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Life’s a Bitch: Why It Feels that Way & 17 Feel-Good Ways to Feel and Live Better

Life’s a bitch then you die – or at least it can feel that way. But that kind of thinking can actually make you more miserable than the situation itself.

life's a bitch

Life can often feel like a real bitch. It is at these times that we must remember that life is a series of peaks and valleys. It may not seem that way when you are at the point where all you can see is flat land. Nothing lasts forever.

Everyone, and we mean everyone, goes through periods in their lives where they think life’s a bitch then they die. But if that is all you think about, this saying will go from a motto to a prophecy. 

The things to do to change your life when you feel like life’s a bitch

Life can kick you in the ass for sure. But if you want to feel better, you must gain some perspective. Life can also bring you to the highest peaks and make you feel something so spectacular there is no way to put it into words. It can give you hope.

Hope is the thing that negates the whole life’s a bitch theory. For as bad as things are for you right now, they have to get better – they just have to. It is the cycle of it all. So here are 17 things you can do when you feel like life’s a bitch.

1. Consider your perspective

Once you decide that the universe is out to get you, you begin to make connections that aren’t there. Your mind glosses over the good stuff *time with family, hobbies, etc.*, and clings desperately to the few bad things that happen.

Maybe there is a glaring issue you are avoiding, or maybe the minutiae of life have just ground you down a bit. It’s time to change perspective. 

Try to make a journal of one good thing that happens to you a day. It can feel silly at first, but soon you will find that those little things add up to a lot of good. You can start seeing your world differently, and feel less like life is just a bitch. [Read: Life quotes to motivate you to live a better life]

2. Go hiking

To those of us facing hard times, it can be annoying to be constantly told to go outside and exercise. But the reason so many people recommend it is because it is good for you. There is a lot of scientific evidence linking walks in nature to being good for the mind. 

If you really feel that life’s a bitch, there is nothing that will make you believe in the wondrous nature of life more than hiking. There is something about being in the world and getting the grand perspective of it. [Read: Foolproof tips for dating a nature lover]

You’ll also realize how minuscule we are compared to the big picture, which can reel you back into a calm place. Not to mention that the hike and exercise will get your endorphins and serotonin pumping to lift your spirits. Life hack!

3. Go to an amusement park

There is nothing like the *fake* threat of death to make you feel alive. Tired of being on the emotional roller coaster that is making you feel like life’s a bitch? Head out to the nearest amusement park and find the inner you.

The inner you won’t think that life sucks, you’ll be too busy riding roller coasters, screaming, having fun, and feeling like a kid again. You can even get yourself a treat while you’re there. Why not?

4. Spend time with loved ones

When you are feeling like life’s a bitch, it can be easy to isolate. But you have to remember that you are not alone in this.

Do you have relatives? People who love you or someone you could talk to? Consider calling these people up and asking how they are doing. It’s amazing how a little human connection can make you feel less like life is a bitch. [Read: Insightful lessons to help you have a better life]

5. Take some time for self-care

If you feel like life’s a bitch, shut it down. What is that, you ask? Literally, you have to shut everything down. Take the day off of work, shut off your phone, your Facebook, your Twitter, your Snapchat, and just be silent. 

Self-care is important, and you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else. Turn on your favorite movie and just forget the world exists at all. Leave your troubles for another day, God knows they will be waiting when you get back. 

6. Clean up your living space

So, life has been a bitch. It’s been a long week, month, moon cycle, etc. You look around you and realize the place is a dump. 

Now, for some, this can scare you into apathy. Don’t let it! You are a capable human being, who can absolutely clean their room/kitchen/whatever. 

Gather cleaning supplies, put your headphones on, and go to work. The thing is that when you immerse yourself in a chore that you have been putting off forever, you can forget about the things that are eating you on the inside and get something done. 

Cleaning your house isn’t going to completely help you get your shit together, but it will be one thing you have checked off the list. You can admire your clean space, relishing a task completed.

This will give you the confidence to take on more obstacles in your life that seem overwhelming. [Read: Don’t stay stuck – strategies to get your shit together]

7. Make a list

Often we feel like life’s a bitch when things are out of control. You feel like you are constantly stumbling over deadlines and problems, never able to get ahead of the situation. 

Don’t stress yourself out over it. Grab a pen and a piece of paper or open a note on your phone, and jot down a few things you need to do off the top of your head. They can be as big and complicated as “taxes” or as small as “take out the trash”

When you finish a task, cross it off. Seeing something accomplished, even a small something, is a big deal. It makes you feel like you are taking back control of the situation, even in a small way. That can snowball into confidence to take on bigger tasks. 

Sub-lists are your friend too! Try to break down overwhelming, looming tasks by narrowing them down into smaller, manageable steps. [Read: Tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better YOU]

8. Treat yourself to something

If you have had your eye on a purse that is a little more expensive than you can afford, or even if you normally deny yourself a scoop of ice cream, treat yourself to whatever will make you happy. Diet be damned *for one day*.

Sometimes, life’s a bitch because we don’t find any reward in what we do. Reward yourself for once and stop thinking that you have to be perfect! You don’t have to sacrifice ALL the time. 

It’s not recommended to go overboard and buy a watch with your rent money. Just something you wouldn’t normally indulge in. You deserve it! 

9. Seek out a spiritual guide

Numerous studies have concluded that when people are more spiritual, they experience less stress.

They also report better satisfaction with life and overall happiness. That looks different for everyone, but an overall spiritual mindset may help you find peace.

10. Learn something new

Sometimes we feel that life is a bitch, when really we are bored. We feel under-stimulated in our life, too ground down into a boring and unrewarding routine. We get so caught up in the obligations of life that it can feel empty– like we are just going through the motions. 

If you feel like life is a bitch, you might just need to try to engage your brain a little bit. Have you ever wanted to play the guitar? What about learning to ski? Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Now is your chance!

By challenging yourself, you focus on your energy. You also have tangible goals to boost your mood and make you feel less like life is a bitch. [Read: How to succeed in life – all you ever need to know]

11. Talk to a therapist

Sure, friends are awesome! But you can’t always tell them everything you feel or what is in your heart. Everyone has troubles in their lives, and friendships are supposed to be a give-and-take.

If you suck up all of everyone’s emotional energy, no one is going to want to hang out with you. That is when a therapist comes in.

These trained professionals can help you get to the root of what is troubling you and causing you so much pain.

Having a therapist listen can not only save your friendships but also get to the heart of the issue. Soon you will be feeling less like life is a bitch. [Read: What is an energy vampire? 19 signs to spot them In your life ASAP]

12. Volunteer

Most people think the last thing they want to do is volunteer when they are already feeling depressed. But the thing about volunteering is it shows you that, whatever is going on in your life, it’s not so bad. It also makes you feel good to help others out. Finally, it is a good distraction from whatever is bringing you down!

If hanging out with people stresses you out, there are a lot of ways to volunteer in nature. Check out local trash clean-ups and animal shelters to get volunteer work without face-to-face time.

13. Hit the gym

Studies show that working out makes you feel better. It is a chemical phenomenon. That being said, working out can seem impossible to someone on the throne of depression.

The hardest part is definitely getting started. Once you get into a pattern, physical fitness can help you feel like you have control.

Nothing will make you feel more positive than working out. It is on those days when all hell has broken loose that running feels so damn good. Or riding your spin bike can help work through your tragedy. It also aids to build your mood by increasing serotonin levels. [Read: Achieving self-acceptance – little steps for one big change]

14. Make a list of things you are looking forward to

They don’t have to be massive things. Something as simple as getting to the end of a show you really like will do. It just has to be something tangible. Every day, try to think of one more thing you are looking forward to. Soon, you will start to feel less like life is a bitch. 

15. Make a major life change

We often feel like life’s a bitch because we are emotionally stuck. If you are tired of feeling like the world sucks, then make a real change in your life to make it not suck.

Major life changes can jumpstart even the worst luck! Change careers, go back to school, or dump that significant other who has been keeping you down. Sometimes the reason life is a bitch is that something major is not working. Time to switch it up.

16. Evaluate your relationships

Sometimes, life’s a bitch because you live with one – literally. If you are in a relationship with someone who is bringing you down, making you work too hard, or just creating negativity in your life where it needn’t be, then it is time to move on and say adios! [Read: 15 ways to be someone who says I love my life]

17. Reconnect with old friends

Who knows you better than the girls you grew up with, or the guys you used to run around the neighborhood with?

If you feel like life’s a bitch, then maybe it is time to reconnect with loved ones you may have gotten too busy to stay close to. Remember the things that used to make you smile by having people who know you best pick you up.

[Read: How to stop overthinking – strategies for more peace]

Life’s a bitch is how it feels when you have hit rock bottom. But life is meant to be lived, loved, and enjoyed. So stop keeping yourself stuck and take steps to say, “I love my life!”

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