What is a Thirsty Girl? The Signs to Tell If You Are Desperate & Parched

Do you know what a thirsty girl is? Are you one yourself? Read on to learn what it means to be a thirsty girl and what to do about it. 

thirsty girl

So like many slang terms, no one knows exactly where the term *being thirsty* came from. But what it means is clear: a person who is thirsty is desperate and obvious in their desire to hookup. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you are just looking for a fling, but its not a great way to find a long term partner. Read on to learn more about being a thirsty girl. 

Is being a thirsty girl a bad thing?

The short answer is no. Society has very rigid and outdated views of how women should handle themselves sexually that do not apply to men.

As long as you are being respectful of relationships and practicing safe sex, there is nothing wrong with being a thirsty girl.

That being said, being thirsty comes with consequences. It does not give off commitment vibes, and may inadvertently drive away hookups that you are interested in something more with.

Unfortunately, many modern men still feel like they want to “chase” their partners, and being thirsty prevents that. [Read: 11 types of girls you should avoid falling for]

How to be less of a thirsty girl

There is nothing wrong with being thirsty, but its fine if you want to change to seek more meaningful relationships. If you are looking to pump the breaks on your thirstiness read on!

1. Be more conservative with your texting

So, you just met this guy. You are excited, and texting him non-stop. If you don’t want to come off as thirsty, consider cooling it.

Many girls make the mistake of going too much too soon because they want to have something with that guy ASAP.

If you think this is you, consider pumping the breaks on the texting and let him come to you a bit. If he doesn’t, he wasn’t that interested to begin with and no amount of texting can change that. [Read: 17 must-know rules for how often you should text a girl]

2. Limit the intimacy until you two know each other better

There are plenty of women who hook up right away and still want relationships but most of the time, these girls just want to get laid. They’re thirsty for both attention and a little something else.

Many girls think sleeping with a guy is the only way to get him to notice her, unfortunately.

If you want to seriously date this person, you need to pump the breaks on intimacy until you get to know each other better. Otherwise you might send mixed signals about your intentions [Read: Easy lay: 18 things that makes guys think you’re easy to sleep with]

3. Don’t overthink the date

A date is just a date. It’s very exciting of course, and you should enjoy getting ready and all the anticipation that comes along with that. But you can’t fast-forward a relationship.

View the date as a fun possibility, not an interview for a future husband. If you put too much pressure on it, it won’t be a fun experience for you or your date.

4. Consistent availability is the straightest path to rejection

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the easiest way to get rejected is too be too available. No one wants someone who is desperate, even if they’re otherwise perfect.

Desperation and being clingy are two signs of a thirsty girl that sends men running.

5. Don’t vent your dating woes on social media

Just like women, men check the social media of someone they are going on a date with. If your social media is full of angry rants about men you have dated, it makes you come across as both crazy and thirsty. [Read: Social media addiction: The 16 alarming symptoms & how to break out]

How to tell if she is a thirsty girl

Want to know if the girl you are dating is thirsty? Read on for signs!

1. She only calls you late at night

This really only happens if the girl is thirsty for some midnight fun and not looking for a relationship. She’ll call you really late at night.

Basically, you’ll be her booty call because she definitely wants to get some action. This is another obvious sign that you’re dating this type of girl.

2. You only really interact for the physical stuff

Same concept as above. Basically if your relationship is all sex, its not really a relationship. Even if you two end up hanging out and watching a movie, you’ll have sex later. It’s like you two can’t spend time together without getting it on. That’s a surefire sign of a girl who’s thirsty for sex. [Read: 17 signs you’re just a hookup and nothing more]

3. She flirts with all guys

You know this is a thirsty girl simply because she needs to have attention. It’s like she’s starved of it and has to have all eyes on her at all times. And one way to do that is to flirt with every guy there is.

She’ll even flirt with guys right in front of you. Clear sign that shes thirsty.

4. She proclaims you’re a couple right away

Now, no matter what you’re looking for, when a girl establishes the relationship before you two even talk about it, it’s not good. She’s likely the type who just wants to say she has a boyfriend.

She’s thirsty for the feeling of a relationship even though she’s not going about it the right way. This makes you feel more like a useful prop than a boyfriend.

5. She makes suggestive comments

We all know this type of girl. You’re chatting and having a good time but it seems like every other time she opens her mouth it’s to say something suggestive.

She’s trying to get you to want her. But it seems the only way she knows how to make that happen is to get you intrigued in what she’s like in the bedroom.

6. She talks about the future immediately

More specifically, she talks about her future with you in it. She may even bring up different holidays and plans for them and if you’ll join her.

If you are on the same page, that can be sweet and even exciting. But if you are less interested than she is, you’ll want to run for the hills because she’s already planning your wedding before you know her that well. [Read:Rushed Relationship: 25 signs & fixes to slow down & save your love ]

7. She tries to implant herself in your life before you’re ready

She shows up when she knows you’re out with friends. It’s even likely she’ll come over unannounced or even go to the gym when you do. It’s her way of being available because she’s a very thirsty girl.

8. She’s clingy

This type of girl is just needy. She needs to be around you and she needs your constant validation. She’s thirsty for reassurance and that manifests in her extreme clinginess. You’ll feel suffocated, essentially. [Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs and how to avoid it]

9. She initiated contact immediately

Lots of men want women to initiate first contact– ask for your number first, etc. It can be a refreshing change from being the one who is always doing the initiating (and getting rejected.)

But if she asks for your number and immediately starts blowing up your phone, it could be a read flag. An early interaction should be a slow give and take. If they are already demanding all your time and attention, they are probably thirsty.

[Read: 15 types of bad girlfriends who’ll make your life hell]

If you really want to know if you’re dating a thirsty girl, these signs can help you tell. Basically, if she’s clingy and desperate, she’s likely parched. You can decide if that’s for you or not.

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