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How to See a Friend Naked: The Perverted Ways to Sneak a Peek

Yes, you’re being a perv. Yes, it’s morally and ethically wrong, but if you want to know how to see a friend naked, here are the ways you shouldn’t know!

Curiosity is a bitch. It makes you want to do some really funny things. But most of all, it makes you want to see some sexy friends naked. If you can’t help yourself, use these ideas on how to see your friend naked to catch that elusive glimpse.

Guys, ever caught a small glimpse of your friend’s cleavage while she bent low to pick something up? Ever wished you could have seen more? Of course, you have, you perv!

Girls, ever saw a sneak peek of your guy friend’s package when he stretched his arms out? Or perhaps, felt his raging hard on by accident when you brushed your arm against his pants while sitting next to him? Ever wish you could see what the whole thing really looked like? [Read: How to tell how big a guy’s dick is without even seeing it]

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How to see a friend naked

Being human means understanding consent, understanding that it’s just completely wrong to try to sneak a peek at someone’s privates without their knowledge.

But as shameful as all this is, hoping for sneak peeks or stolen glimpses doesn’t make you a perv. It makes you human. And humans have always been curious. If you have a friend who’s dating a gorgeous looker, you’d be tempted to fantasize about your friend’s sexy date naked too. [Read: What do you do when you like a friend’s girlfriend?]

If we can’t see something, we want to see it more than ever. But more often than not, opportunities will come knocking on your door if you can just learn to keep your eyes open at the right time.

The pervy ways to sneak a peek at a naked friend

You’re a perv only if you obsess about seeing your friend naked. If you know how to find a naked picture and come across it accidentally, it doesn’t make you a perv. It makes you smart and witty. And definitely lucky!

Use these tips to get lucky and see your sexy friend in the nude.

1. Skinny dipping

Spending a day out with your friends at a lonely spot, where there’s also a conveniently located lake or the sea? Then, look for ways to trick your friends into skinny dipping with you. It’s really easy. All you need to do is plan this ahead with another friend and convince everyone to get naked. [Read: How to convince your sexy friend to skinny dip with you]

2. Gift a workout program or buy them a subscription

Workout programs are a great way to get someone to go posing in their nudie selves. Almost all workout programs these days expect you to take before and after snapshots of yourself wearing the bare minimum or nothing at all.

So if you gift your sexy friend a at-home workout program, chances are, they’ll snap themselves a few revealing photos for reference. And at times, they may even get carried away and take a few revealing photos wearing nothing at all. Now all you need to do is find out where these images are stored when no one’s around.

3. Browse through their trash folder or recycle bin

A computer’s trash folder or recycle bin almost always has a lot of secret evidence that most people overlook. Every time you sync your high resolution camera to your computer to transfer your photos for safekeeping, you would also download a lot of revealing or unflattering photos that you had taken on your camera. [Read: 20 sexy questions to ask a guy and seduce him over text]

So what do you do? You hit delete on those snaps you don’t like and forget all about it. But guess what, it’s all still there in the trash. All you need to do get access and spend a few minutes looking.

4. Search their computer

Almost all of us have a few naked pictures, or have taken them at some point in our lives. All you need is a few hours of boredom to strip naked and shoot yourself in the buff.

If your sexy friend has a personal laptop that no one else uses, there’s a very good chance that your friend may have a few secret images or videos tucked away in their Photos or some folder *this is definitely not morally ethical or legal!*. Just look for the right folder or perform a search for images on their system. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see quite a few nudie pictures in a few minutes.

5. Play truth or dare

Truth or dare is a very useful game, whether you want to make out or see someone else naked. Get the questions right, have a few drinks and watch the clothes drop off a few rounds into the game. [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a wild night]

6. Get on an adult webcam chat together

Webcam chatting sites are really common these days. And in all probability, you’ve spent a few hours on Omegle, watching other naked people on webcam chat. Or you’ve spent a while flashing at others.

Sit down with your friend, rouse your friend’s interest in webcam chat and watch other people on an adult webcam chat together. After a while, a lot of people you’re chatting with may start asking you and your friend to do something together.

Laugh it off for a while, but when your friend’s feeling all aroused, convince your friend to fool around with you on the webcam by starting off with something easy. Before you know it, you may even be making out with each other. [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet while sitting next to her]

7. Stare like there’s tomorrow

Move into your sexy friend’s neighborhood and spend all your time looking at this friend’s window through a telescope. All you need to do is spend some time out at night on your rooftop to see just how many people forget to draw their curtains before changing into their night clothes. More people to see!

8. Peepholes in doors

This is straight out perverted and wrong, but hey you asked! But how many of us can actually say we haven’t been tempted to do this?

Your friend and you are all alone at home and your friend goes into their room to change and locks the door behind. It’s so easy to peep through the peephole and satiate your curiosity, isn’t it? It’s a tiny window into a whole new world of sexy views. And it’s so wrong and irresistible.

9. Don’t use spy cams

This is wrong. And illegal. Spy cams or camera software may be the easiest way to see people naked, but it’s also completely wrong.

When you use a secret camera to see a friend naked, you’re violating their personal space and it’s unlawful.

You’re not being funny. You’re not being a perv. You’re being a psycho by doing that. If you have an uncontrollable urge to use a spy cam, perhaps you’re better off going to the cops or getting therapy. [Read: Why do guys like staring at breasts so much?]

10. Check their cell phones

Phones almost always have secrets. When you’re bored, you always have your cell phone around. When you’re changing and trying new clothes, you always have your cell phone around.

Get your hands on your friend’s cell phone, spend a few minutes browsing through their galleries and odds are, there’ll be a few accidentally taken pictures waiting to be seen.

11. Apps

There are hundreds of apps that let you see your friends naked. The only problem being, all of them are crap.

But if you’ve got no way of ever getting a sneak peak of your friend in their birthday suit, well, you could at least use one of those dumb naked apps or deep fake apps and fantasize about your friend in the buff. [Read: How to have sex with a friend]

12. Flash your friend

Flash your friend “accidentally” and say “you’ve seen me… now I need to see you…”

You could either drop your towel off when your friend’s around, or let your friend access your computer while the folder that’s full of your naked pictures sit minimized on your screen. And as long as it’s all well planned, you could definitely do a lot more than just swap naked pictures. [Read: Sexy flashing confessions from guys and girls]

If you’ve been wondering how to see a friend naked, use these tips. They almost always work. And if you want to make sure none of your friends ever see you naked, then make sure you remember these tips and prevent your pictures from getting into the wrong hands!

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