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Live by the Sun Love by the Moon: What It Means & How to Live Fully

What does the saying live by the sun, love by the moon mean? There are two approaches to a fulfilling life, and you don’t have to choose just one.

live by the sun love by the moon

To fully experience life, you need to live by the sun love by the moon. This saying may sound a little hippie-ish, but it is so popular for a reason.

It may sound cliché, but we are all born with a personality that guides our behavior and our experiences throughout life. Rarely do we get a glimpse of how wondrous life can be through the other lens.

We try to live our lives uniformly, dealing with our relationships in the same manner we deal with our work life. Never fully being conscious, we go through life on auto-pilot not realizing what it is all about.

Live by the sun love by the moon is a way of living that involves combining all the spectacular traits we hold as humans but separating them into realism and fantastical. [Read: What does it mean to love someone?]

Live by the sun love by the moon meaning

The saying, live by the sun love by the moon, is a concept that means, within each of us, there is a dichotomy between what we are expected to do when we are professional and what we choose to do when love takes hold.

During the day, we are all guided by the confines of reality and the sun. Things like jobs and careers are necessary to survive. But for most, they don’t have the same relation to our psyche as loving and being in relationships. When love gets involved, we should be guided by the moon and romance.

Why you should live by the sun love by the moon?

If you try to handle both, your relationships and your professional life, with the same tactics, you miss the mark in both situations.

Loving is not a business deal, and business dealings are not about emotions. Learning to separate the way you handle yourself according to what the conditions call for, is the way to find the most satisfaction in life.

That is why you must live by the sun love by the moon. [Read: Where there is love there is life: Love makes us better]

How to live by the sun  

Living by the sun is the daytime lesson in the saying, live by the sun love by the moon. It is how you go through you everyday life, handling things like, work, errands, and schedules.

1. Think logically

To live by the sun, you have to learn to separate your emotions from the daily grind. Not allowing your business time to encroach upon your relationship is key to a successful work and family life.

Living by the sun means stripping business and work decisions of the feelings that sometimes muddle things and make them more complex than need be. Compartmentalizing the elements of your life can help you be more logical when it comes to work, finances, and other more practical things. [Read: 10 tried and tested ways to become a better leader at work]

2. Having a healthy fear

Fear is a part of human survival. It is the way we navigate the world to survive. Built-in, it tells us when we should make certain decisions based purely on instinct and linked to the consequences of how things probably go. When you live by the sun, it is important to listen to that inner voice screaming out CAUTION!

Unlike romance which is filled with excitement and risk, living by the sun advises the opposite. You should consider all the risks and make a more rational and practical decision.

3. Have a plan and plan ahead

When living by the sun, the best way to maneuver through your day includes having a plan and planning ahead. If you show up unprepared and without proof or documents, then you are going to have a hard time achieving your goals.

A plan for your life is not a bad thing when it comes to your financial decisions, work or career ideas, or your future pathway. Of course, part of making a plan is learning how to handle things that don’t go by the plan. But, having an outline of goals, schedules, and timelines is best. [Read: How to handle stress]

4. Follow the rules

During the day, we all have to follow rules. In fact, rules were created to guide the way we learn, work, and conduct ourselves. These rules help society survive. Showing up when you are scheduled, being professional in the office, and paying employees are part of the rules.

Without rules, business could never be conducted successfully. It would be utter chaos. Following the rules is what keep things running. [Read: How to succeed in life – All you ever need to know!]

5. Be pleasant

When you live in the real world, you have to deal with the people around, especially in the workplace. As much as you may not enjoy a coworker, you need to be respectful and at the very least, cordial.

Conforming to these practices, being concerned about what decisions you make, and gaining consensus, are all things that you have to go by in a workplace setting. Being a maverick is good for success and independence, but with that, you still have to be able to get along with others in a professional setting. [Read: Learn how to be more present]

6. Communicate

When you are trying to live by the sun love by the moon, you have to communicate. Getting things done for your own schedule, work, or anything else requires communication. You need to be able to delegate tasks, express what you need, and explain what you can do.

Without being able to verbally or at least electronically give instructions and details, this fall into disarray.

How to love by the moon

When it comes to the saying, live by the sun love by the moon, the moon is romance. This part of the logic is the opposite of logic. Logic and reason go out the window when love gets involved, and that is this part of the concept.

1. Think without logic

In emotional relationships, you can’t always think logically. Many things in love are not black and white, nor are they clear cut. If you are always trying to think logically about what is happening, then you are missing the best part, which is reckless abandonment.

Giving into love and not trying to find a purpose or a reason for it, means you just get to live in the moment and enjoy it. If you always try to analyze what is what, why it works, or why it doesn’t, then you aren’t ever truly in a relationship but standing on the outside watching. [Read: Passion killers in romance and ways to get past them]

2. Let go of fear

Fear in a relationship does nothing but hold you back and hold you hostage. Being afraid of being hurt or rejected is natural, but it is not the way you can blissfully enjoy love. Remember your first love? The reason it was so awesome and unforgettable is because you gave it all you had.

You didn’t hold back. You had no idea what the sting of a lost love felt like. If you want to love by the moon, you can have your memories, but don’t let them control you moving forward. [Read: Fear of intimacy: The hardships of being afraid of love]

3. Let your emotions be your guide

What is your heart telling you? When you go into a business deal, you typically get crushed financially if you are guided by nothing but emotions and intuition.

In love, there is nothing else. You can make a pro and con list, but the little voice inside your head tells you what you need to do. If you live all in your head when it comes to love, you aren’t ever going to open yourself up enough to fully feel all the miraculous emotions it ignites.

4. Go with the flow

When you love by the moon, there can’t be a plan in place for everything. Love comes with no time frame, goal, or objective, and if you try to create one, it lets you down every time. Love is on its own plane, called fate, whether we want it to be or not.

In fact, the more we try to control things, the less love we experience and the less we enjoy the treasured time we have with those we love. There is no such thing as a five-year love plan. And when you try to create one, it usually doesn’t work out as you’d hoped. [Read: Accidental love – 12 love lessons from “Serendipity”]

5. There are no rules

When you love by the moon, there are no rules about what you are supposed to do. There aren’t rules about when you are supposed to text someone, when you should sleep with them, or whether it is too soon to say “I love you.”

Loving by the moon means you follow your own path and do things according to your heart. Go with your gut, not social norms. If nothing else, you know the sun shall rise again tomorrow. [Read: 10 adorable ways to say I love you to someone special]

6. Make your own decisions no matter what anyone else thinks

You know why we all love the stories about star-crossed lovers? We love them because even though everything is against their love, they don’t give up. Their love is so strong, it won’t be dictated by parents or anyone else. So, what if your friends think she isn’t pretty enough, or your parents think he isn’t successful enough?

Loving by the moon means you let your heart do the talking. You make decisions for yourself about who you love. If you are guided by what everyone else thinks, you just may miss the opportunity to be with the love of your life.

[Read: 19 life quotes to motivate you to live a better life]

To live by the sun, follow the rules, be emotionless and make decisions based on fact and analysis. To love by the moon, to truly love, you sometimes have to abandon common sense, go with things that are uncomfortable and others might not approve of, and throw caution to the wind.

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