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Stay at Home Wife: 18 Reasons Why Her Life is So Perfect & Enviable

Being a stay at home wife used to be looked down upon, but times are evidently changing. Come and look at the essential reasons why they’re so great!

stay at home wife

Being a stay at home wife used to have a negative notion to it. You’re stuck at home being a full-time wife while your husband goes off to work.

If you have kids, your days are filled with nothing but doing household chores and child duties. However, we now live in modern times where being a stay at home wife is actually a pretty fascinating life.

It removes a lot of pressure of going to work and providing for the household. It no longer means that you’re incapable of having a career or being resigned to a miserable life. In reality, most stay at home wives are content, thriving, and happy with their lives.

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Why is being a stay at home wife amazing?

Asides from the obvious that you don’t have to wake up at wee hours every day just to get to work, it’s a comfortable life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your husband your job. After all, he works hard for you. Why isn’t it acceptable that you would work just as hard to make a life and a home for him?

Having an arrangement where he brings home the bacon and you fry it up isn’t cliché. In fact, it might be the key to two people getting on better and not being so overstressed, overworked, and unhappy. [Read: 13 secrets of a happy marriage that can make or break your romance]

You often see scenarios where two hard-working people end up clashing because of the challenge in who does the household chores and who pays the bills. Being a stay at home wife means you let your husband take care of the finances while you take care of everything at home.

Not to mention, you have the liberty and flexibility to do what you want and finally have time for your hobbies. There’s a reason for the saying “happy wife, happy life.” When you’re happy and content about everything, your marriage is thriving, and so is your family if you have kids.

18 reasons stay at home wives are to be envied

Not only are women allowed to decide for themselves what they want to do with their lives, those who choose to be a stay at home wife are envied. No longer a shameful thing, being a stay at home wife has become not only socially acceptable but admirable.

Here are significant reasons to convince you that being a stay at home wife is actually living quite the dream. 

1. She follows her own dreams

A woman who becomes a full-time housewife knows she faces criticism but does it anyway. The reason? Because she follows her dream and decides for herself what she wants to do with her life. She doesn’t allow other people to pressure, shame, or make her do and be somebody she doesn’t want to be.

Also, it gives her a lot of flexibility to follow what she really loves doing. So if this is you in this scenario, you can do a lot of things as a stay at home mom. You can even be your own boss! Now, how’s that for living the dream? [Read: Follow your dreams – All the amazing reasons why it’s worth it]

2. She doesn’t have the stress of getting the bills paid

There is nothing worse than opening bill after bill that you don’t have the money to pay. A stay-at-home wife might be responsible for the household finances, but it is rarely her fault if there isn’t enough. A stay at home wife leaves the finances entirely to her husband and if there’s ever a shortage, the responsibility doesn’t lie on her directly.

An endless stream of money flows to a joint account and she doesn’t have to worry about whether it is enough; she just writes the checks.

3. Lunch is not something she only has 20 minutes to eat

A stay at home wife schedules lunch whenever she chooses. Not beholden to a boss or a demanding schedule, she takes lunch when she wants, spends as much time as she wants, and catches up with friends. She literally has the liberty to do anything she pleases.

Especially if there are no kids in the picture, she’s free to do anything. There are no deadlines or the pressure or work to worry about when she’s watching Netflix or out with friends. When eating lunch, she can eat however long she wants without feeling guilty. [Read: How to get your life together – 30 ways to experience your best life ever!]

4. She gets to do the small things that make her husband happy

Being a stay at home wife means you focus on doing those things that make you and your man happy. Whoever came up with the phrase happy wife, happy life, did so because it rhymed, but women feel the same way. There’s no longer shame when all you want to do is take care of your husband and your marriage.

If anything, it might even make for a happy marriage without all the nagging.

After all, it’s assumed that all the tasks in the household are yours and everything related to finances and work are his. It’s a simple yet direct way of delegating tasks. [Read: How to be a good wife and be the best thing a man can have]

5. She isn’t so stressed out that sex is just another chore

You have to admit, sex can sometimes feel like a routine, especially in a marriage. A stay at home wife isn’t always stressed out, which takes a massive toll on her sex drive.

Having time to shop for sex toys at will, text her husband sexy messages and photos, and read about the latest things to keep her man happy in bed, she has an exciting and incredible sex life. Lucky her! She has all the time and energy to give her husband the best sex just because of how much time she has on her hands.

She can even plan out dates for her husband to keep the romance alive! [Read: How to be the sexy wife of your husband’s dreams]

6. She is her own boss

No one tells her when to do the dishes or how to do the laundry. If she wants to take the day off and fuck around, that is her prerogative. Completely free to do what she wants, when she wants, she is the boss of herself, period. This is the literal meaning of being your own boss, and every stay at home wife experiences this every day.

Nobody is micromanaging her or pressuring her to finish deadlines or reports at this exact hour. Most importantly, she doesn’t get exhausted daily commuting from home to the office, just to do it repeatedly five days a week. [Read: Boss bitch: 22 quick-fixes to transform yourself into one]

7. Boredom? Don’t think so!

Many people assume that being a stay at home wife is the most boring thing in the world. Maybe you’d run out of things to do at home, right? Wrong! The truth is, there is always something to do. If you choose those things you do that bring meaning and add richness to your life instead of just being a “cog” in the machine.

You can start a new class, have an online business, and go out with no limitations! This is precisely why stay at home wives are being envied nowadays! Boredom isn’t in their blood, but it’s quite the opposite actually. [Read: What to do when you’re bored at home with nothing to do]

8. She’s free to follow her dreams

Since money is not her problem or division, she follows her dreams simply because she wants to. Not being a slave to the nine to five, she devotes herself to humanitarian causes, volunteering, or other activities that mean something to her personally. The reason why people envy her is that she isn’t stuck being a corporate slave.

She gets to do what she’s really passionate about without feeling guilty. She’s doing something for a cause, and it’s why she’s so contented being a stay at home wife. [Read: Follow your dreams – All the amazing reasons why it’s worth it]

9. She gets to focus on a happy home and healthy kids

Not always being stressed and haphazard, a stay at home wife is all about the health and well-being of her family, and it shows. She is the one whose kids have their homework done just as planned, come to school with the edges cut off the sandwiches, and are there to kiss them onto the bus and hug them off.

She’s a wife and a mom 24/7, which is why she does a remarkable job at being both simultaneously. Whenever her husband and kids require something, she gives it to them wholeheartedly.

She’s literally the heart of their home and marriage, and it shows! This is because the pressure and stress of work are cut off from her life to focus better on her family and marriage. [Read: How to live in the moment – 20 positive ways to live in the now]

10. There isn’t any inner turmoil about where she should be

A woman’s work is never done, truly. If you are a working woman, you probably understand what we mean by this. You have a ton of work to do, but your child is sick. Where are you supposed to be? A stay at home wife never has to make something that isn’t a priority to her a priority.

A stay at home prioritizes her family and children wholeheartedly, without a second thought. There’s no career that her kids or husband have to fight over. She does things for the right reasons. She is never resentful or guilty about where her time is spent. [Read: 25 memorable life lessons to perfect your life]

11. She isn’t running around ragged, holding two full-time jobs

Most women are full-time and stay at home moms combined. Since the household duties typically befall the woman, those with full-time careers and jobs end up working two full-time jobs. Her work is basically her life and while this can be a good thing financially, it can also lead to neglect in the household and family.

When she’s working two full-the jobs, how else can she insert time for her husband and kids? Even when there are cleaning ladies and staff to help, her job is never done. When she gets off, she starts the other. [Read: High maintenance and classy – 15 signs you’re definitely a high maintenance woman]

12. She has more time to focus on herself

A stay at home wife has more time to focus on her health and how she looks. If she is healthy and happy, then she likely raises happier children and sets an example for how her kids should live their lives: happy, adjusted, stable, and secure.

But if she’s unhappy and constantly stressed out, she’ll likely project this frustration onto her family and marriage unintentionally. A stay-at-home wife is so envied nowadays because of so much time on her hands that it leads to a happy and contented life. [Read: How to focus on yourself – 27 ways to create your own sunshine]

13. Healthy families, healthier couples

That affects the house and the marriage. Wanting to look good makes her husband happy; a happy marriage makes for happy kids. Do you see how nice it is to stay home full time? Especially without obligations career-wise? All you need is to look after your home constantly and let’s admit it, that’s generally easier than working a full-time career.

When both you and your husband are working, you’ll end up clashing because one of you failed to do a specific obligation or you lack the time for one another in your marriage. [Read: Healthily ever after – The benefits of marriage examined]

14. She doesn’t have to stress when she needs to take time off to care for household things

She never puts one job on hold to do another. The additional stress of having children, a house, and a full-time job leaves anyone out of their mind and resentful. A stay at home wife never worries about not getting one job done while performing another one. Less stress for sure. Her priorities are direct and straightforward.

It’s her husband and kids that are on the top of her priority list, nothing else. Even if she has a lot of time on her hands, she’ll drop everything to provide anything her husband and kids need.

15. She’s there for every milestone

Attending her kid’s graduation? Or maybe witnessing her kid’s first words? She’s there for everything. She never misses every moment when it comes to her kids. She’s not juggling priorities and meetings as a stay at home wife, but she’s 24/7 there for her husband and kids.

It’s a very fulfilling life, and it’s a bonus that she gets to do whatever she pleases. Also, she gets to spend a lot of much-needed quality time with her kids! She can even take them out for ice cream and bond with them whenever. [Read: Relationship milestones – 15 dating highlights you should be proud of]

16. She doesn’t get burned out

Working a full-time job to get home and see that the other household responsibilities weren’t done will eventually lead to exhaustion and burnout. You won’t have the energy or willpower to do anything, including prioritizing your marriage and kids.

You can’t be the wife and mom you want to be if you’re constantly burned out from everything. Every woman has experienced burnout at least once in their career lives, and it can really drain anyone to a large extent. [Read: Millennial burnout – Are you suffering from wanting to do too much?]

17. Staying home is rewarding

There’s something so fulfilling about staying home, and every stay at home wife knows this clearly. It will always be rewarding to care for your family and kids, especially when you see your family and marriage thriving.

So as a stay at home wife, there’s nowhere she’d rather be than at home. It lets her prioritize what truly matters in her life, which is nothing other than her husband and kids.

18. You can still work, but on your passion

On the off-chance that she misses having a job and working for a living, she won’t find herself as a corporate slave any longer. Rather, she’ll pursue her passion instead while still remaining at home.

Whether it’s an online business or being busy with a side hustle, it will feel more fulfilling to her than settling for a 9 to 5 job. She’s still proving what her family needs and doing what she loves at the same time. She’s living the dream!

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So, why is a stay at home wife being envied?

Stay at home wives are no longer looked down upon. She lets her husband take care of the finances while taking care of the household and kids.

It’s the perfect definition of partnership where she isn’t getting stressed with her deadlines or burned out with her work. 

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Now, don’t all these reasons make you envy a stay at home wife? She has everything under control, including a happy marriage and family!

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