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Sex Myths: 15 Commonly Accepted Sex “Facts” that are So Wrong

No matter what age you are, there are always some sex myths that you’re not sure are true or false. Well, it’s about time we debunked those for you.

sex myths

Last week, I was reading a book about sex to my little cousin, and I realized that there are still things about sex that I’m not sure about. I was pretty surprised as I sat there with that stupid book in my hand. I thought I knew it all, I mean, I’m twenty-six years old… shouldn’t I know it all?

Shocking sex myths debunked

Maybe you heard that penis size actually matters, unprotected sex is okay if you pull out or that women don’t like anal sex. Funny thing is, we’ve been having sex since the beginning of time, but we’re just starting to understand it now.

So, it’s time to debunk some of the sex myths that have been floating around. And here we thought it was as easy as getting naked.

#1 You don’t need a condom if you are timing your ovulation. Okay, if you’re the person who’s using your biological clock as a way to time when you can have unprotected sex, I’m impressed. I can’t even remember when my period comes, so, I applaud you for your dedication.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this as an effective way to prevent pregnancy. I mean, buying a condom is much for effective and just easier. [Read: Pull out method – Everything you need to know to make up your mind]

#2 Women don’t like anal sex. This is one of the big sex myths. Okay, so I don’t know who made up this rumor, but it’s not true. I think what happened is that some guy who didn’t know what he was doing tried anal sex with a girl and then traumatized her.

She, of course, told all her friends. And now, look what happened. In reality, anal sex is actually very enjoyable and many women like it. [Read: Do women like anal sex? Hint: It isn’t a yes or no question]

#3 Men and women sexually peak at the same time. Biologically speaking, women do sexually peak a little later than men. However, it shouldn’t really matter to you. You should be able to enjoy sex at literally any age. You may face some issues when you’re older, but sex when you’re 75, and sex when you’re 18 aren’t much different.

#4 Men want sex, women want relationships. This isn’t wrong, however, it’s not fully right. Some men do only want sex, and some women are only looking for a relationship. However, this isn’t the spectrum for all men and women. Everyone is different and has different needs. And also, people can change. It’s not so black and white. [Read: 33 absolutely fascinating facts about sex you need to know]

#5 Women only orgasm from vaginal sex. If this is the case, then I get why so many women have yet to have an orgasm. In reality, most women achieve orgasms through clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal penetration. So, if you can get an orgasm, change up your method. This is kind of one of the silly sex myths if you ask me.

#6 Pulling out method is effective when having unprotected sex. Okay, we’ve all done this method. I’m not going to lie, condoms don’t feel great, but they can save your life.

However, I’m only human and have done my fair share of stupid shit. The pulling out method will prevent a man from fully ejacluating inside of you, however, there is pre-ejaculatory fluid that leaks out from the penis. So, you still can get pregnant. [Read: Why you should never trust a man’s pull out game – No matter how strong]

#7 You can’t contract STDs from oral sex. Ha! Wouldn’t you like to think that’s the case. Actually, you can contract STIs from oral sex. Anything that involves you exchanging fluids or touching skin can put you at risk of contracting an STD. Your job is to open your eyes and don’t put anything in your mouth that looks a little off.

#8 Anal sex is safe. At the end of the day, whether it’s vaginal, oral, or anal sex, you’re putting yourself at risk. You don’t know STDs are floating around, nor do you know if your partner is truly 100% clean or not. However, anal sex is no less safer than vaginal sex. [Read: STDs 101 – The most common types and their symptoms]

#9 Birth control protects you from unprotected sex. Birth control protects you from becoming pregnant while having unprotected sex. However, it doesn’t protect you from STDs. That’s the big difference.

So, you can have all the unprotected sex you want *there’s still a chance for pregnancy*, but if you’re thinking you won’t get herpes because you’re on the pill, think again.

#10 You are either good or bad at sex. Well, if that was the case, I would be living a sad life. No one is good at sex when they have it for the first time. Knowing how to have sex is learned through practice. Maybe at this moment you’re not great at sex, but it doesn’t have to stay like that. You just need a good partner and an open mind. [Read: How to be good at sex – 17 moves that’ll make you the hottest lay]

#11 You can’t get pregnant if you have unprotected sex in certain positions. Okay, hmm… how can I put this? You can get pregnant no matter what position you’re in. If you’re having sex in water, standing up, upside down, on your period, if you don’t orgasm, if you douche – you can get pregnant if you’re having unprotected sex.

#12 You know when you have an STD. Sure, sometimes you’ll be able to tell by the burning sensation when you pee or the fact that your vagina/dick is now inflamed with open sores.

However, not all STIs sprout up right away. Some take a couple weeks or a couple months until you start seeing symptoms, and by then you probably already had sex with someone else.

#13 Size matters. If you’re a guy, this may bring you some relief. Size doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. I know on TV it’s all about having a big dick, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you use what you have. That’s the bottom line here. [Read: Does size actually matter to women or is there more to it?]

#14 Men can’t have multiple orgasms. They actually can, however, you’re going to have to do a lot of practicing and really get into Tantric techniques. So, start reading up on your Tantric sex. [Read: Tantric sex – The beginners guide to awaken your sexuality]

#15 Women don’t like porn. Wait, what? We don’t? This is news to me. I know so many women who love watching porn. Maybe they don’t like watching porn that’s made for men, but there is porn available for women that’s more emotional and has a better storyline. Women are sexual beings just like men, so why wouldn’t we like porn?

[Read: 25 hilarious facts about sex most of us used to believe]

And we all thought sex was just about getting naked with someone – I wish! Hopefully some of your questions about sex myths have been answered. You may now proceed to have sex with a clear mind. 

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