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Effeminate Men: 50 Things They Do Because They Don’t Give a Shit

Many guys make fun of effeminate men, but what they don’t know is that a guy who is real is much happier than one who hides away. Kudos to them!

Effeminate Men

We all know that effeminate men are a breed of their own. They do things that just don’t seem to match with their gender. It isn’t that they are feminine exactly, or even womanly. It is just that what they do goes against “guy code” and right out in the open.

A complete lack of self-awareness, they typically don’t even know that what they are doing isn’t at all acceptable in a guy’s world.

Most effeminate men are born with the characteristics that they display. Not about sexual orientation, they can be gay, straight, or bi. There is just something about them that isn’t manly, and they have behaviors that are anti-masculine.

While most guys know that certain things are tolerable in society without scorn, effeminate men don’t really “get” it. He does what he does because it is built in and isn’t ashamed of it.

50 things effeminate men do because they just don’t give a shit

We all have those things about ourselves that we hide from other people. The crazy is within us all, but we lock it up tight and keep it for private times. But, in the end, it causes us shame.

I think effeminate men are to be applauded. They aren’t concerned about what you think of him. So, laugh all you want, he is the one who is living life as he wants, not hiding who he is, or so worried about his sexuality or what others think about it, that he has to keep parts of himself hidden.

Here are some great things effeminate men do.

#1 Skip. Guys who skip have a little more pep and pixie dust in their step. It’s okay, you are just showing your lightheartedness, and it is fun to watch you footloose and fancy-free. [Read: How to be make yourself happy – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

#2 Cry. Guys cry all the time, just when they are alone or at really, really, sad things like funerals. A guy who can cry just because he feels sad is in touch with his feelings and is living in the moment.

#3 Bitch slap. You aren’t into violence, but also aren’t above giving it right back the only way you know how. That’s okay.

#4 Use flavored chapstick. Nothing wrong with wanting a little flavor in life… you go!

#5 Use bath salts or a soaking tub. It is a healthy ritual and will probably reduce the stress in your life. So, all you ultra-masculine guys laugh away, guess who will be laughing longer.

#6 Drink cocktails with umbrellas. You can take the umbrella out, but… they are so fancy. I totally get it.

#7 Wax your eyebrows. There is nothing masculine about a unibrow and plunking friggin’ hurts. You are just smarter than the rest. [Read: Sensitive sides – Should males embrace femininity?]

#8 Pat guys on the ass. It is just a way to say “atta boy,” and it used to be okay, so bring it back.

#9 Hug neighbors goodbye. Okay, so typically, hugs are reserved for long distance visits, but you never know when you will see someone for the last time, so hug away, life’s too short.

#10 Jumps up and down clapping his hands when excited. Hey, I love any man who will show when something is exciting, why hold it in?

#11 Iron clothes, or even notice when things are wrinkled. It is okay to be a slave to fashion! [Read: Living with a metrosexual man – The things all girls need to know]

#12 Swoon over someone’s outfit. Being appreciative of the good tastes of others makes them feel good. That is pretty awesome of you to make others feel good.

#13 Acts petty. We all have a little petty in us, you are just more honest and open about it.

#14 Hold grudges. If someone has wronged you, it is okay to hold onto it with honesty. Most other people will just ignore and ghost someone.

#15 Gossip. News flash, ALL guys gossip, they just call it “guy talk.” [Read: Feminine guys – 50 characteristics that make you one]

#16 Use a loofah. There is nothing wrong with wanting good looking skin, we should all want to look our best. Other guys are just jealous.

#17 Go monthly for a mani-pedi. Ummm, oil and dirt under the nails is just wrong and those toenails cutting through the socks, aren’t that awesome either. Good for you, maybe you should invite some of your friends along and convince them that they need it.

#18 Highlight their hair. Hey, not everyone was born with the perfect color hair, there is always room for improvement.

#19 Use hand lotion for soft skin. Who wants to hold a hand that is all calloused and torn up?

#20 Is “bitchy.” We all get a little bitchy once in a while, yours doesn’t come across as anger, and you don’t do something called “shut down” – good for you!

#21 Ask “Does this make me look fat?” Being worried about your looks is natural, you just ask instead of worrying about what people think.

#22 Drive a smart car. Nothing wrong with being green. And, you get to get all the good parking spaces too!

#23 Wear polka dots. As long as they aren’t pink and purple… well, who the hell cares, wear away. [Read: Grown man accessories – 13 things every man should own]

#24 Wear skinny or tight pants. They’re in fashion; that just makes you trendy.

#25 Know what your cuticles are. Maybe you just paid attention in biology class…

#26 Being overly touchy. You aren’t going to suffer from the same skin hunger as all those other “tough guys.”

#27 Close talking. Not everyone understands the whole social space zone, it is okay, just carry breath mints.

#28 Has a lisp and hasn’t tried to correct it. Lisping is just like an accent, it makes you, you.

#29 Talks with his hands. Being overly dramatic is just a part of who you are. If someone doesn’t like it, that is on them!

#30 Puts hands on his hips when upset. Things just happen and are innate, be as hippy as you want!

#31 Practices cheerleader or dances anywhere, anytime. Dancing makes you happy? Then grab all the happiness you want, shame on those people who have a song in their heart and hold it in.

#32 Doesn’t walk – he prances. You make the perfect roommate, you don’t have to hod clop around and wake everyone up in the middle of the night. [Read: How to tell if a guy is gay – 13 signs to hone your gaydar]

#33 Has to get a group picture whenever out. You can’t get those memories back! Nothing wrong with being sentimental; it just means you care about people.

#34 Covers his eyes during the violent scenes of any movie. Violence sucks.

#35 Hides when things go bump in the night. Why put yourself in danger’s way? That is what policemen are for, let them do their job! [Read: Here’s how you can be masculine without being a jerk]

#36 Giggles. If your laugh makes other people laugh, then you have two or more people feeling good.

#37 Uses a really high-pitched voice when excited. What you can’t help you shouldn’t have to, get pitchy if you must.

#38 Sees a baby and goes “awwww.” Someday you will make a great dad if that is what you choose for yourself.

#39 Reads romance novels. It makes you a better boyfriend and mate.

#40 Gardens and plants flowers. There is nothing bad about wanting to see beauty in everything.

#41 Takes ballet. Someone has to hold the ladies up, right?

#42 Hopes to get a scholarship for cheerleading. Not having to pay for college doesn’t make you an effeminate man, it makes you smart for letting someone else pay the tab. [Read: Why do most men feel uncomfortable around gay men?]

#43 Is overly sensitive. That is something that is just built in. Sensitive people care more, so don’t hide it!

#44 Doesn’t have a competitive bone in his body. Not everyone is picked first for sports, everyone has to have their place.

#45 Isn’t very fond of sports and says things like “that ball thingy.” Sports are a waste of time, and if you want my opinion, are just a way that guys cover their real feelings.

#46 Has cutesy names and sayings for everything.You are creative, celebrate it.

#47 Tisk-tisks people. Shame on them if you can’t shame on them. [Read: Defining true masculinity – what does it mean to be a man?]

#48 Shushes people. If they talk in the theater, you don’t have to get all puffy chested. Shushing is a nice way to say, “shut up.”

#49 Isn’t afraid to pull out the jazz hands while tap dancing. If you are going to do it right, do it right.

#50 Is versed in many different types of dance. Some women think that dancers are hot, and they have really amazing bodies!

We can’t all be alike, and thank GOD for that! There are some of us who just don’t fit the mold, and that is totally okay. Uniqueness is what makes the world go around.

For all you other guys out there who think that you are superior or that making fun of a guy because he doesn’t fit into your manly definition of cool, know this one thing, you have a secret effeminate guy hiding in you too, you just don’t let him out to play.

[Read: What makes a man metrosexual?]

I give effeminate men a lot of credit because they are who they are, don’t hide it, and aren’t ashamed to be themselves. Not many of us can say that about ourselves. So, I applaud you… jazz hands away!

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