31 Important Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend & Why It Matters

There are just some things you should know about your girlfriend, okay? You see her every day or at least quite often. So, learn these things.

things you should know about your girlfriend

It seriously shocks us when we hear guys admit they don’t know certain basics about their girlfriends. Like, really? You’ve analyzed your boyfriend’s bathroom schedule down to a science, yet some don’t even know their girlfriend’s father’s name? It’s essential to either start having real conversations or, at the very least, listen more attentively when she speaks. There are just some things you should know about your girlfriend, no question about it.

Come on, guys. What exactly are you discussing during your time together? Or, hold on, do you even engage in meaningful conversations? It’s fine to have a laugh and share light moments, but tuning out everything she says isn’t the way to go.

You’ve got to learn to sift through the chatter and latch onto the crucial details, storing them in your memory forever. Trust us, these details are not just trivial, they’re bound to come up again and play a significant role in your relationship.

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The Top Things You Should Know About Your Girlfriend No Matter What

Like I said, there are just some things you should know about your girlfriend, okay? These are some of those things.

1. Her Relationship With Her Parents

Is she closer with her mom or her dad? Are both of her parents still alive? Are her parents together or separated? Perhaps they were never together at all. Does she even know both of her parents? Does she have step-parents?

There are so many layers to a girl’s relationship with her parents, and it is important to understand her specific situation.

You wouldn’t want to slip up and say something that makes her uncomfortable, like mentioning her father when he recently passed away or perhaps he just isn’t in the picture, and it is a touchy subject for her.

Get to know her relationship with her parents. Honestly, it tells you a lot about her. [Read: Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend]

2. Does She Want Children?

This is a really big question! If she wants children and you don’t, you need to break it off sooner rather than later.

We know a lot of us think that we can compromise and make it work, but we promise you that you should not try to compromise on the big stuff. This is one of the big things that you just shouldn’t compromise on.

If you stay with someone who wants children and you don’t, you will end up resenting one another. Make sure you match up on the important details of your relationship and your lives together. The rest can be compromised. [Read: The questions you should be asking in your relationship]

3. Does She Want to Get Married?

This is the other “big thing” that you cannot compromise on. If you want to get married and she doesn’t, you need to walk away from this relationship.

This is a question that you should ask early on in the relationship because if you don’t find out until a year down the line, you might feel as if you’ve wasted your time and theirs.

Just make sure you know this about your girlfriend, okay? [Read: 50 relationship questions to test your compatibility instantly]

4. Her Favorite Food

Knowing her favorite food is an absolute must, not just for ordinary days, but especially for those times when she needs an extra bit of comfort. Think about those moments when she’s dealing with the discomfort and mood swings of her period.

Having her favorite candy or comfort food at hand can be a game-changer. It’s a simple gesture that says you understand and care about her well-being.

This knowledge can turn a challenging day into a moment where she feels deeply cared for and understood. It’s not just about the food itself, but the thoughtfulness and empathy that come with it.

5. What Makes Her Upset

As women, we are very intricate beings, and we all have our triggers. Make sure you know what her triggers are and how to avoid them. Also, know how to make her feel better when she becomes triggered by something and falls into a dark place.

Whether it takes a strong hug, talking it out, a bubble bath–whatever it is, make sure you know what she needs to feel better. As her boyfriend, it sort of becomes your job to give her the tools to feel better. [Read: 15 perfect ways to comfort a girl in all the right ways]

6. What Are Her Goals?

This is huge. You need to help support her through everything she does and motivate her through everything. That is why it is so important that you know what her goals are and what she wants to achieve.

It is also important to listen to her when she tells you her plan–perhaps she has a five-year plan–make sure you know and understand where you fit in that plan, or if you do at all.

This is super important in understanding where your relationship will lead you and what your life will look like in the next five years. [Read: The traits you should exhibit to be a good boyfriend]

7. Does She Like House Plants?

Maybe this sounds ridiculous, and it really shouldn’t matter if she likes house plants or not, but I promise you that if my boyfriend knew I liked house plants so much, he really would have thought twice about pursuing me.

Seriously though, her love for house plants or lack thereof will tell you about her nurturing side. Can she keep a house plant alive? Awesome. Can she make a house plant thrive and flourish? Great.

This means that she knows how to care for living things and will likely make you very happy. Sounds ridiculous, but I promise you I’m on to something here. [Read: 17 funny questions that’ll help you get to know your partner way better]

8. What is Her Favorite Type of Flower?

Alright, so her favorite type of flower – it’s a must-know. Why? Picture your anniversary or any big date. You show up with a bouquet of her favorite blooms.

That’s you saying, ‘Hey, I remember what you love.’ It’s about those little things that make her feel super special. And it’s not just anniversaries. Bad day at work? Random Tuesday? Boom – her favorite flowers.

It’s like a cheat code for bringing a smile to her face. Plus, you avoid the awkward guesswork at the florist – ‘Umm, do you have anything… flower-ish?

9. Is She a City Girl or a Country Girl?

Where does she want to live–in the country or in the city? This is pretty important. If you stay with this girl, it will definitely impact where you end up.

This is something that you can totally compromise on, but knowing where she feels that she will be the happiest and most fulfilled is important. [Read: What to do when something doesn’t feel right in your relationship]

10. Has She Had Long Term Relationships in the Past?

While it can be painful to dig up the past, It is important to know what you are getting into. If she has never had any long term relationships, this might be challenging for you because this relationship is something new for her.

This doesn’t mean that you should abandon all ships. Be a little extra patient with her in terms of the boundaries of your relationship and how a relationship is meant to function.

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11. What is Her Preferred Communication Style?

Does your girlfriend thrive on direct conversations, or does she communicate through gentle hints and expressive gestures?

Knowing whether she favors texting, calls, or face-to-face interactions is crucial for deepening your connection and avoiding misunderstandings.

12. What is Her Ideal Vacation Destination?

Discovering her dream holiday spot reveals more than just travel preferences. It reflects her personality and aspirations. [Read: Most romantic vacation spots for couples]

Whether she dreams of relaxing on a beach, exploring historic cities, or hiking in the mountains, this insight can help you plan memorable experiences together and understand what rejuvenates and excites her, making it a significant thing you should know about your girlfriend.

13. How Does She Like to Spend a Day Off?

Is your girlfriend all about adventure and activities on her days off, or does she prefer a more relaxed, quiet day at home?

This knowledge is invaluable for planning surprise days that align with her idea of relaxation and stress relief.

14. What is Her Attitude Towards Health and Fitness?

This is one of the vital things you should know about your girlfriend for a supportive and healthy relationship.

Is your girlfriend a fitness enthusiast, a casual exerciser, or more laid-back about physical activity? Understanding her approach to health and fitness can help you support her in her wellness journey, whether it’s joining her in workouts, cooking healthy meals together, or respecting her relaxation time. [Read: 26 secrets to get motivated to workout & exercise your way to a better life]

15. What is Her Favorite Genre of Music and Movies?

This can reveal a lot about her personality and mood preferences. Whether she’s into rock music, loves romantic comedies, or is a fan of horror movies, sharing and exploring each other’s tastes can be a delightful way to spend time together and deepen your bond.

Knowing her preferences in entertainment is a fun and essential thing you should know about your girlfriend.

16. What are Her Culinary Preferences and Skills?

Does she love to cook, or does she prefer ordering in? What are her favorite cuisines?

Knowing this not only makes meal planning easier but also opens up opportunities for cooking together or exploring new restaurants, making for meaningful culinary adventures and an important aspect of the things you should know about your girlfriend.

17. What is Her Approach to Conflict Resolution?

Navigating how your girlfriend handles disagreements is key to a smooth relationship. Does she prefer tackling issues head-on, eager to discuss and resolve them immediately? Or is she the type to need some time to think things over, preferring to talk once she’s had time to process?

Understanding this is super important, especially since it helps you both to handle conflicts in a way that feels comfortable and constructive. [Read: How to resolve conflict: The best ways to cut out the drama]

18. What is Her Stance on Financial Management?

Is she a saver, a spender, or a balance of both? Understanding her financial mindset helps in aligning your future goals, managing expenses, and planning for financial stability together.

This insight is a fundamental thing you should know about your girlfriend, especially when planning a shared future.

19. What are Her Pet Preferences?

Does she love dogs, cats, or perhaps has no interest in pets? Why is this detail so crucial, you ask? Well, it’s not just about whether you’ll end up being parents to a fur baby.

Knowing her pet preferences and any allergies she might have plays a big role in planning your life together, particularly when it comes to future living arrangements or the possibility of pet adoptions.

It’s one of those things that might seem small but can have a huge impact on your shared lifestyle and comfort.

20. What are Her Thoughts on Personal Space and Independence?

Understanding her need for personal space and independence is key. Does she value alone time, or does she prefer being in the company of others most of the time?

If you’re in the early stages of your relationship, the significance of this might not be immediately obvious, but trust us, it’s a game-changer in the long run.

Recognizing her space requirements helps in striking the right balance between being together and giving each other necessary breathing room.

It’s essential for avoiding feelings of claustrophobia or clinginess, which can creep up if personal boundaries aren’t clearly understood and respected. [Read: Ways to give space in a relationship & feel closer than ever before]

Why These Things Matter

You might be wondering: are these must-knows or just nice-to-haves? Oh, they’re definitely must-knows.

Knowing the colorful layers of your girlfriend’s personality is like unlocking the secret levels in a relationship game – exciting, rewarding, and totally worth it.

1. Deepens Emotional Connection

Knowing the small and big things about your girlfriend creates a deeper emotional bond. It shows you care about her as a whole person, not just as a partner.

This kind of attention to detail in a relationship cultivates a sense of being valued and understood, enhancing the emotional intimacy between you two.

2. Improves Communication

Understanding her communication style prevents misunderstandings and helps you express your feelings more effectively.

When you know how she prefers to communicate, conversations flow more smoothly, leading to a more harmonious relationship. [Read: 42 secrets to communicate better in a relationship & ways to fix a lack of it]

3. Supports Conflict Resolution

Being aware of how she handles conflicts can help you navigate disagreements more constructively. This knowledge allows you to approach sensitive topics in a way that resonates with her, reducing stress and promoting healthier resolutions.

4. Aligns Life Goals

Understanding her aspirations, both personal and professional, helps align your future goals. It isn’t solely about supporting each other’s dreams but also about weaving your aspirations together to build a shared vision for the future.

5. Enhances Trust

When you take the time to learn about her – her fears, her joys, her quirks – it builds a foundation of trust. Trust is the bedrock of any strong relationship, and it’s nurtured by showing genuine interest in all aspects of her life.

6. Cultivates Mutual Respect

Knowing and respecting her likes, dislikes, and boundaries fosters mutual respect. When she sees that you honor her preferences and values, it creates a respectful and caring environment in the relationship.

7. Encourages Personal Growth

As you learn more about your girlfriend, think of it as an opportunity to take a funhouse mirror look at your own preferences and quirks.

Getting to know her likes, dislikes, and viewpoints isn’t just about her – it’s a chance for you to reflect on your own habits and opinions.

Maybe you’ll find yourself adopting new hobbies, re-evaluating old views, or even discovering new things about yourself.

8. Fosters Empathy and Compassion

Understanding her background and experiences fosters empathy. When you’re aware of what she’s been through, you’re more likely to respond with compassion and empathy in situations that require a sensitive touch. [Read: Reasons why empathy is important in a relationship]

9. Strengthens Partnership in Decision Making

Knowing her stance on key issues like finance or family planning helps in making joint decisions. When both partners are informed about each other’s perspectives, it leads to more harmonious and collaborative decision-making.

10. Promotes Fun and Creativity in the Relationship

Last but not least, knowing her preferences allows for creative and personalized ways to surprise and delight her.

Whether it’s planning the perfect date or choosing a gift, this knowledge lets you tailor your actions in ways that uniquely speak to her heart.

11. To Check Compatibility

Getting to know these aspects of your girlfriend is like doing a compatibility check. It’s not just about seeing if you both like the same movies or music, but more about how well you fit together in the big picture stuff. [Read: Relationship compatibility: What it is, 40 signs you have it & ways to improve it]

Do your life goals align? Can you both laugh off a bad day? Understanding her preferences, values, and quirks helps you figure out how well you click on a deeper level. It’s basically ensuring you’re not just great together for a weekend getaway, but for the long haul too.

It’s the Kind of Effort That Pays Off in a Big Way

It might seem like a lot to take in at first – twenty things to remember about your girlfriend. But trust us, each one is a golden nugget in the treasure chest of your relationship.

They’re about getting to know her beyond the surface, into the core of who she truly is. And while it might feel like a bit of an effort, it’s the kind of effort that pays off in a big way, making your bond stronger and your understanding of each other richer.

Understanding your partner is crucial to a successful relationship. But for starters, these 20 things you should know about your girlfriend are definitely must-know stuff you should never ignore!

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