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Couples Kink List: 20 Freaky Fetishes that Aren’t Weird at All

Worried that your freaky fetish is a sign that all isn’t psychologically well? Then read on to see why your fetish isn’t as weird as you think.


A healthy sex life, so the experts tell us, is a creative sex life. Sexual exploration in a loving relationship is an essential part of building bonds of trust, love, and companionship.

However, that assurance doesn’t easily negate the guilt and shame that hundreds of years of proselytizing religious fervor has forced us to associate with so-called “abnormal” sexual pursuits. “Weird” is a peculiarly 20th and 21st century insult—but what does it mean?

Well, in purest terms, it means notably unusual or untypical. And yet, many freaky fetishes are far from this. We may practice them behind closed doors, but we’re not the only ones partaking in them. Fetishes are, in fact, incredibly common, and it is actually weirder to commit to a twice a week, in the dark, missionary experience than indulge in a fetish or two.

So go ahead, indulge in some *or all!* of these fun, freaky fetishes.

The list below gives 20 such examples of those freaky fetishes that people commonly practice. And if you’re one of those people, don’t worry; you’re far from being on your own.

#1 Exhibitionism. The act of having others witness or potentially witness you in a sexual act is a big turn-on for many. As with any fetish, however, this can range from the mild, i.e. having sex with the curtains slightly apart, to the extreme, such as masturbating in public places. Just be aware of local laws on the subject if attempting the latter. [Read: Real life naughty exhibitionism confessions from readers]

#2 Voyeurism. Quite the opposite of number one, this is the act of achieving sexual gratification through watching others have sex, and is also quite possibly the most common and least weird fetish on the list. [Read: Sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives you]

#3 Bondage. Tying others up or being tied up themselves is a common part of the sexual act for many couples. It gives a sense of power to one, and submission to the other, roles that both partners find extremely stimulating.

#4 Anal play. We’re told to keep away from it, but whether you’re using fingers, tongues, or full-blown penetration, anal play is popular with both sexes alike. This is actually pretty unsurprising, as there are a lot of very sensual but largely unexplored nerve clusters down there, which can provide mind-blowing stimulation in the correct circumstances. [Read: The curious lover’s complete guide to first time sex]

#5 Foot fetish. As it says, some people, especially the males of the species, have a wild fetish about feet. Who knows why, but with such strong support, this freaky fetish hardly qualifies as weird.

#6 Fetish materials. Latex, silk, leather, nylon, PVC—there are a whole host of textiles that seem to have developed a fetish following. And all are perfectly harmless and extremely common.

#7 Armpits. This is another one of those body parts that has been shunned for ages but that is a popular object of fetishistic attention. Whether it’s kissing, licking, or smelling, there’s something about this body part that really rocks some people’s boats.

#8 Uniforms. Firemen, nurses, doctors, policewomen… who doesn’t have a fetish about uniforms?! [Read: 15 effortlessly sexy role playing ideas for the shy]

#9 Pregnancy. Again, this is more of a male fetish on the whole, and pregnancy really does it for some. This probably has something to do with very deep-seated hormonal reactions, but it still qualifies as a freaky fetish that isn’t at all weird.

#10 Lactating. Kind of associated with number nine, although not entirely, there are many on both sides of the relationship who get a buzz from feeding to/from a lactating breast. It may sound bizarre, but only a very brief surf on the net will show you how popular it truly is.

#11 Gender play. This can take many forms, from handing over the position of dominance in the bedroom to full role reversal with cross-dressing and strap-on prosthetics. Usually a reaction against one’s usual position in day-to-day life, this fetish is freaky, but not at all uncommon.

#12 Watersports. In a nutshell, this is the use of urine in sex. Some will no doubt feel utterly repulsed by the thought, but for many, it is a major turn-on. [Read: 11 most common fetishes + 5 super weird ones]

#13 Food play. Using food in sex, from chocolate spread to the humble banana, has been a common fetish theme since time immemorial. And if you feel that you’re somehow messed up because you indulge in this meekest of fetishes, then you really need to have some words with yourself.

#14 Furries. Some people like to dress up as animals when they have sex—usually cats, dogs, and ponies. I’m not entirely sure what the attraction is, but far be it from me to judge a fetish that is surprisingly and increasingly popular.

#15 Roleplay. Again, this is a very tried and true fetish, where different parts are played that lead to a sexual conclusion. Teacher and student, nurse and patient, store security and shoplifter, etc. The list is as endless as the number of couples who indulge. [Read: The step-by-step guide to start role playing with your partner]

#16 Chubby chasing. Some guys and gals have a thing about the larger-framed individual. Although it’s almost a matter of taste as much as a fetish, it still qualifies at the tamer end of the “nothing-to-be-worried-about” scale.

#17 Geeks. A common modern phenomenon, some people have a freaky fetish about geeks and nerds. Thick-rimmed glasses, skinny limbs, bad haircuts—you know the sort. And as untypical as this fetish might traditionally be in the sexual attraction stakes, it is something of a rising star in the ranks of the fetishist. [Read: 10 kinks adventurous couples have to try at least once]

#18 Adult babyhood. This one is really out there, and it is nearly always older males who like to be dressed like babies and mollycoddles accordingly. You may think it’s really far out there, but it is actually indulged in by a surprisingly large number of followers.

#19 Spanking. A swift slap or two on the buttocks can drive some people crazy with desire and is especially popular with women. It may be linked to a need to be dominated or to some childhood experience, but whatever the psycho-babblers say, this is right at the top of the tree when it comes to common freaky fetishes. [Read: Naughty is nice – The couples guide to erotic spanking]

#20 Mess-fetish. The use of sexual fluids, male or female, to enhance the sexual act is yet another non-weird freaky fetish employed by couples everywhere. Whether using it as a lubricant for other acts, enjoying being doused with it, or even snow-balling, mess-fetish is enjoyed by couples the world over.
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A fetish is a healthy and creative part of any sexual relationship. Hopefully, now that you’re aware that it’s a common part of many people’s sex lives, you’ll be happier to give yours the freedom it deserves.

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