10 Ways to Handle Your Girlfriend’s Dramatic Tantrums

Has your girl been driving you mad with her tantrums? Here are 10 things you can do to calm her down and keep yourself from going nuts!

how to handle your girlfriend's tantrums

As wonderful and lovely as women are, they can occasionally be quite a handful to deal with. Between periods, drama with their friends, stress, and other problems, women can throw some serious tantrums from time to time. These tantrums can involve a lot of crying, passive aggressiveness, and sometimes, even screaming and throwing things with the express purpose of actually hitting you with them.

In most cases, these tantrums are probably harmless and just a passing storm of emotion that will dissolve in a few days or less. However, they still can be extremely difficult to deal with. What guy wants to struggle with so much drama?

How to handle your girl’s dramatic outbursts

So guys, if you are looking to find some ways to help you get through your girlfriend’s epic temper tantrums, this article is for you. Here are some great tips that can help you weather the storm!

#1 Go for a walk. Your girlfriend can’t argue with you if you aren’t there. So if you find that things are too heated and you just need to stop it as soon as possible, just get out of your apartment, or wherever you are, and go for a walk.

Going for a walk will help you clear your head, and it will create some much need space between you and your girlfriend. It will also help you get rid of some of the stress as both exercise and staying away from the cause of your stress are sure to help you calm down. Your girlfriend will probably also calm down during this time.

#2 Try to find a way to communicate effectively. Sometimes, if your girl is throwing a temper tantrum, it could be because she feels like she isn’t being heard, or she feels like she isn’t getting adequate space to express herself.

One strategy that you could try is to just give her some time to speak about everything that is on her mind without you saying anything. If you can give her the time to just get it all out, you may be surprised at how effective this can be for avoiding a future rampage. [Read: 15 rules to be a great boyfriend]

#3 Listen to music. Listening to music is another great way to help you get through these temper tantrums. If you can find a song that expresses pretty much exactly what you are feeling, listening to it can help you process the feeling and get through it.

Perhaps your girlfriend can try listening to some music to manage the bubbling rage she has within her. Maybe if she listens to “Ride the Lightning” by Metallica, it will help her get all of her rage out of her system. On the flip side, a calming tune like some soft jazz can also help her calm her nerves.

#4 Distract yourself with TV. If you have been arguing with your girlfriend all day because she is throwing a temper tantrum, taking a break to watch some TV can help calm things down. Who knows, maybe after a few episode of “House of Cards” on Netflix, you will forget why your girlfriend was arguing with you in the first place. #Winning.

However, note that this is just a momentary distraction. You’ll still have to deal with the root of the problem after your show is over.

#5 Go out for a drink with your friends. Letting the steam out is always better than keeping it all bottled up. When you go out with your friends, you’ll be able to express yourself to people who will understand and support you. Not only will this help you relax, but you might even get some tidbits of advice from your friends on how to handle this delicate situation.

Do keep in mind that you should only do this if going out with your friends is NOT the reason your girl is on a roaring rampage. Otherwise, you’ll just give her more ammunition.

#6 Get some space from you girlfriend. If you don’t live with your girlfriend, avoid seeing her in person until you resolve the issue. You don’t want things to escalate, so only see her if you are trying to resolve the issue, or if you have to see her. Otherwise there is a good chance you can just get sucked right back into the drama. If you are living with her, it may be a good time to go sleep on your friend’s couch for a few days.

This allows you to handle your own respective issues on your own. Since you’re not in your girl’s immediate sight to take out her frustrations on, she may find her own way of handling the reason behind her tantrums.

#7 Ask some of her friends to talk to her. This is exactly why befriending your girlfriend’s friends comes in handy. Talk to one of her closest friends and ask for some advice on what you can do to help her calm down. There may be some issues that your girlfriend hasn’t mentioned to you, so her friend may have more insight on the situation.

Once you’ve done this, ask the friend to talk to your girlfriend on your behalf. If the very image of you incites rage in your girlfriend, having a neutral person involved may be a good idea. [Read: 21 things you should never say to a woman]

#8 Get her some chocolate. Chocolate seems to have superpowers when it comes to making women happy. If nothing else is working, try giving her some chocolate. Side note, you may also want to just keep some around the house. It can be good when random tantrums appear. [Read: 10 things men just need to accept about women]

#9 Get her some ice cream. Ice cream is another magical food that can work wonders when it comes to quelling female tantrums. If you suspect that a tantrum is coming, stocking your freezer with a few pints of Ben and Jerry’s may be a life saver.

If it doesn’t help her, then you can just eat the rest. It’s amazing and will probably make you feel better anyway. [Read: 10 quick ways to make her feel better on her period]

#10 Break up with her. If the tantrums are coming too fast and thick, you may just have to break up with her. A man can only handle so much. At some point, you might just have to say that enough is enough. Despite your efforts to solve whatever’s bothering her, there may be an anger issue that you can’t solve on your own. Do yourself a favor and call it quits.

In the end, too much drama can take its toll on you. In these situations, you may just have to accept that you can’t change her, and move on. If this is the case, don’t worry. Once you have gone through the break up, you can always whip out Tinder and start browsing girls who seem more easygoing. [Read: 9 signs to know if you’re dating a girl worth keeping]

Dealing with female temper tantrums can be extremely frustrating. Sometimes, these temper tantrums can be caused by something that is petty and irrelevant, and sometimes, they can be caused by more serious issues. But if you haven’t done anything wrong and your girlfriend is just being ridiculous, then using some of these tips can help get you through the situation.

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