11 Simple Ways To Make a Woman Feel Sexy and Desirable

No matter her age or shape, every woman deserves to be told and shown how beautiful she is. Use these 11 ways to make her feel desirable all the time!

make a woman feel sexy and desirable

It is a harsh world that we live in. The media is by far the biggest and baddest critic of women and you will be shocked at the impossible standards that society has set when it comes to the ideal woman.

Women are inundated with wave after wave of flawless beauty every minute of every day. From the cover of their “guilty pleasure” magazine, to billboards, music videos, and every show on television, women today are constantly reminded of their flaws.

It comes as no surprise that many women suffer from insecurities and possess low self-confidence. You may see her as the most divine being ever created, but there is a high chance that she will vehemently disagree with you.

A happy wife equals a happy life!

As the main man in her life, it is your job to reassure her that she is a beautiful temptress, even if it is just to you. You need to remind her that you adore her sex appeal and that no matter what, you will always love the way she looks.

You will be very surprised at the positive payback that you will receive once you start convincing her that she is sexy. Remember that a happy wife equals a happy life, so put some effort into it!

11 ways to make your woman feel sexy and desirable

I know a couple who have been married for the past 15 years and even after four kids, still behave like they’ve just started dating. When I asked them the secret to what seemed like an effortlessly happy marriage, it all came down to making each other feel good.

According to them, “Both partners need to be happy and one way to do this is to boost each other’s self confidence levels.” Coming from a real life everyday couple, that one sentence is perhaps the best piece of advice that you will ever receive. If you make each other feel good, it will shine through and make every aspect of your relationship bigger, bolder and better.

Whether you have been married for 20 years or only 20 minutes into your first date with the woman of your dreams, here are some tips on how to make her feel desirable and sexy. [Read: 20 easy ways to make your woman feel incredibly happy!]

#1 Compliment her

Women love being showered with compliments. Even if she is the most modest person to walk the earth, she will love the sweet things that you say about her. Be genuine and honest with your compliments and if you can, be specific as well. Instead of saying, “You are beautiful”, say something like, “You are at your most beautiful when you do not even try, like right now.”

#2 Kiss her well

Many couples in long term relationships will tell you that although they are still very much in love, kissing each other has evolved from hot and heavy make out sessions to quick smooches. No matter how long you have been with your lady love, try to keep the flames of passion alive through kisses.

Instead of quick pecks, kiss her like you cannot get enough and make it last for more than 15 seconds. Make love to her with your tongue and mouth and you will be sure to get her weak in the knees and let her see that you find her desirable. [Read: 10 moves to kiss passionately and romantically]

#3 Flirt often

Even though you already have her in your life, there is no reason why you shouldn’t dial back the flirting. Whether it is sending her a quick text saying, “I’ve been sitting here thinking naughty things about you”, or calling her up and starting with, “Hey gorgeous, I loved how you looked when I left you naked in bed this morning”, she will undoubtedly appreciate you telling her that she is a sexy and wanted woman.

#4 Dress well

If you want your woman to feel desirable, you have to make yourself desirable first. Looking sexy and suave for your lady is not that hard to do. When she sees that you made the extra effort to look good for her, she will know that you are trying to impress her. Women absolutely love that in a man.

It does not mean that you have to gel your hair up even when you are lazing around at home. Basics like showering and putting on clean clothes are good enough, but make the extra effort on date nights. The longer you have been together, the more she will appreciate it.

#5 Initiate sex

Let’s face it. It’s a new age and chastity is a thing of the past. Do not be embarrassed to act like a ravenous wild animal when it comes to initiating sex with your partner. When you are spontaneous, you are directly telling your woman that you cannot resist her and that you have to devour her right that very minute. Even if it seems inconvenient, just make it happen. She will love the thrill of doing it somewhere and sometime unplanned. [Read: Sex in a relationship and what it means to a woman]

#6 Stare often

Do not mistake this for being creepy. On the contrary, women love catching you looking at them as it lets them know that you are enjoying the view. Do not be shy to catch each other’s eyes every so often. She will take it as a compliment. Just remember not to cross the fine line between sexily checking her out like a man who is in love, and ogling at her like a pervert on heat.

#7 Be affectionate

Every woman loves public displays of affection, so indulge her every so often. Grab her by the waist and hold on to her when you are out at the park. Nuzzle her neck and spontaneously kiss her when you are in line for movie tickets. Hold her hand and caress her cheek while out shopping for groceries. Be affectionate whenever you can, even if it is just the two of you on the couch at home.

#8 Create romantic moments

Draw a hot bubble bath for her after a long day at work. Go the extra mile by lighting up candles and putting her favorite playlist on shuffle. Treat her to a back massage when she gets out of the tub and make love to her like never before. Always remember that women love being wooed. Being romantic by pampering her with the simplest things is a surefire way to let her know that you find her alluring and that you appreciate her. [Read: 36 sweetest things you can do with your woman]

#9 Tell her she’s sexy

Perhaps you are a klutz and do not know how to show your lady love that you find her irresistible. In that case, make up for it by just telling her that she is sexy and beautiful. Women have an amazing ability to smell bullshit from 10 miles away so ensure that you are genuine with your words. Look her in the eye to let her know that you truly mean it. You will be surprised at how powerful a few simple words can be to a woman.

#10 Present her with lingerie

Head to her favorite lingerie store and pick up something that you want her to wear. Whether it is a sexed up costume to play out a kinky fantasy, or crotchless panties for easy access, pick out whatever you want to see her in and present it to her. Tell her how hot and bothered you got just thinking about her in it and that you need to see her in it right away. You will be sure to thrill her with your sexed up overtures and she will know that you find her provocative. [Read: 20 things you can do to get her in the mood instantly!]

#11 Show her off

If you want your woman to feel desirable, you should shout it from the rooftops. Show her off to your friends and brag about her the next time everyone is out in a group. Brag not just about the way she looks but also about her accomplishments. Be sure not to cross the line and embarrass her. Just highlight some of the things you love about her and she will know that you find her irresistible. Who knows? She may just let you test out those crotchless panties you bought her right after!

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or embarking on something new, there is no question about how important it is to make your woman feel sexy and desirable. Use these tips and show your woman just how amazing she is, and just how much you appreciate her!

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