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How to Cheer Someone Up: 36 Ways to Help Them Feel Awesome Again

Everyone is different, but there are some common ways when it comes to putting a smile on someone’s face. Learn how to cheer someone up today. 

how to cheer someone up

There is nothing worse than a sad sack. No, seriously, someone who is unhappy can bring an entire room down. But if you’re a true friend, it’s about never letting them slip further into their sadness. If something bad happens to your true friend, or if they need a helping hand to cheer up, you have to be there for them. But if you’re not sure how to do it, learning how to cheer someone up at least gives you the tools to know what to do.

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After all, if you have someone in your life who seemingly can’t get past the frown to the smiley face, then it might be your duty to step in and return the sunshine to their cloudy day.

How to cheer someone up and make them feel happy again

Cheering someone up is not always easy. In fact, if you aren’t careful, you can be pulled into the pit of despair along with them.

We all have that empathy in us that wants to make others feel good. If they are someone important in your life, then you’ll have a drive to show them the light. Here are some tips on how to cheer someone up.

1. Send them flowers

If you want to cheer a woman up, sending her bright flowers is the way to go.

If you want the cheer to last longer, make it her favorite plant. It can be the gift that keeps making her happy long after flowers have dried up and died. [Read: How to make someone happy & help them get back their happy spark]

2. Buy them tickets to their favorite thing

Nothing makes someone happier than getting them out of their element and allowing them to spend a night free from thought.

Buy tickets to their favorite show, concert, or sporting event to cheer them up. [Read: 10 ways to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s down]

3. Set them up on a date with hotness

If you want to cheer someone up after a breakup, then set them up with someone hot. It doesn’t have to be the person that is “perfect” for them, but nothing can cheer someone up more than a little eye candy and a night on the town away from the house and loneliness.

4. Take them to a funny movie

Nothing takes someone’s mind off their misery more than a funny movie. The key to knowing how to cheer someone up is to help them forget what is dragging them down. A funny movie can definitely do that. [Read: The 20 best inspirational movies for when your motivation lags]

5. Throw them a surprise party

It doesn’t have to be their birthday or any special occasion at all. Remind them of how many people care and love them.

You don’t have to make a big deal about it, just invite those friends who want to help and show them a good time. Everyone needs a little attention and focus sometimes. Making them the center of attention may cheer them up. [Read: How to throw a perfect surprise party for a friend]

6. Show up and take them to dinner

Even if they say they don’t want to, show up on their doorstep and take them to dinner. Often, when someone is depressed, they turn down invitations and choose to sit alone wallowing in their own misery.

Stop them from doing that by just showing up. They can’t say no if you just go over and kidnap them from their single pity party.

7. Plan a weekend getaway

The best way to know how to cheer someone up is to get them out of their situation. Sometimes you need more than just a night away.

If you know that a friend is struggling through something, devote an entire weekend escape to get them back on track.

Hit the beach or the mountains and fill their time with nothing but distraction and good times. [Read: Best friend bucket list – 15 adventures for you and your BFF]

8. Let them know how much you care

If someone is down, they just need to know that people care and love them. When you are in your own personal drama, it can sometimes feel like you are all alone.

Show them that you haven’t forgotten or moved on to the next crisis by sending them messages of support and telling them you care.

9. Invite their favorite person for a visit

If you have a mutual friend who comes to town and lights it up, arrange for them to come for a visit. That old friend from grammar school is the perfect individual to shake them out of their funk and remember what it was like to have fun.

10. Deliver them dinner

If you know they aren’t taking care of themselves the way that they should, but you also know they need some alone time, order their favorite meal and either deliver it yourself or have it delivered.

A little comfort food is sometimes enough to make anyone smile. [Read: How to make your man happy in 20 little ways]

11. Send them a nice note

The card and physical notes are an underrated age-old art. Go to the store and find a funny card to send. In fact, send them one every day for a week or two. Persistence may help to turn their mood around.

12. Take something off their plate

It is hard to focus on something when you are depressed and down, but the more things around you fall apart and get out of control, the worse you feel.

If you want to know how to cheer someone up, do some chores for them, clean their house, or help them fix something that needs fixing. Not only will you provide them a little company, but you can also help them get things back together and heading forward again.

13. Show up with a case of beer and a pizza, without an agenda

Nothing is better than a spontaneous night of just some pizza and beer. Even if they say they just want to stay home alone, insert yourself.

Bringing your good food, your alcohol, and your good mood to them may be just the perfect thing to do when you want to know how to cheer someone up. [Read: 32 awesome sleepover ideas for a fun night with friends]

14. Take them shopping – retail therapy rocks!

If you want to cheer someone up, especially a girl, take them shopping.

Nothing makes a woman feel better than to spend a little money on a guilty pleasure. Get them out of their element by taking them to the mall. A good pair of shoes can cheer anyone up.

15. Send them an old photo

Look through your old photos to find something that is funny and will remind them of something crazy you did. There is nothing that can make someone turn their mood around more than remembering the good old days.

Send them a pic of your bad haircut, when you did something stupid or crazy together, or a photo where you were just plain awkward. [Read: 14 fun things to do with your best friend & create lasting memories]

16. Be their shoulder to cry on

Cheering someone up may involve allowing them to get it out. Instead of always trying to be a overly cheerful and optimistic, sometimes cheering someone up takes allowing them a pity party and time to fall apart.

When someone has a tragedy happen, most people want them to gloss over and forget about it, so they provide distractions.

Allow them to work through it and wallow a while by being their shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, the best way for knowing how to cheer someone up is just to let them sit and be miserable for a bit.

17. Tell them a good story

If you want to cheer someone up, tell them a euphemistic story. If their boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with them, then convince them they can do better, that it wasn’t about them, and that it is their ex’s loss.

Even if you aren’t entirely genuine, they need to hear positive things right now. When they are back on their feet, you can be honest. Save it for later. [Read: Being brutally honest – 13 scenarios when it’s an obligation]

18. Whatever their favorite show is, declare a marathon with a gallon of ice cream

Boy or girl, show up at their door and start a Netflix marathon. Gilmore Girls, Raising Hope, Friends, whatever it is, it makes no difference. Just invest the time in them without anywhere to go. Devoting your time is sometimes all someone needs to be cheered up and not feel so alone.

19. Send them funny videos

The internet is full of funny stuff. So, find something hilarious and send it to them.

In fact, send them all the funny things you can find until you know that they are back on their feet. It is hard to be upset and sad when you are laughing your ass off. [Read: How to make someone laugh over text: Learn to be funny by being you]

20. Make them a handcrafted gift

There is nothing more special than someone taking the time out of their day to make you something special. Whatever you make, focus on it being personal to them.

If they love reading, make them a bookmark. Perhaps they really love jewelry, so make them a pair of earrings. You could even make a collage of photographs of your friendship.

It’s sure to put a smile on their face and might even make them smile happy tears.

21. Make a fool of yourself

Go on, you know you want to! Dress up in stupid clothes or play makeup and create a randomly weird look. Sometimes, we have to put our own ego aside and just be willing to make a fool of ourselves. It’s one of the best ways when learning how to cheer someone up.

22. Plan something exciting

Having something to look forward to is key to putting a smile on anyone’s face. You can plan a weekend away in the near future or maybe a vacation together.

Spend time looking online and booking together. Then, start planning your wardrobes and the things you’re going to do.

This will easily distract them from their worries and make them wonder what they were so down and out about. [Read: Top 50 really fun things to do on a road trip to have a great time]

23. Talk about funny memories you share together

All you need to say is “do you remember …” and then you’ll both start remembering the small details of whatever the event is.

You’ll both be laughing before you know it and for a short time, they’ll forget what they were upset about. When learning how to cheer someone up, it’s often about memories that really sum up the connection you have with someone.

24. Just tell them you’re there for them

Not everyone wants to talk about the things that are causing them to feel down. Maybe it’s not even an event or problem, its just the way they feel right now.

In that case, encourage them to talk but let them know that if they’re not ready or don’t want to, you’re still there for them and you always will be. Sometimes that’s all it takes to cheer someone up.

25. Send them funny GIFs and memes

A randomly funny GIF sent at the right time can be a real laugh, so find one that you know they’ll “get” and send it. You can also look for funny memes that they’ll really appreciate.

Don’t overdo it and bombard them with texts, but a few amusing texts can often be enough to take the edge off a particularly bad day. [Read: How to be a fun texter and make them laugh while reading your texts]

What shouldn’t you do when trying to cheer someone up?

Of course, it’s not all about what you should do, but also what you should avoid doing. If you want to learn how to cheer someone up in the right way, avoid these pitfalls:

1. Interrupt if they start to talk

2. Push them to talk if they don’t appear to want to

3. Tell them that their worries are “stupid”

4. Share your own worries and problems but don’t pay attention to theirs [Read: How to talk to anyone: Master the art of a real conversationalist]

5. Be insensitive

6. Make it clear that you’re fed up with their negativity

7. Leave them alone because you assume they don’t want you around

8. Constantly talk about how wonderfully well your life is going

9. Make jokes that will upset them – they’re probably ultra-sensitive right now

10. Avoid answering the phone when they call or text [Read: Being left on read: What it really means when they don’t text back]

11. Make it clear that their mood is dragging you down

Focus on the first list of points, and avoid these ‘don’t do’s’ like the plague!

Cheering someone up isn’t always easy. Sometimes, a person needs you to be the person who comes over to make lemonade out of lemons, and sometimes they need you to come to their pity party.

Spend time with them to find out how best to help before you assume you know what they need.

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If you really want to know how to cheer someone up, it is about showing them that they are not alone in their misery, and that there are a ton of people who love them and want to help.

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