12 Awkward Questions Girls Wish They Could Ask Guys

Behind her demure exterior and soft-spoken grace, the typical woman has tons of questions she wishes she could ask you. Find out what they are! By Danielle Anne Suleik

12 Awkward Questions Girls Wish They Could Ask Guys

It’s understandable that relationships require two people to learn as much as they can about each other. It helps you get to know the person you’re seeing better, and they can learn about you as well.

After the preliminary queries like career options, goals and plans for the future, a girl still has a few questions that can’t be discussed in the initial stages of the relationship.

Some of these questions can be embarrassing, inappropriate or just plain weird. A girl can’t ask awkward questions without giving the wrong idea in some aspects like sex, hygiene and personal appearances.

It’s okay to ask these awkward questions once she and her partner have reached a higher level of trust. That way, at least the guy would be more open to her curiosity, and he might even be able to shed some light on her questions without judging her.

Some girls are confident enough to put these questions out in the open, but a lot of women are too shy or scared to express themselves. Women have bigger fears when it comes to making relationships work as opposed to men. They worry too much about what their guy might think of them. After all, they tend to put more emotional investment in asking the hard questions.

Why can’t girls ask guys awkward questions?

When women were asked what awkward questions they were thinking about asking guys, most of their queries fell into the category of relationship topics and physical appearances. Men are known to get iffy when relationship topics are thrown in the ring. Men also tend to put a high value on a woman’s appearance.

Some men feel that talking about the status of a relationship means that things are moving too quickly. If women asked the awkward questions involved in the subject, they might scare their partner away. It’s disappointing to note, but that’s the truth.

When it comes to appearances, men want to think of women as a perfect specimen. No matter what her flaws are, they hardly notice it because they like her so much. If awkward questions about appearances spring up, she might inadvertently draw attention to her perceived flaws, or she might come off as insecure.

This just justifies the fact that women are right about not asking these awkward questions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about it. At some point in the relationship, these questions will be discussed, and it’s okay if that happens, especially when you and your partner are very much committed to each other.

What are the awkward questions that girls want to ask guys?

To all the guys out there, the reason I’m giving you this list is to let you in on the little things that cross a girl’s mind when she’s dating you. Of course, you can’t expect her to blurt out these questions outright. But it can help if you subtly open up the topic to make her feel like it’s okay to be curious about these things. [Read: 24 worst things guys can ever say on the first date]

1. What do you want to do in bed?

Some women find it hard to know what gets their partners off. They really want to know, but they’re just too shy to ask.

This is because of the idea that a woman who talks about sex is more liberated than the rest. It gives men the wrong idea and can make them judge a girl just because she’s confident enough to ask a man what he wants to do with her in bed.

2. Do you want to try this in bed?

Women have their own fetishes and turn-ons, but it’s hard to discuss it with their partner without surprising or shocking them. Women are reluctant to express their needs for fear of being judged or for fear of insulting their partner.

For practicality’s sake, women should start expressing their needs because it can make their sex lives a whole lot easier and significantly better. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay moves your girl would definitely want to try]

3. Should I shave/wax?

Just thinking of the word pubic hair makes writing this article feel awkward. What more could it do if the subject was brought up between two people in a relationship? Men have different preferences when it comes to landscaping. Some like it bare, while some want a little bit of tuft in between. Others are more outdoorsy and love a full bush.

Girls have their own preferences, but it couldn’t hurt to know what their man likes. They’re just too shy to ask because there’s hardly ever a perfect time to bring it up.

4. Do my stretch marks bother you?

Apart from the other items on the endless list of flaws that women are thinking about, stretch marks are included. Although they are hardly noticeable in women who have never been pregnant or women who have never experienced a drastic change in weight, it is still something that they wonder about. Do men see it? Are they grossed out? They won’t ask for fear of it being noticed, but they do want to know if it’s a factor in terms of physical appearances.

5. What does my vagina smell like?

Strangely, women wonder if something smells funky down there. It’s easy to check using traditional methods like using a tissue, but men spend way more time down there than they do. No matter how clean you are, biology seems to have its own agenda especially when you have hormonal problems or an irregular diet. That’s why women want to check if a man is okay with the environment down there. [Read: 8 secrets to giving your girl the best oral sex orgasm]

6. Are my legs smooth enough for you?

Waxing and shaving have a few disadvantages, including stubble. We know how annoying beard burn can be, but men have complaints about bristly legs as well.

The problem is that women can feel their hair growing out, but they wonder if men are bothered by it. Sometimes, women also wonder if men notice if they forgot to shave their legs.

7. Can you see my pimple?

Of course, men can see that bright, red atrocity on your forehead. It’s not an issue, unless it’s bordering on becoming a boil. Having acne can make a woman feel unhealthy or unhygienic.

Women just want to know if you can see the tiny red dot on their face, because it might make you think gross thoughts about them and never call them again. They’d never ask because that just calls attention to what they’re trying to hide.

8. Can you see my butthole?

As gross as it sounds, it’s a thought that enters a lot of women’s minds during sex. There are some sexual positions where displaying her asshole’s full glory is inevitable. In line with that, she doesn’t want you to be grossed out by it, so she’s very conscious about it. She won’t ask because you might notice and pay more attention, but she’s also secretly hoping you’re not bothered by seeing it out there.

9. When do you plan on getting married?

It’s a logical question, but it’s not really something that women ask when they first start dating someone. The context of asking this question lightly without any expectations is hard to simulate.

Sometimes, it’s okay to ask this conversationally, but women are reluctant to do so because it makes them seem desperate for matrimony. They still want to ask because it saves them a lot of time and trouble if their goals are not in line with their partner’s.

10. Do you think I’m marriage material?

Now, this has no bearing on the guy whatsoever. It’s not a proposal, but it will be interpreted that way. A girl just wants to know if she’s sending out the right signals. Understandably, she doesn’t want to ask this because it can put you on the hot seat.

11. Are you really going to call me?

This one hardly calls for an explanation, but to sum it up: Asking for validation never ends well. It turns men off because it makes a woman look desperate and needy. The good thing is that women know not to ask this, but it sure is hard not to dwell on it.

12. Do you like me?

Men don’t really focus on this question as much as women do. The thought passes their minds more than they do with men. Guys are just more confident about their standing when it comes to dating, as opposed to women, who tend to see mixed signals everywhere. Thus, she wants some form of validation, but she doesn’t want to ask for it outright.

A lot of the things on this list may seem awkward or strange, but it’s normal for people to have hang-ups and questions about weird little things. It’s natural for women to worry about these things, because people are programmed to be curious about other people’s views on them. [Read: 8 cues a girl gives when she wants you to make a move]

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Knowing what women wish they could ask gives you a little insight into the things that cross her mind. They’re curious, too! So why not relieve them of their curiosity by opening up the topic whenever you feel like she wants to ask you something, but is simply too shy to do so.

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