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How to Tell Someone to Leave You Alone: 12 Ways to Get Your Space

how to tell someone to leave you alone

We’ve all been in a situation where we feel stuck talking to a whiner. You must get rid of them, so here’s how to tell someone to leave you alone.

Let’s be honest, you came to this house party to have a couple drinks and meet some people. What you didn’t come for? To be stalked by some guy who’s drooling at the sight of you. Though, it’s somewhat flattering, this guy is just too much. At first, they looked like they could be interesting to talk to, but now, you can’t get him off your back. But don’t worry, we have your back with these 12 ways for how to tell someone to leave you alone.

Now, I know you don’t want to be rude, and you don’t actually have to be rude for someone to understand that you want them to leave you alone. But, at the same time, sometimes you must be stern. The point is, regardless of how you do it, it’s uncomfortable.

How to tell someone to leave you alone

Here are a few great ways to tell someone to leave you alone without making them feel… well… annoying and clingy. Because eventually, you have to tell them.

#1 Walk away. Just walk away. You don’t need to waste your time standing there uncomfortably. Say you need to go. Then leave. Now, if you’re at a party, you’ll probably run into them again, but just smile and walk by. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, remember that. [Read: 12 ways to ignore someone who mentally stresses you]

#2 Tell them directly. If you’re not confrontational, this may be slightly awkward and uncomfortable for you, but it’s the most efficient way to get rid of someone you don’t want hanging around you.

You just tell them you’re not interested in them or that you want space to yourself. I know, you probably cringed when reading that, but you need to do it. See, you can say it in a polite manner, you just need to be firm.

#3 Cut communication. If you texted them or even replied to their texts or calls, stop. Stop all communication with them. You lead them on and turns this into something that could be preventable. If you continue, you have no one else to blame but yourself. So, stop all contact with them. You can let them know why you’ve stopped talking to them if you want, but the point is to stop. [Read: How to get someone to stop texting you: A step by step guide]

#4 Block them from social media. This is more for them than for you. Blocking them from social media allows them some time literally away from you. Out of sight, out of mind, right? That’s the goal here.

So, if you have them on Facebook or Instagram, remove them. They don’t need any encouragement. [Read: How to end a friendship: 10 steps to do it like a real grown up]

#5 Leave no doors open. Leave no doors of opportunity for them. Don’t flirt with them, don’t say that you’ll see them later, or that you want to be friends. You need to cut the relationship you have with them, regardless of how long you’ve known them. Just cut it. If not, they try to find a way to crawl back to you. [Read: 20 signs you’re a people pleaser and don’t know it]

#6 Don’t gossip about them. It’s best not to talk poorly about them to other people, especially if they’re mutual friends. You want to not talk about them to other people that they know. The worst thing you can do is gossip about them and have them find out about it. You want them to move on from you, not become resentful.

#7 Get support from friends and family. You need to let people know that there’s someone who’s not leaving you alone. If you’re at a party and you have someone clinging to you, let your friends know. They’ll be able to help you out. If it becomes worse, then let your family know. I know it’s a little awkward to tell your parents someone isn’t leaving you alone, but you need the support. They are there for you.

#8 Don’t hang out where they are. I know you always go to that cafe on the corner of your street but because that’s also their regular spot, it’s time to pick a new place. Now, you can go back after a couple weeks or months, but it’s best, for now, to give this person a break from seeing you so that they have time to move on. You want them to move on, right? [Read: 10 creep guy types you need to avoid talking to]

#9 Use the boyfriend card. I hate using this card because I like to think I handle things on my own. But, every now and then, I pull the boyfriend card out. Most people leave me alone after I use this. Sure, this guy may like me, but no one wants to handle someone’s boyfriend, that usually resorts to violence. So, if they know you’re unavailable, they’ll find someone else to hunt.

#10 Be empathetic. The best way to deal with someone who won’t leave you alone is to understand why. Be empathetic towards them and take some time in understanding what their infatuation is with you. Then you let them down easy.

It’s easy to say “f*ck off” to someone, but you’re not sure what the reaction will be. If you let them down nice and easy, it’ll be easier for you in the long run.

#11 Contact the police. So, you’ve tried every tool you have. You’ve been empathetic, you’ve told them politely to leave you alone, but nothing’s working. Your safety is most important, so if this person isn’t listening to your demands, screw them.

It’s time to get the police involved. You’re not feeling safe and you obviously can’t get rid of this person by yourself. Call the police. [Read: 12 surefire ways to get a creepy guy to leave you alone]

#12 Don’t become violent. Okay, I’m not an advocate for violence. Though, I do understand when you sometimes must send an effective message to someone. But, I didn’t tell you to do that. In fact, I suggest you avoid violence at all costs. The last thing you need is to be arrested for assaulting the creep that won’t leave you alone.

[Read: Ghosting a friend – 10 scenarios when its completely okay to ghost them]

So, now you have the tools for how to tell someone to leave you alone. The next time someone is all over you and you’re about to suffocate, just tell them one of these lines. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to show some teeth.

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