Resting Bitch Face: 15 Signs It’s Her RBF & She’s Not a Real Bitch

If you’re crushing on someone with a resting bitch face, you might be confused about whether she likes you or not. Decode the signs and find out!

what is resting bitch face RBF

If you’ve ever encountered someone with a resting bitch face, you probably simply assumed she was a literal bitch and didn’t bother speaking to her. The problem is, she might have been a really warm, friendly and interesting girl, but her facial expression put you off finding out!

When someone has a resting bitch face, they just look like they’re pissed off at the world. They don’t seem approachable and they look like they’re likely to bite your head off rather than have a kind conversation. But, looks can often be deceiving.

It can be a real problem when you judge someone based on their expression. You may think a girl is really attractive only to be driven off by her resting bitch face. Many women who have the RBF look really intimidating. Therefore, you have to know how to judge if she’s actually a bitch or if it’s just her face.

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What is resting bitch face? *a.k.a. RBF*

If you’re not aware of what this looks like, it won’t be hard to explain. The name itself explains it perfectly well. This facial expression isn’t really an expression at all. It’s when someone looks like they’re angry or upset when really, they could feel any other emotion. Their face is actually just relaxed.

A resting bitch face – or RBF – is just when someone’s neutral expression actually makes them look super mean or angry.

You can see the trouble with this. A person can feel completely content and relaxed on the inside, but appear like they’re waging a war in their mind to others who see them!

Of course, it’s not just girls who have a resting bitch face, but we do tend to associate it with women more than men. Anyone who looks a bit mean when in actual fact, they’re probably not, has a resting bitch face. [Read: The real mean girl -25 traits to recognize her and steer clear]

How can you tell if it’s resting bitch face or she’s actually just a bitch?

The thing about RBF is that you can never really tell. Unless you talk to the girl, you won’t know if she’s truly a mean and wicked person or if her face just looks like that. This can be a problem when it comes to approaching people.

She may be attractive, but if she has a RBF, you may not walk up to the girl because you fear she’s a bitch just by the look on her face. Knowing how to tell if she’s actually a bitch or if it’s just RBF can open up new opportunities for you. Here’s how to tell if her face might just be betraying her.

She’s probably just a mean bitch if:

1. You hear her make rude comments about or to people

If you’re observing someone from afar, this can be a little trickier. However, if you’re able to get up close to them and overhear how they talk to or about people, then you can see if she’s a bitch or not.

If you hear her being rude to people or making mean comments, she’s definitely a bitch. Her face has nothing to do with what she says. So if she’s acting rude, she must be. [Read: 20 ways to spot a selfish person right away]

2. She turns away when you wave and smile

This is definitely rude and something mean people tend to do. If she just turns away from you when you’re smiling and being friendly, it shows she’s a bitch.

Most people at least acknowledge when someone is trying to get their attention. Even if she’s not interested, it’s still polite to smile before turning away. This lets you know if she’s truly just a bitch and not someone you should be spending your time trying to befriend. [Read: How to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without being too forward]

3. She ignore you when you try to talk to her

Now, this may not have much to do with her being a bitch. Some people are just shy. However, if she’s blatantly ignoring you and turning up her nose, she’s probably a bitch.

Normal people are at least considerate and respond, even if they appear uncomfortable doing so. [Read: What to do when a girl ignores you and won’t give you a chance]

4. She’s gossiping with her friends

If you can get close enough to overhear her conversation, listen close for gossiping. Now, there’s good and bad gossiping so pay attention. If she and her friends are dissing other people or making fun of them, she’s definitely just a bitch and it’s not only her resting bitch face.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if she’s nice to you once, she won’t talk about you behind your back either. You can never trust someone who gossips or backstabs on other people when they’re not around. [Read: Girly things – What your girlfriend is really gossiping about]

5. She has a resting bitch face and she’s openly sneering at people

When someone doesn’t even care if they’re sneering at others, they’re a bitch. It’s just respectful to treat others equally.

But if she’s donning a resting bitch face and also acting in this way, she probably is really a bitch. Steer clear of her. [Read: 25 early warning signs of toxic people to look out for]

6. You can tell she’s openly judging other people

You can usually tell if someone is judging other people who walk past them or who speak to them. Look at their body language and you can side-step the resting bitch face and find out the truth.

Are they sneering, rolling their eyes, sighing, or wrinkling up their forehead in confusion? The chances are they’re forming a mental judgment of a person, often based on their appearance or something they’ve done. Not the most friendly of people, right?

7. She’s generally quite rude

General rudeness and resting bitch face simply point to someone being a bitch and not someone who just has a slightly bitch-like facial expression.

There is never an excuse for rudeness, so if you notice that she pushes past people, sneers at people, she doesn’t say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ or doesn’t give up her seat for the elderly lady who is struggling to stand, you have to come to the conclusion that she’s nothing short of a bitch. [Read: Are good looking girls mean or nice? A beautiful girl’s must-read confession]

But it could just be resting bitch face if:

1. She smiles at you

The great thing about RBF is that you’ll know easily if that’s the case when she smiles. The smallest upward tug of her lips will basically erase the sour expression no matter what.

If she’s also smiling back at you, it means she’s at the very least polite. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile, and like you instantly]

2. You see her expression change a lot when she talks

If you’re close enough to see her talking, pay attention to her expressions. People who have resting bitch face will look like they’re changing expressions often.

When she looks like a bitch one minute but her face completely changes when she talks, it’s just her face. So long as she’s not acting in any of the above ways, it’s just her face betraying her true sweet nature. [Read: 14 calm ways to recognize mean people and deal with them]

3. She’s deep in thought or even reading

You tend to see people with a resting bitch face when they’re all alone. This could be on the subway, in line at a coffee shop, or even sitting on a bench at the park.

If she’s all alone and staring off into space or even deeply engrossed in a book, her RBF may be prominent. If you see someone looking bitchy while also being lost in thought, it’s just her face. [Read: 15 reasons a smart girl is the best girl to date]

4. She returns your wave warmly

If you’re wondering if a girl is a bitch or if it’s just her face, wave at her when she catches your eye. The way she responds can help you decipher how she acts.

If she waves back and dons a smile, then she’s probably not a bitch. In that case, she’s simply “blessed” with a resting bitch face that doesn’t reflect her true nature.

5. Her other body language is relaxed

Someone who’s actually a bitch will likely be a little tense and her body language will reflect disdain. If it’s just a girl’s resting bitch face, the rest of her body will be relaxed and happy. So don’t just look at her face! Take in her demeanor to see her true nature.

If her arms are relaxed, she’s not crossing them over her body, and she generally seems quite relaxed in her posture, her body language is open and she’s probably not that much of a bitch at all. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

6. Her face looks relaxed, even though it looks bitchy

The thing about a resting bitch face is that it’s actually relaxed. It’s in a resting position. It just so happens that it has a slightly unimpressed appearance.

If her face still looks relaxed even though it seems bitchy, she probably just has RBF. Pay attention to her lips and eyebrows to see if they’re relaxed or not in this case.

7. She’s polite

Bitches just aren’t polite. They walk around with their nose in the air and truthfully, you can tell.

If someone still looks like they’re a bitch from the expression on their face but still act polite, then it must just be her face. [Read: 12 ways to tell if she’s flirting or just being polite]

8. Her facial expression changes drastically

When someone is a bitch, putting on a smile doesn’t really change the overall expression. You can still see the bitch in her face.

Therefore, if she looks like a bitch but then smiles and it changes everything, it’s probably just RBF. It’ll be safe to approach. Usually, a girl with a resting bitch face who isn’t a bitch at all will have a very animated facial expression when she’s talking to someone or doing something she enjoys. [Read: How to approach a girl you don’t know and impress her]

The resting bitch face is just an unfortunate occurrence

Unfortunately, some girls just have a natural resting bitch face and there’s nothing they can do about it. Short of surgery, and let’s be honest, that’s a very drastic option, they’re always going to look pretty unimpressed and angry when their face is in a resting position.

However, you can usually tell the instant difference when they’re animated about something or talking to a friend.

The only thing that will tell you for sure whether she’s a bitch or just a normal girl with a resting bitch face, is how she treats other people around her. Look for signs and you’ll know whether or not to approach her, or whether to steer clear.

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Knowing when a girl is actually bitchy or if it’s just her resting bitch face can help you decide to approach her. Don’t make the mistake of thinking she’s a bitch when her face is only betraying her true nature.

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