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What does your Office Table tell about You?

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How do you like to keep your office table? Do you like it clean, filled with family photos, or with your gadget collection? Does this mean anything? Could your office desk be telling others more about you than you want to reveal? Find out here.

We’re all aware of the clause “a picture speaks a thousand words” or that “the cloth maketh a man”. What you wear tells who you are and the character you portray.

Your personality is always reflected by the exterior elements that are involved with you, whether you do that purposefully or not. As you grow, you attach yourself to many new things in different areas of interest. Metaphorically speaking, you are more defined, or say, revealed individually than before. The modern world that you interact with brings in changes and improvements with every objective you pursue.

From homes to offices, you leave an unmistakable trail wherever you go. And to be realistic, even the offices, the jobs and the bosses are images of your ego in some aspect or the other. If you look closely, even your office table or desk talks about you, with all the components piled by you on it. A personalized desk gives a feedback to people who are interested in knowing you, whether you like it or not.

The accepted aesthetic of the modern office have unfolded and changed through the generations as dramatically as the typewriter’s evolution into the desktop PC. Few employers continue to force draconian, sterile environments upon their people. They now encourage flexibility, comfort and personal expression at work, a concession that’s best proved by the personalization of your desk.

Now, that’s all very well, thank goodness our days are no longer spent staring at Bartleby’s “dead-wall”, but while corporate policy may have changed, human nature has not. So what you have on your office table can actually say a lot about the kind of person that you are, and reveal how the people in your office relate to you.

You see, your desk is where your boss hovers over your shoulder, where clients will wait for your return and where your peers will judge you as they leave the office for lunch. As the rookie in the office, you may want to carefully consider what your desk says about you, but that’s not to say that the oldest veteran is free to express his inner salsa dancer. The calculated management of your workspace and the careful consideration of what your desk says about you are imperative if you seek to impress.

We’ve compiled some suggestions to help you make sure that what your desk says about you is positive.

Do you have Photographs of Family and Friends on your Office Table?

Photographs of family and friends are perhaps the most common desktop embellishments. These are also the items that your scruples will least let you compromise to further your career and rightly so. What your desk says about you when pictures are present can market you at work as aptly as a great resume or your best sales pitch.

The Soothing Sight: A wedding photo or a tasteful snapshot of you with your husband or wife on vacation last summer proves to those around you that you are capable of managing complex relationships over long periods of time. Similarly, a portrait of your kid or even a niece, nephew or godchild projects you as well rooted. Displaying the fact that you have responsibilities outside of work that rely on your gainful employment reminds your boss that such people are the least likely to risk jumping ship down the line.

The Bad Picture: Problems occur, however, when you oversell your private life. Too many photos on your desk, for example, will make it seem like you would rather be at home than working. Stick to one or two to make sure that what your desk says about you remains positive. And if your girlfriend or wife is a smokin’ hottie, definitely leave the beach photos at home. Nothing is more detrimental to a career than incurring the jealousy of those around you.

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