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Life’s a Bitch? 17 Feel-Good Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better

Life’s a bitch then you die – or at least that is what unhappy people think. All I know is that it doesn’t have to be. Make changes to turn it around.

life's a bitch

God, do you ever just feel like life’s a bitch? There are some days when you poke that one eye open, get out of bed, and immediately you know *you just know* that it is going to go downhill from that moment on.
Life is a series of peaks and valleys, but if you are at a point where all you can see is flat land, take heart – you are not alone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, goes through periods in their lives where they think life’s a bitch then you die. The truth is, deep down we all know that isn’t true, don’t we?
17 things to do to change your life when you feel like life’s a bitch
Life can kick you in the ass for sure. But, what it can also do is bring you to the highest peaks and make you feel something so spectacular there is no way to put it into words. It can give you hope.
Hope is the thing that negates the whole life’s a bitch theory. For as bad as things are for you right now, they have to get better – they just have to. It is the cycle of it all. So here are 17 things you can do when you feel like life’s a bitch.
#1 Call your “yes man.” We all have that person in our life that is so damn happy sometimes you just want to punch them. When you feel like life’s a bitch, give them a call and let them pick you up.
Surely, if anyone can show you the rainbow, bunnies, and a silver lining, it is your “yes man.” Sometimes just hearing what they’re up to can chase away your downhill slope. [Read: Life quotes to motivate you to live a better life]
#2 Go hiking. There is nothing that will make you believe in the wondrous nature of life more than hiking. There is something about being in the world and getting the perspective of how grand it is.
You also realize how minuscule we are in comparison to the big picture, which can jolt you back into happy land. Not to mention that the hike and exercise will get your endorphins and serotonin pumping to lift your spirits.
#3 Go to an amusement park. Tired of being on the emotional roller coaster that is making you feel like life’s a bitch? Head out to the nearest amusement park and find the inner you. The inner you won’t think that life sucks, he/she will be too busy having fun and feeling like a kid again.
#4 Go see your mom. Is there anything better than going to see *or picking up the phone* to talk to your mother? Whether you are two or sixty-two, they still know how to put a bandage on that boo-boo.
If nothing else, you can vent to her, and she will tell you that you are right. Sometimes all we need is a little positive reinforcement to get out of the rut we find ourselves in. [Read: Insightful lessons to help you have a better life]
#5 Shut it down. If you feel like life’s a bitch, shut it down. What is that, you ask? Literally, you have to shut everything down. Take the day off of work, shut off your phone, your Facebook, your Twitter, your SnapChat, your cell phone, and just be silent.
Turn on your favorite movie and just forget the world exists at all. Leave your troubles for another day; God knows they will be waiting when you get back.
#6 Clean out a closet. I know, that sounds like the dumbest idea ever. I hear ya! The thing is that when you immerse yourself in a chore that you have been putting off forever, you can forget about the things that are eating you and get something done.
Sometimes the reason that life’s a bitch is that there are too many things to do, not enough time, and so many things on our plate. So clean out a closet that has been plaguing you and accomplish something on your to-do list that is real, concrete, and immediately ameliorated. [Read: Don’t stay stuck – Strategies to get your shit together]
#7 Make a list. The times that I feel like life’s a bitch are when things are out of control. The way that I get them back under control is to make a list. A real, physical, list of all the things that I can do something about and start checking them off.
When I have all those things weighing heavily on my mind crossed off, then I realize that I have to forget about the one *not on the list,* that I can’t do anything about. [Read: Tips to fall in love with yourself and be a better YOU]
#8 Treat yourself to something. If you have had your eye on a purse that is a little more expensive than you can afford, or even if you normally deny yourself a scoop of ice cream, treat yourself to whatever will make you happy.
Sometimes life’s a bitch because we don’t find any reward in what we do. Reward yourself for once and stop thinking that you have to be perfect! You don’t have to sacrifice ALL the time. You just don’t.
#9 Seek out a spiritual guide. Numerous studies have concluded that when people are more spiritual, they experience less stress. They also report a better satisfaction with life and overall happiness.
Whether you are from a Catholic background or Scientology, if it has been a long time since you have been to church, reconnecting with your spiritual beliefs will give you a perspective on life. Sometimes you have to believe in something greater than yourself, or the here and now, to get through those times when life’s a bitch!
#10 Organize a girls’ or guys’ night! Sometimes we get so caught up in the obligations of life that we lose sight of what it is really about. Instead of sitting around playing woebegone, invite some friends out for drinks.
There is nothing better than hearing that you are not alone in your sinking ship. Hearing that other people have problems too is one of the most cathartic ways to let it all out! [Read: How to succeed in life – all you ever need to know]
#11 Talk to a therapist. Sure, friends are awesome! But you can’t always tell them everything that you feel or what is in your heart. There are times when I am so low and negative that I avoid people because I am tired of rubbing off on them. Paying someone to listen and help is sometimes way more productive than a girls’ or guys’ night.
#12 Volunteer. Most people think the last thing they want to do is volunteer when they are already feeling depressed. But the thing about volunteering is it shows you that, whatever is going on in your life, is not so bad. It also makes you feel good to help others out. Finally, it is a good distraction from whatever is bringing you down!
#13 Hit the gym. Nothing will get you feeling more positive than working out. It is on those days when all hell has broken loose that running feels so damn good. Or riding your spin bike can help work through your personal tragedy. It also aids to build your mood up by increasing serotonin levels. [Read: Achieving self-acceptance – 10 little steps for one big change]
#14 Go for it! If you have hit rock bottom, how much worse can it get, right? If there is something you have always wanted to do but haven’t out of fear, now is the time to say “What the hell?”
#15 Make a major life change. Sometimes we feel like life’s a bitch because we feel stuck. If you are tired of feeling like the world sucks, then make a real change(s) in your life to make it not suck.
Major life changes can jumpstart even the worst luck! Change careers, go back to school, or dump that significant other who has been keeping you down.
#16 Evaluate your relationships. Sometimes life’s a bitch because you live with one – literally. If you are in a relationship with someone who is bringing you down, making you work too hard, or just creating negativity in your life where it needn’t be, then it is time to move on and say adios! [Read: 15 ways to be someone who says I love my life]
#17 Reconnect with old friends. Who knows you better than the girls you grew up with, or the guys you used to run around the neighborhood with? If you feel like life’s a bitch, then maybe it is time to reconnect with loved ones you may have gotten too busy to stay close to. Remember the things that used to make you smile by having people who know you best pick you up.
[Read: How to stop overthinking – 11 strategies for more peace]
Life’s a bitch is how it feels when you have hit rock bottom. But life is meant to be lived, loved, and enjoyed. So stop keeping yourself stuck and take steps to say, “I love my life!”

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