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What Is Dogging? A Noob’s Guide to Mutual Voyeurism & Exhibitionism

What Is Dogging

Sex acts are usually private events, but some enjoy more public shows of affection like dogging. What is dogging, you ask? We lay it all out for you below.

As the saying goes, someone someplace finds a creative way to get off no matter how weird it seems to the general public. And speaking of the “general public,” you might be interested to know the answer to what is dogging.

If you think about it, sex can be compared to the music industry. First, there’s a whole list of genres to choose from. From plain vanilla to those hardcore acts bordering on life-threatening and illegal, there will always be one to satisfy an individual’s preference. Second, that list of “genres” expands every year. [Read: How to change the way you have sex and make it much better]

What is dogging?

Dogging is essentially a couple deliberately having sex in public *or semi-public* spaces in view of others who watch and enjoy the show and possibly masturbate to it. It’s like porn with the exception you watch it live. From this you may ask what’s the difference between dogging and your average exhibitionist couple.

Compared to exhibitionism, dogging is more organized and the couple performing the act sends an invitation for “watchers” to come see them have sex. In short, it is a mutually-beneficial activity for those with voyeuristic and exhibitionist fetishes.

#1 When and where did Dogging originate? As far as the name goes, most believe the term came from a legend of suburban husbands telling their wives they’re going out to “walk the dog” but would proceed to the nearest parking lot to watch young couples engage in public sexual activity.

The term “dogging” is itself British in origin and saw a wave of popularity in the country during the early 2000s. The act came into public view *pun not intended* when several dogging-related arrests and incidents made it in the news. [Read: 7 of the sexiest places you can ever have sex in]

#2 How to set it up? In its early days when social media was still in its infancy, would-be “watchers” would be invited thru SMS announcements and early sex-related web forums. In the wake of social media and dating websites, announcements for dogging events are pretty much common and easier to find. In fact, there are existing adult websites that cater specifically to dogging and other exhibitionist fantasies. [Read: How to try these 12 arousing sex fantasies in real life]

#3 What happens afterwards? Normally, it’s simply as a random person or a couple posts an announcement that they will go to a specific spot; usually a car park, a public park, a playground, or any location with public access to give a show.

Aspiring watchers regularly in search of such advertisements immediately go in the said location to catch the event. Dogging is usually initiated by couples, but there are cases of singles who want the adventure of sex with a total stranger while being watched by other strangers as well.

#5 Dogging code of conduct. It would be surprising to know that an activity that others deem as scandalous would have its own rules of etiquette. And indeed, dogging participants are bound to uphold these unspoken rules should they wish to partake in an event:

**No photos or videos – due to the sensitive and oftentimes illegal nature of the activity, participants are discouraged from recording the event through photographs or video recordings that otherwise compromise the identity of those involved. Pretty ironic for an activity with an exhibitionist nature, but if you decide to join, you just sit back and watch.

**Providing a clear view – if you find yourself in the position of the performer, it is common sense that you provide a clear view to would-be spectators. This is usually done by rolling down your car windows, leaving your blinds pulled up, and doing the act in a place easy to spot. [Read: Real life dirty sexy public flashing stories]

**Lights on – usually your car headlights or interior light. Doing this usually serves as a go signal or invitation for the voyeurs to come closer and get a clear look of the action that’s beginning to happen inside your car if this is your location of choice.

**Leaving the door open – this serves as a signal to voyeurs that the performing couple are good with you sitting close by to get a clearer view of the action. If they do this, it is okay to proceed. However, if they keep their car or apartment door closed, make do with what you see from the window.

#6 Dogging hotspots. Dogging hotspots are usually infamous areas in a particular locale where dogging aficionados flock and do their thing. As mentioned, these are usually open-air parking spaces, highways, and secluded parks that people usually avoid during the night.

Experienced doggers choose more public spaces for the thrill of it. While beginners rather start inside their own car or a dark balcony of their flat to minimize encounters with the authorities.

#7 Legality. There are no specific laws that prohibit dogging in particular. Some pre-existing laws prohibit public indecency and may land you in jail if caught. There are numerous reports of couples getting into trouble for being caught in the act. It makes you wonder if the thrill of getting caught is what drives hardcore exhibitionists from still participating in dogging. [Read: Sexy exhibitionism and sex in public]

#8 Why do people participate in dogging? As mentioned, dogging is a sex bonanza where exhibitionists, voyeurs, and people wanting to get laid each receive their own kind of reward. For the exhibitionists, the act of sex in front of a live audience is a dream come true. Voyeurs on the other hand get live amateur porn for free.

[Read: 20 sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]

When it comes to sex, people willingly risk breaking laws and face a lifetime of shame to get their fetishes satisfied. Dogging is one of those activities. Like extreme sports, it comes with a risk that makes the reward better.

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