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How to Have Sex Dreams: 7 Ways to Trick Your Mind into It

Ever had a sex dream so naughty it was almost too hot to handle? Well, don’t leave it to chance! We’re looking at 7 ways to dream naughty on purpose.

how to have sex dreams

Have you ever had a sex dream? The kind where your fantasies come to life, and you wake up writhing in a pool of sweat, humping the mattress or pillow, and moaning to your heart’s delight?

It might sound ridiculous, and definitely not something you want your roommate walking in on, but those who have had the pleasure of a wet dream definitely aren’t complaining.

Sex dreams are a fantastic way to spend the night, especially if they’re starring your dream date or describe your sexual fantasy to a tee. While wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions *a.k.a. getting off in your sleep* are usually associated with horny teenagers, the truth is that plenty of adults are getting their rocks off, too!

While more common for mature women to orgasm during a sex dream, you can be certain that both men and women can climax from this naughty nighttime treat.

How to prepare yourself for sex dreams

If you’ve never had a wet dream, or haven’t had one recently enough for your liking, don’t sweat it! Many suggest that you may be able to conjure up a sex dream of your own in just 7 simple methods. So get your pj’s on and grab a cup of warm milk, because we’re telling you how to trick your mind into giving you erotic nighttime pleasures! [Read: 14 sexy benefits of sleeping in the nude you had no idea about]

#1 Turn off your phone. This is just a good sleep technique in general. If you want to have a restful slumber *and possibly more than that!* then switch off your phone and other electronics before bed.

These devices can interrupt our regular sleep patterns and may keep us distracted or awake longer than we should be. So start your dreamland sex marathon off the right way by allowing yourself to have uninterrupted sleep!

#2 Avoid getting off before the show. This may seem counterproductive for those who are having regular, healthy sex with their mates, but avoiding orgasming for at least a couple of days is one of the keys to having sex dreams. For those who are single and searching for sex dreams, avoid masturbating.

All of that pent-up sexual frustration will have to release itself somewhere!

#3 Make your surroundings sexy. All right, so lighting a scented candle and lubing up is probably not the right idea, but some theories for having a sexy sleep do say you should create a sensual environment in the bedroom before dozing off.

For example, if you’re the type of person who can fall asleep to music, why not pop on your favorite sex playlist before bed? Other great suggestions include putting on silk pajamas, spooning or having your partner spoon you, cupping your lover’s breasts, or feeling your man’s hard-on as you sleep.

It will make for a grease tease, at the very least! All of these extra steps will set your mind into sex mode and may trigger a naughty dream! [Read: The sexiest playlist ever to get you warmed up for naughty dreams]

#4 Sleep alone or with a partner only. Do the kids or Pickles the Kitty love to sleep in your bed with you? As sweet as that is, these are definitely not the bedmates you want to have if you’re shooting for an erotic dream *unless you want your children to be in therapy for life!*

Stick to sleeping alone or with your partner. Not only will this make it easier for you to think adult thoughts, it’s also less embarrassing for your partner to hear you moaning in your sleep than it would be for your little ones!

#5 Keep the right things in mind. Science shows that we often dream about one of the last things that was on our mind before bed. Take advantage of this statistic by thinking sexy thoughts about your special someone. Visualize the last time you had exciting sex.

Let your mind go into detail about what made it so mind-blowing. Then, if you’re not too hot and bothered, try to go to sleep! Your tantalizing memories may just trigger a sexual *Part 2* in your dreams!

#6 Strike a pose. According to the American Psychological Association, research suggests that by mimicking a certain position during sleep, you may be able to up the odds of having those dirty dreams you crave.

So, what’s the position? Lay on your stomach with your arms above your head. While not exactly the most curl-up-and-snooze position you could possibly muster, a survey of 670 participants seems to agree with the findings. This position is said to increase the odds of a sex dream, more specifically, one involving bondage.

The reasoning is thought to have something to do with your fun bits down south making contact with the mattress, and the vulnerable position your outstretched arms leave you in.

Sounds like a lot of uncomfortable sleep just to chance a wet dream. Still, if you’re looking for some super kinky sleep, you now know what position to strike!

#7 Lucid dreaming. If you believe in lucid dreaming, then why not give it a try for yourself? Lucid dreaming happens when you become aware that you are dreaming, while you’re still in the dream. From there, you may or may not be able to control your dream, allowing you to live out your wildest sexual fantasies.

Or just fly a rocket ship full of Doritos…because that would be awesome, too.

Some tips on achieving lucid dreaming include keeping a morning dream journal *writing down all the dreams you had the previous night,* having a meditation session every day *deep thoughts…possibly dirty ones!* and doing several checks during the day to make sure you are not dreaming.

This may sound silly, but constantly differentiating between asleep and awake will help you become more aware when you are dreaming, therefore giving you the opportunity to control your sexy dreams.

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There you have it; your sleep has been decoded! Now you know how to get off while you slumber! If you ask us, that’s a win-win. Have you had any luck controlling your dreams? Let us know your naughty dream tips and tricks in the comments below.

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