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Dollification: A Newbie Guide to Dolls, Arousal, and the Fetish

Everyone has their own strange quirks. But have you heard of dollification? If not, keep reading and you will learn everything you need to know.

dollification dolls

Many little girls love to play with Barbie dolls. They might cut their hair, dress them up, dress them down—you know, kid stuff. But now some people think that a Barbie was a thing of the past. However, some people take their love of dolls to a whole other level through dollification.

What is dollification?

In a nutshell, dollification is the process of evolving yourself – both physically and mentally – into a “living doll.” People who like to do this may be described as “dolls,” whether they are just beginning the process or have done it for a long time. Interestingly, these “dolls” desire to be “owned” by other people. 

The two parties that are involved in this dollification are referred to as the “owner” and the “doll.” This is similar to a dominant/submissive or master/slave sexual role play.

However, just because someone is naturally subservient doesn’t mean that they will automatically want to be a part of the dollification process.

Dollification is a sexual fetish

Okay, but what exactly is a sexual fetish? It is when someone has a sexual fixation on an inanimate object or non-genital body part. This object of interest is called the fetish. [Read: Unbelievable sex – 20 sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]

This fetish is usually a path to sexual arousal. Some people think it’s a form of a mental disorder, while others think it is harmless.

The dollification sexual fetish isn’t simply someone who likes dolls or who wants to look like one. It’s one step further.

Dollification is when someone is sexually aroused and attracted to dolls, figurines, etc. And this attraction takes on various forms such as sexual fantasies involving animate or inanimate dolls, sexual contact with a doll, sexual fantasies with multiple dolls, and wanting to transform or transform another person into a doll. [Read: The sexual role-playing guide for complete beginners]

Mental traits of a “doll”

So, what kind of person wants to be a doll? It’s probably not something that most people think about or even desire. But there are some clear mental traits of someone who wants to become a doll.

Most “dolls” enjoy being objectified, which makes sense since a doll is an object. They are also quite naturally subservient to other people. So, that’s why they want an “owner” to possess and objectify them.

What do “dolls” wear in the dollification process? 

While everyone is different, some of the things that people use to become a doll are things like stiletto heels, corsets, rubber/vinyl/plastic suits, dresses, skirts, thigh-high stockings, and makeup just to name a few. They also can do a lot of other modifications to their body as well.

For example, if someone has long hair, they might decide to shave their head. If a woman is an A-cup-sized bra, then she might up it to DD or larger. But ultimately, the ideal aspect of the “doll” is determined by the doll itself, the “owner,” or a combination of both.

Everything else you need to know about dollification

Maybe you’ve watched a documentary on the subject, but most likely, you’re not entirely sure what it is. And most people don’t even know it exists.

In general, unless you have a specific fetish, you probably don’t know a lot about the fetish community. And it makes complete sense, why would you know deeply about a community you’re not engaged in?

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But this is the beauty of the internet. You can discover and learn new things. Things you wouldn’t have found out before. If you’re curious about putting a name to your fetish or simply interested in learning more things about people and their kinks, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s time we dive deeper into dollification and all it entails. Who knows, maybe it’s your fetish, but you just haven’t realized it yet. So, here are the all the things to know about dollification. Let’s get learning!

1. There’s also virtual doll fetish

You thought this could only happen in person? Thanks to the internet, it can happen anywhere, whether in person or virtually.

The virtual form of dollification is where a person lives their fetish online, in a virtual world through doll-like avatars.

2. The dolls can be male or female

When it comes to dollification, it’s not only limited to women. Of course, a majority of people who engage in dollification prefer female dolls where they have a “Barbie” figure.

Adults who are aroused by dressing up like a doll usually choose to impersonate Barbie: long blonde hair, small waist, large breasts, and tight outfits. Men can also dress up as Barbie; they usually wear a strap-on vagina. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas that are worth trying at least once in life]

3. What’s the symbolism behind dolls? 

In Japanese mythology, dolls are considered to be soul bearers. The symbol is the exchange between the living and artificial, making us feel both secure and scared. It allows people to enter a different realm. People are temporary; dolls are forever.

4. Evolving into a living doll

Through dollification, women and men go through the process of transforming into living dolls. It’s highly connected to the master/slave or dom/sub relationship. If the fetishist has a partner, the partner will most likely enjoy the objectification of the fetishist.

5. Yes, they act like dolls

Transforming into a doll is more than just the physical. Dollification is about being a doll. This means the mental, mannerisms, they’re all doll-like.

The fetishist will act lifeless while their partners perform sexual acts on them because that’s how dolls act. They enjoy objectification, being submissive, and acting in a dollific manner. [Read: Your complete guide for having submissive sex]

6. Partners are specific

Not everyone can accept a partner who enjoys this specific fetish. Typically, partners who enjoy dollification enjoy the idea of being dominant and showing off their dolls.

These two traits go hand-in-hand with dolls. Though many people enjoy being dominant, it’s difficult to find a partner who enjoys dollification as well.

7. Dolls may be silent during intercourse

When you think of dolls, they’re pretty silent. Like we said before, people who engage in this fetish want to act as doll-like as possible.

During intercourse, dolls will usually remain silent as they want to be seen and not heard. Their partners are free to be verbal during sex. Of course, this doesn’t mean they don’t have a safe word. Any sexual activity comes with a safe word.

8. The doll community is small

Dollification isn’t like BDSM or foot fetish; it’s a very small community both off and online. The fetish is very rare, and finding a partner who appreciates the fetish isn’t easy.

For many, it takes a long time to find a partner who will get involved in the fetish. [Read: The kinks adventurous couples must try at least once]

9. Dollification is diverse

Though you may not see it right now, dollification is extremely diverse. Many dolls incorporate multiple kinks into their play, so you can’t generalize the people who engage in this fetish.

Dolls themselves all have their own style and interpretation of what a doll acts and dresses like.

Dollification and the different types of dolls

No two dolls are the same. Every person has their own interpretation of the doll they want to be.

However, there are five main categories that people usually fall under: Lolita dolls, latex dolls, baby dolls, zentai dolls, and living Barbies. The latter is usually the most talked about in mainstream media.

While there are endless types of dolls, there are some more specific types of dolls that are popular in the dollification community. Here are some of them.

1. Ragdolls

If someone wants to be a ragdoll, then they will likely pain freckles on their face, have kewpie lips, wear red yarn wigs, and lay totally limp while their “owner” does whatever they want to do with them.

The ragdoll needs to be somewhat lifeless and have its body “flop around.”

2. Ball-joint or poseable dolls

These kinds of dolls can be put into positions that are provocative. They are told by their “owner” to stay still for long periods of time.

They can be ballerinas – similar to a music box – action figures, or any other type of doll the owner wants.

3. Barbie dolls

Everyone knows what a Barbie doll is. But dolls who want to be Barbie sometimes identify pretty strongly with the bimbofication kind of kinky fetish.

The dolls might even get liposuction, breast implant, or other body modification so they can look a lot more like a Barbie doll.

4. Rubber dolls

These kinds of dolls wear full-body latex suits. [Read: Selling used panties and the fetish – the full guide to a dirty turn-on]

5. Kitty/puppy doll

Sometimes a doll wants to dress up as a cat or a puppy. They will probably put makeup on and wear ears to look like one.

6. AI “F-bot”

This is a kind of doll where the person pretends to be an AI or robotic non-human. They pretend that they are sentient enough to where they are programmed to love to have sex anytime, anywhere.

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Dollification may or may not be for you. But there are several people in the world who enjoy the idea of dollification, dressing up as one, or having sex with one.

And though dollification remains an underground fetish, now you know a little bit more about it. Are you interested in giving it a try?

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