked is a better night’s sleep, we’re down for it!

3. You’ll wake up a little younger each day

Maybe it’s not that impressive, but your aging process will significantly slow down. As we sleep, we release growth hormone, which is a natural anti-aging substance. When sleep is disrupted due to excessive warmth, we produce less of it and end up aging faster. They don’t tell you that when you buy a new pair of pajamas, do they? [Read: How to increase your sex appeal effortlessly]

4. Your stress levels will decrease

Sleeping without clothes on is more comfortable for our body. Because we’re sleeping soundly, our stress hormone, cortisol, decreases. That’s super-beneficial in many ways because stress can be extremely damaging to health. If you can decrease stress, you should do it!

5. One of the benefits of sleeping naked is better confidence

When you’re naked, you’re more aware of your body, and that’s a good thing! That’s why walking around naked while you’re alone in the house doesn’t feel embarrassing at all. It feels sexy and empowering, which boosts your confidence levels. The more confident you are, the more you enjoy life and the happier you are. [Read: Easy steps to get your body confidence in bed]

6. Better relationships

Sleeping naked next to your partner boosts your oxytocin levels. This is what scientists call the “love hormone.” When it’s at its highest levels, it promotes pair bonding, which is a scientific way of saying that you and your partner will like each other more.

7. Awesome and more frequent sex

This is another wonderful side-effect of increased oxytocin. Researchers found that those who released more oxytocin tend to experience stronger orgasms and have decidedly more engaging sex lives. This means not only more sex, but better sex. That’s one of the benefits of sleeping naked that we can get behind. [Read: How to make sex better – 15 ways to take it up a notch in bed]

8. Sleeping naked creates less laundry

Enough said.

9. Men experience the benefits of sleeping naked, too

For men, sleeping naked cools down their testes. This is the ideal environment for keeping your sperm healthy, which is why sleeping naked is related to higher fertility rates in men. [Read: Healthy balls – easy tests to keep your testicles in great shape]

10. Summer sleeping is more bearable

The majority of highly populated countries are now experiencing extreme temperature bursts during the summer months. If you continue to sleep naked during that period, you won’t have to suffer from hot flashes until your hormones tell you that it’s time to.

11. Revs up your metabolism

Sleeping in a cooler environment allows your body to produce healthy fat that increases your metabolism. Study author Francesco S. Celi, MD says that his subjects, who slept in a chilly room, produced more brown fat.

Brown fat is a healthy fat that’s stored in your neck and burns calories in order to generate body heat. Sleeping naked might produce the same effects. [Read: Women with curves – 20 ways you changed all women for the better]

12. Your immune system gets a boost

One of the best benefits of sleeping naked is getting sick less often. We heal faster while we sleep, and we store enough energy to keep our healthy antibodies working. Therefore, if you can get more uninterrupted sleep, you’ll have a healthier and more effective immune system.

13. You’ll be less hungry when you wake up

High levels of cortisol increase your appetite. Since sleeping naked lowers the amount of cortisol in your body, you’re less likely to feel like you need a midnight snack or an extra serving of dessert in the middle of the day. [Read: Lights on or off? The best light conditions for great sex]

14. Reduces the chances of obesity and diabetes

Because of the brown fat that’s produced when your body temperature drops and the fact that your cortisol levels decrease with better sleep, you can deduce that your chances of obesity and diabetes lessen.

If you’re cooler and your body is burning calories to keep itself a little bit warmer, that’s one way that you’re avoiding it. If a lack of sleep increases your cortisol, which increases your appetite, then getting a great night’s sleep can help you avoid unnecessary weight gain in that way, too. [Read: 22 secrets to looking good naked]

15. You’ll have better blood flow

It’s well known that lacking restful sleep is harmful to both your short-term and long-term health.

Sleep is said to interfere with your blood flow because when you’re not getting enough of it, your body isn’t producing its brown fat or decreasing its own cortisol. This leads to fatty deposits building up in your arteries, restricting your blood flow.

How to start sleeping naked tonight!

Now that you’re you know some of the incredible benefits of sleeping naked, we’ve got some handy tips to make sure that you don’t find yourself *or your neighbors or roommates* surprised or embarrassed.

1. Change your bedsheets regularly

All sorts of bacteria hang out on your skin. If you just strip yourself down and hop into bed, you’re taking all of that nasty bacteria with you and rolling around in it all night.

Your privates may be cleaner from being aired out, but your skin sure as heck won’t be if you don’t change your sheets at least every week. [Read: Sexy bedroom – 24 sex room ideas to make any room look & feel sexy]

2. Invest in some decent curtains or blinds

Consider your neighbors. If you don’t want them to see you in your birthday suit, cover those windows!

3. Remember to lock your door

Give your roommates or housemates a fair chance. You might be pretty comfy with getting naked in your room, but someone may come in when you least expect them to. Before you turn out the light, be sure to flip the lock.

4. Make sure there aren’t any bugs in your room

It hurts when a bug bites your limbs, so imagine if they get to the more sensitive parts of your body! Keep your room tidy and food-free so that you don’t get infested and attacked by bugs.

If you’ve got insects around, there’s no way that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of sleeping naked. [Read: Naughty and devious ways to see a friend naked]

5. Place your robe and slippers near your bed

Sleeping naked is okay, but make sure you’re ready for an emergency. If a fire, earthquake, or some other disaster happens, you’ll find yourself ill-prepared. Having something quick and easy to throw on will save you from having to run outside with nothing and flaunting all your bits and pieces.

6. Have a bag of clothes near your bed

If possible, pack an emergency bag just in case. It’s definitely helpful to have that robe handy, but it might be cold outside. A robe won’t do you any good in freezing weather conditions, so being able to grab a bag of emergency clothes will be helpful. [Read: How to look really sexy in bed when your man comes over – a guide on sexy positions]

7. Shower regularly

Shower often because sleeping naked may invite additional bacteria, which is definitely not one of the benefits of sleeping naked. Extra bacteria is a hard downside, but it can easily be remedied with clean sheets and a bar of soap.

Practicing excellent hygiene can really help to sidestep any disadvantages.

8. Remember to moisturize

If you’re planning on sleeping naked every night, make sure that you moisturize well. You’ll minimize chafing and increase your sex appeal by having smooth and silky skin.

9. Start slow

If you’ve lived your whole life sleeping in head-to-toe flannel, don’t try to shock your system by suddenly dozing in the nude. Ease into it!

Move to some undies and a light t-shirt for a couple of nights. When you feel good about that, skip the underwear. When that doesn’t freak your body out, go without the shirt. An easy progression is best!

10. Let your partner know

Don’t shock your partner’s system either. If they’ve only ever known you to sleep in pajamas, suddenly hopping into bed without a stitch of clothing might be a bit weird. [Read: Naked at home – 20 things best done in the nude!

There’s no doubt that they won’t mind it, but a head’s up might be nice.

11. Be comfortable

Reap some additional benefits of sleeping naked by investing in some seriously luxurious bed linens and blankets. Your whole body is going to come in contact with whatever’s on your bed, so you want it to be the most comfortable thing known to man.

Be sure to keep extra blankets nearby. You definitely don’t want your body temperature dropping too much.

12. Be aware of sleepwalking

Depending on your living situation, you might want to be a bit more mindful of your nudity if you’re known to experience sleepwalking.

If you share a space with your family or friends, at least wear undergarments to bed. Witnessing a sleepwalker can be jarring enough – never mind a naked sleepwalker. [Read: Too shy to get naked? How to confidently take it all off]

When you should not sleep naked

Even though there are tons of benefits of sleeping naked, there are absolutely some scenarios in which you should skip it.

1. If you have sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin means that you’re far more prone to your skin thinking that everything is problematic. You could have a negative reaction due to the additional bacteria in your bed or because of the close-cut friction between you and the sheets. Be aware of the things that your skin reacts to before you go nude.

2. If you catch colds easily

As we’ve mentioned, removing the extra layer of pajamas can drop your body temperature, which can be good in that you tend to get a better night’s sleep, but bad if your immune system is already questionable.

If you find that you pick up colds easily, you could risk weakening your immune system more due to the temperature drop.

3. If you’re a sleepwalker

If you live with other people who might not be interested in seeing you naked and you can’t muster the idea of sleeping in undergarments, sleeping naked might not be for you. Having to deal with the awkwardness that could come from that is best left avoided.

[Read: 18 physical turn-ons for guys that stiffen their pants instantly]

Now that you know the benefits of sleeping naked, make sure that you get the best out of it! Come clean, come prepared, and come ready to snore!

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