82 Cute, Romantic Things to Do For Your Girlfriend that’ll Make Her Go AWWW!

If you’re looking for cute things to do for your girlfriend, look no further! These romantic deeds will get you in the good books in no time! 

romantic cute things to do for your girlfriend

Big romantic gestures are certainly appreciated in a girl’s romantic fantasy, but mostly it’s the little things you do that really make her love you. That’s why it’s handy to know some fun, romantic, and cute things to do for your girlfriend.

Whether you’re married or just dating, finding cute and romantic things to do for your girlfriend without being asked is going to earn you some major brownie points.

Not to mention when someone shows kindness, the other person is often inclined to return the favor – and who doesn’t want a never-ending cycle of kindness in their romantic relationships? [Read: What is chivalry?]

Romantic, sweet, and cute things to do for your girlfriend

If you’re looking for a way to make your girlfriend feel special and cared about, or just spoiled for the day, have we got a list for you!

These cute and romantic things to do for your girlfriend show off your sweet side, and they don’t have to break the bank.

1. Charge her phone

This is a cute and thoughtful gesture most people don’t care about. She does everything on her phone – working, emailing, Tweeting, and shopping. Not to mention texting your sexy ass. So the next time you notice she’s low on battery, do your girl a favor and plug that baby in.

2. Make her a playlist or a mix tape

Mix tapes are so 2000, but that doesn’t mean they’re long forgotten. Nor have they lost their romance factor. Create a Spotify playlist for your girlfriend of all the songs that make you think of her.

You can even have fun and make themed playlists, such as songs you want to do the naughty to, or sappy love songs from the 1950s. [Read: Really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

3. Make her dinner

Alright, so you can’t even cook mac and cheese, but trust us, she’s not going to care.

Whether you make a simple bowl of spaghetti, or you’ve set up the piece de resistance with candles, five-star cooking, mood music, and chocolate tiramisu, this is definitely one of the best cute things to do for your girlfriend.

4. Listen to her music

Another one of the cute things to do for your girlfriend is to listen to her music. Even if it’s really bad.

The next time you guys are in the car together, listen to her favorite station, or sync her iPod and tell her to go nuts. [Read: 36 sweetest things to do with your girlfriend]

5. Take care of her when she’s sick

Some girls are total tanks when it comes to being sick and still getting stuff done. Others, well, they’re babies.

So baby her! The next time she’s sick, set her up with a plush blanket, warm soup, and a night of Netflix she’ll never forget.

Hey, you can even give her a little bell to ring if that’ll make her laugh. [Read: How to take care of a sick girlfriend without losing it]

6. Take care of her when she’s drunk

We’ve all had a little too much to drink before, and the worst part of navigating through your drunken stupor is trying to take care of yourself. For your girlfriend, that’s where you come in!

Once you take care of a drunk girlfriend, you’re guaranteed to have a loverboy seal of approval with her and her friends. [Read: How to take care of a drunk girlfriend on a night out]

7. Surprise wine and pizza night

Wine and pizza night is a lot cuter than you might think, especially if you’re surprising your girlfriend with it after she’s had a bad week.

Without telling her, pick up her favorite wine, favorite movie, and her favorite pizza. Then settle in for a night of chillaxing.

8. Invite her friends over

Even if you’d rather just hang out alone, inviting her friends over is a great way to show her that you’re taking an interest in her life and the people she deems her besties.

Plus, if she’s awesome, then her friends are probably awesome too. Who doesn’t want a night of awesome with a bunch of girls? [Read: 256 really cute things to text your girlfriend]

9. Try to notice her fashion choices

This can be difficult for some guys, but try and keep an open mind and an eagle eye! Try to notice when your girlfriend does something different with her hair or makeup. Then roll out the compliments.

10. Light candles when you have sex

Sex is awesome, so why not surprise her with romantic sex for a change?

Light candles, put on your favorite slow and sweet sex playlist, and romance the crap out of her. Lots of caressing, foreplay, and taking your time. She is going to love this, and you will too! [Read: 20 things you can do to get your woman in the mood]

11. Bring her lunch at work

As long as it’s appropriate, why not show up at her work and surprise her with her favorite lunch – or something you made at home?

It’s super cute that you thought about her and her aching belly. Plus, she’ll love showing her sweet and thoughtful boyfriend off to her co-workers.

12. Flattery will get you everywhere

You know the phrase, “flattery will get you everywhere?” It’s pretty much true when it comes to your girlfriend.

Make her feel hot and gorgeous by telling her how sexy, pretty, or cute you find her today. Compliments from the man of her dreams are sure to do wonders for her self-esteem. [Read: 19 sweet compliments for girls that’ll make them go awww]

13. Oral night, just for her

Alright, so this may not exactly be *cute*, but it’s definitely something you can do to spoil her.

Not that we even need to suggest the ultimate sweet thing to do for your girlfriend, but most girl’s lists will probably start with oral. Do it for as long as it takes, and make it as fabulous as you can. She’ll appreciate your eager-to-please attitude.

14. Watch bad TV with her

One of the cute and romantic things to do for your girlfriend that you might actually enjoy is watching all of her crap TV with her.

Settle in for the night with some snacks and a schedule full of reality TV and rom-coms. She’ll return the favor next time, don’t worry. [Read: Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend]

15. Period woes and you

Girls can get crabby during that time of the month. Earn some major brownie points by catering to her period woes. Give her a massage, stock her house with ibuprofen, watch sappy movies, and plug in the heating pad.

Do we even have to tell you to make sure the house is full of chocolate? [Read: 30 things you must do to comfort your girl during her period and things you must never say]

16. Read to her

Reading together as a couple is a great way to bond. Cuddle her into your lap and read straight from the book, showing off your acting chops along the way of course. [Read: 20 perfect bedtime stories for your girlfriend that are sure to please]

17. Run her a bubble bath

This cute gesture is a way for your girlfriend to relax and get squeaky clean all at the same time. Run her a bubble bath! Pour some bubble bath into the tub, light some candles, and put on her favorite music.

18. Leave a note in her lunch

Lunch notes are super cute because they’re a more personal way of letting your girlfriend know you’re thinking about her.

Cheesy poems, funny inside jokes, or sweet saying of love are all perfectly acceptable notes to toss into her lunch *or purse* and send her off to a fantastic day of work. [Read: 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

19. Tickle her arms

Women love it when you use your fingertips to lightly tickle their arms, back, legs… you name it, she probably loves it. You can also go the massage route for this one, but tickling her arms is plenty enjoyable for her and a lot easier on you. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

20. Play with her hair

Want to know the ultimate sweet thing to do for your girlfriend? Play with her hair. Research shows that touch can actually elicit positive emotions such as gratitude, love, sympathy, and joy.

So the next time you want to dazzle your sweetheart, stroke or play with her hair and watch the sleepy time begin. [Read: 24 flirty and romantic things you should do for your girl]

21. Do her laundry

Once in a while, you’ll get a girl who doesn’t mind doing it while watching her favorite show. But for the most part, girls hate laundry. So, do her a favor and get hers washed, dried, and folded.

22. Clean her place

She probably doesn’t have the time or the energy to clean her place all the time. After the gym, work, grocery shopping, and whatever else she has to do, it just sucks to have to come home and clean up.

It would be one of the most awesome sweet things to do for your girlfriend if you just cleaned up her place before she got home.

23. Pick up her favorite candy on the way home

This is such a simple thing to do yet it means SO much to your girlfriend. If you stop to get gas, pop into the store and grab her favorite candy and watch the appreciation light up her face. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

24. Get the oil changed in her car

This is another chore for us that women HATE. It’s annoying, the garage guys always try to overcharge, and it’s just a downer on the day. Take her car and get the oil changed while she’s with friends.

25. Fill up her gas tank

Now, this obviously costs money and can be pretty damaging to the wallet to do all the time, but if you just do this once every couple months you wouldn’t believe how grateful she will be. [Read: 25 sweetest romantic gestures for everyday life]

26. Let her have the last bite of dessert

She will probably refuse at first, but that’s only because she doesn’t want to look like a fatty. But we promise she REALLY wants to eat that last bite. So let your girlfriend have it, and she’ll love you for it. [Read: 36 sweetest things to do with your girlfriend]

27. Kiss her on the cheek in public

Public displays of affection that are innocent and cute like this mean so much to a girl. It’s like you’re proclaiming your love for her, and she’ll love it. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

28. Plan out a fun day for her and a friend

Instead of planning a date with her, put together a fun day for her and her bestie.

Get them massages, or book an appointment for them to get their nails done – on you. That’s one of the most romantic things to do for your girlfriend because it’s all about her and truly selfless.

29. Dance around the house with her

This is something that has to happen in the moment, but when she’s cooking and there’s music on, grab her and spin her around a little bit. It’s one of those really sweet things to do for your girlfriend, and she’ll appreciate it a lot. [Read: Interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend]

30. Buy her flowers for no reason

This is another classic, but it never goes without appreciation. Doing it for no reason will earn you bonus points.

31. Give her advice when she needs it

Don’t just nod and say, “mhmm” to all her problems. If she confides in you, take it seriously and dish out your best advice. This is such a sweet notion, and she’ll feel like you value her happiness this way.

32. Hold her face in your hands and tell her she’s beautiful

This is really such a simple thing that requires no work or money on your part, yet it has the power to make her happy for the entire day. [Read: The best ways to cheer up your girlfriend when she’s down]

33. Give her praise when she’s working on something tough

Cheer your girl on! If she has a tough project at work and shows it to you, tell her how admirable she is for working so hard. Girls LOVE to hear that stuff.

34. Personalize something

Everyone loves expensive gifts, but trust us when we say that your girl will appreciate something from the heart a lot more. So why not present her with something personalized to remind her of you?

It could be a cheesy giant tea mug with your faces on it, or matching his-and-her iPhone cases. [Read: Different ways to show your love without saying a word]

35. Plan a weekend escape

Take charge and plan a weekend escapade. Don’t tell her where you’re going. Just give her basic details so she’ll know what to pack, and whisk her away for the weekend.

Everything from a luxury staycation, to a quaint night at a B&B will rock her world.

36. Surprise her with a class

Women love taking mindless classes—even more so when you take these classes with them. From salsa dancing to Ayurvedic healing seminars, sign both of you up for something she will enjoy.

37. Travel far and wide with her

Initiate the first step and seal the deal by buying flight tickets in advance. This will let her know that you’re serious about the trip and she’ll eagerly plan everything else. [Read: 15 reasons why you should travel at least once a year]

38. Naughty lingerie

Be sure to pick out something luxurious, and not trashy. If you have no idea where to start, head to La Perla to get a sense of what fancy lingerie is all about.

39. Make a video

Forget about making a sex tape. Instead, create a video detailing your time together. You’ll find plenty of sweet ideas on YouTube.

This project will take plenty of time on your part, so plan ahead and present it to her on a special occasion like her birthday or your anniversary.

40. Surprise dinner with loved ones

She’ll adore you for getting everyone she loves under one roof. Steer clear if you’re not already married, as she may think that you’re going to propose. You can also opt to save it for a special occasion if you don’t want her getting the wrong idea. [Read: Foodie dates – 15 trendy dinner ideas for new couples]

41. Cuddle often

Whether it’s on the couch watching a telly marathon, or on the bus heading to the store, make an effort to get close and cuddle her. Women love being touched, so indulge her, won’t you? [Read: 16 non-sexual touches that’ll make you feel more connected and loved]

42. Buy her macaroons

From cheesecake and truffles, to dark chocolate and ice cream, there’s a whole world of fancy sweet treats just waiting for you to take them home to her.

43. Kiss her for no reason

You don’t need a reason to show her that you love her, so indulge in kisses, hugs, and squeezes any chance you get.

44. Organize cocktail night

Why not bring the bar to her? Head out for ingredients, invite some friends over *or keep it low key with just the two of you* and play bartender. Be a sweetheart and whip up bespoke cocktails all night long. [Read: Party hours – What your favorite drink says about you]

45. Join in her beauty routine

Join her for her weekly face mask and foot scrub routine to get a giggle out of her.

46. Play out a kidnap routine

Kidnap her after a long day at work, blindfold her, and drive her to her favorite restaurant for a surprise treat. [Read: 36 sweetest things you can do with your girlfriend]

47. Dedicate a love song on air

Think of it as a throwback surprise. Not many people really listen to the radio anymore, and that’s why this idea is perfect.

On her drive home from work, tell her to tune in to a particular station, and let her enjoy the sweet dedication made out to her.

48. Play to your strengths

If you have a way with words, write her a love letter. Maybe you can sing, so warble a love song.

If you are good with music, compose a love tune. If you’re outdoorsy, take her on a hike and at the top, surprise her with a picnic lunch.

There are a billion ways that you can play to your strengths, so get creative and just do it. [Read: 50 cute and sexy things guys do all the time that girls just love]

49. Serenade her

There is a reason why singers/songwriters always get the girl. Women quiver and crumble when a man is able to put into musical words just how much they mean to them.

Remember that no matter how bad a singer you are, she will love you nonetheless. Bonus points if you play a musical instrument.

50. Make time for strolls

Take the time to indulge in romantic strolls. From searching for seashells on the beach, to enjoying nature in the woods, hold her hand and go on long walks.

Talk about everything under the sun, listen to what she has to say, and appreciate the quiet and calm memories that you are amassing together. [Read: How to be more romantic]

51. Appreciate her hobby

Take the time to verse yourself in stuff she enjoys doing. If she loves Impressionist art, Google information about her favorite artist and find out when the museum or gallery is hosting an exhibition. If she likes yoga, get off your lazy ass and take a class with her!

52. Quit bad habits

Whether it is smoking, biting your fingernails, or taking recreational drugs, cut out the vices from your life to prove to her that you do not need them to make you feel complete.

She will appreciate the effort that you are making to be a healthier adult. [Read: 16 silly bad habits that can hurt your relationship]

53. Let her win

All women know how egotistical men can be when it comes to competition, even if they are competing with their girlfriends.

She will probably never be able to dunk as many baskets as you or complete as many pushups in 30 seconds, but when you are able to, put your male ego aside and let her win every so often.

Letting her win does not just mean slacking off at sports, it also covers arguments and disagreements. From deciding where to go for lunch to letting her pick out your tie for a party, give in to her every once in a while. [Read: 14 really sweet and cute ways to make your girl happy]

54. Remain respectful

Respecting her is perhaps the most important tip of all. Whether it is sharing different political views, or choosing where to head to for your next vacation, respect her opinion.

This does not mean letting her make bad decisions simply because you are hiding behind the pretext of being respectful. There are numerous ways to disagree with her without being disrespectful.

55. Be hygienic

Always remember that no matter how great your abs are, or how cute those dimples look when you smile, no one is going to want you if you reek.

Be as clean and neat as you can by showering, trimming your toenails, combing your hair, putting on deodorant, and donning a clean set of clothes.

You want your woman to love and be proud of you, and if all it takes is being clean, you can most certainly do it. [Read: 50 unintentional cute and sexy things you do that your girl definitely loves!]

56. Play a prank on her and record it

This might not be one of the most romantic things to do for your girlfriend, but it’s fun and will make her laugh.

The thing is, you shouldn’t go overboard. Don’t do anything which will upset her or truly embarrass her. Stay on the right side of the line.

57. Paint her nails

Painting your nails and not smudging or chipping them within five minutes can be a mission. So, take the hard work off her and do it for her. Just make sure you take your time and be as accurate as you can!

58. Swap clothes

You can do this to varying degrees. You can simply give her a hoodie or t-shirt that she loves and let you give her something in return. Very cute!

Or, you can make this a fun evening and swap clothes and wear them in front of one another. Either way, it’s fun! [Read: How to dress sexy]

59. Buy her some accessories

These are small things she can wear or use and always think of you. They don’t have to be expensive – we’re talking about fashion jewelry or perhaps a phone case.

60. Plant romantic cues all over her laptop

Now, if she’s working on something important and urgent, don’t mess with her laptop.

But if she’s not, you can put stickers and cute notes on her laptop so when she opens it for work, she’ll have the ultimate surprise. This is definitely one of the most romantic things to do for your girlfriend!

61. Celebrate your holidays

Yes, that means you have to remember anniversaries and ‘firsts!’ When one pops up, let her know you remembered without being prompted and make a fuss of her.

Go out for dinner or buy her flowers – just let her know that you remember why you’re celebrating! [Read: 15 romantic anniversary ideas to leave your love speechless]

62. Let her cut your hair

Within reason! This shows that you trust her because if she messes it up… well, you’re stuck with it for a while!

63. Oil and wash her hair

This is total pampering and she’ll love it. If she’s tired after a long day, oil and wash her hair in the bath or shower and she’ll feel totally chilled out afterward. She’ll appreciate the gesture, that’s for sure.

64. Start a hobby together

We’ve talked about appreciating her hobbies, but what about starting a whole new hobby together? That way, you get to spend more quality time as a couple and do something you both enjoy.

Just make sure that you both choose equally and you don’t end up just doing what you want! [Read: 65 couples activities and fun things to do that’ll make you feel closer]

65. Give or receive a makeover

Either way, it’s sure to be fun!

66. Doodle on her

You might not think this is one of the most romantic things to do for your girlfriend, but it’s fun and is a way of spending quality, intimate time together. Just make sure you don’t use a permanent marker otherwise that won’t be fun at all!

67. Perform stand-up comedy

No, you don’t have to go to a club to do it; you can do it at home!

Whether you’re a natural comedian or not, it’s sure to make you both laugh in some way, and that makes what you’re doing something fun together. [Read: 17 good and bad types of humor and how it affects your relationships with others]

68. Act our your favorite movie or TV scenes

If you both love a particular movie or TV series, choose your favorite scene and act it out. You don’t have to aim for an Oscar here; the point is that you’re having fun together!

69. Check out local events

Creating memories together is one of the most romantic things you can do for your girlfriend and the easiest way is to check out what events are on in your local area and regularly go whenever something of interest pops up.

70. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Making memories can sometimes be of the more sombre kind but this is a truly rewarding thing you can do and therefore one of the most romantic things you can do for your girlfriend.

Why not volunteer at a local animal shelter for a day or more? You’ll create memories and do good deeds at the same time. [Read: 5 ways volunteer work can help heal depression]

71. Visit a secondhand bookstore

There is a lot of history and nostalgia in secondhand bookstores, and they can be pretty romantic places too.

You can sneak kisses between the shelves or just try and hunt down a classic. Either way, it’s a fun thing to do together.

72. Photoshop her pictures

Now, this could go either way so make sure you know your girlfriend well before you attempt it. Don’t edit them too much, otherwise which might think you don’t like how she looks! But also, make sure that you know the look she likes, and she’ll appreciate the effort.

A safer option is to edit photos she’s taken of landscapes or things! [Read: How to take a good selfie and look cute every time you snap a photo]

73. Do something thrilling

If you’re both up for jumping out of a plane, do it together! Or you could go for a hike on a trail neither of you have explored before. Get the adrenaline pumping!

74. Play video games together

This will certainly bring out your competitive streaks, so make sure that it doesn’t get out of hand! Choose a game you both like the look of and compete together as a team or against each other.

75. Write her a song

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be a candidate for a Grammy nomination! It just needs to be heartfelt, or you could go down the cheesy/fun route instead! [Read: 20 most romantic songs for the one you love]

76. Save her photo as your phone background

She’ll be touched you want to see her face every single time you look at your phone – which is probably often!

77. Choose her, every time

That doesn’t mean you should always turn down your friends and family for her, but she should be very high up your priority list, if not at the top.

It’s one of the major romantic things to do for your girlfriend because she’ll feel totally loved. [Read: The right priority in your relationship]

78. Have a special song you both relate to

It can be funny or romantic, but the fact that you think of each other when you hear it is what matters.

79. Read her poetry

Find a poem you like and that you feel sums her up or makes you think of her, and read it to her. It’s certainly a romantic thing to do for your girlfriend because, let’s face it, poetry is super-romantic from the get-go!

80. Have a favorite vacation spot, or just somewhere you both love, close by

And go there often to make memories! [Read: The most romantic vacation spots for couples]

81. Support her career

Be her biggest cheerleader and be proud of the strides she’s making in her career. Understand when she has deadlines and can’t meet up, or when she’s stressed because of a busy day.

It’s one of the most romantic things you can do for your girlfriend and it will do wonders for your relationship.

82. Get matching jewelry

It can be a ring, bracelet, necklace, or earring. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that it’s a connection to your strong bond. [Read: Promise rings – What they symbolize and 20 things to know before giving one]

Which of these romantic things to do for your girlfriend will you try first?

Don’t go overboard and try to fit them all into your life within a few days. Not only will you burn yourself out but your girlfriend will get suspicious and wonder what you’re trying to cover up! Instead, choose a few that you know she’d love and go with those first.

The point is that you’re showing your lady that you love her, appreciate her, and value what she brings to your life. That’s the whole idea of romantic things to do for your girlfriend in the first place. But of course, the brownie points don’t hurt!

[Read: 60 signs and qualities that make a really great boyfriend!]

Doing romantic things for your girlfriend is a great way for her to see you’ll go the extra mile to make sure she feels special and taken care of. There are hundreds of cute things to do for your girlfriend, so get started now!

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