45 Things Women Like Sexually in Bed & Moves Guys Do That Girls Don’t Like

If you’re wondering what women like sexually, you’ve come to the right place. One size doesn’t fit all, but these tips will make her moan!

what women like sexually in bed

Whether you’ve just met a special someone or you’ve been together for a while, pleasing your partner in bed is key. The problem? You’re not a mind reader. Knowing what women like sexually in bed can seem like a mystery, but we are here to help you out!

What women like in bed varies from woman to woman, so it really could be as simple as asking her.

However, not all women like to talk about such things… being asked what you want to do in bed might seem a little forward or even awkward, after all.

The good news is that when learning what girls like during sex, there are some pretty common things to add to your list. [Read: 20 things that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise when she sees a guy]

It’s about more than just getting it on

When you’re in a new relationship, getting naked in front of each other is all it takes to get your bodies warm and ready for action.

But if you want to have wild, passionate sex with a girl and make her love the things you do to her in bed, you need to do more than just drop your shorts. You need to keep her needs in mind.

And you need to give equal importance to all aspects of lovemaking. [Read: 29 best sex secrets to have better sex and enjoy it more every single time]

What women like sexually

Don’t look any further if you’re wondering what women like in bed. Just keep these things in mind, and you’ll definitely make your special lady feel more loved and sexy, and ensure that she has a great time too. [Read: How to make out with a girl after a date and make her love it]

1. Take your time

This is something most men don’t give a thought about. More foreplay. Guys know the rules, but they just can’t help it. All you want to do is stick the shaft and drive.

But think about it, by delaying the penetration and enjoying the foreplay, she’d feel more wet and will enjoy sex a lot more. Isn’t that worth the effort?

By extending foreplay, you’re giving your mind and your little guy more time to prepare for sex. And by spending more time on foreplay, you’ll reduce your chances of losing an erection midway.

It’s definitely what women like in bed, that’s for sure. [Read: 20 ways to keep an erection up and hard for a long time]

2. Emotional connection

To enjoy sex, most girls need to feel connected to the guy emotionally. Well, this doesn’t make one-night stands less sexy.

But in a relationship where you’ve had sex a few times, you always need to focus on making her feel loved and emotionally connected to you. It’ll make her enjoy the night a lot more. [Read: How to hook up with a girl on a one-night stand]

3. Physical connection

When you have sex, two bodies unite and become one. Neither of you can enjoy sex if your bodies don’t feel comfortable against each other.

Breathe together and take in your breath just as she takes in hers. When your bodies unite and synchronize with each other perfectly, she’ll feel more connected to you and may even think she’s found the perfect match for her body. That’s what women like in bed.

4. Variety and games

Lovemaking is passionate. But too much of a good thing can bore anyone. So try to mix passionate sex with games and fun. Girls love having a nice time in bed, and it doesn’t always have to be about sex.

Cuddle her, tease her, and play with her clothes. and just have fun with each other for a while before deciding to jump each other’s bones. That’s what women like sexually. [Read: Sex games your girlfriend will love and enjoy]

5. Set the mood

If you want to have awesome sex, you need to set the mood right. You can use perfumed body oils and give her a massage for half an hour, focusing on her love spots so she can feel horny and relaxed. This sensual act contributes to foreplay!

You can even use porn if you’re not in the mood for something elaborate. Or both of you can go clubbing on a Saturday night and grind against each other in the club until you make her wet and want to take you right there. [Read: How to make a girl horny just by sitting next to her]

6. Self-esteem

For a woman, self-esteem is one of the most important things to feel sexy about when she’s in bed with a man.

So when you’re making love with your girl, make her feel loved and comfortable. Compliment her body or any other specific regions that you find sexy.

7. Make her mind go wild

Girls have an active imagination too. And if you can stimulate her mind into thinking dirty and naughty, she’ll definitely get wilder in bed.

Recreate fantasies that she’ll enjoy, talk to her about the first time both of you saw each other naked, or remind her about the time both of you did something wild outside the house.

When you learn which fantasies turn her on more than the others, incorporate those fantasies in the bedroom! [Read: How to fantasize and talk dirty in bed]

8. Give her all your attention

For guys, there are just two parts of a girl’s body that occupy their attention in bed. But if you really want your woman to have a wild time in bed, don’t isolate yourself to just a place or two on her body.

Focus on all of her, kiss her hands, lick her navel, kiss her toes, the back of her neck, and everywhere else. If she moans or gasps, you know you’re doing what women like sexually.

9. Satisfy her

Can you really enjoy sex if you don’t finish yourself off? Of course, you can’t. And for girls, it works the same way too. Don’t get carried away while having sex and focus only on your own needs.

Take it slow and warm her up, and don’t ejaculate until your woman has orgasmed first. Or if you’d like, try to orgasm together. But don’t end it before she’s had an orgasm. [Read: 60 secrets to make a woman orgasm & master the art of making a girl cum hard]

10. She might want it rough sometimes

Women are not as delicate as you think, and a little bit of roughness is sexy. Gently pull on her long locks as you take her from behind. You may also try a bit of spanking.

Or how about tearing her lingerie apart in the hallway, as you prepare to do stand-up sex? If you do this, just make sure to take her lingerie shopping again. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the best rough sex]

11. Lick away

Bring in sexy food props like wine, chocolate syrup, and cream. Spread these on her erogenous zones and start licking.

But women hate messing with the bed, so make sure to have a big towel or sheets of wax paper spread on the bed, so she doesn’t have to clean up after your lovemaking session.  [Read: Tips and tricks to give her great oral sex]

12. Go public

There’s nothing more exciting *or terrifying* than having sex in public. The combination of terror and excitement electrifies the sexual experience, and it’s what many women like sexually. Not all, but some.

Here are public places where you can have sex with a relatively low risk of getting caught: your tinted car, the shady part of a park or a cemetery, the fitting room of a huge department store, and a classroom that’s not in use.

13. A little light bondage

Maybe she would love to surrender their body to you, even if it were just for a day. Tie her up and heighten the excitement with a blindfold.

By shielding the eyes, your woman’s other senses will be heightened. Touch, taste, smell, and sensitivity to temperature.

So once she’s blindfolded, feel free to use the previous tips and tease her with more foreplay and use food as props for licking. What women like in bed varies, and some don’t like the idea of bondage, but many find it really hot. [Read: Blindfold sex – 18 sexy tips & positions to mute one sense and explore sex]

14. Role play

Women may not enjoy watching porn with you, but they have fantasies, too. Have you noticed the sudden popularity of erotic novels? Erotic novels have been around for quite some time, but they were only not socially accepted before as they are today.

Some classic roles are nurse/doctor, teacher/student, and master/servant. In the end, what women like in bed is escapism and pleasure, two things role play provides.

15. A little dirty talk

Women don’t need you to be quiet in the bedroom. Dirty talking helps intensify sexual tension, but you need to assess her comfort level first.

Not sure what to say? Start with soft-core dirty language. You can say something like “Babe, you look so hot in this lingerie” or “I want you so bad” or “I spent the whole day just thinking of being inside you.” [Read: 35 dirty things to say to a girl and leave her wet with desire]

16. Let’s play with toys

Please don’t feel inferior or incompetent in bed if your lady wants to use her vibrators or dildos. These are just accessories to help her get the most out of the whole sexual experience and they’re what women like sexually.

If she doesn’t have toys, it won’t hurt to suggest shopping for some with her. She’ll definitely appreciate how open you are to bringing some toys into the bedroom because it shows that you value her pleasure. [Read: How to make dirty talk work for you]

17. Explain what you want too

What women like in bed is to please you sexually, just as you want to please her. They don’t want to be left clueless.

So tell her what to do and what you like. She’ll be more than happy to follow your requests, as long as she’s comfortable with them. [Read: The sexiest hot spots you should focus on]

18. Oral matters

It really does. If you’re not willing to put the time in down there, then not only are you going to struggle to get her properly in the mood, but the pleasure is also unlikely to be reciprocated.

Oral sex is one move that should never be overlooked and it’s what women really like during sex. [Read: Sexy tips and tricks to give her oral sex like a pro]

19. The tried and tested

Strangely, the one move that you wouldn’t expect to be overlooked is the tried and tested missionary position.

Since there are so many different positions and sexual variations nowadays, missionary often gets neglected. But it provides a real level of intimacy that no other position can.

Facing each other, you can maintain contact, kiss whenever the mood takes you, and have the ability to provide significant clitoral stimulation. Time to re-add it to your repertoire, perhaps? [Read: Untold sex secrets you need to know + the importance of missionary sex]

20. Let your fingers do the walking

Good old-fashioned masturbation—it’s amazing how often the man moves past it and tries to jump to fourth base, in one enormous stride.

But masturbation is often the best way of moving between the kissing and petting stages, maintaining the flow of escalation. Overlook this move at your own peril if you want to learn what women like sexually.

21. Best buds

Not every woman is turned on by nipple play, but many are to an amazing extent.

In such cases, the beauty of nipple play is that it provides a direct line to her more intimate parts, without it seeming like you are making an untimely leap toward the end game. [Read: Spots to kiss a woman that’ll arouse her instantly]

22. Get handy

If you’re struggling to work out how to move on from the kissing and petting stage, onto more rewarding matters, massage provides the perfect way in.

Women’s skin responds to touch incredibly well, and massage has the bonus of relaxing her in preparation, should her mental and emotional state not quite be where you want it.

Get the oil out, also, and you’ll have her squirming in your palms. Seems like a lot of effort, but guys, making an effort to avoid overlooking this move will provide its own dividends as it’s what girls like during sex.

23. Paying lip service

Overlook the humble kiss at your own risk, as it’s what women like sexually. It’s such an important part of lovemaking for most women and is the perfect warm-up to indicate where you want to be heading next.

Plus, completely omitting any kissing from the act will, in all probability, make her feel like a prostitute—and you’re really not going to get the best out of her *if anything at all* in that case. [Read: Moves that’ll make every kiss of yours feel passionate and romantic]

24. Lower leg lollipops

Many women go absolutely crazy over some well-administered toe sucking, and this is one move that should definitely be given a try.

However, don’t mistake being turned on with being ticklish, or you may be denied a burning hot sex session and end up with a broken nose, instead.

25. Perhaps a little anal

Anal sex is a bit taboo for some, but it has more benefits than most know about. Non-penetrative anal sex, using touch, tongue, and kiss, can have a mind-blowing effect.

This is a very sensitive part of the body and, as long as all parties are willing, one that should not be overlooked.

We know that what girls like during sex varies, and some won’t want to entertain the idea of anal, but talk to her about it and watch her reaction. [Read: 18 sex tips for men that’ll make any woman crave for more]

26. Show your willingness to learn

You’re probably not a sexual code breaker who can unlock all the secrets of the female body. That’s fine, and we won’t hold it against you.

What women CAN hold against you is if you’re too rigid with what you’ve learned from past experiences that you refuse to tailor your moves to please the woman you’re with.

No two women are exactly alike, sexually. Each one has her unique turn-ons. You need to learn what they are through practice and experience.

Allow her to show you the way, to guide you, to pleasure you in her unique way. Each sexual encounter is a learning experience built to make your lovemaking even more ecstatic! [Read: 22 really common reasons why women want to fake it in bed]

27. Know where everything is

What do women like sexually? A guy who knows what is where!

Sometimes women wish you had paid way more attention in Sex Ed class. It’s such a shame that there are still some men out there who have no idea where the clitoris is.

Somehow, they assume that if their hand or penis is down there, they’ll eventually hit it if they thrust hard enough.

Now the g-spot and clitoris are two of the most valuable keys to unlocking a woman’s orgasm. If you have absolutely no idea where these two are or how to find them, learn how you can find them using your fingers.

28. Sex should end with tenderness

Just like foreplay, aftercare too is rather important for a girl. For a guy, sex is just sex. But for a girl, sex includes foreplay and aftercare to have a better impact.

Cuddle up after sex and talk to each other for a few minutes. Add in a few kisses and compliments and she’ll love you for the great guy you are. In terms of what women like in bed, it’s not always about the actual act. [Read: How to make a girl think of you sexually]

Is seduction really like rocket science?

Not really. There’s no excuse for guys to get it as wrong as they often tend to, and it’s always really simple, silly, and eminently avoidable things that account for the majority of their sexual blunders. In the end, what girls like during sex isn’t all that difficult.

Often, it has a lot to do with unawareness and an inability to approach sex empathetically, but this can be trained into them and, if not, then they can at least be taught what definitely not to do.

So if you’re one of those guys who thinks he may have a little more to learn about how to please a woman, then read on to tackle our hit list of top bedroom gaffes.

Women, if you have one of those men, then you might just want to “accidentally” leave this page open on your laptop! [Read: Fractionation seduction – what it is, and how guys use emotions to seduce]

1. Poor hygiene

Such a ridiculous thing to get caught out on. The three rules of sexual hygiene are bathe, bathe, and bathe some more. Hygiene is what women like sexually.

Nothing is more guaranteed to give a woman the creeps than some insidious putrid stench emanating from the deeper recesses of her lover’s nook and crannies. So the extra work to keep fresh and clean is absolutely crucial.

During sex, any smells already present, even if only faint, will be amplified tenfold by the sexual chemistry going on in the man’s body, and will become swiftly obvious. Good sex is clean sex, even when it’s dirty! [Read: Problems ‘down there’ that you shouldn’t ignore]

2. Fumbling

Some guys are more familiar with the inner workings of a car or boiler unit than they are with a woman’s more intimate parts.

They struggle with such fundamentals as breasts and buttocks, and if you mention the clitoris or g-spot, you are likely to be met with either a glazed, doleful expression or a nervous twitch and a sudden need to flee.

When these guys are let loose on a woman’s body, it’s like watching a warthog try to ballet dance or a chimpanzee conduct a symphony orchestra – an absolute car crash.

Again though, there is no excuse and plenty of guidance is available to help the lost and needy find their way from C to G. [Read: 18 sex tips to blow her mind in bed]

3. Quick Draw McGraw

Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am! Some guys have shot their bolt before the woman has even had time to untie her ponytail, let alone take any enjoyment in the proceedings.

Some can’t prevent this due to some issue or condition that they need help with, and there is a lot of help available, just ask your doctor.

However, many men shoot early because sex is, to put it quite bluntly, something that they don’t believe is for mutual pleasure.

These guys are unlikely to change such time-hardened inclinations, and no amount of cajoling or retraining is likely to produce any satisfying results for the woman involved. [Read: Quick tips on how to last longer in bed]

4. Sorry, I slipped!

The oldest and worst excuse in the book. Some guys, rather than talking through the possibility of anal sex with their girlfriends in a caring and investigative manner, decide to take the whole thing into their own hands without discussion.

This usually involves having sex doggy style, and at some point during the proceedings, accidentally slipping it into the wrong orifice.

Nobody believes this excuse and it’s not what girls like during sex. [Read: The curious guy’s guide to first time anal sex]

5. Routine

Almost as bad as the guy who doesn’t know his way around a woman’s body is the guy who thinks he does. He’s the one who’s read the textbooks, taken the advice, and created his routine to make sure that he gets around all the vital points.

You know the type, ladies – two minutes kissing, one minute on the left nipple, one minute on the right nipple, two minutes on the neck, repeat on the nipples, and so forth.

Lovemaking should be a responsive process, and the engineer’s approach to sexual exploration will leave nobody looking forward to the main event. [Read: Ways to make married sex feel like a one night stand]

6. Farting

Unbelievable that this has to be pointed out, but farting is a no-no. And yet loads of guys, even on the first or second time of making love to someone, seem to think it’s okay – funny even.

Well, NEWSFLASH! It isn’t okay. It isn’t funny. And you should definitely avoid it if you want to find out what girls like during sex.

7. Going to sleep

The ultimate insult. Whether rolling over and snoozing before proceedings begin or, even worse, during the event, this is one of the worst things anyone can do to another in bed.

If the relationship continues afterward, well, the offender is a very lucky man indeed. [Read: 20 sexual problems in a relationship you can avoid]

8. Ex tales

Comparing a sexual partner to an ex, even if favorably, during the sexual act is utterly unacceptable by any standards, and yet some guys actually do this.

Nobody’s sure why they do – maybe they think they’re being helpful.

But comments to the effect of “Alison used to do it a bit harder than that” are likely to attract a response from the hostility spectrum ranging from a chilling look of disdain right through to severe arterial bleeding. [Read: Signs your sex life is taking a nosedive]

Sex moves from porn that women hate

Want to mess up a relationship and/or leave a woman feeling downright ambivalent towards your sexual prowess?

Then go ahead and try any one of the following wannabe porn star faux-pas. These things are not what women like in bed, that’s for sure.

1. The money shot

An industry term for the final moments of a pornographic movie where the male approaches climax while approaching the female partner’s face with his erect member, and proceeds to finish on her face.

While the actress seems to consider this as one of the pinnacle moments of her life so far, women in the real world are far less enthusiastic. It’s not usually what girls like during sex, put it that way. [Read: How to not cum fast – 24 must know tips to last longer and satisfy her]

2. A dirty mouth

Although many couples like to talk dirty in bed, please do think carefully about what you’re saying. A particular favorite of the male porn actor is the B word, which should be avoided in any context, other than when referring to a female dog.

Our advice? Don’t jump the gun for any name-calling in your dirty talk unless she initiates it. Failure to do so is likely to cause a ringing in the ears, heavy nosebleeds, and in some cases, complete and instantaneous castration. [Read: 23 tips to master the art of sexy dirty talk]

3. Candid camera

Few women are likely to consent to being filmed during sex with anyone other than a long-term partner, especially when it’s so easy to air that footage via the Internet nowadays.

And if there’s a little devil on your shoulder telling you not to worry too much about consent, then do remember that unsolicited filming of a sexual act can result in a very expensive lawsuit! [Read: Things to know before stripping for your webcam]

4. Wrestlemania

You may have noticed that in porn, the guys really are quite rough with their women. Now, to be fair, this is what women like in bed sometimes, but to a limit.

However, most women don’t want to be taken back to some guy’s bedroom only to be thrown around like a rag doll. Leave the wrestling at the gym, and treat your women with respect and consideration. [Read: 15 ways to have the best rough sex ever]

5. Corporal punishment

There’s a lot of spanking that goes on in porn, you may also have noticed. Again, a light smack or two on the buttocks is a big turn on for many women.

But what they’re not signing up for is to have their backsides marked by someone who seems determined to re-enact some Victorian form of corporal punishment. Less pain, more gain! After all, pain isn’t what girls like during sex.

6. You must be choking

If you understand what the term “deep throat” means, then you’ll understand the relevance of the heading.

However, shoving it so far down her throat that you manage to prod one of her lungs is not okay.

If we need to explain to you that nearly choking to death isn’t that much of a turn-on, then there really is very little hope. Just as we shouldn’t have to tell you it’s not what girls like during sex – at all. [Read: 20 secrets to get a blowjob, why girls refuse, and how to ensure she enjoys it]

7. Tea, anyone?

Ever tried to take a pair of un-peeled rambutan into your mouth at the same time?

Of course not, and there’s a reason for that – the reason being that shoving a large pair of hairy globes in your mouth is about as pleasant as… well, shoving a large pair of hairy globes into your mouth!

An unexpected tea bagging provides a very similar level of disgust and is best left to the paid professionals. [Read: Stop googling – 16 pop culture sex terms you need to know by now]

8. A twist in the tale

For some reason, porn stars think it’s fine to grab a woman’s breasts and treat them like they were trying to make a loaf of bread out of them.

Women’s breasts and nipples are very sensitive, treating them this way may have the unintended effect of turning her from a ball of burning passion into a block of ice.

What girls like during sex revolves around tenderness and passion, not kneading and twisting. [Read: How to touch a girl’s breasts and feel her up for the first time]

9. The roll off

He shoots, he scores, and he disappears without so much as a goodbye! Fine for a porn star, but if you ever want to see her again, then you’d better rethink your approach.

It’s ridiculous when you think about it, you spent all this time learning what girls like during sex only to run away once it’s over.

Remember, respect trumps all!

We can sit here all day and tell you what women like sexually, but it’s vital to know that every woman is different. We can only speak generally, and these are certainly high up on most women’s must-have lists.

Yet, the most important thing of all, and one thing that every woman likes in bed is respect. Treat her well, respect her, care for her, and don’t be selfish.

It’s not that hard, is it?

[Read: Ever wondered what kind of porn women like?]

And now that you know what women like in bed, try to make sure your girl has a great time when she’s with you. Remember to focus more on her pleasure, and you’ll end up feeling on top of the world too!

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