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How to Release Anger: 20 Ways to Focus on the Positives in Life

We all get mad occasionally. But if we don’t let those harmful emotions go, we can’t truly be happy. This is how to release anger in a healthy way.

how to release anger

I know how hard it can be to feel angry all the time. You get upset about something and it continues in a downward spiral you just can’t control. But learning how to release anger is something everyone needs to do for their own mental health.

You could end up living a very unhappy life if you don’t know how to get rid of those toxic feelings. And nobody will want to be around you if you’re always cranky and rude to them. Would you want to be around someone like that? Probably not.

Why being angry can be a good thing

If you think about all the things you get mad about, they’re often tied to your passions or something you feel strongly about, which is actually a good thing. Having things you feel very passionate about is essential for having a happy life.

You just run into trouble when you can’t release that anger and get back to your normal self. The point is, if you get angry every now and then, it’s okay. It just means you’re being particularly passionate about something. [Read: How to deal with anger and stop hating someone]

How to release anger so you can focus on positivity

In order to live happily and have success in life, you need to focus on the positives. Dwelling on anger and negativity will only harm your mind and put you down a dangerous path.

But it’s okay if you don’t know how to release anger. That’s why we’re here. These are some of the different ways you can go about letting go of those negative feelings so you can get back to focusing on the positive things in life only.

#1 Go for a run. Exercising is an awesome way to release anger. If you go on a run, you’ll soon realize that you feel a lot better and endorphins is a huge reason for that. [Read: 25 inspirational tips to get you motivated to work out]

#2 Go boxing. This is another form of exercise, but it’s actually better at releasing anger because you get to hit stuff. A lot of us feel aggression when we’re angry and hitting something really hard definitely reduces it. Plus, you’re getting in a great workout, too!

#3 Scream into your pillow. It may seem immature and juvenile, but it works all the same. I know I used to do this when I was younger and didn’t realize just how much it can still help me today. So go find a pillow and let loose. Don’t worry about disturbing the neighbors.

#4 Take a hot, relaxing bath. Baths are a great way to relax and we all know how much relaxing can help to release anger. You can make it even more beneficial by adding yummy smelling oils that help to soothe your mind. [Read: 17 ways to focus on yourself and relax more]

#5 Watch a funny movie. Laughing gets rid of anger like nothing else. When you’re smiling and laughing, it actually tricks your mind into thinking you’re no longer angry – even if you’re secretly still seething. Throw on your favorite comedy and allow yourself to let go of the anger.

#6 Go to sleep. I always feel better after a long nap. You could just be feeling particularly angry because you’re partly sleep deprived. So go ahead and go to sleep and see how you feel when you get up.

#7 Take deep breaths. Deep, calming breaths can help you control your anger and think logically. Sometimes in order to learn how to release anger, you first have to figure out how to control it.

#8 Meditate. Meditation has been used for thousands of years to control and release anger. Sit on the floor, cross your legs, practice deep breathing, and focus on clearing your thoughts. [Read: Meditating and 14 other ways to start loving your life]

#9 Listen to some uplifting music. Great music has the control to change your mood completely. Listening to something soothing and uplifting can help your get rid of that anger and replace it with positivity.

#10 Take a shower. I get my best thinking done in the shower, don’t you? Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from the anger-inducing situation and get a clean perspective.

#11 Light some candles. Not only do candles smell really good and can help soothe your anger that way, but they also set a really calming glow across a room. Lighting a few of them and sitting back to relax is a great way to release your pent up anger.

#12 Use essential oils. Aromatherapy is really popular when it comes to reducing your negative feelings. There are tons of oils that can help you relax, unwind, and reduce your anger. Put a few drops in a diffuser and let it work its magic. [Read: 17 ways to live a simple life and find more satisfaction]

#13 Paint or do something crafty. Taking your mind down a different path can make you release anger in a unique way. If you distract yourself for long enough with something good for your mind – like crafts – you’ll find that you don’t feel mad anymore.

#14 Sing your favorite songs. Singing actually releases endorphins and those help you feel really great. The next time you’re feeling really mad, blast your favorite songs and sing along. You’ll feel better in no time.

#15 Eat your favorite foods. We all have those few foods that comfort us and make us feel so much better. Go grab your favorite foods and pig out on them when you’re feeling angry. Just remember not to use this as a form of therapy as it can become very unhealthy.

#16 Vent to a friend. Knowing how to release anger also means knowing when you need to talk to someone and get help. So confide in a couple of friends and get their opinions. You may be angry for no reason and are just blowing something out of proportion. They can help you see that. [Read: 22 ways a friend will make you feel better]

#17 Play with a pet. There’s a reason some people are required to have therapy dogs. They really help with your emotions and can completely change your way of thinking. If you have a pet, go cuddle up with it and enjoy your time together. You’ll feel better in no time.

#18 Write in a journal. We all know how great it is to let go of what’s on your mind. Writing in a journal is a perfect way to do this if you’re not comfortable opening up to your friends. Get those negative thoughts down and you’ll feel better. [Read: 13 proven ways to feel happy again]

#19 Drink some calming tea. Chamomile tea is very useful for releasing pent up anger. If you have some available near you, make some and drink it slowly. You’ll feel much calmer afterward.

#20 Go for a walk outdoors. The great outdoors is good for so much more than getting your recommended daily dose of vitamin D. The fresh air can help you think and it’ll help put things into perspective. This will be sure to release your anger.

 [Read: 17 ways to welcome positive energy into your life]

I know how hard it is to live with a lot of negative feelings. If you’re feeling upset a lot, knowing how to release anger can ensure you get back on track with positivity.

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