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33 Interesting Words for Lovers, Breakups, and Fights

Ever been at a loss for words when chatting with your lover? We’re looking at thirty-three fascinating words to perfectly describe how you feel!

interesting words

Did you know there are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language? According to LanguageMonitor.com, there is a new word being created every ninety-eight minutes! With the abundant creation of new, interesting words every day, it’s amazing how we can still feel at a loss for them.

Have you ever had a foreign friend tell you there is a word in their language that doesn’t translate its meaning into English? That can be a powerful, if not a mind-boggling statement! After all, how can a feeling not translate? That’s how many of us feel when trying to describe our innermost emotions to our lovers and friends.

At LovePanky, we’re all about expanding both our romantic and verbal horizons. Whether it’s happy, sad, fun, or romantic, we’re taking a look at thirty-three interesting words that will help you pinpoint exactly how you feel!

Interesting words you need to know

When it comes expressing how we feel, our vocab can make or break us, especially when it comes to relationships! Without further ado, let’s jump into our list.

Hot words for when you’re getting sexy

Dirty talk shouldn’t be the only language you speak when talking about sex. Want to add a little extra, foreign spice to your sexy talk? We’re pretty confident these nine words for sex and sexy time activities will do just the trick.

#1 Ineffable (English). Incapable of expressing or describing due to sacredness or inexpressible feelings. Because it was just that good.

#2 Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan). An unspoken feeling or look shared by two people who both desire the same thing, but neither are willing to make the first move.

#3 Tuqburni (Arabic). A love that is so deep you could never imagine being without the one you love.

#4 Enchanting (English). Attractive, alluring, as to be bewitching.

#5 Duende (Spanish). A heightened state of feeling or expression.

#6 Conflate (English). To blend or combine two things to make them a whole. Aw.

#7 Fensterln (German). This unique and wonderful word refers to the act of sneaking into your lover’s window to get a little somethin’ somethin’!

#8 Winsome (English). Appealing and attractive.

#9 Acuschla (Irish). An expression of love, as if to say “Darling.” Translated “O pulse of my heart.”

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Unique words for when you’ve been freshly dumped

Going through a breakup? We say good riddance to bad luggage! We’re also happy to say that despite the pain of a breakup, there are unique words to ration out those feelings too. Want to expand your emotional vocab during your time of distress? Here are eight words you’ll want to know.

#10 La douleur exquise (French). The pain associated with loving someone you can’t have. Ouch. [Read: 15 ways to handle the pain of loving someone you can’t have]

#11 Benighted (English). Overtaken by night or darkness.

#12 Saudade (Portuguese). Nostalgia that leads to longing or melancholy.

#13 Razbliuto (Russian). The sentimental or empty feeling when thinking about someone you formerly loved.

#14 Rueful (English). Sadness associated with some wrong done, or disappointment.

#15 Kummerspeck (German). This almost hilarious German term refers to the weight gained post-breakup due to those late-night tubs of comfortingly delicious ice cream *or whatever your favorite breakup comfort food may be*.

#16 Ephemeral (English). Lasting a very short time; fleeting.

#17 Leaden (English). Darkened, weighted down with weariness.

Expressive words for when you’re really angry

Sometimes in love, we get to a point where we’re so fed up, we wish we had the perfect word to sum it up. There are some levels of pissed-off where the regular “Douchebag” or “Assface” insults just aren’t going to cut it. Here are six interesting words for when you’re feeling beyond angry.

#18 Vehement (English). Extreme, passionate intensity of emotions.

#19 Taradiddle (Unknown). Nonsense that you find pretentious. Kind of like every single lie that comes out of your ex’s mouth.

#20 Paroxysm (Greek). An angry outburst of emotion, or violent action. Like slashing your ex’s tires! ProTip: Don’t do that. It sounds much better in theory than it plays out in reality.

#21 Draconian (Latin). Unusually cruel or severe, like that dagger in your figurative heart.

#22 Schnapsidee (German). A boozy idea. AKA, all of those “brilliant” ideas you had when you were drunk that didn’t turn out to be so amazing the next morning. Like drunk texting your ex.

#23 Backpfeifengesicht (German). A face that should be slapped. Need we say more?

Romantic words for when you’re ridiculously in love

Did you ever love someone so much that you weren’t sure whether you wanted to pinch their cheeks or slap their face for being so dang cute? There’s probably a word for that! We’re looking at ten interesting words for when you’re so in love you just want to scream.

#24 Mellifluous (Latin). Sweet sounding, as though it were sweetened with honey. Aw!

#25 Limerence (English). Euphoria associated with romantic attention and the desire to have your romantic intentions reciprocated. [Read: Are you experiencing limerence or is it just a big crush?]

#26 Agathist (Greek). Ultimate good and optimism. Like how you feel about someone you’re crushing on.

#27 Belgard (Italian). A look of love that is sweet and amorous.

#28 Kilig (Filipino). Basically “romantic excitement”! This fantastic word sums up all of the amazing sensations you get when you feel ooey-gooey romantic about someone—i.e., getting butterflies in your stomach, shivers up your arms, and being encompassed by that big dopey grin whenever you see your crush.

#29 Saudade (Turkish). When you really miss someone you love, and yet, you just can’t express it.

#30 Forelsket (Danish). A special word created to describe the feelings of first falling in love. Euphoria.

#31 Pulchritude (Latin). To be physically beautiful to someone.

#32 Mudita (Sanskrit). A joy that is pure and innocent; not motivated by self-interest. Being empathetic to the joys that others feel.

#33 Gigil (Filipino). According to Urban Dictionary, this little gem refers to the urge to squeeze, pinch, and all-around attack *with love* something that is sending you through cute overload!

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With these thirty-three fascinating words, you’ll never be at a loss for how you feel ever again! Did we miss out on some of your favorite interesting words? Leave your favorite expressive words in the comments below to further enlighten our readers.

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