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What is 420 Friendly? What It Means on a Dating Profile & More Terms

Dating profiles are full of confusing abbreviations if you’re not online dating savvy. 420 Friendly is one you may run into. What does 420 friendly mean?

what is 420 friendly

The modern world of dating is often full of confusion. It’s enough to make you wonder whether it’s even worth it! You see people online you might actually get along with but you just can’t decipher their bio. Maybe they’d be perfect for you but if you don’t know what 420 friendly means and it’s listed on their profile, how do you know for sure?

This is a common snippet a lot of people post on their profiles in order to connect with the right types of people. However, not everyone who is 420 friendly will know what it means!

You could argue that if people are going to use abbreviations, there should be some kind of list to help you decipher it. It’s very easy to miss out on someone who could be your true love if you’re simply not sure what certain things mean.

You could easily pass them over because you’re too embarrassed to ask. To help you out, let’s look at what is 420 friendly, so you never have to wonder again!

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What is 420 friendly and where did it originate from?

To simplify it, 420 friendly is basically about smoking weed, or marijuana to give its real name. When someone says they’re 420 friendly, that means they’re fine with it, and that they probably do it themselves too *although not always*.

To delve deeper, we have to understand where this phrase originates. Although there are many theories out there, 420 actually originated as a code word. Students in California weren’t allowed to smoke during school, *obviously!* which meant they had to wait until afterward. [Read: Smoking and sex: Horrible ways smoking can ruin your sex life]

This time, 4:20 in the afternoon, is when their friends would get together and smoke marijuana.

After a while, they would all reference 420 while talking to each other in the open, using it as a code word. At first, they would use it to basically ask if they looked high or even if someone had any marijuana.

Then it was used as a means of communicating the fact that marijuana was present. So, to sum up, what does 420 friendly mean? It means that someone either smokes or doesn’t mind marijuana. [Read: 50 questions to check if someone’s right for you]

What does 420 mean on a dating profile?

While online dating, you’ll stumble across all types of people and bios. You may find that at the end of a few of these, the person will write “420 friendly” at the end of the bio. This means just as it states. That person is tolerant or even smokes marijuana.

That’s not to say that they require that of a person, but rather, they want to make sure the person they connect with knows and is okay with it.

Otherwise, it’s possible that they’ll start talking to someone and find they really like them, only to disclose their smoking habit and find that person is completely against it. They could also meet someone they really like and find that they smoke. They want that person to know that it’s not an issue for them.

Does that mean that if you don’t see 420 friendly that they’re not okay with it? Not at all. Not everyone thinks to use the common abbreviations on their dating profile.

You’re reading this because you wanted to know what is 420 friendly, so it’s probable that lots of other people out there don’t know enough to put it in their bio! If you don’t see it and it’s something that’s important to you, it’s a conversation you’ll need to have with that person.

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Why do people need to announce that they’re 420 friendly?

It might be a silly thing to think about. Why would someone basically announce they smoke marijuana or use it in any way? It’s not exactly something you should advertise but it’s particularly important for a few reasons.

1. It’s illegal in most places

There aren’t many places where smoking and using marijuana is legal. Even though it’s becoming more and more widely accepted, there are still governments making it illegal everywhere.

It’s understandable some people aren’t going to be too thrilled by the idea of someone close to them smoking marijuana. It’s illegal. They might not want to get caught up in any legal trouble if it comes to that. [Read: How to find the right person for you when you’ve given up hope]

2. Not everyone likes being high

There are some people who just don’t like it. Not that they have anything against it. It’s more like they just don’t enjoy being high and would rather not be around someone who could get them secondhand high.

They might not want to get involved with someone who makes it a regular occurrence. That means they’d want to know upfront if someone actually smoked or not. [Read: 30 really fun ways to have fun with friends and beat the boredom]

3. It doesn’t smell the greatest

Those who know what weed smells like knows it’s a very strong scent. It’s not something a person can just get used to if they’re around it enough.

Some people really hate the smell. If someone knows they can’t stand the smell, even if they don’t have anything else against it, they might not want to date a person who smokes it.

4. Some people are strongly opposed to it

There are also some people who have everything against it. They hate it. Obviously, if that’s the case, they won’t want to be involved with someone who smokes or is 420 friendly. To them, it’s this horrible thing they’d rather avoid altogether. [Read: Top 15 worst habits that women hate in men]

Other ways to tell if someone is 420 friendly

So, what if there is no mention of it on their bio and you’re really not sure how to have that conversation with them? If you want to know if someone is okay with marijuana and even if they themselves smoke, here are a few other ways you can figure it out.

1. They’re clearly high

This is pretty obvious. If you’re talking to someone and they tell you they’re high, then they probably smoke. Obviously, “high” is a very general term and could be used to describe being intoxicated via many different substances but marijuana is a common one.

You can even tell if someone is high just by the way they act. If they’re a little distracted and aren’t making perfect sense while messaging or talking, they could be intoxicated.

People who are 420 friendly and high also laugh a bit more than others. [Read: Top 15 worst habits that women hate in men]

2. They look high to you, but you’re not 100% sure

If you end up on video chat or even in person, you can tell when someone’s high. Their eyes will be a little red and glossed over. They’ll also just look a little distant and not all present. This can change, however, depending on the person.

Don’t just take their looks into account to tell if they’re 420 friendly. It’s simply a point to bear in mind and use to delve a little deeper.

3. They carry a faint smell of marijuana

This is pretty obvious. Marijuana smell is very strong and very distinct. If they smell like it, they’re probably 420 friendly. And they also probably don’t care who knows it if they’re walking around smelling so strongly like an illegal substance.

4. They look like they’re smoking something in their pictures

If you’re on an online dating app and you see pictures of them smoking, then chances are they’re 420 friendly. However, they could be smoking a cigarette so you do have to be careful. Don’t just assume that because someone is smoking something that they’re 420 friendly.

5. They’re with others clearly smoking in their pictures

They could just be around other people smoking in their pictures too. Again, it could be cigarettes but you can tell the difference between a neatly rolled factory-manufactured cigarette and a handmade joint.

And if someone is smoking from a glass pipe, it’s almost always marijuana. This might not mean that they’re smoking specifically, but they’re probably okay with others smoking around them at the very least.

Other common dating profile abbreviations

There are so many abbreviations you may come across that it’s impossible to list them all. However, now you know what does 420 friendly mean, you might be interested to learn a few other common abbreviations too.

Below you’ll find a selection of the more common ones. Do remember however, the world of online dating is constantly changing, so who knows what new abbreviation will arrive next week!

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1. WLTM – Would like to meet

This is a very common one and if you don’t know what it means, it could throw you for a loop! Basically, you’ll see someone say ‘WLTM a person for travels’ or ‘WLTM a person with a fun sense of humor’. It could be anything but it’s an easy abbreviation to work out.

2. GSOH – Good sense of humor

You’ve probably heard this one before. If someone says that they want to meet someone with a GSOH, they want to meet someone who will make them laugh and they can have fun with. That’s you, right? [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects relationships]

3. Solvent

This isn’t really an abbreviation but a word you will see often and probably want to know what it means. Solvent can be used in a couple of different ways but it’s normally that the person wants to meet someone who can pay their own way. Basically, no gold diggers or freeloaders, please!

4. FWB – Friend with benefits

This person wants to meet someone to have some cheeky fun with but no commitment. If that’s what you’re after, fair enough, but if you’re looking for someone to have a long relationship with, you’re probably better off passing on this one. [Read: How to start a friends with benefits relationship]

5. AL – Animal lover

Aww, this person loves animals and wants to meet someone who loves them just as much as they do. It’s likely that they have pets and they want to meet someone who isn’t going to be adverse to their big, loving dog jumping all over them.

6. BB – Body builder

If you see ‘BB’ it means that they’re either looking for someone who is into body building or they’re a body builder themselves. It’s probably that they just want to meet someone with the same interests as them but perhaps that’s not a deal breaker. You’ll have to ask!

7. D – Divorced

This one is pretty obvious but in the world of abbreviations, it’s easy to become confused! Now you know what does 420 friendly mean, you can now add D to the list, because it means they’re divorced. They may be looking for another divorced person or they’re just letting you know their status. [Read: Dating after divorce: 10 must-do’s for stress free dating]

8. FSF/FSM – Female seeking female/Female seeking male

These two basically tell you who the person is and what they’re looking for. In this case, it’s a woman who is looking for either a woman or a man, depending upon which one she chooses. Of course, there is a male version of this too – MSF or MSM.

9. LD – Light drinker

They’re just letting you know that they enjoy a drink every so often, but nothing heavy. Or, they’re looking for someone who only drinks a little and doesn’t binge at the weekends. [Read: True sex talk: Alcohol’s effects on sex and your libido]

10. MBA – Married but available

If you see this one, proceed with caution! It could be that they’re married but separated in which case, no problem. However, it could be that they’re married but still looking for something on the side. Not okay.

11. NS – Non smoker

They’re looking for someone who doesn’t smoke, and it’s likely to be because they don’t smoke either.

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Knowing what 420 friendly means can come in handy a lot more than you may think, along with other abbreviations. The next time you see this on a dating profile, you’ll know whether or not that person is for you.

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