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What Is a Social Introvert? 17 Personality Traits that Define Them

You might’ve heard of a social introvert – and yes, they exist! They’re not an extrovert, but they’re not the reserved introverts either. So who are they?

what is a social introvert

Introverts are often reserved, while extroverts are outgoing. All of us know that, right? But who are social introverts, and which category do they fall under? You never know, this might be you! You could think of social introverts as hybrids, but they’re still introverts by heart.

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Are you a social introvert?

It doesn’t make you less of an introvert just because you’re more social and even extroverted. You can still be an introvert while also having the energy to socialize with others.

If you’ve been mistaken as an extrovert before or wondered why you’ve never resonated with the definition of an introvert *wherein they’re supposed to be awkward and reserved*, you might be a social introvert!

Here’s the thing, human psychology is much more complex than dividing us into two categories: introvert or extrovert.

If it was that simple, then everything would be divided into two options. But the thing is, we’re complex by nature and not all of us fall into one category. Don’t think you’re an introvert or extrovert? What about a social introvert?

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How do you know if you’re a social introvert?

If you’ve always been torn between the two or never identified with one more than the other, you might be a social introvert. You’re still an introvert by heart, which generally means there will still be days your social battery will run out and you’d need to recharge this by spending time alone.

However, you’re also generally talkative and social on the days your social battery is full. Many people mistake you as an extrovert because of how vibrant and outgoing your personality is, but that’s the opposite of true. You like being social, but there are parties where you’re tempted to go home and have your ‘me-time.’

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What is a social introvert? 17 ways to find out for yourself

Curious to see if you’re really a social introvert? Here are all the ways to find out for sure! This might change everything you knew about yourself and your personality!

1. You like being social

Being a social introvert doesn’t mean you can’t stand people and would rather spend your weekends alone in a dark room.

Social introverts enjoy being social. You actually like socializing, going to parties, and even meeting new people! It’s one of the best parts of your weekend. [Read: How to be the life of the party, be noticed and loved by everyone]

2. You enjoy your alone time

From the term social introvert, you’re still an introvert *just more outgoing than usual*. Now, you like being social and seeing your friends, but you also need your own time away from them. Especially when your social battery empties, there’s nothing better than being alone with your favorite video game or favorite book.

After you recharge, you go and socialize again – that’s the cycle. There’s no strict time period for this. Some people need a day in order to recharge their batteries, others need weeks. Everyone is different. [Read: Introvert burnout – What it is and how to deal with it]

3. You like to know things in advance

This is the introvert side of you coming out. You like to know what you’re getting yourself into. For example, where you’re going, who’s going to be there, if it’s a large or small group. You’re not spontaneous in this aspect as you want to prepare what kind of social energy to bring out to the group.

This also lets you prepare how to recharge if you do have a party to attend. If you know you have a party to go to on Saturday night, you’ll stay home on Friday and have some me-time.

4. Sometimes you don’t want to go out

While extroverts are usually able to constantly go out, regardless of the day or time, and still have the energy to continue with their week, you’re not like that. Sure, you know that there’s a party happening tonight, but you just want to crack a bottle of wine open and watch your favorite movie instead.

As social as you are, there are days you just don’t feel like doing anything. You don’t feel the need to be at a social event, and you don’t feel like you’re missing anything. [Read: How to make friends as an introvert who never leaves home]

5. But you do suffer from FOMO

This is your social side coming out. Sure, you know when you want to stay at home and chill out, but at the same time, you do occasionally suffer from FOMO, the fear of missing out.

You feel like the moment you miss a party, you’ll miss a lot of memorable experiences that you’ll never get to experience for yourself! Social introverts aren’t like your typical introverts because FOMO gets to them just as it does it an extrovert. [Read: What is FOMO? How to read the signs & overcome the stress it causes]

6. You prefer an intimate setting

If anything, your true colors show when you’re around your close friends. This is when you can truly relax and be the social butterfly that you are.

You can distinguish a social introvert by how reserved they are when they meet strangers or when they’re in large crowds. This is where you can tell that as social as they are, they’re still introverts! [Read: Shy extrovert – All the signs you’re a confused walking dichotomy]

7. You know your limits

Yes, you can party hard on a Friday night, but then you’re perfectly content with staying at home the night after. In other words, you know your limits, and you can balance socializing with your alone time. You won’t risk going out two nights in a row if it means being completely drained afterward.

Even when you have plans, it’s often why you have a lazy next day once that day ends. Nothing better than a lazy Saturday after partying all night on a Friday!

8. Big groups aren’t for you

Sure, you can go to a large music festival or a giant pool party, but this isn’t your place to shine. Unless you’re with your friends or people you’re generally comfortable with, then that’s the only time you’re a social butterfly in these events.

Other than that, it’s a big awkward situation for you! You aren’t comfortable because you don’t know the people around you.

9. Your friends think you’re weird

They can’t tell why you’re like this. Some of them may be complete introverts and not see the point of you going out to parties at all. You aren’t like the typical introverts, so you’re more social. However, your extroverted friends also find it weird when you can’t go out on simultaneous nights.

Really, you’re living the best of both worlds, so people might find it weird. They’re confused; they don’t get you. [Read: 12 signs you’re an outgoing introvert and a complex ambivert]

10. You’re a great observer

At parties, you see every little detail and interaction between people. As much as you love a good time, you really enjoy people watching. Introverts make the best observers. *which is why they know a lot of things about different people!*

You’re fond of observing even the simple details you see with the people around you. This doesn’t mean you’re antisocial or that you want to spend time alone – you’re just a social introvert!

11. You like meeting new people

You do! You’re not closed off and uninterested when someone new comes your way. Rather, you may not know how to strike up the right conversation. Everyone thinks small talk pretty much sucks.

You’re basically balancing in the middle of an introvert and extrovert, which means you hate small talk, but you’re also social! If ever you are to meet someone new, you thrive in deep conversations rather than just talking about the weather. [Read: Try these 25 conversation starters for a great time]

12. You’re drained after social events

After a party or festival, you need rest. You know that after any social event, you’re going to need a couple of days to wind down and recover. Your social battery always runs out after any type of social event, so it takes you some time to recharge to go back into your usual socializing self. [Read: Introverts vs. extroverts: Where do you land?]

13. You don’t like being the center of attention

As social as might be, it’s still not your cup of tea to be the center of attention. In fact, you’d rather not be the life of the party or have all eyes on you. As much as you enjoy socializing, that doesn’t mean everyone should pay attention to you. You feel a lot more comfortable if it’s just your friends that notice you.

14. You enjoy being alone, but not being lonely

Contrary to popular belief, introverts get lonely too! So while you occasionally enjoy your time to recharge your energy and pump your batteries, you don’t like the feeling of being lonely.

This is one of the constant struggles as a social introvert; you battle between wanting alone time without feeling lonely. [Read: Introvert problems – 12 quick fixes to nip the bad ones in the bud]

15. You blend with different personality types

As a social introvert, you have different friends from different personalities, backgrounds, and characteristics. This is why your friends are a mix of both introverts and extroverts, which makes your combination of friends quite unique.

It’s also why you love hanging out with each of them – you get a different mix of personalities each time! [Read: How to be more social – 19 ways to genuinely connect with others]

16. You’re flexible

A social introvert is basically living the best of both worlds. Not in the mood to socialize? Then stay in! Feeling like you’re missing out? Go hang with your friends! Your plans for the day really depend on your social battery and what you feel like doing.

17. It makes you a great conversationalist

You don’t do well with small talk or superficial topics, which is why you often bond with those you have deeper connections with.

It doesn’t bother you to ask deep questions or talk about deeper thoughts even during the first conversation. In fact, it makes you comfortable around them more and like them more!

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So, who are social introverts?

Social introverts live the best of both worlds, depending on their social batteries and mood for the day.

They’re very social, but there will also be days they want to shut themselves off from the world.

Now that you know the characteristics and traits of a social introvert, do you identify as one? If most of these signs apply to you, then you’re not just an introvert – you’re a special kind of social introvert!

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