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Diaper Fetish: Everything You Want to Know But Don’t Want to Ask

It’s not uncommon for people to have some kind of fetish. But one that some people may not understand is a diaper fetish. Here’s what you need to know.

diaper fetish

Why anyone would want to wear a diaper beyond the age of four years old is probably a mystery to most, but to those with a diaper fetish, it’s simply a way of life.

What is a “fetish?”

A fetish is a form of sexual desire, and gratification is related to an abnormal object such as a part of the body, an item of clothing, or something else unusual. There are countless types of fetishes and atypical sexual interests that a person can have.

Most people are only turned on by human bodies, but for people who have fetishes, the ways of getting turned on go beyond just normal sexuality. In fetishism, the object of sexual desire isn’t limited or even related to sexual intercourse.

Although they are very individualistic, a person’s fetish can drive their sexual arousal, fantasies, and preferences. They could be wildly bizarre or somewhat normal to the degree that they could actually be incorporated into a healthy, playful sex life.

Most of the time, people associate fetishes like the diaper fetish with sexual deviancy. And so, if someone has a fetish, they might feel ashamed or weird about telling anyone about them.

Let’s face it – people are judgmental when they don’t understand something. And when it comes to sex if it’s something we don’t – or won’t – do, we think they are crazy or disgusting. [Read: The cuckold fantasy – the fetish and what you need to know to try it]

Some people think that fetishes are just about whips, chains, and leather. But they’re not. Usually, they are just part of someone’s natural curiosity to explore different aspects of their own sexuality. They are usually harmless unless they cause distress, physical harm, or non-consent with someone else.

How do fetishes develop?

Scientists have actually studied fetishes *more than just a diaper fetish*. Some studies find that an early “imprinting” can shape a fetish. In other words, they are seen as the product of associating early childhood experiences with certain objects, actions, or body parts.

These aren’t inherently sexual, but the association makes them so. This explains why different people have different fetishes.

One interesting finding is that men tend to have more fetishes than women do. Why would that be? Well, the possible explanation is males and females tend to have different sexual urges. Men get more aroused by “deviant” sexual acts than women do. In fact, women tend to get more repulsed by them.

This doesn’t mean that men have more of an inclination to psychological disorders. However, a fetish could turn into a disorder or a general problem. [Read: Dollification – a newbie guide to dolls, arousal, and the fetish]

Fetish disorders

Fetishes aren’t problematic in and of themselves. However, just like anything, if it becomes “too much,” then it can hurt someone’s life. Just like a glass of wine or two is no big deal, but drinking three bottles of whiskey is bad, the same is true for fetishes.

If a person needs a lot of their particular fetish to get sexually aroused at all then, that can be problematic not only for them but for their partners too.

What’s normal when it comes to fetishes?

Honestly, there really isn’t a definition of what is “normal” when it comes to fetishes. Instead of wondering if it’s normal or not, it’s better to just assess if the fetish works for you and your partner. If it does work, then it’s fine. If one or both of you have a problem with it, then it could be detrimental to your life.

So, instead of wondering what is normal, it’s best for people to just go with what feels right when it comes to fetishes. If it feels right, then keep doing it. If it doesn’t feel right, then stop doing it. [Read: Pregnancy fetish – Everything about bumps and sexual arousal]

What is a diaper fetish?

A diaper fetish means you are an adult who wears diapers socially or as a form of sexual gratification. According to Psychology Today, most diaper lovers are males in their late 30s. 

If you’ve ever heard about having a diaper fetish, your first reaction was to wash your hands of the issue and call it a day. But, what if you’re dating that person?

If you are dating someone, or have a friend who is into the diaper fetish, you’re probably looking up every article you can to learn more about their particular sexual preference and what it means. Well, look no further. We’re discussing everything you ever wanted to know about someone with a diaper fetish.

If you’re thinking a diaper fetish is purely sexual, you’re about to be wrong. The real question is, does that make the fetish more normal… or even stranger? [Read: Unbelievable sex – 20 sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]

The two types of diaper fetishes

Diaper fetishes usually fall into one of two categories.

Either you’re a Diaper Lover, a community of fetishists who enjoy wearing and using diapers *diaper lovers do not engage in childlike behavior*.

Or you’re engaging in autonepiophilia, slanged “Adult Babies.”

As the name implies, adult babies like to engage in childlike behavior. This could include wearing a diaper, sucking a binky, playing with baby toys, and acting like a baby.

Feelings experienced by diaper fetishists when wearing adult diapers can’t be pinned to one stereotype. Where one fetishist may experience comfort from wearing a diaper, another may feel arousal of a sexual nature. It really varies from person to person.

Role-playing with a diaper fetish

One of the things that a lot of people with a diaper fetish like is role-playing. They do this with a partner because they like acting like a baby with them. [Read: How to role play in bed – role playing sex games]

Not only will they wear a diaper, but they also might drink from a baby bottle, suck from a breast, crawl on the floor, take “baby baths,” eat baby food, play with baby toys, and like to be spanked. All of this is done so they can “regress” back to being and feeling like a baby again.

Sometimes diaper fetishes are combined with masochism *spanked or humiliated*, or transvestism *dressing in baby clothes of the opposite sex*.

The many facets of a diaper fetish

There are many facets of a diaper fetish that you may not be aware of. If you think diaper lovers simply enjoy *wearing* diapers, you’re way off. Here are some of the common sub-fetishes of the diaper lover community.

1. Going out in public in a diaper

Some enjoy the thrill of going out in public with their diaper on under their regular clothes. Some say it’s like doing something naughty and wrong, while others simply like the feeling of getting away with wetting themselves publicly unbeknownst to their friends and colleagues.

2. The sounds a diaper makes

The crinkling and puffing noises created when moving around in a diaper are stated as both a turn-on and a comforting aspect of this particular fetish by diaper lovers.

3. Wetting your diaper

Peeing or “wetting” one’s self while in a diaper seems to be a huge turn-on for the diaper fetish community. Some simply wet the diaper with water, while others prefer the au natural method of urinating themselves until the diaper is soaked.

Whichever method is chosen, diaper fetishists enjoy the feel of sitting in a soaking wet diaper. [Read: 11 most common fetishes, plus 5 super weird ones]

4. Defecating

We wish it wasn’t true… but it is. When diaper lovers use their diapers, they really use them to the full. Some diaper fetishists enjoy going number two in their diapers and then derive pleasure from… well, sitting in it.

Having your diaper changed by a partner can also be a turn-on for many in the diaper lover community.

5. Watching other people in diapers

It doesn’t matter which gender you’re attracted to, most with a diaper fetish like to look at pictures or pornography featuring anyone wearing a diaper. 

Some like to watch people messing themselves, while others enjoy the humiliation aspect of the fetish. Either way, those who enjoy a good diaper fetish also enjoy looking at the media of other adults in diapers.

6. Worn for comfort

Others in the diaper fetish community simply choose to wear diapers because they are more comfortable than regular underwear. This is often the case for those who have dealt with legitimate incontinence in their lives.

7. Masturbating to a diaper fetish

You knew this one was coming, right? *No pun intended*

Yes, it’s true, some individuals derive naughty thoughts from looking at pictures of other adults in diapers or from being in a diaper themselves. Others engage in sexual activity with a partner and use their diaper as foreplay or during sex. [Read: 7 extremely weird but surprisingly popular sex fetishes]

8. Diaper clubs

Some communities do exist out there where diaper lovers gather to wear their diapers and perform daily tasks together.

That’s right, they’re not sitting around masturbating each other, they’re simply sitting around watching movies and eating mac and cheese in their diapers. What the…?

9. Psychological issues

Many diaper lovers have this fetish not because they are attracted to children, but because of something that happened to them in their past. Those who deal with incontinence, for example, may have grown to derive comfort from wearing adult diapers.

Studies show many other diaper lovers often show signs of being transgender or have experienced some form of child abuse in their past. For example, one man reported being beaten by his mother at age 8 and wetting himself in the process. 

As punishment, she sent him to bed in a diaper where he then experienced arousal due to rubbing against the diaper. From then on, he associated diapers with sexual pleasure. [Read: The kink list – 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all]

What to do if you have a diaper fetish

Maybe you already knew you had a diaper fetish, and that’s why you’re reading this feature. Or, maybe only after reading this, you realize that you had one. Either way, what should you do?

As we discussed above, having a diaper fetish isn’t inherently good or bad. It all just depends on how it’s affecting your life and your relationships.

If you are suppressing your diaper fetish out of fear, then that’s not healthy for you. However, if you are expressing it so much that it overwhelms your life, then that is not good either.

If you are in a relationship and you have not told your partner about your diaper fetish, then you should sit down and tell them in a loving, calm manner.

Expect them to be surprised and to have a lot of questions. That’s okay! They should ask you questions so they can understand you better.

If they freak out after you tell them, give them some time and space to digest it. Some people will be fine with it immediately, while others may not accept it at all. So, you just need to keep the lines of communication open so you can have empathetic conversations about it and make your relationship work. [Read: How to talk about sex with your partner without sounding like a pervert]

What to do when you know someone has a diaper fetish

The short answer? Nothing, really.

If your friend is revealing this personal preference to you, it’s best to smile, nod, and move on. Alright, alright! Be a good friend and give a listening ear. 

But unless you want to stare at their backside every time you see them wondering if that was the crinkle of a diaper you heard, it’s best to pretend you don’t know a thing.

If your significant other has a fetish like this, that’s a whole different ball game. Many diaper lovers are in committed relationships and have been upfront about their diaper passions. 

Listen to your partner and try to understand where they’re coming from. They may likely feel the shame associated with their fetish, so try not to make them feel even worse about themselves.

If you’re open to trying new things, you may just be slapping on a nappy before you know it. If not, it’s best to break off the relationship. And never ever do anything you aren’t comfortable doing… especially in the bedroom.

[Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

Now you know that there is such a thing as a diaper fetish. It may seem creepy and pedophilic when you first hear about it, but it’s always better to let your partner explain their viewpoint before jumping to conclusions.

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