Things Women want Men to Know

Most men have always been confused about women and their ways. They view women as mysterious creatures that work in, well, mysterious ways! To set the record straight, women now have a few things to say to all men.

What Women Want Men to Know

Men have always found it really hard to understand women. At once instance, everything seems perfectly fine, but at the very next, there’s a lovers’ tiff, and the man would still be wondering what happened. But overall, a man and a woman are not very different. The real truth is, women are not nearly as needy, clingy, or mysterious as men think. And there are also a few other things that women want men to know.

Don’t say you’ll call when you can’t

Firstly, it’s alright if you can’t make it to lunch with us once in a while. Most women would rather be let down that lied to. Seriously, what is the need to tell a woman that you’re going to call her when in actual, you wouldn’t be doing that.

Do you really think we’d feel good when you say you’ll call, and keep us waiting for hours on end?

If you’re feeling awkward about ending a conversation or saying something nice after a date, say something else, unless you’re really going to call us.

Women white-lie too, but they do that to sound nice and be polite at the same time. How would you like it if we told you that we don’t want to go out with you because you’re a slob, a jerk and look ugly?!

But we definitely use better conversation closers than men. So the trick, gentlemen, is to come out gracefully. The next time you’re winding up a date, just say that you had a great time, and would love to do to this again sometime. And another thing, if you’ve been told that three days is a great waiting time to call back, well, that doesn’t make us like you any better!

Remind us that you exist

We understand that your day can be really busy, what with all the work, the pool club, and the fun with the boys. But for god’s sake, do let us know you exist. If you’re slogging at work for a week and can’t give your woman the attention you’d like to give her, then spend a moment to call and remind her that you have at least taken a few minutes off your schedule to give her a thought.

We don’t need all the time in the world to talk with you. All we need is a word from you, to keep that warm feeling going. It’s thoughtful, and any woman would appreciate the fact that her guy called even when he’s been so busy. And the worst thing guys do is not answering calls! Grow up, what makes you think we’d feel better if you’re going to ignore us. So the next time, spend a minute to call us, and we’d appreciate the gesture and may be even give you something special on the next date.

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