15 Blunt Signs She Wants You To Leave Her Alone & Has Zero Interest

signs she wants you to leave her alone

Hey boys! I know it is shocking, but not every girl likes you. If you’re still not sure, these are the signs she wants you to leave her alone.

Now, the simple fact that you are reading this article to better be able to read the signs she wants you to leave her alone is a great step. I am personally proud of you.

You don’t want to look foolish or need to. Just take a step back when she wants you to. You may not know when that is without her saying so. That’s what I’m here for. As a girl who has had her fair share of rejection, I get it. Admitting to yourself that the person you’ve been wooing is not into you is disappointing. But trust me, it is better to back off now than to become a creep no one wants around.

As a girl who has also had my fair share of creeps not get the hint, please be better than that. There is like a 2% chance she is playing hard to get and a 98% chance she really just has zero interest in you. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but it is the truth. [Read: Is she playing hard to get with me? How to read the signs]

Signs she doesn’t want you to leave her alone

To perk you up a bit before we get into all the signs she is subtly rejecting you, here is some advice on girls that are interested.

Girls showing signs that they like you will pretty much tell you. Maybe they won’t blurt out the words, “I like you. ” But they will say they enjoy talking to, give you compliments, and flirt. And if you still aren’t sure, take a risk and ask her out on a date. If she says no you’ve got your answer. [Read: 10 things you’re probably doing that’s sabotaging your own love life]

Signs she wants you to leave her alone

The signs she wants you to leave her alone can be seen both in person and online. Keep your eyes open. Politeness does not mean infatuation. And smiling and laughing can mean she’s uncomfortable, not that she is happy or enjoying herself. So try to read the situation as best as you can.

For the times that your social queues fail you, these signs she wants you to leave her alone are for your guidance.

#1 She is overly polite. Yes, people are just nice sometimes. I know the excuses you’re making in your head to convince yourself she actually likes you deep down. Listen. I know what I’m talking about. Take advice from a girl who has done and seen it all.

When she likes you, she will tease you and joke around. Is she is overly polite like you are co-workers? Then she is trying to let you down easy. She is also trying to ensure that you know she has no interest by keeping conversation topics as surface level as possible. [Read: The creep free ways to approach a girl and start a conversation]

#2 She stares at her phone. Maybe she takes forever to text you back, but when you’re together she rarely looks up from her phone. She is avoiding you at all costs, buddy.

When you spend time with someone you like, you spend time with them, not your phone.

#3 She answers bluntly. When a girl is being pursued by someone she doesn’t like consistently her patience is being tested. She wants to be polite, but just can’t take it anymore.

If she answers your texts with one-word answers like, “fine” and “okay” she does not want to talk to you. Time to take the hint. [Read: How to read a woman’s mind by decoding her body language]

#4 She doesn’t help carry the conversation. I am sorry to say I am guilty of this. When I am chatting with a guy I cannot be bothered with, I purposely answer in a way that ensures the conversation will be impossible to carry out.

I will say I’m going to bed or my phone is dying and when that stops working, I halt conversations. I don’t even do it on purpose. It is sometimes a sign to myself that I am not feeling this guy. So if she isn’t asking you questions or being present in a conversation she is begging you to take a hint.

#5 She literally ignores you. Did you really not see this one? If she doesn’t respond to your texts, your Facebook messages, or your waves down the hallways she is fed up with you.

This goes for those of you that message, “hey what’s up?” And for those of you that double text or ask if we are getting your texts. We are getting them. We all have iPhones, this technology works. If you aren’t getting a response, it is because that is the response. Please read between the nonexistent lines, because her ignoring your text is one of the biggest signs she wants you to leave her alone. [Read: Rules for double texting to play it cool]

#6 She makes excuses. Letting someone down easy is something all girls have to learn to do. It never seems to work. If you ask us to hang out and we say we have plans, we do not want to see you.

And if we do, we offer an alternative day or time that works. If we say we are busy and end it there, we have zero intent on ever hanging out with you. Again, I apologize for being so blunt. It seems you need the obvious and assertive answers to fully get the picture.

#7 She never reaches out first. When a girl likes you, she will text or call you first. It is human nature. You want to interact with the person you like. So if you are always the first one to text, not just in the morning, but all day every day, she is so not having it.

In fact, she probably rolls her eyes every time your name pops up on her screen. [Read: What to do when a girl ignores you and won’t give you a chance]

#8 She is stiff. Her body language says it all. If her arms are crossed and her back is hunched, she is not just in a bad mood, she is unhappy and uncomfortable. When you are excited to be around someone and attracted, your feet point towards them. You are open physically and emotionally and are relaxed.

Being stiff and clenched is a surefire sign she does not want to be with you.

#9 She talks about other guys. One way that every girl tries to hint to a guy that she is not interested is by talking about other guys. She will say someone is hot. She will ask for dating advice or a mixture of the two.

If she is talking about other guys with you, that means you are not the guy she is talking about, which means she is not interested.

#10 She avoids eye contact. It is difficult to talk to someone when you feel guilty for knowing you will eventually reject them. Avoiding eye contact is a one of the most obvious signs she wants you to leave her alone.

She will look down, look away, or stare at her phone. People that like you and want more attention from you connect through eye contact. Someone that wants to break a connection or ensure that there isn’t one will avoid looking into your eyes at all costs. [Read: Signs you can’t ignore when a girl doesn’t like you]

#11 She keeps her distance physically. I am a very touchy-feely person when I like someone. I touch their shoulder, I hug them, lean on them, but when I am avoiding someone I am like the opposite of a magnet *or is it two magnets?*.

I will dart in the opposite direction of any guy that is near when I don’t like him. First of all, I am a woman so I live with a sense of fear that men are dangerous and being close to a guy who is interested in you when you aren’t is scary and uncomfortable.

So if she doesn’t want to sit by you, take that as a strong sign that she isn’t interested and maybe that you used too much Axe. [Read: 15 rules to be irresistible and make girls chase you]

#12 She avoids alone time with you. Being alone with someone you really don’t want any attention from is brutal. And if you can’t read her body language, read her lips. She will beg anyone to stay in the room with you two. She will rush out, make an excuse, or repeatedly have to use the bathroom to avoid you.

#13 She never likes your social media posts. When a girl likes you she wants to know as much as she can. That means she will watch your stories, like your posts, etc. Sometimes a girl will do it out of pity if she feels bad for you, but if she wants you to back off, she won’t even interact.

#14 She says she has a boyfriend. Unfortunately saying we have a boyfriend is one of the only ways to get a guy to leave us alone. Why? Because many men can’t accept a no from us. When he realizes there is another man involved and we are his, so to speak, that is the only way a man will accept a no.

We cannot simply be disinterested. There has to be a different man involved in order for many men to respect the fact we said no. Next time a girl tells you she has a boyfriend, whether it is a lie or not, take that as a sign she wants you to leave her alone. [Read: How to respect women – What you need to know as a man]

#15 She tells you to leave her alone. This is NOT reverse psychology. She is not playing hard to get. If she says, “leave me alone,” or another version of that phrase, listen now. No means no. It does not mean try again, maybe she likes you deep down, or she’ll learn to like you.

It does not matter if you think of yourself as a “good guy.” She does not owe you anything. If she doesn’t like you that is enough. So leave her alone. [Read: The nice guy syndrome and 15 reasons why girls find them so boring]

A lot of these signs are ways of ghosting without ghosting. And I personally don’t think ghosting is right in any situation, but as men tend to retaliate after they are rejected, women walk on eggshells when turning a guy down.

You may wonder why she wouldn’t just come out and say she isn’t interested. It is not just awkward to reject someone. For women, it can be dangerous. So we would really appreciate if you could look for these signs she wants you to leave her alone and take them as a subtle rejection and move on. It would make it easier for everyone.

[Read: Rules for hitting on a girl without being creepy]

Do you now understand these signs she wants you to leave her alone? I hope so. Plus if you really are a great guy, you deserve a girl that is interested.

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