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Couples Kinks List: 52 Freaky & Weird Sexual Fetishes Many People Indulge In

Are you fascinated by sexual fetishes? Or maybe you have one of your own and want to know if it’s normal. Here is everything you need to know!

Couples Kinks List weird sexual fetishes

A healthy sex life, the experts tell us, is a creative sex life. Sexual exploration in a loving relationship is normal. But what about sexual fetishes?

Why do we think that sexual fetishes are bad? Is it because of the guilt and shame that hundreds of years of proselytizing religious fervor have forced us to associate with so-called “abnormal” sexual pursuits? “Weird” is a peculiarly 20th and 21st-century insult—but what does it mean?

Well, in purest terms, it means notably unusual or untypical. And yet, many freaky fetishes are far from this. We may practice them behind closed doors, but we’re not the only ones partaking in them. 

Fetishes are, in fact, incredibly common, and it is actually weirder to commit to a twice-a-week, in-the-dark missionary experience than indulge in a fetish or two.

What is a kink?

“Kinkiness” refers to unusual sexual practices, fantasies, or concepts. The term comes from the idea of a “bend” *like a kink in a hose* in a person’s sexual behavior. [Read: How to be kinky – 42 steamy tips to explore sex outside of normal]

It is in contrast to “vanilla” or “straight” sexual practices that are considered “normal” by society’s standards.

A person who is into a “kink” is someone who practices sexual fetishes. Some people say that the kinks are a way to increase intimacy between sexual partners. However, others argue that not only does it not do that, it actually replaces intimacy.

The definition of what is and isn’t a kink varies widely, but it is estimated that half of the population has at least some interest in them, while a third have engaged in them at least once. [Read: Vanilla sex – what it is and 26 hot ways to go from boring to OMFG in bed]

Where do fetishes/kinks come from? 

While it is different for everyone, many times fetishes and kinks develop from sexual experiences during or around puberty. However, no direct cause for a fetishistic disorder has been conclusively established.

When a fetish is formed during adolescence, a certain object might have become pleasant or important to someone’s early sexual experience. 

If that’s the case, then they might associate that object with sex in general and continue to use it with their sexual behavior as they get older. [Read: Preggophilia – the pregnancy fetish most moms-to-be have no idea about]

There are some other theories about how fetishes form, and that include things like other childhood experiences, biological factors such as abnormal brain development, cultural factors, and behavioral learning *such as sexual abuse*.

Do people usually have multiple fetishes? 

It is quite common for people to have more than one kind of fetish. In addition, there is also some overlap among all the ones they have. 

For example, a person might have a spanking and a roleplaying fetish/kink. So, they could role-play as a cop and a criminal and engage in spanking during the role-playing. [Read: Dollification – a newbie guide to dolls, arousal, and the fetish]

This scenario would satisfy both the spanking and role-playing fetishes at the same time.

Are fetishes OK? 

Fetishes aren’t inherently right or wrong. So, yes, it is okay to have a fetish. However, if there is more than one person involved, then it’s important that fetishes are only acted upon with mutual enthusiastic consent from both people.

Fetishes can be healthy, and it is perfectly alright for people to explore what feels good to them in a safe way. [Read: Selling used panties and the fetish – the full guide to the dirty turn-on]

When is a fetish unhealthy? 

As we just said, there is nothing wrong with having a fetish. However, it can become a problem in some cases.

If a person is so obsessed with their fetish that it is causing a problem in their life or in their relationships, then it is unhealthy. 

Here are some instances where having a fetish can be unhealthy:

– They feel distressed or guilty about their fetish because of society’s disapproval.

– They have a sexual behavior or desire that involves another person’s psychological distress, injury, or death or a desire for sexual behaviors involving an unwilling person or people who are not able to give legal consent. [Read: Fetishist partners and sexual fetishism]

What is fetishistic disorder? 

Fetishistic disorder is an intense sexual attraction to either inanimate objects or to body parts that aren’t normally seen as sexual. But the difference between this disorder and simply having a fetish is that it causes significant distress or impairment to the person who has it.

For example, there may be a persistent and repetitive use or dependence on nonliving objects, such as high-heeled shoes or lingerie. It could also be something like a body part that is not genitals, such as feet.

If someone has this disorder, then they need these objects in order to reach sexual arousal. [Read: Masochist vs. sadist – does pain *giving pain* give you pleasure?]

Its causes are the same as any other fetish – childhood experiences, abnormal brain development, or cultural factors. They are also formed near the onset of puberty.

Luckily, fetishistic disorder can be treated. 

There are a number of therapy-based and medication-based treatments that can help control symptoms of the disorder. [Read: The cuckold fantasy – the fetish and what you need to know to try it]

However, there have been limitations to the degree to which therapy and medication – or a combination of the two – can help.

These therapies typically treat the symptoms, such as shame, anxiety, or relationship problems. Those are most likely the original reasons the person sought treatment to begin with. 

But many people with fetishistic disorder still retain their desire for their particular fetish object long-term. Usually, the only thing the therapies can do is to help the patient cope better. [Read: Fiery-hot reasons you should date someone with a fetish]

So go ahead and indulge in some of these fun, freaky fetishes

The list below gives such examples of freaky fetishes, ranging from the ones that people commonly practice to the darkest ones you’ve never heard. If you see a fetish of yours on this list, don’t worry; you’re far from being on your own.

1. Exhibitionism

The act of having others witness or potentially witness you in a sexual act is a big turn-on for many. 

As with any fetish, however, this can range from the mild, i.e. having sex with the curtains slightly apart, to the extreme, such as masturbating in public places. [Read: Real-life naughty exhibitionism confessions from readers]

Just be aware of local laws on the subject if attempting the latter.

2. Voyeurism

Quite the opposite of number one, this is the act of achieving sexual gratification through watching others have sex and is also quite possibly the most common and least weird fetish on the list. [Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you]

3. Bondage

Tying others up or being tied up themselves is a common part of the sexual act for many couples. It gives a sense of power to one and submission to the other; roles that both partners find extremely stimulating.

4. Anal play

Whether you’re using fingers, tongues, or full-blown penetration, anal play is popular with both sexes alike. 

This is actually pretty unsurprising, as there are a lot of very sensual but largely unexplored nerve clusters down there, which can provide mind-blowing stimulation in the correct circumstances. [Read: The curious lover’s complete guide to first-time sex]

5. Foot fetish

As it says, some people, especially the males of the species, have a wild fetish for feet. Who knows why, but with such strong support, this freaky fetish hardly qualifies as weird.

6. Fetish materials

Latex, silk, leather, nylon, PVC—there are a whole host of textiles that seem to have developed a fetish following. And all are perfectly harmless and extremely common. [Read: Extremely weird but surprisingly popular sex fetishes]

7. Armpits

This is another one of those body parts that has been shunned for ages but that is a popular object of fetishistic attention.

Whether it’s kissing, licking, or smelling, there’s something about this body part that really rocks some people’s boats.

8. Uniforms

Firemen, nurses, doctors, policewomen… who doesn’t have a fetish about uniforms?! [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role-playing ideas for the shy]

9. Pregnancy

This is more of a male fetish, but pregnancy really does it for some. This probably has something to do with very deep-seated hormonal reactions, but it still qualifies as a freaky fetish that isn’t at all weird.

10. Lactating

Kind of associated with number nine, although not entirely, there are many on both sides of the relationship who get a buzz from feeding to/from a lactating breast. 

It may sound bizarre, but only a very brief surf on the net will show you how popular it truly is.

11. Gender play

This can take many forms, from handing over the position of dominance in the bedroom to full role reversal with cross-dressing and strap-on prosthetics. 

Usually a reaction against one’s usual position in day-to-day life, this fetish is freaky, but not at all uncommon.

12. Urine 

In a nutshell, this is the use of urine in sex. Some will no doubt feel utterly repulsed by the thought, but for many, it is a major turn-on.

13. Food play

Using food in sex, from chocolate spread to the humble banana, has been a common fetish theme since time immemorial. 

And if you feel that you’re somehow messed up because you indulge in this meekest of fetishes, then you really need to have some words with yourself.

14. Furries

Some people like to dress up as animals when they have sex—usually cats, dogs, and ponies. Not everyone understands this, but we probably shouldn’t judge a fetish that is surprisingly and increasingly popular. [Read: Freaky porn – the top porn searches and the crazy things we watch]

15. Roleplay

Again, this is a very tried and true fetish, where different parts are played that lead to a sexual conclusion. 

Teacher and student, nurse and patient, store security and shoplifter, etc. The list is as endless as the number of couples who indulge. [Read: The step-by-step guide to start role-playing with your partner]

16. Chubby chasing 

Some guys and gals have a thing for the larger-framed individual. Although it’s almost a matter of taste as much as a fetish, it still qualifies at the tamer end of the “nothing-to-be-worried-about” scale.

17. Geeks

A common modern phenomenon, some people have a freaky fetish for geeks and nerds. Thick-rimmed glasses, skinny limbs, bad haircuts—you know the sort. 

And as untypical as this fetish might traditionally be in the sexual attraction stakes, it is something of a rising star in the ranks of the fetishist. [Read: Kinks adventurous couples have to try at least once]

18. Adult babyhood

This one is really out there, and it is nearly always older males who like to be dressed like babies and mollycoddles accordingly. 

You may think it’s really far out there, but it is actually indulged in by a surprisingly large number of followers.

19. Spanking

Another well-known fetish is spanking. Men and women can both have this, and it can involve wanting to spank or be spanked. 

There are elements of pain and humiliation in it, as well as domination or submission. [Read: Naughty is nice – The couple’s guide to erotic spanking]

A little spanking during sex can be lots of fun, but fetishists are actually bending someone over their knee like a naughty child. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]

20. Mess-fetish

The use of sexual fluids, male or female, to enhance the sexual act is yet another non-weird freaky fetish employed by couples everywhere. 

Whether using it as a lubricant for other acts, enjoying being doused with it, or even snow-balling, mess-fetish is enjoyed by couples the world over. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a really sexy, naughty love life]

So far, we’ve discussed some of the most popular kinks and some more out-there fetishes, but if you want to know the more obscure kinks out there, read on:

21. Ants and insects

First on the list of the more obscure kinks describes people who get turned on by insects, especially ants.

A particularly common manifestation of this kink requires pouring a number of them into your underwear and getting off on the pain that occurs.

22. Nose sucking

If you know what cunnilingus is, then you may be able to guess what this describes. That’s right, someone who gets off by sucking on other people’s noses or having their own nose sucked.

23. Ball-busting

If you don’t ascribe to this pursuit, describing or watching it is very uncomfortable *especially for guys*. Exactly how it sounds, this describes guys who love to get off when their testicles are kicked or punched by a woman. [Read: What is tea bagging? A sexy guide to eat his balls and make him cum]

24. Sneezing

Achieving sexual satisfaction through the simple act of sneezing, often provoked by using snuff, pepper, or some other such “nasal aphrodisiac!”

25. Tickling

Many people identify with this one to a limited extent. But the dedicated knismolagnist ONLY achieves orgasm through tickling.

26. Dead people 

In stark contrast to the previous entry, this one lies firmly on the dark side of the sexual fetishes list. Describing those attracted to dead bodies and desire to somehow have intercourse with them… we wouldn’t recommend trying this one.

27. Old people 

A gerontophiliac is attracted to older people. Not the elderly, however, who are distinguished and classily attractive, but those so old they have lost their teeth, their hair, and probably their short-term memory.

28. Giants 

Remember how loads of guys seemed to weirdly lust after Susan Murphy from Monsters vs. Aliens when she became a giant? Apparently, it’s an actual thing, a fetish for giants and giantesses.

29. Vomiting 

Not a particularly pleasant thought if you’re not so inclined, emetophiliacs love vomiting. Either solo or on each other. Then again, who are we to judge? [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime!]

30. Statues 

Statues, mannequins, busts, or any other physical representation of the human form compose the major focus of this sexual fetish. Either as an object of desire during masturbation or actually managing to effect some form of intercourse with them.

31. Noses in butts 

Well, this is a CRAZY list of fetishes. And none crazier to a non-devotee than someone who likes to stick their nose into someone’s butt. 

And, yes, you guessed it, receive the full force of their partner’s intestinal gasses. For some, farts are sexy.

32. Rubbing genitals on strangers in public 

A favorite of Japanese pornography, frotteurism means surreptitiously sneaking up alongside someone in public. Then rubbing your genitals against them without them knowing. [Read: How dirty panty fetishes are paying women’s utility bills]

33. Licking eyeballs 

Although not particularly hardcore *at least compared to many on the list*, oculolinctus describes the act of licking someone’s eyeball for sexual gratification. Definitely one of the comedy classics of sexual fetishism.

34. Human feces 

Not one for the squeamish, coprophilia describes the use of human feces as an integral part of the sex act. 

We won’t describe the entire act and its variations in too much detail, so we don’t unwittingly provide sexual sustenance for the emetophiliacs among us. [Read: Kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

However, it is worth making the somewhat surprising point about how popular this particular fetish appears to be. Does two girls, one cup ring a bell?

35. Shoplifting 

Thrill-seeking in one form or another isn’t unusual in providing some degree of sexual gratification. However, this fetish falls firmly into that territory. 

The particular thrill? That of the risk of being caught while shoplifting. [Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

36. Mythical creatures and animals

Another more modern fetish incarnation, zoomythophobia describes the act of being turned on by the thought of having sex with mythical creatures and animals. Trolls, werewolves, dragons, and mermen—no mythical creature stays sacrosanct.

37. Cannibalism

Possibly one of the darkest of all the entries on the list, this fetish involves getting off by eating people. Yes, you heard that right… EATING people. Again, this isn’t one we’d recommend trying!

38. Trees 

If wood gives you wood, then you’re a dendrophiliac. Specifically, adherents to this fetish are attracted to trees, with a whole range of variations depending upon the type, size, age of the tree, and achievement of sexual gratification. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]

39. Tight fit

Lots of people get off on tight-fitting rubber, latex, or leather suits. They may enjoy wearing it themselves or having their partner do so. 

It can be the look that does it for them, or the feel, smell, and even taste. If you ever meet a guy who’s really into Catwoman, now you know why.

40. Balloons

Some people have a balloon fetish. Yes, they literally just like to have sex around balloons.  [Read: The craziest kinky sex stories from Reddit to make you go “Oh!”]

The look, feel, smell and maybe even the sound of balloons just do it for them. Harmless enough, but you might not want to invite them to your kid’s birthday party.

41. Have you met my wife?

Some men just want to see another guy sleep with their wife. This one is known as a cuckolding fetish, and often involves added humiliation from the wife and her lover telling him how inadequate he is as he watches from the sidelines. 

One man’s worst nightmare is another man’s fetish. [Read: How to start swinging with your partner]

42. Criminals 

We’ve all known women who are attracted to bad boy types, but ladies with this fetish take it to another level. 

They are attracted to dangerous, hardened criminals, often those whose crimes and trials received media coverage. Believe it or not, serial killers actually get racy fan mail from these types.

43. Amputees 

Another fetish on here that we can’t imagine many readers have is the love of amputees. Yes, there are people who just want a lover with a missing limb or two. [Read: Unexpected qualities kinky women will surprise you with]

What would make someone have a fetish for this? We’re stumped.

44. Blood 

First off, it must be said that there’s nothing wrong with having sex with a woman while she is on her period. Most people, however, try not to think about the blood. 

For a select few fetishists though, the blood is the point. They are turned on by the feel, sight, smell, and even the taste of blood, whether from a woman’s period or another source. [Read: The ultimate guide to period sex]

45. Enemas

Yes, some people obtain sexual pleasure from receiving an enema, which is the cleansing of the colon canal using anal douching. Less commonly, some also get sexual pleasure from giving enemas to other people.

Usually, they use warm water, although some people go further and use things like coffee, yogurt, air, whiskey, wine, beer, or even cocaine.

46. Wax play

Wax play is sometimes called temperature play. It’s a fetish that usually comes under the umbrella of BDSM. [Read: “Facts” you think you know about BDSM debunked!]

For this fetish, wax from a candle is dripped onto a person’s naked skin in order to induce a slight burning sensation to the skin. However, if done wrong, wax play can cause burns severe enough to require medical attention.

47. Hands

Some people have a sexual attraction to a specific area of the hands such as the fingers, palm, back of the hand, and/or nails. It could also be an attraction to an action that is performed by hand, such as washing and drying dishes or painting fingernails.

48. Unconscious people

Another interesting fetish is that of being sexually aroused by someone who is unconscious or sleeping. [Read: Tips to help you open up about your kinky side]

A person with this fetish may attempt to cause an unconscious state in another person by drugging their victim or taking advantage of someone who is drunk or in a deep sleep.

The main attraction is that the “victim” is unable to oppose their advances, so it gives them a sense of power.

49. Mirrors

This fetish includes activities such as having sex, masturbating, having orgies, or stripping in front of mirrors. [Read: Dating kinky girls – 19 tips to go from vanilla to spice with her]

Mirror fantasies might involve constructing environments for erotic activity in which they are completely surrounded by mirrors – even on the ceiling.

They may even put mirrors all around their house so they can have sex in any room in the house. People with this fetish enjoy watching themselves have sex. They might even have a need to critique themselves or have narcissistic tendencies.

50. Electrostimulation

Some people like the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of their bodies. The most popular spot for this stimulation is their genitals. [Read: 156 sexy, dirty questions to ask a guy and make him horny just listening to you]

They usually use a power source such as TENS, EMS, violet wands, or made-for-play units. This type of fetish is frequently associated with BDSM activities and erotic electrostimulation is an evolution of that practice.

51. Small spaces

You’ve probably heard of the term claustrophobia, which is the fear of small, tight spaces. Well, this fetish is the opposite of that. Some people are sexually aroused by being in a tiny space. [Read: MMF Threesome – 30 hot secrets, positions, and tips to a devil’s threeway]

52. Machines

For this fetish, people have a sexual attraction to machines. They could be anything from automobiles and airplanes to ships and bicycles. Motorcycles tend to be a popular choice.

Believe it or not, this type of fetish is treated as a crime in some countries. People who do this in public can be placed on a sex offenders list after they are prosecuted. 

[Read: Other fetishes you may want to read about]

From the innocent and fun to the horrifying and illegal, sexual fetishes come in hundreds of flavors. Do you have a fetish? Or have you ever come across a lover with an odd fetish of their own?

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