Are Good Looking Girls Mean or Nice?

Are good looking girls mean to some guys? Or are they actually nicer than other girls? Here’s a good looking girl’s answer to that big question.

good looking girls

There are a lot of misconceptions about good looking girls out there.

Now they’re not all wrong.

But more often than not, they are more of a stereotype than anything else.

Have you ever heard the line that good looking girls are mean and arrogant?

Now is that all true?

I definitely don’t think so.

I’m a girl who could be considered good looking, and I’d like to share my thoughts with others.

But please don’t think me conceited.

I’m only trying to strike a conversation.

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The mean good looking girls

There are a lot of mean girls out there, and perhaps a few good looking mean girls too.

But that doesn’t mean all good looking girls are mean.

Here are a few reasons why some good looking girls are mean.

#1 They’re conceited. It’s true, a few good looking girls are completely full of themselves.

They think they’re a gift to mankind or something, and believe they need to be treated better than everyone else. They’re the annoying kind of good looking girls, and definitely, the shallow ones too.

#2 They like the attention. Almost all good looking girls know they get attention all the time. They know they’re hot stuff and they intend to use their looks at every possible instance to get something favorable.

It may be to date someone rich and have a sugar daddy, or it may be something to do with getting a better job. The attention works for them and they fully use it to their advantage. [Read: 12 tips to get a girl’s attention wherever you are]

#3 They’re intentionally mean. Some good looking girls are just terribly mean. I’ve seen many girls bat their eyelids at a guy and make him approach them only to spurn him away! It’s terrible and annoying, and these are the kind of girls that give good looking girls a bad name.

But this is more like the exception than the rule. All good looking girls are not heartless skanks whose only sole means of pleasure is chucking a wrecking ball at a guy’s heart.

Good looking girls are not intentionally mean

For a long time, I’ve seen just how misunderstood good looking girls are. No matter what a good looking girl does, it’s always bad. There’s just no way out. Here are a few reasons why good looking girls are assumed to be mean.

#1 Guys always exaggerate a good looking girl’s rejection to feel better about themselves. [Read: Ways to reject a guy nicely without hurting him]

#2 Too many guys hit on good looking girls all the time, and they really don’t have the time to play nice to all the guys. What would you do if girls threw themselves at you all the time? You obviously can’t play nice to every girl you meet, especially if you know that you’re never going to be interested in that person.

#3 Guys are always mean to good looking girls. They expect a good looking girl to be snappy, so the guys go all out with their rude remarks. Additionally, a few guys get incredibly rude when they’re rejected. So a great looking girl’s always got to be on guard, or she’ll end up getting insulted by guys all the time.

#4 Cheesy pick up lines. How do you like your eggs in the morning… fried or fertilized? Really? How can a girl not get annoyed when she hears something like that? Most guys always use a pick up line when they strike up a conversation with a good looking girl like a pick up line makes them look cooler. But when a girl’s out with her friends, could it be possible that she’s just trying to have a nice time, not get her eggs picked?! [Read: 10 types of creepy guys that girls always avoid]

People love to see a good looking girl punished

Sometimes, petty jealously can make people really mean. When a good looking girl gets a great guy, everyone else just hopes for her to get dumped or cheated on.

And almost always, everyone wants the good looking girl to date a guy who would treat her like crap just so she can feel their pain. This is especially true for guys who get rejected often. But really, why? What have good looking girls ever done to you? Well, yes, maybe some girl rejected you. But why stereotype all good looking girls into evil witches? [Read: Signs a girl is just using you]

Guys want a girl who’s beautiful but doesn’t know it

Isn’t that unfair? I’ve had a few guys tell me this line with a mean grin, to spite me or be frank, I really can’t tell.

But guys, you want the best girl in the world when clearly, you’re not the best guy in the world yet. You want a confused girl who’s insecure and timid, one who isn’t aware of her own beauty. Why is that? So you can feel good about yourself?

Isn’t that mean? You want the best of something without giving your best back to her. And at the same time, when a good looking girl wants a great guy, everyone thinks the girl’s a bitch, or that she’s shallow. It’s just so unfair.

Who are the real mean girls?

The real mean girls are the ones who constantly want attention or are the ones who think they’re really good looking when they really aren’t. They act snotty and constantly want attention because somewhere deep down, they’re all insecure because they’re not sure if they’re pretty.

And almost always, a good looking girl’s not so good looking friend is usually the mean one. She tries to use her good looking friend’s attractiveness to get attention and treat guys badly because she wants to get even with all the guys who didn’t give her attention. I may sound rude and full of myself, but it’s true. People get mean when they want to inflict pain on someone else for their own shortcomings.

I know a lot of models and good looking guys and girls, and I can assure you, they are the nicest and sweetest people in the world. Just don’t try hitting on them or taking them to bed at hello. Get to know them as a friend first. You’ll see how nice good looking people really are. They’re just like every other nice person in the world. [Read: 15 tips to be nice and loved by all]

Good looking girls are human too

Contrary to popular belief, good looking girls are just like everyone else. They have a heart that hurts and wants true love too. Here are a few things about good looking girls that many guys don’t give a thought about.

#1 They want to be appreciated too. It’s true, they love romance and little skips of joy like every other girl out there. But please, be a great guy who’s sweet and charming. [Read: Easy ways to be charming around a girl]

#2 They’re more than skin deep. Good looking girls want to be liked for who they are beyond their appearance. When a guy just stares at her without listening to her words, it’s insulting.

#3 They don’t like being constantly picked up. Good looking girls don’t want to be hit on or stared at all the time. They’re not animals at a zoo. Why do guys think good looking girls are just meant to be picked up?

#4 Screw the prejudice. Really, good looking girls aren’t always mean. They know their worth, and they appreciate a guy who knows to behave around them and treat them as a person. And they’re completely human and have feelings just like all other girls. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for girls]

Most good looking girls are nicer than other girls

Almost all the time, most good looking girls are nicer than average looking girls. Good looking girls need to try harder to prove that they’re not stuck up or full of themselves.

An average looking girl sometimes throws a hissy fit just to feel pampered. When she does that, everyone else thinks she’s being cute. But when a good looking girl does the same thing, she’s being bitchy. When a great looking girl asks a guy for a favor like getting dropped home, I see eyes rolling and hear gasps of exasperation. Everyone thinks she’s taking advantage of a guy. But when any other girl does that, they think she’s being a good friend. Isn’t that unfair?

And on another note, good looking girls always need to work harder to achieve anything. Whatever we achieve in life, people think we got it off easy. Yes, it’s true, guys are nicer to good looking girls. But not all of them. Almost all guys just think the world’s spinning in our favor because we’re good looking girls. And that’s just not true.

Debunking the stereotype

Really, good looking girls have a heart too. Just for once, try to see the world through our eyes. How would you feel if every guy you get introduced to looks at your breasts while speaking to you and stares at your ass when you walk away? Would you feel like a person or an object? [Read: Kinds of men who stare at women]

Some girls are mean and annoying, true, but as a guy, you can’t just round up all the good looking girls and brand them as annoying and mean. [Read: Reasons behind why guys like breasts like crazy]

The next time you meet a good looking girl, treat her as a person. Have a stimulating intellectual conversation and let her know that you’re seeing her as more than just someone to sleep with. And when you do that, you may just realize that a good looking girl isn’t just skin deep. And she’ll really appreciate you for making her feel like a person too.

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So are good looking girls really mean? I’ve said my part, but the truth is still out there for you to find out.

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