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Dogging: What It Is, How It Works & 17 Public Sex Rules You MUST Follow!

What is dogging? If you happen to be turned on by exhibitionism, it’s your dream come true. We’ll tell you how it happens and what rules to follow!


If there’s a fantasy for one thing, there’s a fantasy for everything. Someone somewhere finds a creative way to get off, no matter how weird it seems to the general public. Speaking of the general public, what is dogging, and what does the public have to do with it?

What is dogging, and where did it come from?

Dogging is said to have originated in the UK during the seventies. The British slang term was originally used to describe the act of men spying on couples having sex outdoors but transitioned to a term that acts as an excuse. When watching couples engaging in sexual acts outside, a fella could simply say he’s out walking his dog to avoid just seeming creepy.

As it is, dogging is essentially when a couple is deliberately having sex in public places and in view of others who watch, enjoy the show, and possibly even masturbate to it.

It’s like porn, but it’s live.

Dogging saw a wave of popularity in the UK during the early 2000s, largely in part because of the internet. The act came into public view *pun intended* when several dogging-related arrests and incidents made it into the news.

BBC News even brought it to attention with a feature on the dangers of dogging about the risk of STDs and STIs. [Read: How to have safe sex in every way]

Dogging is more organized now, and the couple performing the act usually sends an invitation for watchers to come and see them have sex. In short, it is a mutually beneficial activity for those with voyeuristic and exhibitionist fetishes.

How do you find out about dogging around you?

In its early days, when social media was still in its infancy, would-be “watchers” would be invited via SMS announcements and early sex-related web forums.

However, in the wake of social media and dating websites, announcements for dogging events are pretty common and easy to find. In fact, there are existing adult websites that cater specifically to dogging and other exhibitionist fantasies. [Read: How to try these arousing sex fantasies in real life]

It’s as simple as finding groups or forums in your area with like-minded people.

A person or couple posts an announcement stating that they’re going to a particular spot. This could be a car park, a public park, or any location with public access. They provide the day and time, of course, and prepare to put on a show.

Watchers regularly search for such advertisements and jump at the opportunity. They go to the posted location to catch the event.

Dogging is usually initiated by couples, but there are plenty of single people who want to experience the adventure of sex with a total stranger while being watched by other strangers.

Dogging hotspots

Hotspots for dogging are usually well-known areas in a particular locale where dogging participants flock and do their thing. As mentioned, these are usually open parking areas, wooded areas, and secluded parks that other people usually avoid during the night. [Read: [Read: The sexiest places you can ever have sex in]

Experienced doggers choose more public spaces simply for the thrill of it, while beginners would rather start inside their car or the dark balcony of their apartment to minimize encounters with the authorities.


There isn’t a specific law that states, “Thou shall not dog,” but it’s one of those things that’s generally implicated as a no-no.

Laws vary from place to place, but most places have laws that prohibit public indecency and may land you in jail if caught. Many areas strictly prohibit sex in a public place, while others might be more lenient as long as the act isn’t witnessed by someone who really wasn’t looking for it.

There are numerous reports of couples getting into trouble for being caught in the act. It makes you wonder if the thrill of getting caught is what drives hardcore exhibitionists to participate in dogging. [Read: Sexy exhibitionism and sex in public]

Dogging code of conduct

It’s surprising to know that an activity others deem scandalous would have its own rules of etiquette.

But, indeed, dogging participants are bound and determined to uphold these unspoken rules should they wish to partake in an event.

1. No photos or videos

Due to the sensitive and oftentimes illegal nature of the activity, participants are discouraged from recording the event with photographs or video recordings that compromise the identity of those involved.

Pretty ironic for an activity catered to an exhibitionist nature, but privacy still matters! If you decide to join, just sit back and watch. [Read: Real-life dirty & sexy public flashing stories]

2. Provide a clear view

If you find yourself in the position of the performer, it’s common sense that you provide a clear view to would-be spectators. This is usually done by rolling down your car windows or leaving your blinds pulled up, depending on your chosen environment.

Do the act in a place that’s easy to spot.

3. Leave the lights on

If you’re in the car, leave your interior light on.

Doing this serves as a signal or invitation for the watchers to come closer. It lets them know that you want to be watched and lets them get a clear look at the action happening inside your car. [Read: How to get turned on – 26 sexy secrets to turn yourself on & get in the mood]

4. Leave the door open

Leaving the door open is essentially an invitation to participate. If this is something you’re comfortable with and you choose to leave your door open, you’re welcoming a host of new possibilities.

This is the dogging way of saying, “Come on in.” It lets the others know that full sex is on offer.

5. Wear a condom

When dogging, it’s not uncommon to end up participating in sex acts with a stranger if you open yourself up to it. In fact, this is often part of the fun of dogging.

However, sex is risky even with people you know. Unless they have recent STD/STI test papers that clear them, you’re going to want to use a condom to reduce the risk of exposing yourself to any infections or unwanted pregnancies. Be sure that you’re always practicing safe sex. [Read: Condom types and how they can improve your sex life]

6. Be mindful of children and unsuspecting passersby

Don’t be disgusting.

Hopefully, you’re dogging in a secluded area where the ONLY other people there are also dogging. Be respectful of other people, and don’t expose yourself and your actions to someone who isn’t interested in seeing it.

7. Don’t be a disturbance

Never disrupt the peace around you or cause any unwanted attention.

For one, you shouldn’t interfere with anyone else’s good time. Second, you definitely don’t want to risk having the authorities called. Just follow the etiquette, don’t be crass or loud, and don’t raise a fuss. [Read: Loud sex – is your girl really faking the big “O?”]

8. Anonymity is key

You really never know who you might run into when you’re dogging. All sorts of people participate, and it’s important to respect the fact that they have lives outside of dogging.

If you see someone you know, you shouldn’t address them by name or tell other people that you saw them there. In addition, you shouldn’t ever share your real identity, either. It’s a safe practice to come up with a name that you only use when dogging.

9. Respect property

Essentially, you should leave the place as you found it and definitely make sure that you’re venturing onto public property. Private property is a huge risk, and being there is an easy way to get yourself in bigger trouble. [Read: How to be kinky – 42 steamy tips to explore sex outside of normal]

Wherever you’re going, don’t leave it worse than you found it. Don’t destroy or tamper with anything.

10. Clean up after yourself

Don’t leave a mess for someone else to find and clean up. Make sure you take all of your personal belongings with you when you leave. Pick up any condoms and wrappers you may have dropped and any other trash.

You’re on public property! Respect it and the people who might be visiting tomorrow. Don’t go around leaving any scandalous items for someone else to find.

11. Obey the law

Another good way to avoid trouble is by simply following the law.

Drive the speed limit. Park in legal areas. Use common sense. The less you draw attention to yourself, the better off you’ll be.

12. Have a safe word

If you’re planning to have rougher sex with your partner or are having sex with a stranger, implement a safe word.

A safe word will keep things from getting rougher than you want them to and will stop everything from going too far. [Read: The meaning of safe words, best examples, & 27 ways to use them in rough play]

13. Protect yourself

If you’re new to dogging, tread carefully. Even if you’re more experienced, you should still exercise caution.

Women especially shouldn’t go alone or without some form of self-defense. It’s best that a woman takes a man with her to protect her and watch out for her.

14. Stay out of unsafe areas

It’s best to avoid areas that are known to be a little more dangerous.

Don’t go to places that are known to be riddled with drug activity or prostitution. You want your dogging experience to be as safe as possible, and the best way to do that is to avoid risking the involvement of those who are not like-minded. [Read: 15 creepy people types you’ll come across & how to recognize them]

15. Don’t touch without permission

This should be a given, but don’t put your hands on people unless you’re expressly given permission to do so.

Watchers are watchers unless invited in. Pay attention and learn the different signs of invitation, but even if the door is wide open to signal an offer of sex, you should still have consent before you jump right in and get to it.

16. Don’t leave your headlights on

Flashing your headlights to signal that you’re ready to be watched is one thing.

Leaving them on is a disturbance. Constant bright headlights are a distraction to those around you and could draw unwanted attention to the dogging event. [Read: [Read: How to change the way you have sex and make it much better]

17. Watch your back when you leave

It’s nice to believe that most people are good, but there’s always a bad egg in the bunch.

To make sure that someone hasn’t become too attached to you, be aware of your surroundings. As you leave, drive around for a little while to make sure that someone isn’t following you. Stop and grab a bite to eat or fill up your gas tank. Keep your head on a swivel to keep yourself safe.

Why do people participate in dogging?

If you think about it, sex is pretty comparable to the music industry. With music, there’s an extensive list of genres to choose from. [Read: 20 sexual fetishes bordering on being crazy]

It’s the same with sex. You might like plain vanilla sex, or maybe you like it rough with bondage. There are foot fetishes, ageism fetishes, and cuckolding fetishes. There’s always something to satisfy an individual’s preferences and needs.

As you now know, dogging is a sex bonanza where exhibitionists, voyeurs, and people who want to get laid each receive their own kind of reward.

For the exhibitionists, the act of sex in front of a live audience is a dream come true. Voyeurs, on the other hand, get live amateur porn for free. What more could they want? [Read: Couples kink list – 54 freaky sexual fetishes that some people love]

People engage in all different types of risky behavior so that they can get off. Have your fetishes satisfied without facing a nightmare! Follow this etiquette guide to make sure you have the safest and most enjoyable experience when dogging.

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