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What is a Homebody? Signs You’re One Who Needs to Get Out More

Are you spending a bit too much time inside lately? Use these signs to answer the question, “What is a homebody?” and if you are one.


As much as we all love sitting at home, bundled up in our favorite old pajamas, half hidden under a pile of fuzzy blankets while we watch our favorite movie for the 100th time, there comes a point when you might ask yourself, “What is a homebody?” Is it just about loving your cozy evenings in, or is there more to it?

There can be a time in all of our lives where enjoying the comforts of home becomes the new norm. Although it may sound like a positive thing—having so much free time—it can actually be bad! You could be turning into one of those people who cancels plans or makes lame excuses as to why you can’t go out, all because you prefer to bum around your house all the time.

The Psych of Being a Homebody

Before we dive into whether your couch is your soulmate, let’s unpack what being a homebody really means. When someone says, “I’m a homebody,” they’re typically referring to a preference for the comforts of home over going out.

Now, in personality types, where do homebodies dance? Are they introverts? Not necessarily. The introvert vs. extrovert debate is like asking if pineapple belongs on pizza – it’s not always black and white.

Homebodies can be introverts who recharge in solitude, or extroverts who simply love their home base. It’s about where you feel your most authentic self, whether that’s hosting a solo Netflix marathon or a cozy game night. [Read: Fun games to play when you’re bored & want to do something fun]

Here’s where it gets interesting – Environmental Mastery, a fancy term from psychology, explains why some people find solace in familiar surroundings. This mastery means creating a space that aligns with your needs and desires, making it your personal sanctuary.

Now, let’s address the giant teddy bear in the room – is being a homebody bad? Not at all. Being a homebody becomes a problem only when it limits your personal growth or relationships. [Read: 28 self-improvement secrets to improve yourself & transform into your best self]

On the flip side, embracing your homebody nature can be incredibly fulfilling. It’s all about balance and knowing the signs you’re a homebody without letting it define your entire existence *more about this later!*.

Are You Falling Into the Realm of Becoming a Homebody?

Everybody needs a break from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely check out of the world and hole up in your home, with nothing more than your computer to keep you company.

Here are the signs that you’ve taken “you time” to another level, and are a homebody who needs to get out more.

1. You Throw on Pajamas as Soon as You Get Home From Work

Sure, a lot of people slip on some more comfortable clothes, instead of their business attire. However, if you’re putting pajamas on right away, you’re basically committing to not leaving your house at all after you get home. No weeknight dinner out, we guess! [Read: Romantic dinner date ideas: Fun dates you both will never forget]

2. Your Nightwear Collection Could Rival a Boutique

In connection, if your pajama game is strong and you’ve got more lounge outfits than regular clothes, it’s also a homebody signature. You take lounging seriously, and your wardrobe reflects that. Being a homebody means living your best life in your coziest clothes.

3. You Also Own a Ridiculous Amount of Throw Blankets

Like… an absurd amount! Sure, it’s fine if you’ve got one on your bed and maybe one on your couch. But if you’re a homebody who needs to get out more, you’ll want to make sure there’s a throw blanket in every location, where you’re able to sit and wrap up in one.

Which means your bed, couch, recliners, ottoman, and maybe another on your bed. Trade those in for a jacket, and get out of the house!

4. When Someone Asks to Make Plans, You Pretend You Never Got Their Text

If you’re someone who cringes when someone texts you regarding making any plans whatsoever, it’s a sure sign that you’re a homebody who needs to get out more.

When you’re deleting texts from people, then pretending you never got it the next time you see them, you have GOT to get out more! Yikes! [Read: The 3 stages to combat and overcome the love of loneliness]

5. You Never Try to Make Plans With Anyone

Just as easily as you ignore your friend’s pressing texts to make plans, you never initiate plans with anyone.

There isn’t an outgoing text message in your phone that says anything in the realm of “Hey! Let’s do something soon.” In fact, you probably don’t even know how to formulate a sentence involving making plans. If this is you, then you’re definitely a homebody.

6. You Have Way Too Many Shows in Your “Recently Watched” Section on Netflix

When there is a large list of “recently watched” history on your Netflix, you know you’ve been indoors way too long. Not only have you recently watched all of them, you’re probably watching them all at the same time, too. This is a definite sign that you could use a bit more time outdoors.

7. You Can Quote the Words With the Movies You Watch

Yep. A sign you’re a homebody is if you’re able to mouth all of the words along with the movies you’re watching. This is because you’ve been through all the new movies you can see, and have to re-watch old ones because you’ve run out! [Read: 30 famous movie lines you can use to woo a guy or gal]

8. The Majority of Your Shopping Happens Online

“You mean people actually shop at real stores?!” Yes. They do. Because they’re not homebodies who need to get out more.

If you’re someone who has Amazon boxes filling your recycling bin, and a credit card statement five pages long, it probably means you do most of your shopping online, because you would rather wait 5 days for a package than leave your house and drive ten minutes to get it. [Read: Powerful steps to break out of the lonely lifestyle]

9. Your Garbage is 80% Food Delivery Boxes

Speaking of shopping online, you even get your food delivered to you! If the restaurant knows your order by heart and the delivery driver knows your name and address, without even having to look, then you’re—sadly—a homebody. Why don’t you switch things up? Maybe put some pants on and actually GO to that restaurant!

10. You Have No Concept of “Binge Watching,” Because That’s Your Norm

If the term “binge watching” has no significance to you, that’s probably because what other people refer to as “binging,” you refer to as a Monday night.

But hello! Not everybody can watch an entire season of a show in two days and consider that your average weekend. You’re a homebody.

11. You Never Need a Rainy Day as an Excuse to Watch Movie Marathons

Who needs a rainy day to watch movie marathons? If you’re a homebody, your movie marathon days come twice a week—in the form of Saturday and Sunday.

12. You Can’t Wait for the Weekend, Just So You Can Do Absolutely Nothing

Most people complain all week for the weekend to come sooner so they can go OUT and do fun things. You? Nah! You complain for the weekend to come sooner, just so you can sit on your butt, eat take out, and re-watch movies you’ve already seen ten times.

13. You Get Overly Excited When Someone Else Cancels Plans

You know the drill – a friend persuades you to agree to plans, and in the moment, you’re actually excited. There’s this burst of social enthusiasm, a ‘yes, let’s do this!’ feeling. Fast forward to the day of the event, and you’re wondering, “What was I thinking?!” You’re dragging your feet to get ready, your comfy home suddenly looking more appealing than any outing could ever be.

Then, like a plot twist in a movie, your friend calls and cancels. If you find yourself jumping on your bed in pure joy, not because you dislike your friends, but because your beloved home beckons, then you’re definitely a homebody who relishes in their familiar comforts. Sometimes, the anticipation of staying in can be more thrilling than the plans you originally made!

14. When People Suggest Movies, You’ve Already Seen Them All

The struggle of being a homebody is real! If you feel the need to get movie recommendations from people and find that you’ve literally seen all of the ones people are suggesting, then you’re falling awfully close to homebody territory. [Read: 40 best uplifting, inspirational movies to stir your soul & supercharge your life]

15. You Frequently Feel the Need to Justify Your Homebody-ness to Your Friends

Most likely, if you have many of the qualities listed above, your friends have noticed and have already started giving you a hard time.

If you’re consistently needing to defend yourself and make excuses as to why you have to stay home *we all know you’re not really sick*, then for goodness’ sake, get out more, you big homebody!

[Read: Feeling unloved by the world? Reasons why and 10 ways to fix it]

16. Your Idea of Adventure is Rearranging Your Living Room

Ever find that the most thrilling part of your week is deciding whether the sofa looks better against the east wall or the west? That’s a classic homebody move. You get a kick out of tweaking your personal space – it’s your kingdom, after all.

For a homebody, there’s something deeply satisfying about perfecting their home environment. It’s not just about being indoors; it’s about making that space uniquely yours.

17. Your Pet is Your Most Frequent Companion

If your dog or cat has become your default hangout buddy, welcome to the homebody club. You find joy in simple evenings, playing with your pet or just having them by your side while you chill at home.

It’s not that you’re anti-social, it’s just that your pet’s company is unbeatably comforting. Plus, pets are great listeners and never judge your TV choices!

18. Your Kitchen Gadgets See More Action Than Your Car

Love whipping up new recipes or baking treats more than hitting the town? If your mixer and oven are your go-to tools for a good time, you’re showing signs of a homebody.

It’s about finding joy in the creations you can whip up in your own kitchen, plus there’s always the bonus of enjoying the delicious results!

19. Your Home Has Every Comfort Gadget Known to Humankind

Imagine this: latest streaming device, smart home features, maybe even a robot that brings you snacks – your place has it all. It’s like living in the future, but with more throw blankets and comfy pillows. Turning your pad into a high-tech hub isn’t just about loving gadgets, it’s about making your home the ultimate chill zone. [Read: 43 really fun things to do at home when you’re bored, broke and alone]

It says, “Why go out for a movie, when my living room feels like a personal theater?” As a homebody, splurging on tech means every night can be a cool, new experience, without having to change out of your pajamas. Your place isn’t just where you live, it’s like your own personal amusement park, minus the long lines and overpriced snacks.

20. You’ve Become an Indoor Plant Guru

If your house resembles a greenhouse and you know every plant’s scientific name, it’s another homebody alert. Taking care of plants becomes not just a hobby but a passion.

It’s like nurturing a small jungle where you’re both the caretaker and the inhabitant. For homebodies, plants bring a piece of nature indoors, making their personal space more vibrant and alive.

When It’s Totally Okay to be a Homebody

We often hear people tossing around opinions about the idea of being a homebody. You know, comments like “Don’t you ever go out?” or “You need to get more sun!” But here’s the thing – being a homebody isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, there are times when it’s not just okay, it’s actually pretty awesome. So, let’s toss the stereotypes out the window and look at why embracing your inner homebody can be a positive, healthy choice.

1. Stress Reduction Through Familiar Comforts

There’s something about being in your own space that just melts the stress away. As a homebody, your home becomes a stress-free sanctuary.

You can kick off your shoes, throw on some comfy clothes, and just breathe. Remember, managing stress is crucial for your mental and emotional well-being. [Read: How to reduce stress: Fastest hacks to a calmer & happier life]

2. Cost-Effective Living

Let’s be real, in today’s economy, where everything from a cup of coffee to a gallon of gas feels like a luxury, going out often means watching your wallet drain – fast. Dining out, catching the latest flick, or hitting up concerts can add up quicker than you can say ‘budget.’

But here’s where being a homebody really pays off, literally. Your entertainment costs take a nosedive when your idea of a fun night is cooking a homemade meal, lounging on your couch for a movie marathon, or indulging in hobbies that don’t demand much more than your time and creativity.

As a homebody, you’re not just opting for a relaxed lifestyle; you’re also making a savvy financial choice. In a world where every penny counts, staying in becomes not just a preference, but a smart economic decision.

3. Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Spending time at home can lead to some serious self-reflection and growth. When you’re constantly out there, sometimes you feel this unspoken pressure to like certain things or engage in activities that everyone else seems to be into. But are they really your cup of tea?

Being a homebody allows you to step back from that social echo chamber and gives you space to ponder over what you genuinely enjoy and believe in. You learn about your likes, dislikes, and what truly makes you happy, without the noise of outside influences.

You’re not isolating, but rather connecting with yourself on a deeper level. For a homebody, this time is precious for personal development. It’s about sifting through the clutter of societal expectations and finding your own unique preferences and values.

4. Exploring Hobbies and Interests at Home

Staying at home gives you the time to dive into hobbies and interests you might not explore otherwise. Whether it’s painting, writing, cooking, or gaming, your home becomes a creative workshop. In this personal haven, you have the freedom to experiment, learn, and grow without the pressure of external judgments or constraints.

Nurturing your creative and intellectual passions is never a bad thing. Who knows, within the comfort of your own space, you might just find that you’re a budding virtuoso in your chosen hobby. Perhaps your kitchen experiments could lead to a recipe blog sensation, or your love for gaming might pave the way to becoming an esports contender.

Even if you’re simply seeking a peaceful retreat, cultivating these interests can bring immense joy and satisfaction. Remember, every great artist, writer, chef, or innovator started somewhere – and often, it was right in their own home. [Read: What are you passionate about? How to find and own your desires]

5. Balancing Social Life with Personal Space

Even as a homebody, you know the importance of social interaction – but on your own terms. You value quality time with friends and family, often in more intimate, relaxed settings. It’s about striking that balance between socializing and having the personal space you need to recharge.

6. Quality Family Time

If you have a family, being a homebody means more time spent with them. It’s about building stronger bonds and creating memories, be it through movie nights, board games, or just casual chats. This time is invaluable, and as a homebody, you’re more likely to cherish and make the most of it.

7. Improved Work-Life Balance

For many, the ability to work from home has blurred the lines between work and personal life. As a homebody, however, you get a unique opportunity to master the art of balancing these two worlds.

By consciously delineating your workspace from your relaxation space, even within the same four walls, you develop a skill crucial in today’s world. [Read: How to balance your career, social life, and dating life]

8. Learning New Skills

With more time at home, you have the opportunity to learn new skills. Maybe it’s cooking, gardening, or even a new language. As a homebody, your home becomes a classroom where you can grow and learn at your own pace.

9. Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Being a homebody can be a gateway to healthier lifestyle choices, but of course, this still depends on your personal decisions and habits. When you’re at home, you have the unique advantage of controlling your environment.

This control can be a powerful tool in fostering healthier habits, like cooking your own meals, which not only can be more nutritious but also more satisfying as you tailor them to your own tastes.

Plus, having a regular workout routine at home allows you to exercise in a comfortable, private space, making it easier to stick to your fitness goals.

10. Creating Your Personal Oasis

Lastly, being a homebody means you get to create a space that truly reflects who you are. It’s about building your personal oasis – a place that reflects your taste, personality, and needs. This process is not just fun, it’s deeply fulfilling.

When Being a Homebody Might Be Limiting

You know how they say anything in excess is bad? Well, that applies to being a homebody too. Sure, it’s cozy and comforting to be in your own space, but sometimes, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

When the walls of your home start feeling more like a fortress than a sanctuary, it might be a sign to venture out. Let’s explore when and why embracing the great outdoors *or just the world beyond your doorstep* can be just as fulfilling.

1. Social Skills Rust

Being a homebody can mean your social skills might start collecting dust. It’s like when you don’t use a certain muscle, it needs a workout now and then.

When you’re always cozy at home, you might find yourself stumbling over small talk or feeling more awkward in social settings. Mixing with different people can refresh your ability to engage, negotiate, and empathize.

2. Missed Opportunities for New Experiences

Ever heard your friends talk about an unforgettable night out and felt a twinge of regret? That’s a sign you might be missing out. Being a dedicated homebody can mean missing spontaneous adventures or once-in-a-lifetime experiences. [Read: Ways to become more spontaneous in life]

Life’s unpredictability often brings joy in ways staying in can’t match. These experiences aren’t just fun, they’re chapters in your life story you won’t get to write from your living room.

3. Limited Professional Networking

Your career can take a hit too if you’re always a homebody. Networking is how opportunities often come knocking. Mingling with colleagues at social events or attending industry meetups can lead to unexpected job offers, collaborations, or mentorships.

It’s about putting a face to your name and showing the world more than just your LinkedIn profile. In today’s world, who you know can be just as important as what you know. Don’t let your career path narrow down to the confines of your home.

4. Physical Health Concerns

Physical health is another area where being a homebody might not do you any favors. Without regular activity, your body might start protesting.

Long hours on the couch can lead to stiffness, lethargy, and other health issues. Your body is designed to move, stretch, and explore – not just navigate between the fridge and the sofa. Mixing in some outdoor or social activities can be a great way to keep your physical health in check.

5. Risk of Isolation and Loneliness

It’s a thin line between enjoying your solitude and feeling isolated. If your four walls start feeling more like a cell than a sanctuary, it’s a sign to step out. Human beings thrive on interaction, it’s hardwired in our DNA. [Read: Why do I feel so alone? Truths that can heal & change your life]

Extended periods of solitude might lead to loneliness, which can have serious mental health implications. Interacting with others, sharing experiences, and forming connections – these are essential for our emotional health. Your mental well-being depends on a balance between your me-time and we-time.

6. Dependence on Digital Communication

When most of your interactions are digital, it’s easy to lose touch with the human element of communication. Texts, emails, and social media are great, but they lack the nuances of face-to-face conversations.

There’s something about seeing someone’s expressions, hearing their tone, and feeling their presence that’s irreplaceable. Over-reliance on digital chatter can lead to a superficial sense of connection.

Real-life interactions foster deeper relationships and understanding. They remind us that there’s a world beyond our screens, full of rich, personal connections.

7. FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

FOMO is real, especially when you’re a homebody. When you say no to every invite, you might start feeling out of the loop. It’s about finding a happy medium between your home comfort and participating in memorable events.

Missing out on experiences with friends and family can lead to regret and a sense of disconnection. It’s not about forcing yourself into every social situation, but about not letting great opportunities slip away. [Read: What is FOMO? How to read the signs & overcome the stress it causes]

8. Limited Exposure to Different Perspectives

Staying snugly within the bounds of your comfort zone might feel safe, but it often means missing out on diverse viewpoints and ideas. When you step out and mingle with new people, visit different places, or even just engage in new activities, it opens up a world vastly different from your own.

Such experiences can profoundly challenge and reshape your beliefs, enhancing your understanding of the world. Growing as a person isn’t just about what you learn, it’s about the perspectives you encounter and absorb.

The world is incredibly varied, a rich tapestry of thoughts, cultures, and experiences. By staying mostly within your home, you might not realize you’re missing out on this vibrant, ever-changing mosaic of life.

9. Potential for Decreased Adaptability

One downside of being a homebody is the potential hit to your adaptability. Life is full of curveballs, and staying in your comfort zone can make dealing with them harder.

When you’re used to a certain routine, new and unfamiliar situations can feel daunting. Constantly being at home can lead to a certain level of inflexibility when facing change. It’s important to challenge yourself occasionally to handle different scenarios.

10. Stagnation in Personal Growth

Staying cocooned at home can sometimes put a pause on your personal growth. Life’s most valuable lessons often come from new experiences, challenges, and interactions with different people. Being a homebody might limit your exposure to situations that encourage personal development.

Venturing out can introduce you to new ideas, hobbies, and passions. Personal growth isn’t just about self-improvement, it’s about experiencing the full spectrum of what life has to offer.

There’s a Whole World Outside Your Walls

Our homes indeed offer unparalleled comforts, a familiar haven where we can be our most authentic selves. In the cozy corners of our living spaces, we find peace, solitude, and a sense of belonging. Yet, there’s a whole world outside these walls, brimming with opportunities for growth, adventure, and connection. Embracing the homebody lifestyle has its perks, but venturing out can enrich our lives in ways we might not anticipate.

In the end, whether you’re a homebody or someone who thrives in the hustle and bustle of the outside world, it’s all about balance. It’s about understanding and honoring your needs while remaining open to new experiences and perspectives.

So, if you ever find yourself pondering, “What is a homebody?” remember, it’s more than just a preference for staying in. Whether you’re a homebody or not, it’s all about embracing who you are while being open to growth!

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