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7 Insanely Easy Halloween Costumes for Couples

Wondering how to show off your creative selves as a fun couple this time around? Here are 7 wicked Halloween costumes to look sexy, naughty or just plain awesome!

Halloween’s just around the corner! It’s the perfect time of the year where you can be as ghastly or as glamorous as you want to be. Are you and your honey ready to show off your creative costumes?

You may think that Halloween costumes require a lot of work or a lot of spending on a costume you’ll only use for one night of the year. But in reality, there are tons of costumes out there that only require a little ingenuity and some typical household and clothing items you already have at home.

So this year, we’ve got a list of some of the most creative yet simple costumes that fans of pop culture are sure to get.

#1 1920’s couple or F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda. Ever since The Great Gatsby hit the big screen, people all over the world have gotten into the whole roaring 20’s costumes. Weddings, birthdays, and even office parties have chosen to go with this theme. And for this Halloween, you can too!

For him: A three-piece suit, a vintage timepiece and some leather shoes are all you need. For an added touch, put some pomade on your hair and part it right in the middle to emulate F. Scott’s look.

For her: Zelda was the epitome of the 1920’s flapper girl, so any frilly, low-waist vintage-style dress would do. Add in a feather boa, some bejeweled or feather-adorned hair pieces, bright red lipstick, and short finger-curled hair and you’re good to go!

#2 A pair of nerds. It’s the revenge of the nerds! It’s super easy to pull off this look because all you really need is geek-inspired gear and a pair of glasses.

For him: Show off your love of pop culture themes by donning a shirt featuring some of the most famous icons. Star Wars, Star Trek, The Legend of Zelda and old school video games are great options. Tuck it into a pair of high waist shorts or pants, slap on some suspenders to get the stereotypical nerdy look. Acne marks are totally optional.

For her: You could opt for a sexy schoolgirl attire, but that’s a costume cop out. Instead, you can geekify your usual outfit with a couple of strategically-placed accessories like pixel inspired jewelry, a deck of Magic the Gathering Cards in your pocket or even nail art inspired by your favorite video games.

#3 Greek gods. Glamorous, dignified and unbelievably easy to pull off, the Greek gods costume is a staple in almost any Halloween party.

For him: For starters, grab a white sheet and wrap around yourself to form a toga. Then, pick out one of your favorite Greek gods to find out what accessories you need. Want to dress like Zeus? Put on a long haired wig and carry around a bolt of lightning. Or would you rather be the love god Eros? Wear a pair of wings and carry around a bow. Want a costume for a drinking party? Dionysus is the one you want to be! Just carry around some grapes and a bottle of wine!

For her: There are a ton of ways you can pull off the white sheet costume, but you can also go for a white Grecian-style dress. As for your accessories, you can just be your gorgeous self to portray Venus, or you can opt for a darker dress and be Persephone.

#4 Sid and Nancy. These two are probably the most famous punk couple gone wrong. To get their look, all you need are some signature 80’s punk accessories.

For him: Lose the shirt and put on a pair of leather pants. Then pair that up with heavy leather boots, a chain necklace, and unkempt dark hair. You can also choose to have a prop knife to stab your Nancy with.

For her: Wear a black dress with black torn up stockings and a pair of heavy leather boots. Then mess up your blonde hair or put on the messiest blonde wig you can find. Then go to town with your makeup! Dark eyes, dramatic cheeks and red lipstick are your go-to looks. And for an added truly Nancy effect, try putting on that makeup without a mirror.

#5 Alice and the White Rabbit. This children’s classic is another popular yet simple Halloween costume. You can be as whimsical or as simple as your heart desires.

For him: You’ll obviously be the White Rabbit, unless you’d prefer to wear an Alice costume to a party. To be the white rabbit, wear any formal attire with a waistcoat. Put on a pair of glasses, some novelty shop bunny ears and a pocket watch to complete the look. You can also show up late for the party, and constantly remind everyone how late you were.

For her: Alice’s dress is fairly straightforward. Put on a blue dress, a white apron, white stockings and a pair of black Mary Janes. You can also carry around cakes and tiny bottles with “Drink Me” labels in your pocket.

#6 Walt and Skyler from Breaking Bad. Yes, we know it’s usually Jesse who accompanies Walt when it comes to costumes, but we can always change it up to include the leading lady.

For him: Walt had a ton of different looks during the course of the series. His look in the later seasons have become iconic, particularly the one with him wearing the yellow meth lab suit. But if you want to be a little more daring, why not go as Walt in the first episode of the series with the green shirt, tighty whities and his gun?

For her: The Skyler costume is perfect for those who don’t really want to dress up for Halloween, but would still like to go with a theme. It’s also a great costume for those who are expecting. Luckily, you have your partner as Walter to supply people with clues as to who you are. To be Skyler, you’d need to lighten up your eyebrows and don shoulder length blonde hair. Then, you’ll have to put on some black liquid liner on your eyes. For your clothes, wear a cardigan over a sleeveless top and jeans. For your accessories *and your biggest costume clue*, print out a couple of copies of Walt’s MISSING flyers and stick them onto whoever doesn’t seem to get your costume.

#7 Kurt and Courtney Cobain. It’s the easiest costume you can wear if you happen to be a good looking blonde couple.

For him: Kurt was all about the 90’s grunge style, which is to say, he dressed like almost everyone else. One of the most widely circulated photo of him with his wife and kid is the one where he’s wearing a long sleeved striped shirt over distressed and patched up jeans. His shoes are the typical Chuck Taylors, and his only accessories are a baby bottle and red sunglasses.

For her: Courtney, back when she was still married to Kurt, is nothing like the train wreck we now know her as. In the same photo featuring the above Kurt costume, Courtney wears a long white halter dress. And for the signature look she still dons today, put on some red lipstick and go beyond your natural lip shape. Her big luscious lips and sultry gaze are what make Courtney Courtney.

Pick any of these 7 easy Halloween costumes that catch your fancy to look perfect in each other’s arms. And of course, have a fabulous time too!

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