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Selling Used Panties & The Fetish: The Full Guide to a Dirty Turn On

You’d be amazed at some of the ways you can make cash these days. Selling used panties is one of the more ‘out there’ methods. Intrigued? Let’s explore. 

dirty used panties

It seems people buy just about anything these days. Food with ingredients they can’t pronounce, fake breasts, and, oh yeah… used panties!

That’s right, used panties have a market, and it’s a lot less niche than you’d think. This mild form of sex work has been wildly popular on the internet message board Reddit. But these days, there are several mainstream websites that sell used panties and cater to these fetishes.

When it comes down to it, there are a lot of things people do with dirty used panties that we wish we didn’t know about. But you know what they say, friends love to share!

So, without further ado, here’s everything you didn’t want to know about selling used panties to strangers and the general world of the dirty panty fetish.

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Why do people buy used panties?

Good question. Simply answered, to sniff and masturbate over. Some cases even report men buying the women’s undies to wear for themselves. The anonymity of the buyer/seller relationship also gives the fetish an ambiance of danger.

There are no solid statistics of how many people have a used panty fetish, though there are certainly enough “official” websites selling used panties to let us know it’s a thing.

In order to understand their motivation, you would have to look into why people have panty-fetishes in the first place.

Fetishism is described as an “intense and persistent sexual arousal to non-living objects, including some body products.” And fetishists are usually unable to orgasm without the object present.

According to various research studies, fetishism results from early imprinting or conditioning experiences during childhood or adolescence.

Examples of these are when the first orgasm is paired with a non-sexual object or body part, or as a result of a traumatic emotional/physical event. Sometimes, it can even be caused by rejection and the subsequent focus of the person on a different outlet like fetishism. [Read: The most common fetishes, plus the really super weird ones!]

The used panty fetish is more common than you think

Buying panties online prevents the need to look towards people who don’t understand their fetish. It also prevents people who can afford to buy used panties from stealing them from people that they encounter. Unfortunately, the studies for fetishism have also been linked with subjects who have kleptomania *urge to steal*, among others.

For decades, there have been a string of panty-fetish-related crimes like the man who stole panties using geotags on Instagram and this fetishist who has been stealing for years and ended up being studied by scientists. *Note: The study was inconclusive*

There are also others that are extremely dangerous, which gives the concept of buying and selling panties more weight. Because of accessibility through used-panty-selling sites, people are less likely to commit crimes to fulfill their fetish.

Buying and selling used underwear is not illegal in most western countries because their laws don’t have any vague provisions against it.

Providing a trade source for panties is not only efficient, but it keeps people in line and allows them to enjoy their fetishes privately and anonymously. The only issue would be when a client or seller decides to use the information they acquire against anyone in the forums or websites. [Read: Diaper fetish – Everything you want to know about it but don’t want to ask]

Is it okay to have a panty fetish?

First of all, panty fetishes are not harmful, in general. Most fetishists in different communities maintain that their interests are purely for the sake of achieving sexual arousal.

Unfortunately, it can also affect other people negatively, specifically the ones that become victims of unwanted fetishism – like victims of stalking, or people who are suddenly exposed to a fetish without preamble.

If you think that you have a panty fetish, the first thing you should do is read up on the subject. If you feel negatively toward this experience, it is best to consult a therapist. Most therapists are equipped to deal with people who have qualms about their fetishes.

They can explain why you feel this way and what you can do after you thoroughly understand the situation. However, if you do not feel anything remotely negative toward your fetish, you should embrace it as part of who you are. [Read: Peeping toms, sexual voyeurism and the horny rush it gives most people]

Don’t be ashamed of your fetish if it’s legal and not harmful to anybody. Everyone has a fetish, even if it’s not obvious. Just remember, sexual exploration is healthy and part of being a grown-up. Used panty fetishists are just enjoying what they like and are usually paying handsomely for the panty owner’s troubles.

Types of used panties that sell for cash

Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to the bedroom, and panties are no different. “Clients” of used panty sellers have all sorts of different requests when it comes to what they expect from their product. Common examples of what clients ask for are:

1. Skid marks

Need we go on? Some buyers pay top dollar for you to send them panties with poop smears on them. Enough said. [Read: The kink list: 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all]

2. Panties worn for a certain number of days

Another stipulation among used panty sniffers is to have panties that have developed an aroma, due to several days’ worth of wear.

3. Specific actions in said panties

Some buyers want to know the panties they’re getting are top quality and have experienced some adventure. A few examples include sleeping in panties overnight, exercising in the panties, and of course, having sex while in the panties. Some even request, err, semen stains be present on the garments.

What are used panty machines?

Used panties for sale is hardly a new phenomenon. Rumors spread for decades of Japanese vending machines selling used panties. The reality of this rumor, there are actually machines called gachapon machine. These are kind of like giant gumball machines by Western standards. Some gachapon machines purport selling used schoolgirl or office girl panties. The reality is more like panties manufactured to look used. [Read: 10 fiery hot reasons you should date someone with a fetish]

Apparently, the rumors of used panty vending machines or used panty counters used to exist in Japanese sex shops. One article on Japanese Tech specified this was popular in back alleys of Akihabara, but since then the laws have become stricter.

How selling used panties works

Women create a profile online, either via forum or licensed website, and give a ho-hum description of their lives. Often they show a gallery of the undies they have for sale, and include a promise of how long they will wear them, along with a risqué photo of them wearing the underwear in question.

According to an anonymous seller of used panties, the system of selling used panties is pretty simple. It only gets complicated when a client requests a certain type of underwear or a pair that has been through a specific set of parameters – like it has to be worn for a day, the seller has to wear it to the gym, and many other specifications.

Some of them border on slightly unhygienic to downright biohazardous, but who are we to judge? If the person pays, then the seller obliges.

Regularly used panties can go from $30-$60, and way more too. Almost every client requires a photo of the seller wearing the pair that they want to buy. With the complicated orders, the sellers need to document their use of the underwear. Some don’t need photos as long as the seller sends them to them in the condition that they like, i.e. with body fluids and not-really-fluids.

All in all, it seems like a great way to earn money on the side. If the person selling their wares knows how to keep themselves safe, they’re good to go.

The only thing to remember is to never write down a return address, always use an anonymous third-party payment system, and keep the client’s identity and details safe. [Read: 7 really weird and yet extremely popular sexual fetishes]

A few things you should know about selling used panties

Why work a full eight-hour shift flipping burgers when you could sell a single pair of smelly underwear for anywhere from $20-$100 per pair? Here is some further information you should know about if you’re seriously considering it.

1. Keep your identity private

If you want to avoid a new stalker in your life, or ruining your future career in basically any field, don’t use your real identity.

Never show your face *or any identifying locations* in your photos. People are creepy, especially on the internet. Avoid being the subject of a new Dateline mystery episode.

2. Never EVER use Craigslist

Like most other things in life, Craigslist is probably your worst option ever. First of all, you’re more likely to receive an ad reply asking for sex pictures than a willing panty-buyer.

Second, let the sexual harassment continue with requests for sex talk, threesomes, and various companies trying to sell you lube. Craigslist is far from classy.

3. You will get repeat clients

This can be a great thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, it means a steady income. On the other hand, it means this person may try and get to know you better, or try and find out where you live. Eek!

When selling anything online:

a. Never show your face in photos

b. Never meet your client in person

c. Set up a faux-named PayPal account so your client can’t find your real name *unless you’re using a website that handles payments for you*

d. Never put a return address on your pantie package

4. Some buyers may try to get you into the sex trade

No matter what option you use to sell, there’s always going to be some creep who tries to get you into the industry.

In fact, one article from CNN suggests as many as 300,000 young girls are forced into the sex trade in the United States alone, and many of them use Craigslist as their selling ground.

5. Competition is fierce

For every girl waiting to sell her smelly undies to a stranger as masturbation material, there are about five more with dirtier offers waiting just around the Internet ad.

Competition for selling used panties is fierce. Some girls are willing to go above and beyond your sell. If you’ll sell two-days old, yoga-sweated panties, your competition will sell a skid-marked set and include a dirty Skype chat. Ick! [Read: Feet fetishes – Incorporating feet into your sex life]

Are the clients dangerous?

Panty-selling is within the realms of sex-work, which means that there is a cause for concern when it comes to boundaries and limitations. Sellers have to keep their identities safe in order to prevent clients from stalking them or vice-versa.

Buyers also see this as a necessary precaution because most of them do not broadcast their fetishes towards their families, friends, and co-workers.

According to some sellers on Reddit, there are only a few clients who are less than agreeable. Some of them don’t intend to buy used panties, but are only lurking in the shadows to cause trouble or bother the sellers. When that happens, the moderators will swoop in and ban the users who don’t follow the rules. [Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible to]

Before a person can join the subreddits, they need to be vetted by the moderators. This ensures that most, if not all of the members, will adhere to the professional standards of the world of used panty trade.

The system works because most of the members are moderated closely and are subjected to permanent bans. You would think that it wouldn’t stop anyone from just having fun, but the people on these sites are serious about their underwear transactions. Serious buyers do not want to get banned… ever!

Extra safety precautions

There are also other websites that cater to used-panty connoisseurs, but a lot of them are members-only and have more safety features than the publicly-moderated subreddits. The article mentioned at the beginning of this feature describes /r/pantyselling, a popular reddit that is no longer active on the site.

But panty-buyers need not fret because a whole other bunch of panty-selling subreddits have taken their place. For those of you who’d like to learn more, just hop on Reddit and search for the keyword.

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Still looking for some cash on the side? We suggest taking up a few shifts at the local coffee shop. But, it never hurts to know that some fun-money is right in your laundry hamper in the form of dirty, used panties!

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