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Sex Demons: Historical Excuses for Deviant Sexual Behavior

Sex demons are archetypes that some cultures use to explain aberrant sexual behavior and the consequences of unacceptable sexual morals.

sex demon

Okay, the title probably got you a little excited, but sex demons aren’t about girls who are a freak in the sheets. Civilizations have believed in mythical sex demons for as long as recorded history. Since love and sex are such a mystery to humans, some demons have been used throughout the ages to explain it all away. Why we love the people we do, why some girls or guys can put a spell on us, and why we continue to love people who hurt us are all things that are within the realm of the unexplainable.
Sex demons grew out of the need to find some “scientific” reason why love and desire exist. They are the demons that overtake our bodies and make us behave in unnatural or uncharacteristic ways. Sex demons have also traditionally been the way that people would explain out-of-wedlock pregnancies, promiscuity, and abortion in ancient and historical times. It’s sort of a “the devil made me do it” mentality. Sex demons were mythical creatures blamed for unexplained sexual or unacceptable behaviors. [Read: The vajankle and other downright creepy sex toys]
The most famous sex demons throughout history
These are the top sex demons that not only saved the reputation of countless of women throughout time, but were also a great excuse for giving into sexual experiences that would have otherwise been condemned.
#1 Trauco. Trauco has been described as a dwarf who has the superpower to paralyze women with just one look. One look at this mythical creature, and women could supposedly be convinced to have sex with this ugly creature.
Trauco wears a suit and hat and does nothing but grunts to get a woman to become overcome with sexual desire and not be able to help herself. Moreover, he is so amazing that he doesn’t even have to penetrate a woman to spread his seed. He can make her pregnant simply by looking deep into her eyes.
#2 Popobawa. Meaning “bat wing” in Swahili, the Popobawa is a one-eyed bat-looking creature with an enormous appendage. The stalker of both men and women in Zanzibar, Africa, he is a shape shifter who can disguise himself as anyone or anything to obtain his object of desire. Normally only coming after dark, he has no problem sodomizing men, women, and children within any household at any given time. If those who have become victim don’t admit it to others, then he threatens to return and violate them all over again.
A recent sex demon, he first showed himself in 1965, and there have supposedly been sightings as recent as 2007. Some researchers believe that he was created to explain the depravity of slavery, which is still legal in Zanzibar to this day.
#3 Encantado. In the rainforests of Brazil, there were said to be Boto River dolphins who were shape shifters. According to legend, they had the power to turn into enchanted men, hence the name “Encantado,” meaning “the enchanted one.” Encantado would find its female victim, take her back to the river, and return to his dolphin shape to impregnate his desire. Because the Encantado had a blowhole, he was said to wear a hat to hide it, which made women weary of any charismatic man who sported a hat.
#4 Liderc. Hidden in the Northern region of Hungary is said to be a creature called a Liderc. Hatched from the first egg of a black hen, Liderc would hide inside of a human’s pocket. Once inside a home, it would shift into any shape, but its favorite formation was to bring back to life a deceased relative. A very violent demon, it would then rape a victim within the home and turn the house upside down into shambles before making its way to the door.
#5 Lilu. In the Jewish teaching, there is a demon by the name of Lilu, who visits women in the middle of the night while they sleep. Lilu was said to have the power to kidnap children. In the same storyline, there was an incubus by the name of Irdu Lili, whose sole purpose was to impregnate women in the middle of the night to carry on his demonic reign.
#6 Alp. In German folklore, there is a creature called the Alp. It is a small elf-like demon who is capable of climbing onto a victim’s chest and then turning into a gaseous state to make its entry into the nostrils, vagina, or mouth. Once inside, Alp has the power to control dreams and create horrible nightmares. [Read: How to have sex dreams: 7 ways to trick your mind into it]
#7 Muses. The muses were mythical creatures who were more beautiful than any person had ever laid eyes on. But it wasn’t just their seduction that drove men wild and instantly turned them into slaves to do their bidding. It was a specific song that they sang that brought out the sensuality in any man.
Making men go insane with lust, the muse would lead weary voyagers into the water, where they would surely drown under the muse’s spell. Muses are still talked about today as beings that bring about creativity, and to which men will do just about anything to show his love and success. [Read: Lust vs. love: 10 signs you’re feeling lust, not love]
#8 Angels. Angels are usually not something that you would consider sex demons, but there was one specific race of giants born out of the Hebrew Bible, called Nephilim. They were the equivalent of fallen angels. These Nephilim were sent to earth to teach humans to be righteous in the Bible’s teaching. But at some point, they could not contain their own desire and thus began to mate with human women, creating a mixed race.
It is the union of these rogue angels with human women that is the supposed cause of wickedness and sin. God, being so upset by what was happening, commissioned Gabriel, his archangel to wage war, which eventually led to their extinction.
#9 Aliens. Finally, a more modern form of sex demon is the alien, who comes from far away worlds to figure out our breeding habits and to create a mixed race of aliens and humans. The offspring of such unions are believed to walk among us in a kind of stealth takeover by impregnating human woman. Millions around the world believe that aliens not only exist, but have also been planning an uprising for centuries.
Humans have become experts at both explaining away things that can’t otherwise be explained through storytelling, and also finding a way to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing by making things seem out of our control. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]
Sex demons are simply another way that people throughout the centuries have made desire, unwed marriage, and trance-like lust something that just can’t be helped. The existence of any of the above sex demons is very rare at best, but they do have some entertainment value, at least.

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