What Do Girls Like to Be Called & What Should You Always Avoid?

what do girls like to be called

What do girls like to be called by their partner or someone who is crushing on them? It’s not ‘chick’ or ‘bird’, that’s for sure!

Flirting is strange, isn’t it? You want to be all affectionate and tell them how you feel, but you’re not quite at that stage. And you’re terrified of scaring them off. Then, when you get somewhere, you’re not quite sure how to address them. What do girls like to be called exactly?

It’s a good idea to figure this out ahead of time. Get it wrong, and well, you could have an angry girl on your hands and that’s never a good thing!

This whole conversation really comes down to respect. There are certain names which you just don’t want to call someone you don’t know well, and some that you shouldn’t be calling them at all.

But then, what do girls like to be called really comes down to preference. Some girls might love to be called ‘babe,’ but others might find it degrading.

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What do you like to be called? It’s a good rule of thumb to follow.

What do girls like to be called, really?

Personally, I just like to be called my name! Yes, I know it sounds boring, but your name is your identity. It means that a) they remember your name, and b) they’ve not got you confused with some other girl they’re seeing. You might think that is harsh, but this happened to me! When someone calls me by my actual name, it gives me a sense of reassurance!

That’s not to say that certain terms of endearment aren’t cute from time to time. If you’re constantly calling your girlfriend by a nickname, it means that you’ve either actually forgotten her name *shame on you*, or you’re hiding her identity.

Do you agree?

My friend and her partner call each other by pet names. Her name is ‘snuggles’ *yes, seriously*, and his name is ‘big guy.’ Now, to me ‘big guy’ sounds like something you call a child or something you call your friend, but snuggles? I mean, seriously?

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I guess it’s each to their own. Personally I wouldn’t like to be called snuggles. I am not a rabbit!

What do girls like to be called in certain situations differs from girl to girl. I personally find ‘hun’ a little condescending. Maybe it’s because we use it in so many different situations, and there is also the sarcastic way to use it. As a result, it’s tainted for me forever. I’m also not the world’s biggest fan of ‘babe,’ again probably because it’s so overused.

My partner calls me ‘baby.’ Now, I know for some people this might be a bit vomit-inspiring, but I don’t mind because he doesn’t say it all the time. He normally just calls me by my name. The odd ‘baby’ here and there sounds cute to me because it’s so rare. I’m also not adverse to ‘my love.’ But ‘darling?’ No way!

Again, I have a friend who adores being called ‘darling,’ but it brings up ideas of old age for me. However, the occasional ‘hey, beautiful’ probably makes every girl out there smile!

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This is such a personalized subject that it’s impossible to come up with a hard and fast answer to what do girls like to be called… and cover every female on the planet. Some love being called ‘baby’, others hate it. Some adore ‘snuggle-pups’ whilst others want to throw up at the mere thought of it *myself included*.

‘Babe’ for a guy is a little less annoying than when it’s used for a girl, but then, I have friends who don’t agree. There seem to be far less terms of endearment used for guys than girls, but most of the terms used for girls create such a huge divide of opinion that it’s impossible to come up with a blanket approach to what do girls like to be called!

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Why do we use terms of endearment?

It’s interesting to consider why we call our partners by terms of endearment in the first place, but it’s really about showing affection. It might seem like an odd way to show affection when you think about it, but it’s cute and shows that you care. And it shows that the person you’re with is different to the rest of the people in your life.

You wouldn’t call your friend ‘baby.’ If you were a guy, you probably don’t go around calling your guy friends ‘hun’ either. By calling your partner these names, you show them that they’re different, special, important to you, and you care. [Read: How to let a girl know you like her without really saying it]

When you look at it that way, perhaps ‘snuggles’ isn’t so bad after all, right? *Actually, it is, it always is.*

Many couples have their own pet names for each other. Completely unique ones that nobody else knows about! It’s a personal thing between you and only said in private. In many ways, these types of names are sexually linked. It helps to boost their intimacy because it all feels so private and special between them. [Read: How to create your own pet name that feels personal and private]

It might seem a little cringe-worthy to others, but that’s the point! Nobody else is supposed to know about them. It’s their personal and private thing. This isn’t a name that should be shouted from the rooftops or a name that should be used in public to refer to your partner. It’s something which is used between the two of you as your private show. When done that way, pet names such as this can be extremely effective and if sexual, can be a fantastic way to boost intimacy.

If you don’t have names for each other, it could bring you closer together. The nature of the name depends on whether you choose to make these names public or not. Keep it between the two of you, and see if it helps to enhance your closeness and your intimacy, if the name is sexually tinged. [Read: 20 best and worst terms of endearment you can use for your girlfriend]

However, pet names should have rules attached to them.

Firstly, don’t use them constantly because your girlfriend might wonder whether you actually remember her name at all! Secondly, make sure it’s not something which makes her cringe on the inside. Also, be unique, but don’t make people want to vomit into their coffee because it’s so cringey either.

Remember that the question of what do girls like to be called should be answered on a case by case basis. What your ex-girlfriend might have liked, your new girlfriend may hate. It’s never a good idea to recycle names in this way. Come up with something that is linked to your current relationship, and it will seem more special for the both of you.

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When thinking about what do girls like to be called, remember pet names and terms of endearment can be used to boost your closeness. And they also help to make the lady in your life feel truly special!

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