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Sexual Fetishes and Obsessions

sexual fetish

We all have our dirty sexual fetishes and sexual obsessions, but how dirty can you get and how obsessed can you be? Fetishes are all around us, whether we see it or not. Read more about  sexual obsessions in bed.

Have you ever caught your partner paying just too much attention to your feet?

And we mean drooling over them…

Whether we realize it or not, all of us have our own sexual fetishes and sexual obsessions.

Some fetishes are too simple to be called a perversity, while some overshadow the word.

Having a sexual fetish

Do you get turned on by your partner in tight leather?

You like them tight… huh?

Do you fantasize about your partner in the nude in public? Naughty you! [Read: Exhibitionism for the shy]

Or secretly wish your partner could dress in different clothes and put on a character while having sex with you? [Read: Sexual role play]

Does your partner love a good threesome? Moresome, baby! [Read: Threesome sex]

Or thinks that doing it in the car is actually exciting? Adventurous now… are we? Fret not! You are not weird, neither is your partner.

Yes, you have a sexual obsession and so does your partner, but that’s no reason for you to worry. Sexual fetishes in human beings vary from person to person.

A sexual obsession that is related to physical intimacy and sex is an essential part of your bedside behavior. Most people refer to such an obsession in common language as a sexual fetish.

What are sexual fetishes?

In medical or psychological terms, a sexual fetish is an object, a practice or a body part, that becomes the focus of a person’s desire while getting it on with a partner. The scientific term applied to sexual fetishes is paraphilia.

These sexual obsessions are relatively harmless as long as they enhance your bedroom satisfaction or desire. However, the moment they become an obsession in your life, you’re treading dangerous ground.

To make things clearer, a sexual fetish in bed is healthy as long as it adds to your pleasure while making out, and enhances your libido. It is not healthy if you can’t function in bed without the sexual obsession. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed]

Everyone’s heard about fetishes, or claims to have one these days. They are no more a taboo topic in several societies, and many people openly claim to have a sexual obsessions and fetishes in bed.

A quick surf on google will introduce you to a host of sexual fetishes, some, surely you wouldn’t even know exists.

Sexual obsessions and society

Most sexual obsessions are socially acceptable, because they’ve been around for so long. Chinese men being turned on by disfigured feet a century ago, men all over the world being turned on by barbie sized women and anime figures now, and women preferring muscular men, are fetishes that have slowly been accepted into society, through evolution or otherwise.

Similarly, by far the most common sexual obsession, podophilia, or an interest for feet, is slowly being accepted the world over.

Sexual fetishes are normal to people who love spicing up their bedtime stories with something new to do with each other. Nobody can ever claim that sexual fetishes are restricted to certain categories of people alone. Often completely ordinary people indulge in their sexual obsessions more passionately than anyone else.

Most people may think sexual fetishes are strange, but in reality, it’s just an arousal that gives more satisfaction in bed. We all have our own sexual obsessions, even if it seems too simple to be called an obsession. Click here to read more about sexual fetishism and fetishist partners.

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12 thoughts on “Sexual Fetishes and Obsessions”

  1. im a man and I think threesomes are a disgusting relationship ending fantasy, sex is only supposed to be between two people and thats it!

  2. me says:

    I hear what u are saying, and I completely agree, but sometimes if your man feels naughty, try to spice it up by seeing you do things like touch yourself and strip in front of him.

  3. Monica says:

    Llewellyn, threesomes (or moresomes) are acts that occur between three or more consenting adults, who trust each other and care about each other. If it isn’t hurting you, who cares?

  4. prettyboy says:

    How would you recommend I bring it up to my partner it’s something I would love to do with her??

  5. AussieSexTherapy says:

    prettyboy –

    I think the best way to do it is just to start working on sexual communication to begin with. How easily do you and your partner talk about sex now? Can you share other more vanilla fantasies with her, and can she share yours with you? If the answer is no – well, you’re like most people. We don’t learn how to talk about sex. Look up articles on sexual communication or call a sex therapist such as myself and start talking about the things that are more easy to talk about in your current sex life. This will establish a healthy foundation for you to talk about your fetish/es.

    One method to just test the waters and get the conversation started is to talk about a dream (a real one or an invented one) in which you did a mild form of the thing you fantasize about. So if you fantasize about sucking cock, for example, you might tell her you had a dream in which she was holding a big cock in her hand and told you to touch it with your tongue… and you woke up so aroused. If you say it kind of hesitantly, like you’re wondering where the dream came from, you leave it open for her to talk about her initial reaction to that, and maybe have some conversations in the future. If she reacts extremely negatively it gives you the opportunity to back out by saying something like “Yeah dreams are so weird sometimes.” However, keep in mind that a partner who is not comfortable at all about talking about sex might be reacting to that discomfort rather than to your fetish. So establishing a good basis for communication is of paramount importance. Consider seeing a sex therapist together, not because your relationship is damaged, but because you want to make it strong.

    Good luck!

  6. dan says:

    I have a fetish for long sleeves buttoned up shirts preferably dress shirts I don’t know how it happened when I was about eleven I started noticing that everyone I put one on I would get a hard on I’m a little embarrassed about it should I be

  7. dan says:

    I used to wear them all the time when I was a kid but when that started happening I stopped because I was embarrassed and it makes me mad because I like wearing them and now I only wear them when I mastutbate don’t think I’m lying because I’m not I feel its not normal and people will judge me

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