Girl Things Every Guy should know About

Do girls like shy guys? Or is it those bad boys that they love? Find out what girls like and really want. Girls may seem confusing at times, but it’s all with good reason!

girl things every guy should know about

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Whoo… aren’t those types simply irresistible? Yeah, in the last decade! You know, these days, girls do listen to their moms once in a while. And there may be a certain few who get attracted to those types, but not all of them.

There’s something about the lure of a dangerous man that’s quite tempting. It’s something similar to the first cigarette, or the first time a girl skipped class to go to the movies.

It’s all groovy and fired up for a while, until it’s not such a big deal anymore. And let’s face it, guys who have to pretend to be every momma’s worst nightmare have to play their part too. And that means not too many friends, a bottle of beer or a ciggie all the time and a messed up and droopy look with ruffled hair.

Now how many guys can pull that part to the tee? And how many girls could really like that?

Answer: Bad boys are so last decade! Brat Boys are a better option though!


Sure. And you can overlook the fact that she’s just walked all over you, and walked on. Right? What is it with some men these days? You want the hottest chick with the best assets God could imagine? And you, i.e., The Dork, want to go out with her. Girls are fine with shy guys. But shying away from a girl? Nope, that’s no good.

Girls can be mysterious, but let me assure you one thing. Girls are not psychic nor are they telepathic. They can’t read your mind however red your face goes, and they would never ever make a move on you in the first place. Unless you’re super-sweet and she’s had a crush on you since the day both your eyes met and the history of love was rewritten.

So buck up your courage and make that move. You may have a wee bit of a chance of hooking up if you talk to her. But if you’re just going to sit down by the corner table, drool and meditate to acquire the power of clairvoyance, give up and get out. The girl will never even notice you.

Answer: First date? Acceptable. Shy on second date? Flush!


Guys who assume this to be a fact must be bludy joking! If you aren’t able to gel with the women, maybe there’s something wrong with you. Or maybe that’s why ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ is such a biggie. Women aren’t hard to figure. They just play hard to get, they love making their guy jealous. They’re possessive, and they swear by the word, Vendetta! Get past that, and you’re talking smooth sailing.

Get real, you like women because they’re so mysterious and complicated (at least to you). If men and women were just the same, then they’d be a lot more homo-people, don’t you think? So let’s admit the fact. Women and men do get confused with each other somewhere along the lines of ‘once in a while’. So overlook it and worry about more pressing matters, okay? Like new cosmetics, clothes, designer wear, and night outs. Hmm?

Answer: Cause you like it like that!

Girls aren’t really difficult to understand. They want the same things from you, as you want from them. So stop worrying and whining about the mysterious women of Venus and just go get a life.

If you’re a good guy, you will get a good girl. So go make a move!

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