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How to Balance Your Career, Social Life, and Dating Life

Struggling to find balance in an age where 24 hours simply aren’t enough? Here are a few tips to find balance and live a full life!

how to balance your life

Balancing your work, social and dating life can be a bit of a hassle. It truly takes discipline and dedication to make sure your life is well-rounded. One of the greatest advantages of attaining this sought-after balance is that it reduces the amount of stress in your life, and we could all use a little less stress.

There has to be more to life than working, and it is vital to add some fun to your life. The more you work, the more you begin to neglect your personal life. But if you focus too much on dating or your social life, your career may not advance as much as you had hoped it would. So how can the average person pull it off?

How to find balance in life

Taking the time to ensure that your different priorities are in order may seem daunting, but these tips will help make finding the balance easier.

1. Make time for your important relationships

The people in your life may have tried to reach out to you on several occasions, and of course, you were busy working. They will be understanding and empathetic, but at some point, you have to make time to reconnect with them. The more you become so consumed with your work life, the more all of those relationships will begin to falter.

Take some time to reach out to the people in your life. Just taking the time to have a conversation with someone can help keep the relationship afloat. A quick phone call or a lunch break together can work wonders.

During the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, try to take the people you love into consideration. No one likes to feel neglected or unimportant to someone they care for.

2. Health is wealth

This is not just an expression. It is about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle to ensure you feel wealthy all around. Throughout your busy schedule, take time out to take care of your body. Make an exercise schedule for the gym or for your home to get the adequate amount of movement your body needs. Your body will surely thank you.

Making it a point to focus on your health will give you the energy you require for your busy life. Plus, it will add to your ability to be productive throughout the week. Even if you do not have time for a rigorous workout, you can still try to fit in a brisk walk or find alternative healthy choices. [Read: 25 tips that will inspire you to start working out]

3. Cater to your love life

If you are in a relationship and are able to manage it well while having a demanding work life, then you are already one step ahead. However, if you are single or in a relationship but your love life is in shambles, then it is time to take the time to take care of your love life. It can be hard trying to maintain an active dating life when you are focused on work and your goals. But it’s not impossible.

Try to fit a date night into your schedule with your lover or a love interest at least once or twice every two weeks. If you are single and ready to mingle, then step out with your friends and try to snag a potential date or two. If going out is not for you, online dating is also a great option. The purpose of catering to your love life is to have some source of romantic pleasure in your life. All work and no love can leave you feeling lonely or isolated from romance.

We can use a little romance in our lives, and finding balance with your dating life can add more happiness to your life also. [Read: 10 things that will bring your soul mate to you]

4. Fit some social outings into your schedule

Scheduling events and social outings into your schedule is vital during your pursuit to balance your life. It is just like scheduling meetings and work-related activities. Planning social outings is simply carving out the time to kick back or to let loose. Taking the time to enjoy life can help to relieve the stress that your professional life may cause you.

The key is to find something that provides a fun way to release some steam and to get work off your mind for the time being. Treat yourself to some well deserved shopping and ask a friend or two to tag along. Social outings can be simple yet effective, when it comes to balancing your life. Diversifying your personal schedule allows you to stave off the boredom of a repetitive work schedule.

5. Try not to work on weekends

Yes, it can be hard to not do any work-related tasks on weekends, especially if you are scheduled to work on the weekend. But try to take a leave on those days or trade shifts with your coworkers from time to time. This way, you will get the opportunity to enjoy a full weekend every so often. And we all know that working on weekends while our friends are out and about can make us cranky.

If you do not have to work on weekends, then avoid even thinking about work by resisting the urge to check your emails. You may feel like you’re being productive by working on weekends, but in reality, you’re just conditioning your mind to be glued to work, even when you should be relaxing. Don’t let your job dictate your life! [Read: 6 ways to stop glorifying busy and start living instead]

6. Be as productive as possible at work

You may think that showing up for work and doing what needs to be done are the equivalent of productivity, but the truth is, there’s more to working on your career than getting the bare minimum done. Try to resist the urge to procrastinate while you’re at work, and do your best to do some advance work to free yourself up in case a new emergency task is required.

The less you think about that impending deadline or that dreaded task you’ve been trying to avoid, the more likely you’ll be able to have a stress-free life outside of the workplace. As a general rule, settle everything you can before you step out of the office to ensure that your job won’t haunt you.

7. Ditch social media, even for a day

How many hours have you spent scanning your newsfeed, only to end up refreshing it for the latest updates? Social media is no longer as social as we want it to be, and it’s easy to get sucked into the inane posts that fleetingly hold our attention. It’s also just as easy to be that annoying Facebook user who posts nothing of value.

Our advice: Get social in real life. Use social media only to set up meetings in real life. Stop wasting time in front of a screen and do something more productive! [Read: 8 annoying social media users that make you want to scream]

8. Be still and breathe

Sometimes, the most satisfying and the most vital balancing act is being still. Taking the time to breathe and just be still can help you feel at ease. We often get so used to being busy that we forget to sit down and relax. Your mind and your body need to recover, and depriving yourself of that will only burn you out! [Read: 14 quick stress busters to recharge your tired mind]

The key to balancing your life activities is figuring out a way to spread your energy evenly throughout your work, social and dating life. Take the time to work on your career, spend time with loved ones, enjoy your dating life, and just stop and be still.

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