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How to Get Rid of Nervousness: Lose the Fear and Guide Your Mind

Everyone on earth feels nervous sometimes. It is human instinct. But, if it keeps you from living, learn how to get rid of nervousness.

how to get rid of nervousness

Anyone who knows me knows that if there was a magic pill for how to get rid of nervousness, then I surely would have found it by now. A nervous twit by nature, asking me not to be nervous is like asking the Pope not to pray. It just ain’t happening.

I do know there are things to help stop feeling so anxious all the time. Whether nervous about leaving home for the first time or panicked about a test, only you can stop the nervous “noise.”

The thing driving your nervousness is fear. Fear of losing something, failing, or even of something bad happening, whatever it is that you fear, it drives your nervousness. Therefore, if you want to take hold of the feeling, then tackle your fears head on.

How to get rid of nervousness one step at a time

Many people tell you that the best way not to be anxious is to think of all the scenarios that could come from what you do, but I insist that you don’t. It is like reading the book What to Expect When You Are Expecting, half of those things never even happen, so it just leaves you with hesitation and more stress.

If you want to know how to get rid of nervousness, imagine what you want the result to be and go under the premise that it is the only outcome available.

#1 Believe failure is a part of learning. The reason people feel nervous is that they are afraid to fail, feel rejection, or to look stupid. Those are all things, no matter how hard we try, we will experience.

On the bright side, each of our failures helps to shape our future and gives us the power and experience to make better decisions next time. Being nervous does nothing but shift you off task. Even if you fail, never trying is the biggest failure of all. It prevents you from forever going forward. [Read: Why you shouldn’t be afraid to fail]

#2 Imagine only the good things that can happen. Too often we look at a situation and imagine all the possible outcomes. For evolutionary purposes, that is a good thing. Knowing what potential dangers come from any situation you put yourself in, is a protective mechanism that we would all be in trouble without.

The problem is emotions can’t hurt you. So, if you are nervous about doing something that results in humiliation or things going wrong, as long as they aren’t physical or putting you in danger, then the best way to get through anything is just to imagine only the good things that can happen. If you want to know how to get rid of nervousness, put away the potentially bad scenarios and focus on the prize only.

#3 Think positively. Nothing makes you more nervous than thinking that things aren’t going to go well. Sometimes we protect ourselves by thinking the worst. If you always assume the worst, then you can’t be hurt when things go badly.

The truth is, if you think positively or negatively, if things go badly, then you are always going to be hurt, no matter what. So, why not enjoy the ride, relax, and just sail with it instead of trying to protect yourself. It doesn’t work anyway. Negative just attracts negative. [Read: 15 positive ways to unburden your mind]

#4 Breathe deeply. Nervousness comes from something called adrenaline. It is a hormone the body releases in response to fear. For the survival of the species, humans were built with the flight or fight response. You look at any situation, and to protect yourself; you surmise quickly to either fight or flight.

Adrenaline is a powerful hormone that leaves you feeling nervous even when your brain tells you not to. The best way to deal with the release of adrenaline is to breathe deeply or to go for a walk. Calming yourself down helps to dissipate the adrenaline in your body so that it doesn’t build up and turn you into a nervous twit.

#5 Don’t overanalyze. Look at the task at hand and nothing else. If it is getting up in front of everyone, focus on getting up, saying what you have to, and then moving on. Only focusing on what you have to do and nothing else, helps you to take the emotion out of the situation and make it a purely non-emotional task.

There is nothing to be nervous about if you see it to the end without worrying about anything peripheral.

#6 Block out past experiences. Although some hormonal triggers make us nervous, there are also past experiences in our lives where we failed, been embarrassed, or when things haven’t ended as hoped.

It is those past experiences that cloud our new situations. They lead to a perpetual state of worry that you aren’t good enough, you won’t succeed, or that things are going to go as badly as they have in the past. If you want to know how to get rid of nervousness for good, let go of the things in your past that perpetuate your fear of the future.

#7 Envision the road to success. Overcoming nervousness involves envisioning what you want as well as yourself achieving it. Whether you meditate or not, going through the scenario in your mind by envisioning the best possible outcome, helps to ease your feelings of panic.

Imagery is one of the most powerful tools to overcome your feelings of insecurity and fear, which likely lead to your nerves. [Read: 14 easy mantras that will transform your life]

#8 Believe it is within your control. One of the biggest things that keep us nervous is that we feel out of control. The more helpless you feel, the more hopeless you feel. And, that leads to feelings of not being in control of your own destiny.

If you think that success or failure is outside of your control, that is a pretty insecure place to be. If you want to know the secrets to understanding how to get rid of nervousness, start by taking back control of the situation. Realize, ultimately, you are in control and can do whatever you set out to do.

#9 Believe in yourself. Ever get up for a speech that you haven’t practiced? That is pretty nerve wracking. If you want to know how not to be nervous, have faith in yourself and know you are prepared for whatever it is you will tackle.

You can’t be rushed into something and not feel a little afraid that things aren’t going to go your way. Be prepared and believe in yourself if you want the nervousness to go away. [Read: 17 feel-good ways to make yourself feel better]

#10 Surround yourself with support. It is really nice not to feel alone and isolated. If you don’t want to feel nervous, the best way to feel secure is by having those who love and support you in your corner.

Sometimes it is better to have more than just yourself for encouragement. If you are nervous about something, then ask for help if you need it. There is no shame in needing help, support, or the love from the people around you, that is what we are all here for.

Feelings of nervousness are totally normal. But, if they interfere with you getting what you want, stop you from trying, or just make you feel constantly overwhelmed, then take steps to believe in yourself, take back control, and don’t let fear guide your life.

[Read: Calm your mind: How to get the inside voices out of your mind]

We only have one shot here, and it is better to try and fail than to never try at all, no matter how nervous you are. Follow this guide for how to get rid of nervousness and start living!

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